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Monday, March 25, 2019

The Obama re-election campaign, insisting it cannot “afford to play by two sets of rules,” has announced publicly that it will encourage donations to Priorities USA, its allied Super PAC — and is working hard to justify the decision in the face of inevitable media (and partisan) blowback.

Observers immediately reminded voters that Obama called out the Supreme Court justices in his 2011 State of the Union speech for their Citizens United decision, which, coupled with related rulings, enabled unlimited Super PAC donations. But it is also true that efforts by Obama and Democrats in Congress to mitigate that ruling via the DISCLOSE Act were blocked by the Republican minority in the Senate in 2010.

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5 responses to “Obama Campaign Embraces Super PAC [VIDEO]”

  1. kurt.lorentzen says:

    No politician is capable of sticking to their morals where money is concerned. The Supreme Court let America down in their decision on PACS, and the claim that “I am opposed to PACs, but must utilize them to level the field” is a pure resignation of principles on hte part of the Obama campaign.

  2. BanjoGOD says:

    Chris Holly plays Bob Marley for Mitt Romney

  3. freethinker says:

    Let’s see, in 2008 Obama was going to use Federal funds until it suited his purpose to go big money against McCain who did use Federal funds.

  4. jimmyags says:

    I guess you are saying that the president should bring a butter knife to a gunfight? If he had all the big money you would be screaming for your guy to accept it because sadly until the rules are changed this is the way it is. I don’t like , I don’t think people should be able to spend millions without having to put their name next their money but this is where we are. To criticize either side for accepting it is the true hypocrisy, where was your condemnation before he made this decision?

  5. openvisions55 says:

    I think they all should use any money that is given to them for their campaign. however they should not take money from any one we have bailed out. The banks or businesses should be trying to balance not use the bail out for campaigns. If a person has more money then the other. They should not be declared the winner.

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