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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Washington (AFP) – Three days after his party’s stinging midterm election defeat, President Barack Obama hosted congressional leaders at the White House Friday, vowing to embrace policies untainted by partisanship.

“The American people just want to see work done here in Washington. I think they’re frustrated by the gridlock,” Obama said in a White House dining room where more than a dozen congressional leaders were seated.

Americans would “like to see more cooperation, and I think all of us have the responsibility, me in particular, to try to make that happen,” Obama said.

His guests included the incoming Senate majority leader, Republican Mitch McConnell, and Republican House Speaker John Boehner.

Outgoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and top House Democrat Nancy Pelosi were also in attendance.

Republicans trounced Obama’s Democrats in Tuesday’s elections, gaining control of the Senate and expanding their majority in the House.

The Republican takeover could pit the party’s leaders directly against the White House. Some among their ranks have suggested however that divided government could actually work in Republicans’ favor, allowing them to be seen as the party best able to govern ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

Both parties are under intense pressure to ease the dysfunction in Washington, and Obama and Republicans have already spoken publicly about possible points of cooperation, including passing tax reform.

“I am not going to judge ideas based on whether they’re Democratic or Republican; I’m going to be judging them based whether or not they work,” Obama said.

The president, whose Democrats will be in the minority in both congressional chambers for the first time since 2006, reminded the leaders there was still important congressional work to be done this year, such as passing legislation to fund the federal government.

“My hope is that even as we enter into a new Congress, the previous Congress has the opportunity still to make progress on a whole bunch of fronts, and I’m confident we can get that done,” he said.

Obama angered Republicans Wednesday when he said he would take executive action to reform the nation’s immigration system, a move Republicans warned would “poison the well” for cooperation on various other issues.

AFP Photo / Jim Watson 

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  • charleo1

    Aside from the many cumulative injustices that enabled the Republican’s return to power in Congress. All the money that a couple of Supreme Court decisions allowed to flood into the political process, that favors the Party that always favors the rich. The outrageous practice of gerrymandering, the GOP was able to take to outrageous levels. And again, the just as outrageous State Courts, that went along with it. The Republican’s Nationwide program of purging voter rolls, limiting early voting, shortening voting hours, and in many cases, simply eliminating polling places altogether, near minority neighborhoods, and college campuses, plus requiring State issued IDs, many poorer voters either lacked the necessary birth certificates, or like my wife, born in house where she grew up, her birth recorded in the family Bible. That used to be enough. (It got us started on that rather lengthy process, 20 years ago, to acquire an official TX. certificate of live birth.) Or, for example, in TX. I imagine many in the Rio Grande Valley, could not travel the 300 mi. to the nearest State facility that offered such services. Those, “frugal,” Republicans! It is estimated TX voter laws disenfranchised some 600,000 citizens of their Constitutional Right to speak their opinion in the most powerful way still granted to us regular, non-billionaire citizens. To cast a vote. So, aside from the effects of what can only be described as an electoral, back alley mugging of democracy, by a thousand cuts. It also continues to be a time of a lot of fear for many Americans. Who have been subjected to a kind of domestic terrorism. Not the 9/11 kind. But a constant, drum, drum, drumbeat, of literally hundreds of dire predictions. And an ugly endless stream of conspiracies. And don’t look to your Government, it can’t help you! And not to your President either. He’s the kingpin of the plot! Whatever pushes your fear button. We’ve all got one. Whatever Boogieman you thought was under your bed, that gave you nightmares sometimes. That was going to happen to you, and to your Country, and there was really only thing that will save you. Put Mitch McConnell in charge of the Senate, and he’ll stop Obama! Sounds pretty lame when put like that. It was lame. But, along with everything else, it worked.

    • High_Yellow2


      • sigrid28

        I like your yawn. Your type of bigotry will eventually be retired for a very long time: practice makes perfect.

        • High_Yellow2


        • charleo1

          Snark is all H.Y. is capable of, unfortunately.
          Hardly worth the two seconds it took you to size
          him up. But appreciated by me, nonetheless.

          • High_Yellow2

            Aww how sweet–the two of you liberal love birds

          • sigrid28

            Stop the presses! People in the same political party actually appreciate each other! Don’t tell Ted Cruz. It will ruin his day. He thinks people in the same political party are supposed to undermine each other whenever possible, preferably in front of as large an audience as possible, so that the whole country knows that the Republican party cannot get its act together. The more successful he is during the next two years, the more irrelevant Republicans will become, despite the fact that Republican majorities have been elected to Congress. Too bad you guys cannot learn from liberals and progressives how to get along.

          • High_Yellow2

            Yeah, that’s a real cute story. BTW don’t forget to set out some extra blankets for you and Charleo1 tonight–looks like global warming will be causing more record low temperatures this week.

          • sigrid28

            We know you will not be needing them. You have your bigotry to keep you warm.

          • High_Yellow2

            And don’t forget to think of me while you and Crarleo1 sit by the fire place drinking the cool aid.

          • sigrid28

            I was kind of liking it. I have never been called a troll before. My son had to clue me in about what it meant. We had a good laugh.

      • The liberals will continue to stay blind and stupid, as they have no will to do anything that is contrary to what the regime tells them to think. Sheeple all.

  • latebloomingrandma

    For the 2 brief years that the Democrats were the majority, the Republicans decided that they would not sit down and cooperate, and created all sort of mischief, filibusters and gridlock. So, how would they feel if the Dems now applied the same tactics? They won’t be as bad, because Democrats realize that work needs done. I doubt that their number one goal is to make McConnell a 2 year majority leader. McConnell may do that on his own. Republicans idea of compromise is for Democrats to agree with them.
    So, while threatening the President of 6 years with poisoning the well by acting like a President and getting stuff done, they will keep things positive and grown up and mature by passing a law to overturn Obamacare. As the saying goes, the 50th time is a charm.
    After all, the “American people” hate it. That’s why only 10 million people signed up for it. That’s at least two and half more millions of people than those who subscribe to the NRA, And we know how insignificant they are, huh?

  • Chuck Itt

    Obama is the problem. It’s that simple, really.

    • charleo1

      Simple answers are for simpletons.

      • High_Yellow2

        You should know.