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Friday, February 23, 2018

WASHINGTON — When President Obama spoke to the nation Tuesday evening, his way was that of a politically moderate, temperamentally optimistic Democratic governor. He offered a long list of relatively modest but helpful programs that many voters will warm to and Republicans ought to have a hard time opposing.

Obama took a State of the Union address that began as a critique of economic inequality and turned it into case for restoring opportunity. Anyone who saw class warfare here is spending too much time with Rush Limbaugh or Fox News.

Yes, mention of a moderate Democratic governor kindles memories of Bill Clinton. His State of the Union productions consisted of thick catalogues of proposals that the pundits often panned but listeners usually liked. Most voters do not have an ideological view of government. They simply want it to solve some problems. Most Americans also reject a theological faith in the market. They think it’s a fine system until it acts unfairly.

So consider Obama’s latest effort as a set of confidence-building measures. It’s a bid to move the national conversation back to the economic basics: to “opportunity for everybody,” as he said in a follow-up speech on Wednesday at a Costco store in Maryland, and to the idea that “treating workers well is not just the right thing to do, it’s an investment.”

Obama hopes to demonstrate that government can take sensible steps — on wages, job training and income supplements, on savings, pensions and education — and encourage voters to ask Republicans why they would prevent such initiatives from being enacted on a larger scale.

After years of hoping in vain that he could break Washington’s “fever,” the president is responding to a systematic disconnect between the politics of the executive branch and the politics of the legislative branch.

Nationally, the country is moving steadily toward the center-left. Democrats have won the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections and never received fewer than 252 electoral votes. Generational change will reinforce this trend — conservatives are older as a group than the country as a whole — and the non-white share of the electorate will continue to grow.

50 Responses to Obama The Confidence Builder

  1. How does the GOP maintain its hold on the House when they’re consistently against what the people are for? How does prosperity for all turn into something that’s bad for America?

    • Apparently some democrats do not think they are doing the wrong thing. I have never met one but they must be out there, Second, prosperity for all is probably not possible under any system except the Saudis bathing in oil.

      • …and your solution is? The Keystone pipeline perchance? Providing the economic stimulus to prevent economic collapse and lead to economic growth, job creation, and improved consumer confidence may be wrong for you, it is not for most Americans.

    • Because economic prosperity, job growth, efforts to improve our education system and re-train American workers, efforts to solve or at least mitigate the growing income inequality that prevails in the USA, and other such matters are of little importance to those whose decision to vote is influenced by a Jim Crow mentality rather than logic or patriotism.

      • I wonder . . . When these old white guys receive their Social Security payments, do they send the money back to the government and say, “Thanks, but I’m self-sufficient?” When they go to the doctor, do they pay for the visit themselves, or do they let Medicare pay? When they drive down a well-paved Main Street in their pick-ups, do they foam at the mouth and say, “Damn taxes!?” I think we know the answers. Could it be that those on the far right are simply selfish pigs? (Sorry, pigs. It’s just an expression.)

        • Actually, when I retired and withdrew IRA funds to live on the IRS deducted some of my SS. Thought I was getting toomuch.. They continue this practice,

          • I withdraw money from my IRS almost every month, and the IRS has not reduced my SS payments. You may want to check into this, something doesn’t sound right…

          • the IRS remove some of your SS when you file your income tax…you should get more informed before you exbound to everyone

        • medicare is an insurance run by the government, you pay monthly, everyone over 65 does. medicare pay much less than you are billed, too. Oink oink I understand pigs are among the smartest animals up there with elephants

          • That’s why I apologized to the pigs. Congress would probably be improved if there were some real pigs among the members.

        • Are you talking about the evil old white guys that payed their money into Social Secuity every pay day? Are you talking about the evil old white guys that payed into Medicare every payday? They pay the taxes for the paved main street. They pay for their pick-ups. They pay for food stamps others use. They pay for low-income housing others use. They pay for free health care, educations, free housing for illegal aliens. They pay for the foreign aid that goes overseas to never been seen again. Maybe the evil old white guys should just quit working and paying taxes. Who would pay all the bills then? Who would pay for all the give away programs then?

          • I’m not saying these people don’t deserve the benefits they’ve earned. What I’m saying is that they would not get these benefits were it not for the taxes they’ve paid over the years. The “evil old white guys” want to do away with paying taxes (though they’d still ask that other people continue to pay them).

          • The evil old white guys are only getting what they payed for. Its their money being rationed back to next at a extremely low interest rate if any interest at all. Not only did the evil old white guys pay for their Medicare, but they are still paying for it every month from their Social Security checks. These evil old guys have always paid their share of taxes and still do. They are not asking anyone to pay their way. They are not collecting food stamps, getting free housing, getting free medical care, etc. These are people that have worked hard their whole lives and supported their communities and families. Mny of these old white guys are veterans of the American armed forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard and whatever else if I have left a branch of the service out). They are retired fire fighters, policemen, doctors, etc. They are not asking anyone to pay for them.

          • Wow! These evil old white guys are really something. Too bad they don’t seem to have any compassion for the poor people (and those who suffer from the effects of natural disasters) in their own country who need help. The best they can do is point at the poor and accuse them of being lazy , irresponsible, living-off-the-government-teat, leeches.

          • We have a government that sends millions and millions of dollars to other countries everytime they have any kind of natural disaster, however our government comes up short in helping Americans after a natural disaster. Why should the evil old white guys be the ones responsible to continue to bail out Americans after a natural disaster. Where is our government when we have problems in America. Not all poor are living off the government and are lazy. However some are.

          • The last I saw, the evil old white guys weren’t solely on the hook for fixing things after natural disasters. When was the last time the Koch brothers paid for the cleanup after a major hurricane by themselves? Did Donald Trump finance the cleanup after Hurricane Sandy? How about the tornadoes in the Midwest last year? Did the super-rich write checks to pay for the whole thing? One reason for declaring a disaster area is to enable the federal government to come in and help. I don’t know where you’re coming from, but it’s not the wealthy who pay for these things. The taxpayers’ money is used to help, and those who don’t pay their fair share (i.e., the super-rich who pay a lower tax rate than their cleaning ladies) are not doing their share. Just because they may pay millions of dollars in taxes doesn’t mean they are paying as much as they should. When you have a lot, you can afford to pay a lot. And the evil old white guys aren’t all super rich. There are plenty of evil old white guys who have to scrape for every dime just to live–and they hate the poor, too, even though they’re in the same boat.

          • Why should they pay when we have a government that sends millions and millions over seas to help with disasters over there. Our government just keeps giving more and more money to countries that hate us. Maybe a state should pull out of the union and become an independent country. Just think of all the foreign aid they could get then. Are you saying the poor hate the poor?

          • Yup. The evil old white guys hate the poor. . . . Of course, my definition of evil old white guys includes hating the poor. So there may be some evil white guys who aren’t old who do or don’t hate the poor, just as there may be some old white guys who aren’t evil who hate or don’t hate the poor. But evil old white guys? Yup, they hate the poor.

        • Are you talking about the evil old white guys that built the United States and made it into the most powerful country in the world? Are you talking about the evil old white guys went to war and helped Europe defeat the Nazi machine? Are you talking about the evil old white guys that send their tax money overseas to help every country in the world after a natural disaster?

    • Republican govs at the helm in numerous southern states post 2010 Census participated in pro-Republican gerry-mandering on steroids to create permanent Republican majority voting districts. In LA, Jindal has done so to perfection. My legis voting District 103 in Plaquemines Parish, LA used to include 4 Demo majority voting precincts. Post-Katrina & now, post-Isaac, we are one voting precinct & an area 10 ft. above sea level that never flooded in the past (even 1927) – is the new flood plain for NOLA. First, they removed our Demo rep from the picture altogether & carved up the Demo voters to dilute their effect by aggressive gerry-mandering in 2011. Then, Jindal’s chess pieces placed in the LA Legislature & Congressional delegation by the Koch Bros.) voted for a Coastal Flood & Restoration Master Plan (2012) that simply leaves Demo voting precincts in harm’s way. We need a Voting Rights Act more now than we did in the 60’s. They are still willing to terrorize & kill people to win elections! That’s how they keep their Jim Crowe tea-party crowd in power.

      • How did the good people of South Louisiana allow a Republican of Indian extraction be elected Governor? Have the proud and independent Cajun ans Islanos (yes, that is my heritage) gone crazy? Before my father moved us north Republican was a cures word.

          • Typo! Mr. Dan Murphy , my beautiful Irish wife of 46 years would be ashamed of you for saying “no longer can we identify people by their ethnic group”. And yes we march in the St. Patrick’s day parade every year! God bless you and yours.

            You still did not answer the question, Have the good people (Democrats) of South Louisiana gone crazy?

    • Many middle class voters have been duped into voting against their own economic interest by ideologies presented by the Republicans. The Democratic South was lost by Civil Rights laws. Religious conservative were lost by the Democrats stand on contraception and abortion.

      Republicans won these groups and others by diverting their attention form financial stability to other issues.

    • Just what are people ‘for’. Give us more! More unemployment pay, more green cards, more free health care! Prosperity means an increase in our national ‘income’ not ‘expenditure’. That is not happening right now.

  2. Great article as usual Dionne.

    Topic: Obama the confidence builder…

    “Obama’s latest effort as a set of confidence-building measures. It’s a
    bid to move the national conversation back to the economic basics: to
    “opportunity for everybody,” as he said in a follow-up speech on
    Wednesday at a Costco store in Maryland, and to the idea that “treating
    workers well is not just the right thing to do, it’s an investment.”

    Obama hopes to demonstrate that government can take sensible steps —
    on wages, job training and income supplements, on savings, pensions and
    education — and encourage voters to ask Republicans why they would
    prevent such initiatives from being enacted on a larger scale.

    After years of hoping in vain that he could break Washington’s
    “fever,” the president is responding to a systematic disconnect between
    the politics of the executive branch and the politics of the legislative

    Getting people’s “conversation back to the economic basics” is always a challenge becuase dealing with socio-economic inter-relationships are complex.

    Obama has the ability to cut through these complexities. His clarity builds confidence.

    • Guess what? The GOP will continue to do rig the system as long as the people keep electing them. You know….one would think they would realize how stupid some of them sound when they talk about women’s issues or how blatantly tyrannical they are telling economically desperate families that they should learn how to live on less or nothing at all while these pricks waltz around in 3 piece suits that could feed a family of four for 2 months. Class warfare???? It will come. Sooner the better!!

      • I saw several pricks at a SuperBowl party in NY. Disgusting, Don’t they know the money they pay for a ticket could be better spent on shelters against the bitter cold nights in the city. Donate it to Deblosio’s effort for erasing inequality and go home to fussy Cristy’s .NJ.

        • The thing is…I don’t begrudge someone for being wealthy….fantastic for them, but don’t dictate to someone who is in a situation, by no fault of their own mind you, to suck it up and fight the hunger and the cold and continue searching for a job along with 40 other competitors while Mr. Asshole Rich is comfortably sleeping with a full belly in his gilded cage. SHAME ON THE THEM!!!!

          • You know what, Bill. We are what you might consider POOR conservatives. We lost our jobs to outsourcing and Hispanics. One of us worked in Agriculture and was virtually pushed out (We live in a state where being Mexican is ‘en vogue.’) The other has a Master’s Degree but has a Chronic disease. We both are hard workers but have been misfortunate when it comes to employment. We do odd jobs just to get by. Since when do illegal aliens have preference over Legal Americans? Is that fair?

            Do we expect ‘Mr. Asshole Rich’ to take care of us? Never! We still believe in the American Dream which is fading away with the wisp of Obama’s hand.

            You see, Mr. Rich Asshole, if he made his money several decades ago, probably started out in his garage or basement. He probably worked his ASS off to become successful. Why should he GIVE YOU ANY MONEY WHEN YOU DIDN’T WORK HARD TO GET WHERE HE IS. That is your misfortune then. You are not Mr. Rich Asshole.

            By the way, in case you have missed my posts on the top 1%. They are not your hated Conservatives. Nosery Bob. They alllll come from your camp. Hypocritical don’t you think?

          • When you say “You didn’t work hard….” I’m sure you’re not directly speaking about moi…but, even so….you have missed the point of my post. Read it again, Joe. I was mentioning my disgust over what I believe to be a heartless and stupid assumption by those in power towards a large group of people….hard working people mind you, who find themselves in a unfortunate situation and truly need help, but won’t get it. By the way, Joe…I do not expect Mr. Asshole Rich to help anyone he doesn’t choose to, but I do expect him/her to let my hard earned tax dollars (I pay in quite a bit by the way) help these people. As far as the “illegal aliens”, I don’t think non-citizens should move to the front of the line before US citizens. However, I don’t know in what context you’re speaking. I’m sorry to read about your family member’s chronic disease. I hope they can get better soon or at least be made as comfortable as possible. Good health is more important than money. My prayers are with you.
            Best Regards, Bill.

          • Thank you for your candor. Yes, I do see your point because many wealthy people find loopholes in which to either save their money or make more of it. But, in my opinion, they are savvy when it comes to making money. As for the illegal stature…..sad but true, there is a bias towards race. In a country preaching equality everyone is really not all that equal. Even if you approach that subject from a perspective that divides the middle class into upper and lower.

            As far as taxes go….Democratic ideals invoke the increase of taxes to the masses. I think that many on the right and left would agree. A flat tax or sales tax would be sufficient in somewhat turning the economic situation around. But the problem is that Government is always hungry wanting more and more. The better to devour it’s inhabitants in more ways then one. Wouldn’t you agree that lower taxes are in order? You need to talk to your President about that one.

          • You’re entirely welcome to candor my friend. You know, I’ve always been fond of the idea of an across the board flat income tax…and maybe the same for sales tax, but the states would probably object to the sales tax idea. As far the wealthy…they might just accept an across the board tax percentage for the sake of simplifying the tax return…I don’t know…..if everyone pays let’s say 10%….no loopholes or deductions, I believe the country would be flush with money. I wouldn’t mind paying less tax, I agree with that for sure. With all the corruption and mismanagement of the Illinois pension crap…I and millions of my fellow Illinoisans are paying 5% state income tax instead of the 3% we had a few years ago. Appropriate and realistic spending will help us all. How much of my tax is being spent on defense? With current and future technology, boots and equipment on the ground will cost much less. We need work on that. I just don’t want to see children go hungry anywhere in this world especially in our country. If my taxes can prevent that…I’m all in. God bless us all.

          • Absolutely, we are both on the same page with most of what you have stated.

            Hmmm, the defense issue. I am anti-war but not anti-military. After the decades of interfering in places where we shouldn’t have been and that lousy Viet Nam war, I have a problem with senseless deaths of young men. However, I believe in a strong Military. As yet, the world, is not a friendly place. I think in life respect is important. At the moment, I see only admonition towards the US internationally. Not a good place to be. Weakening the US Military will only lead to a weaker nation. A more vulnerable nation.

            I agree, no child should go hungry no matter what part of the world but especially here. I also believe in a good education for every child. Something that is missing in the inner cities and in poorer areas of the country like Appalachia. At present our educations system is a calamity. I believe the Universities are still good but I also feel they are too political in one direction. I have taught at the Jr. college level. I was a tough instructor and I was known on campus to set high standards. When I left the students still talked about me in a good way so being a bit tough makes young people respect you more. Especially if you are fair which I was.

      • Really, Bill. What will come sooner than later is the new USSA. By then all the pricks in suits will have fled the Country because, financially, they can. Then where is the money going to come from ‘the po folks that remain here’ led by and overbearing ‘wealthy’ Government?

        ‘Historically, whenever empires have been destined to fall, as ours currently is, leaders appear whose role it is to hasten the decline. This happened in Rome, with Nero and others like him. It is the same with the U.S. We had our Caesars in our heyday, now we have our Neros. Obama is but a reflection of the state of the Country and where it is headed.
        If Hillary Clinton is elected, she will, ironically preside over the complete destruction of Federal authority, which, by that time, will be due to events beyond her control.’
        Doug G.


        • When they leave the country, people guided by the better angels of their nature will fill the void and perhaps work will come to those that want it. HELLO!

          • Bill, I hate to tell you this….after a while….some of ‘the better angels’ will too become greedy. I hate to sound literal, but It’s just the way the world goes round.

            Outsourcing is another thing most Liberals and Conservatives can agree on. This needs to stop and import tariffs need to be implemented on, especially, China. We are the only Country in the world that conducts business this way and, frankly, when you look at how cutthroat some of these others Countries are we are way too complacent.

            Our problem is that many of us agree to have some values associated with both sides. The real issue then becomes who is really creating this polarization? Remember it takes two to tango…. We, on the right, are not very happy with our own Republican party and we are definitely not too keen on the Liberal party. But we are willing to look at the reality of that whereas you all think things are hunky dorey? Maybe one day you all will see the light…..or maybe you will be happy with the fact that you are being controlled by your Government? Right now they are pacifying you all…but I wonder when they will drop the ball on you:)

          • That’s an unfortunate truth….power and money corrupts. Wealth does change people, but not all people; there are some really good people with boatloads of money who help a great many. I do agree that tariffs should be brought to bear and American companies that choose to manufacture their goods off-shore should pay even higher tariffs than even China. Joe….I think the polarization in congress is mostly political posturing. I may be more liberal in my later years, but I did vote for Ronald Reagan and George Bush (W’s father). I doubt they would be accepted by this current group of Republicans. I’ll vote for any party that shows pure logic and drive to make America a better place to live and a better neighbor to the world. Sarah Palin probably won’t be able to do that…..and she’s a front runner at this time….that’ll change like the weather of course.

  3. The essence of President Obama’s State of the Union address was to generate optimism, inspire confidence, and reassure the American public. It contrasts with the claims of economic Armageddon and chaos that come out of the GOP, and the reasons and goals could not be more apparent.
    One party is focused on strengthening our economy, creating jobs, and solving, or at least mitigating the causes of growing income inequality in the USA. The other party depends on failure to increase their majority in the House and get control of the Senate, even if their tactics, particularly their obstructionism, impact millions of Americans and affect our ability to retain our privileged position in the global economy and the economic progress that should be apparent to everyone.
    President Obama’s policies helped prevent the unthinkable, the collapse of the U.S. economy predicted by former President Bush in 2008 when he proposed the TARP to save our banks. The stimulus package, a myriad of policies ranging from credit to first time home buyers, to refinancing help, to cash for clunkers, credit to those who replaced old appliances with energy efficient ones, bailing out GM and Chrysler, and other initiatives helped re-energize our economy to the point that the Fed no longer believes it has to purchase $75B worth of bonds a month and reduced those purchases by $10B. Our economy is strong, 8 million new jobs have been created, companies are posting record profits, growing and hiring, and the DOW rose from 6,500 points in January 2009 to record levels. BTW, the recent decline is attributed to the Fed’s decision cited above, the likelihood of the Fed raising interest rates, and an expected market correction. The fact that our bull market lasted over two years without a correction – which happen every 18 months on average – is evidence of the positive impact of government stimuli on our economy, strong economic factors, and improved consumer confidence. Contrary to what the GOP would like us to believe, we are on the right track and making progress, in spite of all the obstructionism and antagonism President Obama has faced since his Inauguration in January 2009.
    Whether or not this translates to major changes in the makeup of the House and keeping control of the Senate remains to be seen. I am not too hopeful about getting control of the House. There are far more Democrats running for re-election, many in Red states, than Republicans, and socio-economic issues are of little concern for voters in some parts of the country.

    • What’s unfortunate, is that the GOP has been so successful in demonizing the Stimulus package that you were describing that probably more than 90% of Americans still brush it off and believe that it was nothing more than a huge package of pork; when nothing could be further from the truth: as journalist Michael Grunwald outlines in his article “Obama’s stimulus package was a ginormous clean enery bill” stating that it was the biggest clean energy bill in U.S. hisory.

      America needs to be made more aware of just how effective President Obama has been in his governing, not on only his stimulus, but with so many other aspects that affect Americans’ daily lives.

      Here are some excerpts from Grunwald’s article:

      Nowhere has the vertiginous disconnect been more in evidence than around the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, known colloquially as “the stimulus bill.” Hashed out during the transition and passed almost immediately after Obama was inaugurated, it served as an early test of the GOP strategy of total opposition and real-time mythmaking. Republicans understand that Americans are suspicious of government spending in the abstract but supportive of most specific spending programs, so they aggressively pushed the line that the stimulus was a gigantic bucket of government pork, doled out to politically connected cronies, spent on silly and wasteful projects, failing in its stated goals. “The failed stimulus” became one of those annoying but successful right-wing verbal tics. The media mostly went along.

      Very few people understand the scope or impact of the stimulus bill. The right remembers it as a useless cash dump, the left remembers it as an emergency measure that slowed and stopped the economic crash, but very few people have a good grasp on what was in it. In many people’s minds, it’s muddled together with the TARP “bailout.”

      In fact, according to award-winning journalist Michael Grunwald, there were members of Congress (Democrats!) who confused the two bills. Grunwald realized the stimulus was a huge story that wasn’t being told, so he started digging, interviewing more than 400 people, sitting in on Cabinet meetings, and reading original documents. What he found was very close to the inverse of conventional wisdom: The stimulus was successful, well-administered, and virtually scandal-free. It contained the biggest clean energy bill in U.S. history alongside equally significant measures on infrastructure, education, science, and manufacturing. It was epochal, a burst of activist government of a scale not seen since FDR.

      • I think it is worth remembering that in addition to help the economy recover and help create good paying jobs, the most important facet of the clean energy bill is the positive impact of clean energy on our environment and energy independence. Not surprisingly, the friendly neanderthals among us continue to focus on fossil fuels and building a pipeline that would only help the Koch brothers transport highly corrosive fuel to Gulf ports for export to China.

        • Maybe we should go back to lighting by candles and using horses for all of our transporation. Can’t use horses, PETA would go nuts. We could even get covered wagons to go across country. Maybe we can create a stimulus plan that gives hugh amounts of tax payer money to green energy companies that go bankrupt. We could get rid of airplanes that use jet fuel, get rid of all of our electric companies that use coal, or oil to create electricity. We could build a “car for the people” We could give our President his own police force he has asked for. We could get rid of Congress and stop paying the 535 and their staffs. We don’t need them now that Obama has decided he knows more than anyone else in the world and is just going to ignore congress anyway.

    • Obama did go “Small Ball” on the SOTU, delivered by a Diminished leader not trusted by the American people on the Economy, ACA, NSA, etc., caused by his own missteps.

      Washington Post Fact Checkers, AP fact checkers found several of his remarks incorrect, from created new jobs, enrollment of ACA, clean air.

      To add insult to injury Senator Reid took Obama’s message on Trade and basically rejected it. Can’t blame the Republicans on this one.

      This morning unemployment filings rose higher that predicted, 2013 grew at only 1.9%.

      Not a pretty picture!!!

    • Blah, you have got to be kidding me right! I suppose in your eyes everyone wins. It’s a win win situation. There are no loosers except for that dreaded Elephant. He stands firm in the ‘jack-asses’ way.

      Phewy, someone on this site gave the speech and A+, I gave it an F-.

      ‘Strengthening the economy,’
      over $17,000,000,000,000

      ‘Creating jobs,’

      Where? Our household works odd jobs to barely make ends meet. We have joined forces with those ‘giving up looking for work….’

      The most recent employment report clearly illustrates his insensitivedeception. The unemployment rate did drop from 7.0% to 6.7%, the lowestrate since October 2008. However, the rate fell almost entirely because almost 350,000 people left the workforce unable to find a job, according to figures released on January 10th by the U.S. Department of Labor. On the other hand, the U.S. economy added only a meager 74,000 jobsin December, well below estimates of what is needed for any widespread
      jobs recovery. In other words, about 80% of the “improvement” in the unemployment rate was because people got so discouraged with the job market they just gave up.According to Obama’s logic, if in one month there were 100 million people in the work force and eight million of these people were unemployed, the unemployed rate would be 8%. If in the next month, all eight million of the unemployed stopped looking for work – just gave up – the unemployment rate would fall to zero. Eight million people
      giving up is not progress – it is total failure.

      ‘Growing income inequality.’

      Outsourcing and high taxes keep companies away…..

      Our wonderous leader even outsourced the Obamacare website. That, in my opinon, is a crock of you know what……

      President Obama described income inequality recently, “This growing inequality is morally wrong,” he said, and it “undermines the very essence of America.” At the same time the President is promoting the Trans Pacific and Trans Atlantic Trade agreements. These two concepts are at cross purposes: expanding trade has caused the increase in income equality in the United States.

      Professor and economist Robert J. Shiller, who was among three
      Americans who won the Nobel prize for economics in 2013, believes that rising economic inequality in the United States and other countries is “the most important problem that we are facing now today.”

      Help, help, help, help…. He should win the Nobel peace prize for the leader who gave the most handouts and brought a country to its knees.

      You know what…. We Conservatives see what’s coming. We don’t trust your party or ours. We see the world with eyes wide open while you see it with eyes wired shut. You can go around being led around like sheep to the slaughter. He’s pacifying you my friend until he can put the final kabash on your heads until Killary puts the final icing on what was once a great Nation.


      “Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its waters. This struggle may be a moral one; or it may be a physical one; or it may be both moral and physical; but it must be a struggle! Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will. Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”

    • In the past, any congressman who threatened a reporter like that would have been censured, if not driven out of office. There is a very high tolerance for very bad behavior now.

  4. I think he was smart to take out the incendiary rhetoric that would give republicans something to gnaw at. This is why the republican response looked so disjointed. Now republicans will either have to come up with a better plan ,since just saying no isn’t working anymore, and realize that tax cuts for the rich are repugnant to the working people in this country. Obama is a great orator and the republican have no one to match him. As long as he stays on message and something stupid doesn’t happen He will boost his party in the mid terms.

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