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Friday, March 22, 2019

WASHINGTON — Four years ago this week, a young and inspirational senator who promised to turn history’s page swept the Iowa caucuses and began his irresistible rise to the White House.

Barack Obama was unlike any candidate the country had seen before. More than a mere politician, he became a cultural icon, “the biggest celebrity in the world,” as a John McCain ad accurately if mischievously described him. He was the object of near adoration among the young, launching what often felt like a religious revival. Artists poured out musical compositions devoted to his victory in a rich variety of forms, from reggae and hip-hop to the Celtic folk song. (My personal favorite: “There’s no one as Irish as Barack O’Bama.”) Electoral contests rarely hold out the possibility of making all things new, but Obama’s supporters in large numbers fervently believed that 2008 was exactly such a campaign.

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20 responses to “Obama: Can A Messiah Win Twice?”

  1. Jamie says:

    E.J. is right of course–the second time around doesn’t call up the same degree of emotion as the first fling. But his key adverb is “dutifully.” If folks that still like the guy are sufficiently frightened even by a fellow as moderate as Romney who starts making “bomb bomb Iran” noises, the fear and sense of duty may be enough to get them off their duffs. Now if someone like Ron Paul runs independently, he’ll do our electoral work for us. And if Bloomberg runs, those R’s are in. Happy New Year, everyone.

  2. Nicholas Rudolph says:

    The best political ad campaign that Obama could want is the Republican roster. There is no one on the Republican side that can even hear middle class America. They are so bought and paid for by big business and the rich, they don’t have any idea what the normal middle class American family is putting up with these days. Time to get control of both houses and bring some sanity back to OUR government.

  3. Nora Treg says:

    Obama has a hard time achieving his goals, mostly because he inherited one of the most dismal economic condition, an occupation in Iraq which is stuck in a quagmire, anbd a war in Afghanistan which is impossible to win. The only reason why his chances for winning a second term is that the Republican candidates have no answers to the problems, and can only resort to bashing Obama and each other.

  4. lucienr says:

    We must remember it was Obama himself who raised the electorate’s expectations to unrealistic levels of “excessive exuberance”. And unfortunately, while all candidates for all offices break a preponderance of their campaign promises, a case can be made that Obama set a record in this regard. In fact, he became “Bush Lite”.

    Dionne asserts: “Most Americans still believe that Obama inherited rather than caused the economic turmoil. Barring another crisis in Europe, there is a decent chance of somewhat better times by Election Day.” But of course the problem is that Obama promised to make all things economic better….but instead the economy is worse. Moreover, the probability of there not being “…another crisis in Europe…” is zero, since most agree there’s no saving the European Union in its present form. And with the Fed giving the European Central Bank hundreds of billions in credit default swaps, we are rapidly climbing into the same boat with the EU. When the Euro goes down, the contagion will spread to the US right away.

    There should be widespread agreement, however, on the fact that Obama’s greatest strength lies in the weakness of the Republican slate. If he is re-elected, it will be by default.

  5. CarollEdmundMarston says:

    Having read and heard all of this for the past year, and listened to the hours and hours of media hand-wringing about the current GOP contenders, the election still will come down to voters making a choice between the actual candidates on the ballots rather than the the candidates they wish were on the ballots. Even though I’ve been a registered Republican since I cast my first vote 52 years ago, I can’t bring myself to vote for anyone but President Obama this time around. The other “candidates” just don’t have the capabilities to step into the office of President.

  6. pablo63046 says:

    I voted for him, but am feeling disillusioned and angry. He was a messianic candidate, but is a wimpy president. He has signed us on to more war, more social cuts…in the end just more of the same. I really don’t care who wins the election in 2012. I was a believer, but not any more. Let the country go down the tubes all the way. Maybe that will induce real change.

  7. Gandolf256 says:

    Barack Obama is one of the most likeable men who has been in the White house in my lifetime. He is down to earth and believable. What is more, it seems reality that he truly cares about people. All of those traits are laudible and something that should be present in a man seeking political office at any level. The problem is that he is not the type of leader that can get the job done in DC right now. The far right pushed their agenda to the brink in the Bush years and in the first years of the Obama presidency, the far left pushed back. Now both sides have drawn lines in the sand and no one will compromise. Obama not only didn’t bring the country together, he pushed an agenda that was guaranteed to do just the opposite. He is a good man on a personal level, but the wrong man for this country right now.

  8. DCGadfly says:

    In two years, over the constant opposition of the radical right that the Republican party has become, President Obama, governing as a center-right leader, has:
    established a viable health care program that expands benefits this election year,
    saved the US auto industry while expanding construction of foreign cars in the US,
    showed the courage to risk killing Bin Ladin,
    ended the war in Iraq,
    protected the unemployed while decreasing unemployment,
    forced reparations and successful restoration of the pre-BP Florida tourism industry,
    stopped Republican efforts to gut environmental, clean air, clean water and toxics laws, rules and regulations,
    nominated competent candidates for cabinet positions and judicial appointments,
    ended don’t ask, don’t tell in the military and
    advocated, fought for and signed legislation to begin the accountability of the financial industry and real protection of American consumers.

    My preferences would have been for universal single payer health care, a commission of accountability for the Iraq war or a trial for those responsible for that disaster, a WPA type job program, major reduction in overseas military deployment, expanded public lands and restoration of our water and sewer infrastructure, and many other things that a strong progressive leader might have fought for but I think I and other progressives increasingly see Obama as a far better president with far, far better policies, practices and appointments than we would have seen with mcCain or would see with any of the Republican candidates. Our responsibility is to re-elect Obama, elect progressives like Elizabeth Warren to the House and Senate, take back the House, expand Democratic representation in State offices as well as in the US Senate and avoid acting like the Tea Party when we don’t get everything we want.

  9. DCGadfly says:

    I totally disagree with your damning President with faint praise. Neither Obama nor the Democrats in House or Senate have refused to compromise or “Drawn a line in the sand”. It required compromise to achieve every one of the successes that the President has accomplished this year. There have been no freebies: extension of unemployment benefits, the overhaul of health care, restoration of the auto industry, saving our economy from a full blown depression,passing real consumer protection laws, extending payroll tax cuts for the working poor and middle class. Obama proposed the compromise, with grudging support, but support, nonetheless, of a mix of tax increases and entitlement cuts and program cuts to reduce the deficit. It was, in every case, the radical right wing led Republicans who “drew lines in the sand” and it has been the Democrats, moderates and progressives alike who have compromised to keep the American economy and government running. Those who repeat the canard that both parties, including the administration, are responsible for the gridlock and failure to compromise are either unaware of the truth or are intentionally distorting the truth.

  10. DNMathis says:

    How about addressing the coming food crisis? Garden plots encouraged. The military growing much of their own food (or else not being able to afford it). Let’s brain storm more ideas.
    Some predict 50% unemployment and 100% inflation per year, starting in 2012. Regardless, the real limit on US borrowing is not what Congress authorizes, but how much enough people and groups will loan the US.
    Also, how about encouraging people and businesses to relocate on higher ground, assuming 3 or 4 feet rise in sea level (or whatever prudent level).
    How about regulating energy so we don’t precipitously run out of oil. Ramp down plastics from petroleum. Harvest shale oil. Inform people about cheep solar panels and how to connect them. Cheaper windmills. Encouraging more people and animal power; besides being more human exercise for health, we’d be ready for crisis. Don in Federal Way, Washington.

  11. ELI FREEDMAN says:

    I am 94 years old and don’t understand the failure of many Americans not “beatingthe drums” to re-elect a most successful President. I am ashamed of the Senate Republicans who put party before country, especially the Minority Leader who stated ,in his first appearance after the presidential election, that his main goal was to make sure Obama is only a one term President .

  12. Jim Groom says:

    Obama will certainly win another term, but not because he is still considered the messiah. He will win because the prospect of one of the GOP candidates be elected is just too freightening to comprehend. The country did get all worked up back in 2008 over the young Senator, fueled by their disgust with the outgoing president and his party. Unfortunately, far too many expected miracles and expected the President to do the heavy lifting without further support. They cast their vote, left the arena and hoped for the best. It became obvious to those paying attention that the GOP was not going to do anything that could be taken as support for the President. After two successful years of distraction, delay and just plain dishonesty by the GOP the voters put into office the current bunch of Congressional hacks and the process only accelerated downward. The voting public is and always has been its own worst enemy. Perhaps in 2012 the voters will be more engaged, pay attention to the issues and press their elected representatives to work toward the future. We don’t need a repeat the mistakes of the past three years. Watch those you put into office and hold them accountable at all times. If we don’t, then we have nobody else to blame but ourselves.

  13. freethinker says:

    It is clear from the comments offered thus far that few have really taken a critical eye to the Obama Presidency. He had absolutely no experience when elected. Pelosi and Reid did the heavy lifting during the first two years, entirely partisan. When the country objected to such skullduggery, the tea party groups were formed and sent a loud message. High ideals, like energy independence, should not be the reason for overlooking the obvious problems of companies like Solindra before handing them tons of money or discouraging domestic oil sources. Or turning a blind eye when your A.G. creates one mess after another. Or thinking that spending can go on forever while talking cuts. Or claiming you are saving Social Security and Medicare while defunding the former and taking a half a trillion dollars from the later. The people who will support a Republican, even if they are not necessarily on the team, will do so because the faithful think no wrong has occurred under Obama’s watch and so there is nothing to fix. Beware.

  14. Bellagram says:

    Anyone who votes for any candidate because of promises supposedly made is a moron. I voted for president Obama and will vote for him again, because of who he is. He is a measured man who takes time to make important decisions after hearing from different points of view. He is not trigger happy. He is a moral man who places high value on his family and the families living in his country. People need to do their own research when they hear Republican talking points such as how Obama has neglected the borders to the south (he actually increased them), or how the stimulus created no jobs (the CBO said that it actually”increased the number of people employed by between 1.4 million and 3.3 million” in the second quarter of 2010 alone. The budget office also states that well over half a million jobs were funded in each of the other three quarters of 2010. from Fact Check), the accusation of him being an appeaser is laughable considering his foreign policy has been spot on and included the demise of bin Laden and other top al-Qaeda operatives. I think those appeasement statements from the right are what bother me the most. If one of them is elected president does it mean we have a liar in the White House, or does it mean that the new president has no idea of what is going on in the world – either of those scenarios are really scary. Yes, there are things that I wish had gone differently, like a single payer public option in the Health care bill, but I also know that that can still happen if we can keep the right wing out of the White House. Do I wish that Obama had been more forceful in dealing with the Republicans? Yes, although I am not sure why I would expect him to be different than the man who was candidate Obama – and, if people think back to some of those disagreements with congress when a lot of progressives were almost calling for Obama’s head, all of a sudden, he struck a deal and came out of it smelling like a rose. He has not really started the reelection campaign yet, but when he does, I fully expect the same people who voted for him before will support him again and he will be reelected – especially seeing the caliber of the field of the other party.

  15. Jamie says:

    Having read these comments a day or two later, I have to commend the people who joined this thread. Naturally I find the pro-Obama writers particularly articulate and persuasive, but even the anti group writes well and makes good sense. No one is probably reading this, but this is a thoughtful and provocative group to be part of.

  16. edoran2012 says:

    Though I do not agree with everything I have read – I do find the comments well thought out and yes Jamie – I read your response. I have but one desire -to leave our only grandchild a furure better than I inherited. I fear for that now. All Americans must review our nations recent history. Overseas money invetors, mainly from China have been our main source of new cash. We seek job creation yet still reward those who out source or move the sources for jobs – out of the country. We whine about taxes yet by allowing these middle class jobs to be sent overseas – we lost our tax base. Which also means we are on the verge of seeing infrastructure collapse. While everyone wants spending cuts – take a hard look at the new transcontinental pipeline proposal (the most recent roadblock to partisan cooperation) – and those who will benefit. Should Obama be re-elected? The answer is yes – because he is the only candidate who has the vision to reshape the future – he just doesn’t have the hair. But, as long as there is a large faction of Americans who subscribe to the adage “Greed Is Good” – whoever is elected has to be brave enough to change this. I fear for our country because our paths to a better future seem to be dwindling. The biggest roadblock is partisan politics – the second – the continuous election campaign the members of congress and recent Presidents feel they must pursue. Obama wasn’t President when so many bought into the Ponzi scheme of the mortgage gamble, nor was he party to the wholesale loss of middle class jobs. So are any of the candidates being presented strong enough pave a new path – ??????

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