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Friday, October 21, 2016

WASHINGTON — “This is good news, people.”

With those five words, President Obama made clear that he thinks it’s far more important to win a long-term argument with his partisan and ideological opponents than to pretend that they are eager to seize opportunities to work with him. He decided to deal with the Republican Party he has, not the Republican Party he wishes he had.

Those ad-libbed words followed what ranks as one of the more polemical passages ever offered in a State of the Union address. “At every step, we were told our goals were misguided or too ambitious,” he declared, “that we would crush jobs and explode deficits. Instead, we’ve seen the fastest economic growth in over a decade, our deficits cut by two-thirds, a stock market that has doubled, and health care inflation at its lowest rate in 50 years.”

Good news, indeed, and in telling the Republicans that all their predictions turned out to be wrong, he was also reminding his fellow citizens which side, which policies and which president had brought the country back.

His analysis of the nature of his political opposition, in turn, dictated the approach he took in the rest of the speech. There was no point in hedging on his wishes, constraining his hopes, and compromising in advance. Earlier in his administration, he might have begun the negotiations by offering his interlocutors their asking price upfront and then moving backward from there. No more.

Instead, he laid out what he would do if he had a more cooperative Congress. This time around, Obama’s agenda was organized around the interests of middle-class American workers, the group his administration acknowledges has not been dealt into the economic recovery.

Thus did he offer redistributive tax proposals — cuts for the middle class, increases for the very wealthy — and call for guaranteed sick leave for everyone, expanded child care, universal access to two years of community college, and equal pay for equal work.

He even offered encouraging words to organized labor. “We still need laws that strengthen rather than weaken unions,” he said, “and give American workers a voice.” And in defending a free trade agreement likely to be opposed by many in the unions and in his own party, he tried to make his case in the name of worker rights. He is unlikely to persuade them, but it tells us which audience Obama had in mind that he framed his rationale this way.

And he got pretty personal with the honorable members of Congress when he renewed his support for an increase in the minimum wage. “If you truly believe you can work full time and support a family on less than $15,000 a year,” he said, “go try it.”

There is something odd in the notion that Obama is supposed to abandon his convictions because the Republicans won a low-turnout midterm election whose Senate races were fought mostly in territory hostile to Democrats.

Ronald Reagan was never asked to stop being a conservative after Democrats took the Senate in the 1986 elections and emerged in control of both houses of Congress. Republicans praised George W. Bush for his courage in upping his commitment in Iraq through the troop surge even though the Democratic sweep of 2006 was in large part a repudiation of the war on which he doubled down. Are only progressive presidents expected to trim their sails?

There seemed to be a disconnect between Obama’s combative opening and his close defending his signature refrain that “there wasn’t a liberal America or a conservative America.” He acknowledged that many saw it as “ironic” that “our politics seems more divided than ever.”

But notice that he used this passage to suggest how the American debate had to change. He proposed that discussions of abortion focus more on the successes we’ve had in reducing teen pregnancies and abortions themselves. Referring to the recent confrontations in Ferguson and New York, he urged us to consider the fears of African-American young men and police officers alike even as we join in celebrating declining crime and incarceration rates.

Obama clearly still believes that the country is less divided than our politics allows us to be. But he is no longer drawn to the illusion that his adversaries in the other party will beat their swords into ploughshares anytime soon. He is battling not just for a personal legacy, but also on behalf of a perspective that he hopes the country will someday embrace.

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Photo: President Barack Obama delivers the State of the Union address on Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015, in the House Chamber of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. (Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/TNS)

  • Whatmeworry

    The gop cops the attitude its our way or the highway. They hardly care less about whats in the interest of the common people

    • And to top it all off, they don’t even know what their way is until they’ve seen Obama state which way he’d like to go instead is.

      The G.O.P. is a party of power for its own sake, not giving a damn which direction the country goes just as long as it’s one of their boys directing us towards it.

      • JPHALL

        Yeah, you noticed that the GOP response never mentioned what they plan to do or propose unlike Obama.

        • Independent1

          Well, it’s pretty hard to outline a direction you’d like to go when you’ve been wandering in the wilderness for the past 15 years; and especially the last 6.

          • And very hard to see where the dems have gone when they have their heads firmly up the Emperors butt.

          • You ever going to unlock your Disqus activity so everyone can see what an absolute whore to the tyrants you really are? Or are you content to just spew forth these one-sentence, zero-substance, reality-challenged rants for the rest of your miserable existence and hope nobody remembers you from the last time some subhuman sack of flesh crawled out of his cave to fling his feces about?

          • Why would I possibly want to subject myself to crazies like you . I get enough stalkers, and threats. Liberals are the most unstable people on earth. There should be liberal control instead of gun control. It would save a lot of innocent lives.

      • Independent1

        Absolutely, and Let me just add onto your last statement: And the direction their worthless leader sets is such that the wealthy get even richer at the expense of the less fortunate.

    • Wasn’t it the Emperor that had a tantrum over the government shutdown, and did all he could to make the American people feel his pain by shutting down parks and memorials, all while he took his family on a very lavish, very expensive vacation?

      • MJRinPA

        Nope. It was the GOP Congress that shut down the government, including parks and memorials! Then they bitched when they found out what that included!

        • hicusdicus

          The administration shut down the parks and memorials. If congress did not control the purse strings what do you think would happen? I guess it does not really matter it is going to happen anyway. It is my belief that we are going to experience a global financial collapse. If it happens it could go really bad for everyone.

      • Whatmeworry

        No, Cruz and the tea party hacks did that

      • Call him “Emperor” all you want, whore, but it won’t ever magically make him into the imaginary tyrant you wish he could be.

        It also won’t change the fact that you are perfectly illustrating the G.O.P. practice of projection — of attacking the opposition for being, or doing, the very thing that they themselves are.

        Not that we didn’t already know you were a whore for tyrants to begin with, of course. You still haven’t said anything of actual substance and continue under the delusion that nobody here recognizes you as the bigoted, reality-challenged neanderthal who threw his feces at them last time.

        You are exactly what I was talking about when I described people who don’t give a flying crap where the country is going just as long as it’s one of their boys directing them towards it; a worthless sack of excrement clumsily disguised as a human being who would rather whore himself out to tyrants and terrorists than stop flying the Republican flag.

        • As I have stated before , both parties are corrupt. Problem is the dems have been taken over by the communist liberals, and an illegal tyrant placed in power. Those supporting this regime are traitors.

          • And as I’ve stated before, the notion that both parties are corrupt is just something you democracy-hating whores invented in a feeble attempt to try and justify your continued voting for tyrants, thieves and extremists. A-la: “The Democrats aren’t angels, so go whore yourself out to the Devil like we did!”

            Call it like it is, whore: You’re not calling us traitors to America. You’re calling us traitors to the Party. The Party you and your ilk swore allegiance to above all else, including country and humanity.

            You, the people who will say or do ANYTHING to America, no matter how heinous, are the true traitors, and you all effing know it.

  • 1standlastword

    So it was the philosopher Obama we heard. He also demonstrated that he’s become more of a political animal. The heavy emphasis on populous economics, however, is still just politics and I fear that some Americans will be filled with false hope since the GOP will never adopt not a single one of his recommendations for helping the working and middle class.
    Thinking long term and hoping for a boost for the middle class to happen with a more compassionate GOP is a luxury of those who have it already. I fear Average Americans will be victims of the new financial economy for years to come.

    • Insinnergy

      That’s actually a benefit. This delineates very clearly who is for what, and who is on which side. Yes, hopes will be dashed. But it will be very clear who has dashed them.

    • Independent1

      He clearly set the bar for the Dem candidate for President to use in making it clear for the election in 2016, just which party is on the side of the majority of Americans, and which party is all about rewarding those who are already more wealthy than God ever gave them the right to be.

      Although the GOP will not respond to virtually any of the issues Obama feels are crucial to lifting the income tide and just plain livability for the average American, the GOP now knows that someone has define those issues to the American public, in such a way, that they need to be concerned about how they go about trashing the hopes that Obama created; or they will pay the price in 2016.

  • Scot Chipping

    Obama is delusional.

    • Gary Miles

      Not to mention most of his lies are easily debunked.

      • Independent1

        What?? By the NM’s greatest mental midget?? Hardly – nothing you post is even worth reading!!!!

        • Gary Miles

          Thank you for admitting that if you choose to debate me on this matter I will destroy you. Now go have your mommy change your diaper, get your bottle of warm milk and get back in your crib.

          • At least he isn’t copying and pasting long propaganda excerpts.

          • Gary Miles

            Give him time, LMAO!

          • awakenaustin

            Did not major in either debate or English in college did you?

          • hicusdicus

            How would you know and is that a requirement for NM? If it was the site would shut down.

          • awakenaustin

            I read his responses, looked at his use of language and observed his debate technique. It is obvious to even the casual observer. His response above displays all the skill and style of a six-grader on the playground. All he left out was the threat to have his dad beat up independent1’s dad.

          • hicusdicus

            I don’t think Independent 1 ever had human parents. He talks like he was born under a rock. He does not deserve a civil answer all he does is revert to name calling if one does not agree with him.

          • And you talk like you spawned out of a septic tank.

            You AND Kenndeb have yet to say ANYTHING of actual substance, instead being perfectly content to just fling excrement about and pretend that qualifies somehow.

            Begone, whore.

          • hicusdicus

            Those kind of comebacks take all the steam out of your intellect. If you are going to put down be resourceful and creative and stay polite. If you can’t find the words just stay quiet until you do.

      • bobnstuff

        His lies are easy to debunk because he isn’t as good at lying as some but if you try to debunk the truths in his speech good luck. His numbers are pretty much on base in this one. First thing I did after the speech was go check them out. You
        notice that they are challenging his vision and his moxie but not his numbers.

        • Gary Miles

          I have been reading up on some new things, but overall, the numbers he claims are based on numbers that ignore the obvious. Examples, the unemployment rate numbers removed those who quit looking for work and stopped counting them. The number of non working , working aged people rose to over 92 million, yet the numbers went down. Administrations have been fudging these numbers for decades. Many economist’s claim the real unemployment rate is around 20%. Let’s also not fail to mention that a majority of the jobs gained were low wage service jobs. Let’s not waste time on how few of them are full time jobs because it will surely get depressing.

          Some 107 million Americans are on some form of welfare. If we add in Medicare, Medicaid and people working for government, more than 165 million Americans — about half the population — are dependent on a government check. Almost the entire rise in 3rd qtr GDP increase was due to spending on health insurance, which continues to go up and up. When the 4th qtr numbers come out this will be made clearer.

          The economy is not “recovering” or “healthy” for anyone but corporate elite and billionaires, although the news of 50,000 bank employees terminated in one month may be proof even the corporate elite are now joining the suffering. Join the club. Main Street and small business have been dying for six long years under Obama. For the first time in history, more businesses are failing each day than opening. For the first time in history, our middle class is no longer No. 1 in the world; Canada’s is. 50,000 jobs were terminated last month in just one industry: banking. 12,000 have been announced in the oil business this month.

          So let me get this scam correctly. Obama’s voters get “free” healthcare, while middle-class America and small business gets bankrupted with the huge bill. Our health insurance premiums are skyrocketing, destroying our quality of life, and Obama calls that proof that GDP is up. That’s an achievement?

          I can go into the inflation scam too, but I’m sure you get the drift. In retrospect, Obama is not alone in his fudgy numbers games, it’s been going on for a long time spanning many President’s, from both sides of the political spectrum. However, Obama the boss now and he get’s the heat. I’m tired of being lied too by our elected representatives, aren’t you? If they are not telling you the truth, are they really representing you and I? If this was Bush3, I’d be pointing out the same things.

          Your a reasonable man who don’t seem like the type to fall for all the BS that’s been handed to the American people. I certainly didn’t. PEACE my friend, may you and yours have a great day!

          • Jambi

            Don’t forget the millions who worked 30 years and receive SS checks every month…They’re NOT LOOKING for work…There’s a good reason…they’re retired!… you and Ted Cruz don’t seem to realize that…maybe when you work long enough, you can retire and NOT look for work…then you can sit around and play on the blog sites!…

          • Gary Miles

            I haven’t. In fact I watch the Medicare enrollment numbers quite closely. The increase in enrollments from 2008 to 2012, are not significant enough to make a huge impact. From 08 to 12, the numbers only went up an average of half a million a year. Even if that number were to increase 2 fold too 1.5 million per year, the offset of those reaching working age and well as those who continue to work past retirement age, would not have a major impact on the numbers of non-working people. It’s simple math when one understands economics and can find the needed info. The bottom line is that the US don’t have the jobs that we had in 2007. But as I said to Bob, it’s not solely on the shoulders of Obama, although he knows the claims he makes are based on flawed math and incorrect parameters. He didn’t mention the number of people not in the labor participation force being as low as it was in 1978. Considering the increase in population since then, this country has issues.

          • hicusdicus

            Live off SS income! You have got to be joking.

          • MJRinPA

            Social security and what you’ve saved in a retirement account, 401K, etc.

          • hicusdicus

            401 K has nothing to do with SS. SS was never intended to support you. It is supplemental income to your savings. I you can show me how to live on SS I am all ears.

          • MJRinPA

            If you go back and read my post, I was reply to “Live off SS income”. My point was that with SS AND a retirement income you can life well after retirement. SS was never meant to be everything. People need to work, plan and save. But, there are also people who would not be able to live without SS. We need a safety net; and hard work, planning & saving.

          • hicusdicus

            I agree with you 100 %.

          • bobnstuff

            Check the G6 number that does take all those thing in to account and it still 10.6% down a third since 2009. Since the labor participation rate is only 3.6% from the highest it has ever been I think your number of 20% is way off. If as you
            say all these jobs are low paying the the average wage should be dropping but it isn’t is it. If all these jobs are part time then why is the percentage of part time to full time jobs not changing. If you pull government employees people on social security, people on medicare out of the government aid numbers it drops a lot. Raise the minimum wage and reduce the working poor and then look at the number. Small business’s have not been dying at any more then they ever have 90% of all business’s fail.. If you talk to small business owners lack of capital is and always has been the number one problem
            It’s not that more business’s are failing. It that people can’t get the money to start business’s. New business starts are down because
            credit is tight. Since no small business has had to provide insurance to it’s employees yet you can’t blame there failure on the ACA. Most larger employers already offered health insurance so once again the ACA isn’t the cause of their failure. The government gave the banks money at no interest to loan to business but the banks bough
            government bonds with the money at 3% return on the money. Health insurance increase happen in the first and forth quarter not the third. Most increases are at the first of the year. ACA enrollment ends on February 15th. The cost of health care has grown at the slowest rate in years. Your thinking that the people who voted
            for Obama get free health care has to be one of the least though out thing you have said. To be true over half the people in the country would have free health care because of the ACA. Since we know that 84% of the country gets their insurance from their employers or from medicare it;s easy to see that saying that Obama voters got free insurance is not true. If you also check it’s the republican run states which Obama didn’t carry that get the most free money from the government. I respect you and do pay attention to your posts or I wouldn’t waste my time responding. I hope you have a great day.

          • Gary Miles

            If the G6 numbers were closer to reality, why don’t they use them? Not so sure there all that accurate either, but I’m short on time at the moment. Since no small business has had to provide insurance to it’s employees yet you can’t blame there failure on the ACA. Negative Sir, small business owners still provide for themselves and their family. If my small business can no longer provide for my family, I close the doors and get a higher paying job. I try to keep things going as long as possible, but economic reality don’t care about politics.

            Raise the minimum wage and reduce the working poor and then look at the number. If we raise the minimum wage to 10 bucks, it will be a disaster. The problem with Progressive ideology is that it sounds great in theory but never works economically. The overall price increases along with the layoffs will just MORE people poorer. Few folks can understand this, I can expand on this if you’d like.

            It that people can’t get the money to start business’s. New business starts are down because
            credit is tight. Have you ever wondered why credit is tight for new start ups and ongoing small business’s? We have trillions in cheap money that has flooded the market thanks to the Federal Reserve. Interest rates have been next to zero for years, yet the problem exists. Banks won’t loan to small business’s who are struggling. Many are for various reasons, but the bottom line is the bottom line, LOL. New college grads are strapped with decades of debt to pay off, so those loans are out the door. It’s all economics and when the government injects itself, it is a hindrance.

            As far as the ACA doing anything good, I’m still waiting for Obama to tell us those 48 million who were uninsured are now magically insured. But quite a few more people are now on medicaid, aka, free insurance. Take a look at those labor participation numbers closer, we’ve been heading down since 2000 and are now back at 1978 levels and still dropping. Fewer people are able to outright retire and are staying in the workforce and the number of Medicare enrollees hasn’t had a dramatic uptick. With population increases since 1978 and kids reaching the age of 16 (and highly unemployed as compared to years past), the LPR should scare the hell out of all of us. However, that’s a whole subject in of itself. PEACE!
            p.s. I don’t blame Obama for all the woes we face today, but his honesty is less than admirable. Not much different than any of the most recent POTUS’s in the recent past.

          • Gary Miles

            This issue has been going on for quite some time and will only get worse for these people as oil prices continue to go lower. The longer they stay low, the worse these people will be. This is what Progressive ideology don’t understand, it’s effects on economics is never good:

          • MJRinPA

            The president’s economic policies have nothing to do with he price of oil and gas. Those are global prices. That has more to do with the Middle Eastern countries control of supply.

          • Gary Miles

            Totally agree to a point. The US became #1 despite his policies, not because of them. I’ll venture to say that we will return too second as time goes on and oil prices stay low. That’s based on the cost of new wells via fracking, which is expensive versus a regular well. I’ve heard some different numbers as to what oil needs to be for new well to begin, which ranges form 50 to 56 a barrel.

            OPEC has some clout, but not what people think. They could lower production and raise prices back to a hundred bucks quite easily. This is my “not quite” part of agreement. Many of us think that Obama and OPEC are working hand in hand for several reasons, one is Russia and the other is our fracking business. OPEC stands to gain by slowing our production and future drilling, which pleases Obama as he has already said he is a warming cultist. Both want to shut down Russia, for different reasons. I’m more concerned with Russia than the price of oil. Obama is an idiot when it comes to foreign policy, but quite smart when it comes to screwing people. He gets a triple with low oil prices, hurt Russia economically, slow fracking and get undo credit for low gas prices, which will help the overall economy if it lasts awhile. My feelings are that it don’t matter which clan is in the Whitehouse, this would still be going on.

            Those are not my only concerns, but will do for now. PEACE my Pa neighbor!

          • MJRinPA

            “The problem with Progressive ideology is that it sounds great in theory but never works economically.” You need to double check some numbers. Economically, the GOP Presidents tend to create recessions, and the Democratic Presidents tend to pull the country out of the recession and back to prosperity.

          • Gary Miles

            I don’t need to check numbers, because the GOP is nothing more than Progressive lite. They are mostly the same, but talk a different game. I also don’t believe that either side does a lick of good when it comes to economics. Both are equally destructive, it just happens to be the D clan that is under scrutiny today. In a few years, we can all bash the next sociopath that sits in the Oval Office. I’m in PA as well, by the way!

          • hicusdicus

            Not really. If that is what you believe , have at it.

          • MJRinPA

            Facts do not care if you believe in them or not. They are still the facts.

          • hicusdicus

            In your case they are factoids. Phony data that is made up to fit your bias. You must get your info from huff post.

          • MJRinPA

            Then post “your facts” and the source.

          • bobnstuff

            Having been a small business owner I understand how things effect your business. First I have never been with out health insurance so the fact that the ACA has helped keep insurance in line is a plus. Now you will say that it has driven the price up but that’s not quite the case. By limiting the insurance
            overhead cost to 20% many self insured people have gotten rebates. My insurance went down when the ACA came in. Second raising minimum wage by 25% shouldn’t cause lay offs this time since it has never done it in the past and the average business spends about 10% of its expenses in wages so costs go up by2.5% if you raise everyone’s pay by 25% which most will not do. I used to joke about the only business that a
            bank would give money to were the ones that didn’t need it. The SBA is a joke since they are of little help to small business. The drop in employment numbers have dropped since 2000 for a very good reason. The baby boom is retiring. The employment rate has been dropping at about .2% per year for the last 15 years so your math is right on for the retirement rate. I’m one of them. My wife is now a stay at home house wife and in three weeks I become semi-retired. I’m staying employed part time because I really like my job and have seen my brothers wife’s send them back out to get jobs because they are driving them crazy. Were I work no one seems to retire they just go part time, and at 63 I’m middle age by company standards. Check your 48 million number, it’s not even close to the new people with insurance since they are claiming 9 to 11 million have signed up. As far as the oil industry law offs there are 215,000 people employed total in the industry and even though we my cut back on drilling the demand for fuel is growing and someone still has to refine it and transport it as well as sell it so it’s not likely to be that big a hit on the economy

          • Gary Miles

            I will simply agree to disagree on the economics. I practice Austrian economics and most folks see things the Keynesian way. The latter gives us bubbles that burst and depressions. The bubbles are growing again, just like the Dot-Com mess and will be popping in the future. Derivatives and debt will be the death of many economies when the derivatives bubble pops. The only thing that’s been keeping things afloat is that Central banks keep the printing presses going. That’s another bubble and when it pops, inflation, possible hyperinflation will destroy the poor and middle class within weeks. Civil unrest will be the subject of all newscasts. Hopefully the power won’t be shut off. This, of course, depends on whether or not we end up in another world war, which also seems more likely each day as we watch the events unfolding in Europe.

            I’m happy for you and the wife! At least you have choices and have made good decisions in life. I always wish the very best for people, regardless of disagreements (although sometimes I can be brutally honest). You are a good person and I’d bet you have a great family. If anything, try to keep an open mind and look at all angles. I’ll always weigh the issues based on knowledge, not emotions, as best I can. PEACE and God Bless!

          • bobnstuff

            Agreeing to disagree is ok with me, It’s always interesting to discus thing with you. We seam to
            understand each others views. We may not agree but you keep me thinking and in some cases digging for facts. Thank you. I expect the market to adjust down about 15% but nothing like 2008-2009. The stock market is no real gauge of the real economy. People buy stock for the dumbest reasons. I know a stock that has gone from $24 per share to $104 per share in 5 years but was never a strong buy rating. I know three stock brokers that over looked it and was surprised when I pointed it out yet they bought inner net stocks for companies that had never made a profit for top dollar. It’s a crazy world. I will catch you next time. And my Peace be with you also.

          • hicusdicus

            I think there is a good possibility that we will see a financial collapse of the global financial system. A new system will emerge but the gap in between could be the worst times humanity as ever encountered. I hope I am wrong but we have prepared in case.

          • 788eddie

            Please define “working-aged” people. I can still work, but have retired and am no longer looking to be employed (I invested well, it seems).

            There are a lot of baby-boomers who are in my position; this is one of the factors in the rise of “people who are no longer looking for work.”

          • Gary Miles

            Working aged people are from 16 years and up, as far as the LPR goes. It don’t give a maximum. Your lucky and doing well, many are not. I generally look at Medicare enrollment numbers to give a better look at retiree numbers. Both of my parents were auto enrolled when they reached the age of eligibility. That was 10 plus years ago. I’ve not claimed that the “boomers” were not part of the equation, just that their part has been greatly exaggerated to hide what’s really going on in our little place on the planet.
            Keep in mind also, that a person is considered part of the labor force for simply working 1 (one) hour per week. Many of the jobs available when I turned 16 are now not available as far too many are holding them as careers, such as fast food. There is not one business I frequent in my neck of the woods that doesn’t have an employee eligible for full retirement.
            Congrats on your retirement and I hope your enjoying your “Golden Years”.

          • hicusdicus

            They are not golden years they are the white years. Pill white.

    • Independent1

      Are you saying it was delusional for Obama to tell the truth about what America has achieved over the past 6 years (more than under all of the last 5 worthless GOP presidents combined) and set a vision for how America can forge ahead rather than backward in the coming years???

    • Care to explain how or why?

      No, of course not. Like all the other G.O.P. whores flinging their feces in this comments section, you cling to the hope that a statement can stand without any legs.

  • FireBaron

    What the Republican still don’t realize is the President has painted them into the corner concerning Middle Class improvement measures. It’s one thing to say the President’s plan won’t work. It’s another to say “We have a better plan and here it is.” The current crop of Republican leaders are incapable of the latter, thanks to their uncontrollable rank-and-file.
    This means the President has prepared an agenda for the 2016 elections. If the Republicans cannot produce on his proposals or come up with viable alternatives, they are going to have to answer to the American people as to why they have not offered tax relief, education assistance, affordable medical care, etc.

    • Wayneo

      The GOP has “offered tax relief, education assistance, affordable medical care, etc” to the 1%.

  • TMZ1928

    Obama has destroyed the middle class with his policies; now he wants to make up for it by raising taxes so he can provide more freebies.

    • bobnstuff

      How did he destroy the middle class? He isn’t the one who is trying to destroy the union which created the middle class in this country. He’s not the one that wants the banks to regulate themselves. Most of what you call freebies were created long before the president came into office so just what did he do to destroy the middle class. I think it was crushed before he got here.

  • Whatmeworry

    and Dam the constitution its just a piece of old paper

    • Daniel Max Ketter

      If you feel our constitution is just a piece of old paper, then you have serious issues. I happen to disagree, but feel free to debate me on this shorty.

    • Know why it’s called the SECOND Amendment? Because there are other Amendments besides it.

      Back in that pesky thing you so greatly detest called reality, the Constitution also guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to assemble, protection against unreasonable searches and seizures, due process, protection against cruel and unusual punishment, sovereign immunity, equal protection, and the right to vote regardless of gender, race or age.

      And last I checked, the Republicans are staunchly opposed to every damn one of those guarantees established by the Constitution.

      So when you said “Damn the constitution,” it wasn’t you being ironic. It was you telling the truth about you and your ilk for the first time in your miserable existence.

      • Whatmeworry

        Barak has amassed $11T in new debt just 4 years, broke US laws on multiple instances To him its just a piece of paper and NOTHING

        • Daniel Max Ketter

          Are you a parrot or something?

      • Whatmeworry

        Barak has dissipated $11T in new debt just 4 years, obeyed US laws on multiple instances To me its just a piece of paper and NOTHING

  • Exx Bahx

    In some related video, we find that another one of Obama’s mysterious relatives has come forward: