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Thursday, January 17, 2019

CHICAGO — He had just been through the roughest patch of President Obama’s re-election struggle and yet senior adviser David Axelrod seemed, if not quite serene, then at least amiably stoic.

Chatting in his spartan office at the Obama campaign’s mother ship in downtown Chicago last week, Axelrod reflected on a pep talk he had delivered the previous day to the operation’s vast and impressively young staff, urging them to ignore all the intimations that a gaffe, some bad economic numbers and a bit of downward movement in some polls spelled doom for their cause.

“There is some virtue in being old in this business,” Axelrod, 57, said, reliving what amounted to his moment as a coach asking the team to dig deep after a tough quarter — though he used a different metaphor. “It’s like being an old astronaut. I’ve been up to the space shuttle before. I’ve experienced the G’s before. It doesn’t make them less uncomfortable. But you’ve experienced them before.”

As Axelrod spoke, his boss’ image appeared on the television screen on his desk. Obama was offering a speech in Cleveland aimed at giving substance to Axelrod’s hopes by shifting the dialogue away from immediate troubles to a larger choice “between two paths for our country.”

Whether or not last Thursday’s rhetorical volley between Obama and Mitt Romney on the economy was one of those “defining” or “game-changing” moments that pundits love to tout, it was a powerfully instructive passage in the campaign. It made clear not only how fundamentally different Obama’s and Romney’s ideas for the future are but also how the next four months or so will involve a bitter contest to shape the way voters perceive what’s at stake in November.

Romney will talk a great deal about economic freedom and enterprise, but mostly he wants to make this a classic throw-the-bums-out election. His core message is about as simple as political arguments come: Things are bad. Obama didn’t fix them. Try the other guy, i.e., me.

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108 responses to “Obama: Should His Next Slogan Be “Keep The Change”?”

  1. devonshire11 says:

    Perhaps Obama should be standing on the street corner with a campaign sign that say’s
    “will work for food”, then maybe he will know what the real economy and the real America is about.

    • devonshire – bingo my friend!

    • 101strac says:

      Are you implying that you have to hold that sign on the corner in order to have food? Most highly unlikely. My gut feeling tells me you are probably financialy comfortable, if not very well off, but just taking the opportunity to take yet another pot shot at the President. The president proposes, while congress disposes, however the republicans have chosen to do nothing to help the country, and everything to hurt it. Behaving like a bunch of petulant children. Each and every member of that party should be deeply ashamed for what they have let happen to this country.

      • devonshire11 says:

        From 2006 to 2010 the Democratic Party controlled both the Congress and the Senate. In 2010 the Republicans took over the Congress. The Democrats still control the Senate. Think about this. The Republican Congress has passed legislation, however Harry Reid has prohibited the Senate from voting on the bills that the Republican Congress has passed, including the balanced budget amendment. Democrats had 2 years under President Obama to pass their agenda.
        It did not happen. Now the Democrats are throwing a monkey wrench into the works because they are not allowing legislation to pass the Senate or even compromise with Republicans. What do they do. Blame the Republicans. Blame Bush. Again stop and think about it …who controlled the Congress?

        • hilandar1000 says:

          Yes, let’s look at who controlled Congress. Are you aware of the record number of filibusters? That is what controlled congress. Legislation that could have helped our country out of the quagmire was thrown away because of obstructionism of republicans. Republican leaders openly proclaimed that their number one priority was “making Obama a one-term president”, and their abuse of the filibuster in order to do that is unprecedented. In doing everything in their bag of dirty tricks to make the president look bad, they threw out legislation that could have put people back to work again.

          • devonshire11 says:

            If you look at history Democrats used the same bag of tricks when the Republicans are in the majority so don’t pretend this is some new game. What the difference here is there is an utter failure to come together, reach across the aisle and compromise.
            As far Obama’s job’s bill, that was a trojan horse that was chock full of items that had absolutely nothing to do with jobs and everything to do with more pork and more debt. There is absolutely no way the Congress or Senate would have agreed to that. The only thing about the bill that had anything to do with the economy was the title “jobs act”. He was using that as a way to make himself look good and Republicans look bad. All in all they all look bad. Every single one of the 548 representatives in Washington need to go.

          • hilandar1000 says:

            Of course both parties have used the filibuster, but the number of times it has been used has exploded in the last few years. I agree whole-heartedly that congress does need to come together and compromise. That might have happened if not for the far right who were unwilling to compromise in any way — oftentimes not even with their own party. They came to congress with a chip on their shoulders, determined to have it immediately their way, or not at all. They were willing to watch our country as a whole suffer the consequences for their lack of understanding of governance. To say all representatives need to go is a bit frightening in view of the events since the last group of “newbies” came into office. There need to be at least a few left with a basic knowledge of governing responsibilities.
            I’m not sure what you are referring to as “pork” in the jobs bill. Could you give some specific examples on that? It seemed to me that everything in the bill had something to do with getting people back to work in jobs that need to be done. Some of the projects, in fact, seemed long overdue.

            Thanks, Devonshire for keeping the discussion civil. Seems like there are way too many episodes of discussions that are merely contests in rudeness.

          • devonshire11 says:

            Many of the items in the bill had to do with tax breaks, tax holidays, regulatory reform (which that will be a tough nut to crack) addressing the unemployed, home mortgage refinancing, tax credits, preventing teacher layoffs, modernizing public schools, an item called “project rebuild” to rebuild communities. And the bipartisan National Infrastructure bank. The National infrastructure bank is a convoluted piece of legislation effectively setting up yet another federal agency with more hoops to jump through and more regulatory hurdles. This just is not going to happen in my view. You can’t seek to reduce regulation on one hand and set up another agency with more regulation in the same legislation.
            Relative to a lack of understanding of governance. In the words of Speaker Pelosi regarding the Affordable care act “Pass this bill so you know what is in it”. These representatives do not read legislation now. They don’t provide oversight of agencies. I am sure any average American could figure out what is going on in short order. Probably the best thing to do would be to go with a simple tax and scrap the tax code.

          • hilandar1000 says:

            Could you tell me where you got all this information on the bill? I couldn’t find anything close to this type of information.

          • devonshire11 says:

            Right from the White House web site under American jobs Act. Went right to the source.

  2. montanabill says:

    Obama doesn’t have the experience, skills or requisite knowledge to anything but ‘hope’.

    • frida says:

      Anyone who is still living never lose “hope”. If he does, he is then totally finished.

      • montanabill says:

        Well frida, you can hope someone will give you a million dollars all you want. But if you really want it, you had best get busy and work for it. If all you have is hope, you are not going to get any further in life than someone who doesn’t.

    • William Deutschlander says:

      montanabill – still haven’t pulled your head out of your anal cavity!

      Who saved the U S A & WORLD from the GOP, REPUBLICAN GREAT RECESSION of 2008, Santa Claus?

      • montanabill says:

        Oh right, I forgot. It was why he received the Nobel Peace prize. Can’t miss when you save the world! It does look like the voters will be an ungrateful bunch, though.

  3. frida says:

    His slogan should be: “KEEP HOPE AND CHANGE ROLLING”!

    • Yea, it’s going so great now, let’s have more! The entire world economy is about to collapse as a result of this slime bag’s absolute refusal to make banks write down losses and keep books honestly or even hold them accountable for forgery and perjury and you wanna “keep hope and change rolling”?

      • Colorado15 says:

        And you think the GOP is going to take up that cause? I’m not sold on Obama, and looked for a realistic alternative in the GOP primaries and found nothing. But if you are seriously looking to the GOP to put any kind of controls on banks to make them operate more honestly, then you haven’t listened to a single Romney debate or press conference.

      • AdamMos says:

        Check your facts. It is the Dems and Obama who passed Dodd Frank and Romney and the Republicants who refuse to fund it and have threatened to repaeal it. Also follow the money, Romney is getting billions from the Wall Street banks and Obama nothing. Why is that?
        Also the world economy is not collapsing as it was until Obama and democratic majority in both houses fixed it. The stimulus clearly worked.You sound like Chicken Little to me. Can you explain how corporate profits are at record levels? Can you explain how the stock market has doubled since Obama has taken office.
        Can you explain the 4 million jobs that have been created in the private sector since 2010.
        Can you explain the increse in GDP of 11 % since Obama tooke office. The GDP lost 9% in last quarter of 2008 ans is now growing at 2% again. That is 11 % swing for Obama. Can you explain any of this Mr Little?

    • i know that i am a changed person……these 3 years have been the toughest in my life.but i am stronger…..and as THE BOSS would say,”YOU BETTER SAVE UP ON THE THINGS MONEY CANT BUY…………………………..

  4. It should be you better “HOPE” that when one of Obama’s banster buddies forecloses on your home you “hope” are not killed by an illegal alien in your car!

  5. William Deutschlander says:

    The Obama Administration SAVED the U S A & WORLD from an epic financial disaster brought about by GOP, REPUBLICAN MALFEASANCE and LACK of FIDUCIARY DUTY!

    That certainly was a cause to hope we continue.

    The TRUE FACTS though are that the GOP, REPUBLICANS have STEADFASTLY REFUSED to work in Congress, with all of congress, to pass the types of programs that will move our ECONOMY FORWARD for the benefit of ALL CITIZENS, the GOP, REPUBLICANS have STEADFASTLY SAID NO!

    After the REPUBLICAN DEPRESSION, 1930 – 1950, Congress worked together to provide programs that lifted our citizens and country out of the deep financial hole the GOP put our country into. After the DEEP GOP RECESSION of 1981 Congress worked together to pull the country together financialy.

    However in the GOP, REPUBLICAN GREAT RECESSION OF 2008, the GOP refuses to work with Congress to restore our country and citizens financialy, with a plan that if they do not help (FIDUCIARY DUTY), they will be able to defeat President Obama in the 2012 election.
    The GOP, REPUBLICAN refusal to perform their FIDUCIARY DUTY to their country and citizens is TANTAMOUNT TO TREASON!

    • hilandar1000 says:

      You are correct on all points, William. The republicans in congress have never gotten over the fact that they LOST the last presidential election. The president has had to do his own job as well as the job that congress is SUPPOSED to be doing — and, of course, would not do. The republican party has completely lost their way. They cannot even put a candidate on their ticket who could come close to covering all the bases that Obama has been forced to cover. Republicans had it right in the 60’s when they got rid of the John Birchers. We need both parties to contribute to the governing of our country. Republicans have been AWOL for the last 3 1/2 years, trying to appease the radical part of their base who are not interested in seeing the big picture, and don’t seem to care about the havoc they have caused in our nation by their childish and petulant refusal to cooperate in any way to the running of our country.

    • Eduardo says:

      Deutsch: The one that should pull his head out of his anal cavity (to quote YOU !) is precisely YOU !!
      So all the recessions were “Republican recessions”, huh?
      And, of course, the ONE that will get us out of this one is Obummer and his socialist minions, huh?
      You, dear Sir, are PATHETIC…

      • Lynda says:

        Playing the ‘socialist’ card when all else fails I see. Obama is a died-in-the-wool man of the center, and he has tried to govern as one.

      • joyscarbo says:

        No, Eduardo, YOU are the supporter of those who would like to screw our middle and working class. YOU support those who used phony/fake intellegence that sent our soldiers to suffer injury, disability and death! YOU support those who wish start yet another war with Iran. YOU support a flip flopping liar, who has no character or integrity who has never had to financially struggle a day in his life!!
        Don’t forget…Republicans have displayed the most illegal and questionable acts:
        Nixon- Watergate…would have been impeached and tossed out of office, but he quit first! CROOK!
        Reagan- The Iran-Contra scandal…he started an illegal war! Traded arms for hostages with our enemies.
        Bush,Sr- The Savings and Loan scandal…and his son, Neil Bush was in the thick of it all. He also was heavily involved in the Iran-Contra scandals.
        W Bush- theres just too much to even mention! He screwed our country two ways to Sunday.
        You need to educate yourself on the history of dishonest, unethical behavior of this party. You’re woefully ignorant.

      • STORMENHARD says:

        And you Eduardo are a MORON who wouldn’t know a Socialist if he bit you on the ass…’cause President Obama ain’t even close…

      • Bigspender says:

        Edwerdo — how can you be so stupid?

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        Eduardo… Nazi Bill is one of the single biggest fools on this site. His posts are so stupid and wild that it makes a sensible person think that he cannot be serious about everything he types. The really amazing thing is how many of the useful idiots that actually follow and “like” his posts. The guy is a slack-jawed moron, for certain.

        Don’t argue with stupid. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

        Have a nice day!

  6. abe says:

    We have Chance Gardner as our POTUS.

  7. ObozoMustGo says:

    Axelhead is correct, Obozo’s entire campaign is about hope………… And what is Obozo hoping for?

    1) Hope that the voters don’t remember that the national debt was only $10T when he came in office?
    2) Hope that the voters forget that he and Piglosi and Dirty Harry shoved a monstrous crap-filled socialist bill called Obozocare down our throats against our wishes?
    3) Hope that the voters forget that unemployment is still above 8% and getting worse?
    4) Hope that the voters forget that Obozo himself said that he should be a one-term president if he could not rectify the economic situation?
    5) Hope that the voters don’t realize that gas prices are 100% higher today than the day Obozo took office?
    6) Hope that the voters don’t remember Obozo’s foray into Public Equity and blowing billions of our tax dollars on losers like Solyndra, Solar Trust, Ecotality, and countless others that are going under?
    7) Hope that we’ll forget Fast & Furious?
    8) Hope that we’ll forget about all of the socialists and communists he surrounds himself with?
    9) Hope that we’ll ignore his unconstitutional executive orders where he rules like a king outside of the legislative process?
    10) Hope that all other Americans that DON’T read hardcore leftist rags and campaign propaganda tools like The Memo will buy off on his false class warfare rhetoric?
    11) Hope that we voters forget that Obozo presided over the only debt downgrade in American history?
    12) Hope that the voters dont realize that Obozo is signing away our sovereignty and their liberties in those disastrous treaties he is agreeing to?

    Boiling it all down, what Axelhead is saying is that he and Obozo sure HOPE that enough Americans remain completely stupid and ignorant fools so they will support him in the fall.

    Too late, Axelhead! Tens of millions of Americans know EXACTLY what a disaster Obozo has been and believe he does not deserve a 2nd term.

    Good riddens to the incompetent bum, Obozo!

    Have a nice day!

    • Mulligatonney says:

      Thank you, Mr. ObozoMustGo…

      …I wonder how many people on this site who offer their comments with such vehemence and apparent conviction have actually read any of the founding documents – or the personal letters and diaries of the founders of this country?

      When I speak to people these days who call themselves “liberal, progressive, conservative, democrat or republican, I immediately ask them if they believe whether the Declaration Of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill Of Rights, the Articles of Confederation and the Federalist Papers are accurate representations of our founding political philosophy. If they say “no”, then they immediately identify themselves as my political enemy, because I firmly believe that these principles are the finest the world has ever produced, and I will work as hard as I can within the boundaries of law and truth to defeat them. Our founders believed this too, were fed up with big, tyrannical governments and were brilliant, educated men. Their prime directive in organizing the government had two distinct purposes: 1) to give it adequate power to control the free people it governed, but 2) to prevent it from becoming tyrannical or dictatorial.

      Now the Constitution is under assault as never before in our history. Our government can dictate to us without our consent. It can mandate health care payments or impose a fine upon us. It can seize our property and make up its own justification for doing so. It can search us illegally without probable cause. It can impose any tax it chooses and print money anytime it chooses without permission (which is taxation without representation)… OBama has recently issued an executive order that allows the government to illegally detain and imprison American citizens and wants to have authority over communications and the Internet. Even now, it joins forces with 19 foreign countries in lawsuits against the very states it is sworn to protect over enforcement of Federal Law regarding illegal immigration…. The so-called Patriot Act, the Department of Homeland Security, And so on, ad infinitum…

      Do we not realize that Liberty and security are inversely proportional? When you have more of one you always have less of the other. As we demand our government to keep us safer, we fall prey to an age-old deception – that we can depend upon some disinterested entity to protect us. But who protects us from THEM, once we hand over our power? Our God-given rights?

      This idea of keeping governmental power and reach limited was based upon our founder’s understanding of how easily ambitious men are corrupted. Ambition, greed and lust for power have been historically overwhelming for one monarchy, one government after another since the beginning of civilization. When the government of the United States was being formed, the founders wanted to put it out of the reach of the easily corruptible men that were going to be in control of it. Individual Liberty was considered a right based upon “Natural Law” and our “unalienable rights” were “God Given”, not rationed or doled out as the State sees fit. The expansion of the State, especially since the New Deal is the VERY THING our founders worked so hard to prevent when they argued for years before deciding upon the principles that were to comprise the Constitution.

      When you ask a gorilla to dance, the gorilla gets to decide when the dance is over.

      Our government is becoming a gorilla, and expansion of the State has taken an exponential jump under the OBama Administration. This is a fact, and it is not disputable.

      The campaign promise was this: “I will cut 3 trillion dollars from the National Debt by my 3rd year in office, or I don’t deserve re-election” Granted, this is paraphrased, but these are OBama’s very own words.

      The reality of the promise was this: The debt has been increased by 5 TRILLION dollars, and there has been no attempt to cut or curb spending.

      Conclusion: This has been a lie from the very beginning, which is what politicians do. They lie. They lie to get themselves elected.

      If we vote again for someone who has deliberately lied to us from the very beginning, we have given our rights over to the State, because once a politician – ANY politician – knows that he can bribe us for our votes using our own money, the game is essentially over. At that point he knows he can say or promise anything he wants to and the gullible, starry-eyed masses will chant the “hope and change” mantra as they eagerly line up to give away their God-given rights to the new god – the State…

      “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…” The Declaration Of Independence.

      • johninPCFL says:

        There have been several attempts to curb spending. None have made it out of Congress. That leaves continuing resolutions, which maintain spending at the current (or some other) level. Until the Ds and Rs in Congress agree to something beyond a CR, the spending will continue.

        As it is, the part of the budget that is completely discretionary is 12%. The rest of the spending consists of SS, Medicare, Medicaid, interest and the military.

        With the decline in employment SS no longer pays its own way, Medicare never did, Medicaid is a co-pay to the states (so could be cut), interest is of midling importance, and the military could be cut (at the expense of further unemployment).

        If you totally eliminated all other expenditures (no government offices, no Congress, no federal agencies (FBI, NSA, CIA, NASA, etc.) you’d still be over $1T in the red.

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        Mulli… you keep on earning MORE SOUP FOR YOU! Great post. I have nothing that I can add to your strong and principled sentiments that would improve them!

        Have a great day!

        • Mulligatonney says:

          Thank you, Mr. Obamanos – the Latino version of “OBozoMustGo”…

          Pleasure being in the lion’s den with you.

          So many Lions – so few Christians…

          No wonder they attack so ferociously – but I think they are finding that raw Christian tastes terrible to the untrained palate.

          So perhaps they will begin to eat each other. But wait – the GBLT’s have already got that part figured out…

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            Mulli…. I very much enjoy the sport of being in the lion’s den. I think it’s much more fun to be engaged in the fight with the enemy than it is to be on the sidelines talking about it or to be hanging with a bunch of people that agree with me. That’s boring. Nothing sharpens the sword so much as being in the fight.

            Keep on fighting the good fight, my friend.

            Have a great day!

          • Mulligatonney says:

            Agreed… And the sword becomes ever sharper…

            Keep speaking, sir. The Truth wins out every time, if we but have the courage to speak it.

            God Bless You.

            MORE SOUP FOR YOU!

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            Thanks for the virtual soup, Mulli. Keep fighting the good fight.

            Have a great day!

          • 101strac says:

            Wow! What a nauseating exchange that was. That’s your second new friend today, isn’t it?

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            There aren’t many of us liferafts of truth floating around here in this sea of leftist insanity. And you’re just another one of the useful idiots swimming around the asylum, 101. No different than any other piece of crap. Time for you to go get in line for y0ur meds. (You might interpret that as it’s OK to take another hit on your crack pipe.)

            Have a nice day!

          • 101strac says:

            It’s funny you should make reference to a piece of crap, because when you referred to yourself as a liferaft of truth I pictured you bobbing around in my cesspool. The amount of time you put in vilifying the president leads me to believe that, you either don’t have a life, or the repubs are paying you by the word to spread your crap around. Which is it?

          • Mulligatonney says:

            Many statists find the Constitution unpalatable…

            Government unions negotiating with government politicians “bargaining” for taxpayer’s money… YOUR money, unless you are among the 40+% of Americans who think it is morally acceptable to receive money from those who work for a living so that those who choose not to work can buy potato chips, breed like rodents, and watch television…

            Is that what you find so nauseating? Our founders thought similar thoughts about tyranny. They found it nauseating as well… Sounds like possibly you are a closet conservative…

            Again, Michael – a legitimate observation.

    • 101strac says:

      Oh, excuse me bozo. Did you say something?

    • cholly8524 says:

      I think you’re stuck in 2000-2009.

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        Actually, chuckie, YOU and Obozo are stuck in 2008. He HOPES you forget that he’s had 4 years which have been a disaster and an utter failure. You’ve proven that there’s at least one more useful idiot that will believe whatever vomit falls from the Deceiver-In-Chief’s fetid pie hole.

        Have a nice day!

    • STORMENHARD says:

      You know OMG I think you’re a blogger paid by the GOP, for you to put out this garbage, because I don’t think you’re as stupid as you often seem to be We know you’re a racist when you refer to THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, as a “street thug” and infer that he is less moral them the Mitt… You don’t even know the difference between a Nazi, Socialist, Communist or Marxist…I have to keep repeating this because MORONS like you wouldn’t know a socialist if he bit you on the ass ’cause President Obama ain’t even close…
      It has been written that FASCISM will come to America rapped in the flag while holding up the cross, and I might add riding on top of the (GOP) elephant…
      Do you know what a Fascism is OMG??? you might just look it up and compare it to the GOP’s platform…

  8. clarenceswinney says:

    No one hs a quick fix for such a mess

  9. Marla says:

    Yes, William there is TREASON! going on in the White House.

  10. You know, sometimes stopping here is like going to political kindergarden. I would stop coming at all if it wasn’t that in the midst of this I find a few intelligent and aware responders. I have a simple question for the simple minded because sometimes they do better with a picture story. If you came upon a man raping your wife or mother, would you help the rapist? I am certain that every sane person answered no. Why then would you want to vote for or support a party of people who completely wrecked the economy, after getting it with a surplus, in order to enrich people who didn’t need it after screwing people who did? And further, why would you vote for these same people again and strengthen their position when their leaders have already told you that they are going to do even more to screw you if elected this time? It would take a bunch of sick, maniacal people with a universal death wish to want to create that scenario. I won’t leave any statistics on the table to show you how insane it would be to elect a Republican president; I just direct you to Google to see what Obama accomplished with Republicans fighting him all the way and ask this question: How much better off would we be if he could have gotten a jobs bill passed? The Republicans that some of you want to vote for, killed every attempt at passing a jobs bill that would have considerably reduced the deficit. Perhaps with jobs and less free time to listen to FOX blues and GOP BS, you would come to find that government is a balanced approach between two parties striving to accomplish the greater good for WE the PEOPLE and not a game where the rich get to screw the middle-class by sending a bunch of paid-for-whores to Washington to rubber stamp measures that benefit only them!

    • Mulligatonney says:

      Let’s see… you are black (judging from your picture) and in some capacity,write for a liberal magazine (apparently), and have decided to step down from your dias and speak to the “kindergarteners” in an extremely condescending manner…

      I suspect that you may be a racist. Let us examine my theory a little more closely…

      Do you mind if I ask you a few questions? Please bear with me – there is a method to the madness. You use some very powerful, “intellectual” words such as, “rapist, screwing, sick, maniacal, death wish, insane, whores”, etc. along with bitter referendums on “FOX and GOP BS”. Again, etc… and I want to understand why anyone would conclude that you are interested in a (in your words) “balanced approach between two parties striving to accomplish the greater good for WE the PEOPLE…”

      WE the PEOPLE – yes, as long as “We the People” agree with your opinions. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others…” —George Orwell—

      What is the percentage of blacks that voted for OBama in 2008? Was it 96%? Were you included in that 96%? Were you in the 4%% Or one of the truly impartial 96%? What if 96% of the white voters had voted for McCain? Would you holler “racism!” in your most outraged, condescending, “kindergarten teacher” voice? If whites had not voted for OBama in huge numbers, McCain would now be president. So is it logical for me to conclude that blacks are much more racist than whites?

      Are you then, indeed – a racist? If not, have you condemned the 96% of blacks that voted for OBama as racists, the same as you would have whites? (please forgive me if I am wrong, but the odds are 96-4 that I am not…)

      And, intellectual that you are – the very best metaphor you can come up with is, “If a man was raping your wife or mother….? etc. etc. Was it racist of me to conclude that you cannot be much of an intellectual for contriving such a comparison? Is that your worldview? A metaphor based upon your wife or mother being raped? Is that really the best you can do?

      Would it then be a sin for me to suspect that you are supporting OBama for the same reason you elected him? Because you are a racist? Not because you have a single valid argument for what you say…

      If you are indeed as intelligent as you infer, you would already know the history of the “bad economic deal” that OBama “inherited”… You would already know that it originated during the Clinton Administration under the Dodd/Frank legislation based upon an earlier misguided study that concluded minorities were discriminated against in home purchases. Millions of homes were sold to people who could not afford them during the Clinton Administration and the bills became due during the Bush Administration. The foreclosures began, and the sub-prime investment packages that had been planted in Wall Street investments were exposed, causing the Dow to fall down to 6,000. This, among other things, brought about a recession. And – any kindergarten teacher that knows how to read at an 8th grade level can discover this same fact for themselves. And – teachers are responsible for telling their little students the truth, yes? Why then do speak of this, “It’s all Bush’s Fault”, nonsense?

      All presidents inherit polarized, venomous and bitter opposition. It is the way of politics. Is there more opposition to OBama than there was during the Bush Administration? Why? Because he is black? But then, why did so many white people vote for him? Because he is black? If you try to argue that he is encountering more severe opposition than Bush did, then how do you account for it? Because he is black? Because he is a left-wing socialist with Marxist leanings? Because you are disappointed that the man you had such high hopes for is proving that he is not up to the job? How do you explain Clinton’s success? Because he was white? Or because he was a clever, wily politician who saw the writing on the wall in the third quarter of his time in office and changed course? Do you keep returning to the notion of racism because there MUST be another reason other than sheer incompetence? Are the half that voted against OBama racist or just “kindergarteners”?

      I think you should go back and read the Articles of Confederation, the Federalist Papers, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill Of Rights. You may begin to understand why so many American citizens who graduated kindergarten oppose the president’s ideology. And possibly – where most of the ignorance is concentrated in this country.

      So – where does that leave the American voter? Right Here, with OBama’s campaign promise, irrespective of your potentially racist notion that the only reason the present administration is failing is due to the opposition that he is facing from the Republicans, all of whom must be racists because they didn’t vote for OBama.

      And the OBama promise was…

      He promised he would cut 3 trillion from the national debt by his third year in office or he would deserve to be thrown out.

      We are now 5 trillion dollars further in debt, after many “raising of the debt ceiling” crises. That is an 8 trillion dollar swing. That, sir – is a simple fact. So the only logical conclusion should be, “I know! Let’s trust him again!” Really?

      And the answer is no…

      Not because he’s black. Not because he is a Democrat. But – because he is a liar. And we have proof.

      Take heart, Mr. Avon Bellamy Sr. – at least you spelled “whores” correctly. Most of the remainder of your missive is dead wrong.

      • hilandar1000 says:

        What a wonderful example of long-winded, fact-free distractions from the issues you write. You start by examining the racial, cultural, and occupational “theories” regarding the background of Mr. Bellamy and his concise and accurate post.
        Then your theories concerning Mr. Bellamy is followed by more “theories” about why the Bush administration had nothing to do with the economic crash. However, the SEC doesn’t quite see it the way you do. “The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has claimed that self-regulation of investment banks contributed to the crisis. The SEC relaxed rules in 2004 that enabled investment banks to substantially increase the level of debt they were taking on, fueling the growth in mortgage-backed securities supporting subprime mortgages.” The key words in the above quote are “self-regulation” and “relaxed rules”. Which political party does that bring to mind?
        Then you go into something about kindergartners reading the constitution, Declaration of Independence, etc. — seems a bit heavy for the normal kindergarten curriculum to me. In fact, it evidently is also a bit too heavy for the House of Representatives as well. As I recall, right wingers kept throwing around claims of “adhering to the constitution” and insisting that House legislators read it aloud at their opening session. But then those right-wingers found (when actually reading it) that it said some things they couldn’t twist enough to fit into their ideology. So they just omitted that part, and, in the end, gave up reading it entirely.
        Regarding campaign promises, which you again “cited” inaccurately, neither candidate realized the depth of the free-fall for which our country was headed. Both presidential candidates were urgently called to the White House to discuss it during the ENDING days of their campaigns. Then, and only then, did the candidates and the nation realize that it was going to take longer to recover from the financial collapse than had been anticipated. Even then, the president-elect could have initiated more improvement in our economy if his efforts had not been thwarted on his inauguration day when GOP leaders held a secret meeting to plan their obstructionism technique in order to make President Obama a “one-term president”. Even knowing what a dire financial crisis we were facing, the GOP decided to do anything to make the president look bad. It didn’t matter to them what misery they would cause for the nation and the people of this nation. They agreed to do whatever was needed to accomplish their purposes. This was not simply a political move to regain power, it was an act of treason against the country. I could never vote for anyone in a party who would plan and proceed to carry out such treasonous acts against their country and the American people in order to fulfill their political ambitions.

        • Mulligatonney says:

          Talk about long-winded – Calling Mr. Bellamy’s rant “concise and accurate” is exactly why many liberals are regarded as mentally ill. Both of you seem much more interested in creating excuses for a president’s incompetence and spewing venom in all directions at conservatives than you are at taking an objective look at the facts. And it appears many of you have a problem with our founding documents… Is that true? Or do you think, like comrade OBama, that the Constitution is obsolete and outdated? Can you answer that question? What do you think of the Declaration Of Independence and the Constitution, along with all the personal writings of the founders and related documents? If I surmised you have not read 96% of them, I would have a 96% chance of being right. You write as though you lack comprehension of what they contain.

          Once again – EVERY president meets fierce resistance from their political opponents – not just the black president. This president is meeting particularly fierce opposition not because of his color, but because of his ideology. Clinton met similar ferocity, but assessed the political climate, changed course, came more to the center, and was rewarded with enough Republican cooperation to turn his presidency into a success. A competent president has the ability figure out a way to work with the opposition. This president does not have that ability.

          Couple of fact corrections for you – 1) Bellamy condescendingly made the initial comment about “kindergarteners”, which I responded to and 2) I never said the Bush Administration had nothing to do with our economic difficulties. Bush & Co. definitely played their part. Both parties are responsible. I was pointing out the FACT that it began with two Democrats, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank and a study that was later proved to be laughably inaccurate, during the Clinton Administration. And it did begin during Clinton’s presidency. But the incumbents are so fond of talking about “what they inherited”, it is only fair to note that it began with their party – facts that they conveniently leave out when they are railing about the “mess they inherited” ad nauseum… And again, that is what politicians do – why would they want to be honest and admit that it started with them? They might not get re-elected. So they lie… They spin… Notice I said “politicians” – I take no sides with Republican or Democrat. I think they are all crooked charlatans. I side with the Constitution, our Founding Documents and the truth that my Liberty is not something granted to me by the government as it sees fit, but a right endowed to me by my Creator.

          So – our “representatives” are by definition, corrupt, a fact that our founders knew must be dealt with.. That is why we have those annoying little documents like the ones I mentioned that founded this country – to keep corrupt politicians in check.

          But – facts are “stubborn little things”. They speak for themselves, to those willing to open their eyes and take an objective look at them without making excuses for why things are the way they are. FACT: OBama definitely made the promise to cut 3 trillion by his third year. FACT: He definitely spent 5 trillion by his third year. This fact alone should get him fired. But there are a plethora of other things that should get him fired, as well – things that come a lot closer to treason than a political party simply opposing a president’s philosophy…

          So, Hiland – answer the question – then, possibly we have a basis for an honest exchange. Do you think the Constitution is obsolete? Who gives you your rights? The government? But – we all know they are corrupt, lying salesmen… They lie. Ask the Indians…

          Thank you for sharing your opinions.

          • hilandar1000 says:

            I think it’s very interesting how you rail about not blaming a predecessor for any problems encountered. Then when I took issue with your use of the word “kindergarten”, you quickly noted that you weren’t responsible for using it — Mr. Bellamy was the one who started using that word. So I guess it’s okay for YOU to look back and blame someone else for your missteps, but it is NOT okay to mention the mess that President Obama was handed upon taking office. Therefore, I guess I would not be allowed (according to your rules — not your practice) to point out that the deficit was exploding when President Obama took office. The budget was already set for the next year, so he had no control over that. President Bush had not included the cost of the war in his budget — which President Obama did, which accounts for part of the build-up of the deficit. Add to those FACTS the drastically decreasing revenues, tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans, and subsidies to corporations, and you will come up with less spending growth under Obama than any president since Eisenhower.
            I do have great respect for the constitution, and yes, I have read it and studied it in depth several times — not in kindergarten, but in eighth grade, high school, and college, plus I have helped my children study it when they had to take constitution tests. I don’t have it memorized, as I’m sure you do, but I am very well aware of what it says. Which part of it would you like to take issue with? — or interpret as you see fit?

          • Mulligatonney says:

            You can start with studying history a little closer. The “mess” as you call it, began during the Clinton Administration with Dodd/Frank legislation. The bill they introduced was based upon a flawed and biased study that basically concluded that minorities and low-income people were discriminated against by lenders. So Fannie May and Freddi Mac were directed to lend taxpayers money to people who could not afford to pay them. That’s it in a nutshell. The rest you can look up for yourself. I have already gone through it with other “Bush-haters” in another post.

            On the campaign trail (Oct 2008) OBama was trailing McCain by 5% in the polls the week before Bush appeared on television with Paulsen and announced the first of the stimulus packages due to the resulting “cash flow constipation” brought on by the implosion of the housing market. The next week, OBama led by 5% and that’s the way it stayed all the way to the election. Wall Street soon followed, when the sub-prime time-bombs started going off in the bellies of the investment packages that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had sold them.

            So there you have it. If Bush had acted after the election, as his party zealots were eshorting him to do, McCain may have won the election. But – he did the responsible thing and did what his economic advisers told him was best for the country. OBama probably has Bush to thank for his presidency.

            But – he also has Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, and the Clinton Administration to thank for setting the whole thing in motion. Imagine – somehow the thinking was that people who could not come up with a down payment or afford the monthly payments were being qualified for loans by the Federal Government. Where was the Federal Government getting the money? From the Taxpayers. They did this twice during the Clinton Administration. Bush brought this up several times during his time in the White House, but it was quickly put in the Cold Case file by a Democratic Congress.

            Do your homework and be honest with yourself before you start quoting what you hear from the liberal spin doctors about the “mess” that OBama inherited. The responsibility for failing to live up to his campaign promises is his alone. If he didn’t know what he was talking about, he should have not made the promises. Ignorance is no excuse. He promised, among other things, a reduction in the national debt of 3trillion dollars.

            You draw the wrong conclusion about spending growth, according to many economists. Excessive taxation and regulations always slow down business and economy. When you combine that with the sub prime fiasco, you have a recipe for a recession.

            While your point about the “wealthiest Americans” and subsidies to corporations may be partially true, that’s not where the money to fix the problem is. Of course our tax system needs reform. There should be no loopholes. And everyone should pay taxes. Corporations included (a flat tax would be nice) Including EVERYONE that receives a government check. I’m sure you know the statistics – the top few percent incomes pay over 70% of the existing taxes. Even if the government right this moment taxed all of the “rich” 100%, the funds would only be adequate to run the government a couple of weeks. The rest of the money has to come from the shrinking middle class. Us. That’s where the money is. All the government can do for income is tax, borrow and print. When they tax and regulate business to a standstill, they give themselves no chance of growing the economy, because business become cautious, unwilling to take risks in a climate of uncertainty, unwilling to invest due to fluctuating markets, and unwilling to attempt to grow or hire new employees. Jobs. Cash Flow. That’s where they come from. When you have to pay entitlements, unemployment, government employees/retirements, military, etc. you have to either get the money from taxes, loans, or by printing it. Do you see this? When the government kinks the hose, they cannot kick the man in the pump house for the resulting trickle of water…

            If OBama is as intellectual and perceptive as his supporters claim, one can only conclude he is deliberately taking the country down this path, as his professors at Columbia, Cloward & Piven preached – overwhelming the government with myriads of documents, legislation, lawsuits, etc. until you bring it down. He has had his chance to demonstrate that he is serious about his campaign promise of reducing the debt by $3trillion. Instead, it has increased by $5trillion at his request. No serious attempt to cut spending and free business up to start the cash flow again. Only feints, sleight-of-hands, trying to get people to believe he is working feverishly for them while he vacations, golfs, rubs elbows with Hollywood elites, and entertains at the White House. He is as Big Government as they come…and possibly much worse.

            As far as your “respect” for and “study” of the Constitution… If you have studied it in “depth” as your missive claims, then you already know that our founders designed the new Republic thinking government to be a “necessary evil” (one reference you can look up is Federalist Paper #51, Madison, “If men were angels…”) As such, they took painful and exacting steps to keep its power, scope, and reach limited, and believed foremost in the Liberty of the individual to seek his own path unfettered by Government control and tyranny. Their rights were granted to them by their Creator, not doled out to them as the Government sees fit.

            My question to you then, is this? What do you stand for? Founding principles or the Almighty Government?

            My apologies for the length of this post – but you sound like you may be seeking some real answers. Check me on my facts.

            Good night, sir

      • 101strac says:

        Did you wonder at all why, after all your pontificating, that Mr Bellamy’s remarks were appreciated more than yours, by a ratio of 15 to 1. Says something doesn’t it?

  11. Angel says:

    KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: Yesterday, Romney had the opportunity to make perfectly clear what he stood for by the finally accepting an interview on Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer! Bob did what he does best and just asked the question on the issues that matter and allow his guest to answer without interruption and in few instances he give Mr. tip toe-ing Romney two and three opportunity to make his policy positions clear.
    Well, we now know what he stands for and what he would do if he becomes president! On Immigration and the Dream Act: it is currently a stop gap solution, but he offered nothing because it is a long term solution! Hum.. Heath Care law: he would abolish it, but he support to do same thing including the mandate but at the State level; really? On world economy; He would serve to provide “Council” to Europe economic crisis but nothing else; He against any QE2 QE3 economic monetary stimulus so high unemployment will continue; and on government Taxes: As a Gover Norquest follower supports continued Bush’s taxes for Millionaires and Billionaires, however, he no idea how to gets revenue from what tax deductions to balance the federal deficit: On Iran nuclear issue: wants to take military action without congressional approval; and he wants government to be friendlier to business interests and the job creators (at work in China); He wants to get American on this new course and knows what it takes with this new vision to get America right!
    THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH IS that Billionaire Romney is now the record so Mr. “pandering positions, flip flopper” made clear that he does not have any specific ideas how deal current crisis to improve our economy and stands for little nor nothing tangible to address most of our major issues, continues to insult our intelligence! But he definitely says to continue the same failed Bush economic policies that left my friends unemployed without family health insurance and lost their home as well as losing 30% value of my retirement savings and to possibly starting a new unilateral war in Iran! So again, this public interview was very revealing! Reminds me of Hebert Hoover! Hum…

  12. I cannot for the life of me figure out why the people that attended “THE MEETING” … The meeting that was held while the President was being sworn in…Newt Gingrich and others were there…Why haven’t all these men been questioned… and asked why they would plan to do nothing about a monumental crisis in our American Government? Why would they sit and plan a strategy that would make the people of America suffer. Why does the media let this part of the story slide…In my opinion this part of the story is the reason why we are in the situation we are in…Just this knowledge alone makes all other arguments sound stupid… For men who were sworn in to protect ALL of the people of America not to do just that… well it should be some kind of a CRIME or something…It’s almost sinful to watch the media let this just hang in the air like it’s nothing…Most Americans have just sat by comfortably and let them dis-respect this President…everyone should be out-raged if not for the President at least for the office…We call ourselves Americans…what a joke…

    • cholly8524 says:

      This particular meeting wasn’t made public until the book written by Robert Draper came out. I, for one, have NEVER sat back and let anybody disrespect this President. What I want to know is why Congress, including Democrats allow it? Vote them all out I say and let’s clean house in November. Bring back Alan Grayson and Anthony Weiner if anybody.

  13. JohnRNC says:

    Well said Mr Bellamy! We as a society have painfully short attention spans and worse memories. It’s hard to make good on campaign promises when the global economy goes into freefall on the eve of a presidential election (2008). I think we are in remarkably good shape compared to where we were during Fall ’08 as well as compared to where we were projected to be at this time. That’s no consolation to those who are still being impacted, but there is room for “Hope & Change” in this election. That is: I hope we can change the composition of Congress from those with nothing more constructive to say than “Beat Obama!” to a group that is willing to “work for the greater good” of the country.

  14. IceTheMan says:

    LOL another Republican in office have you all lost your tampons you bleeding bunch of wimps. Obama is the way the truth and light if you believe in him as if you were dead so shall you live in poverty and justice for all. Nobody can fix this economy overnight Bush spent 8 years jerking every last dollar out of the budget left with the Dow @ 4,000 housing market crashing and wall street bailing out. you think somehow that Obama is going to fix this in 4 years well guess what yes he has actually put us back on a course for prosperity despite the ill will of the republican party. I would rather be a tampon waving bleeding heart liberal than the blood left on the ground by the removal of a Tampon in office. The one who is trying to stop the bleeding of America from those who wish to see her bleed.

    • ObozoMustGo says:

      Ice Ice Baby….. I’ll remind you that Obozo was the one that said unemployment would not go over 8% and that if he couldn’t get the economy going in 4 years, he should be a one termer! Obozo is the one who said he’ll cut $3TRILLION from the national debt. Instead, he’s ADDED $5 TRILLION! Borrow and spend, borrow and spend, borrow and spend has proven to be a failed strategy.

      Look out Jimmy Carter, here’s comes Obozo to join you in the pantheon of worst presidents ever!

      Have a nice day!

      • ExPAVIC says:


        Please take your Prozac before writing here. You are coming across like a self-medicated Taliban tribesman, or is that really you.

        Say hello to that other druggie for me, Rush “Pill Popper” Limbaugh.

        • ObozoMustGo says:

          Ex… aside from being a racist and a bigot, you’re also a stone-cold idiot!

          • 101strac says:

            bozo, don’t you think it’s just a tad hypocritical of you, of all people, to put the label of racist and bigot on someone other than yourself.

          • CAThinker says:

            That’s a classic tactic in the Karl Rove playbook – you take your weaknesses and project them on to your opponent. Obozo’s comment is a perfect example of that… A racist bigot idiot calling someone else (who probably isn’t) a racist, bigot idiot… CLASSIC!!!

          • ExPAVIC says:

            What? Get serious.

            Well if you were dumb enough to vote for Bush twice, then you’re dumb enough to vote for this Mormon pacifist, non-combatant , American Taliban plutocrat Romney.

            Wait until he says how much he is going to lower your Social Security payment so the rich can get a tax break.

            I can hardly wait until the debates when Obama, our president again, kicks Romney’s dumb butt up around his shoulder blades.

            Then there is the question of Romney’s personality which needs a transplant since 65% of the people don’t LIKE his Mormon plutocratic butt.

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            Ex… aside from being a racist and a bigot, you’re also a stone-cold idiot!

          • Mulligatonney says:

            And – yet another applicant lining up for the Nobel Peace Prize…

            Zero content, but lots of slobbering, name calling, pre-judgements and accusations… When a politician has no record of success to call the public’s attention to – the only strategy remaining to him is to try to draw attention AWAY from his record. Which is what OBama is selling to those who will insist upon repeating the desperate experiment and purchasing the product anyway.

            Throw rocks at them and run – quickly! Forward, Comrades! Over the cliff! Before you have the chance to think for yourself and realize we are bribing you with your own money!

            So – following your logic to the letter (albeit ill-advised), if voters choose to vote for Romney, they would then be following your discerning political advice, yes? Don’t cast their vote for the same failed policies twice?

            That is an accurate discernment, Michael Stoll – when half the unions vote for a guy that balanced his state’s budget in two years, the other side of that argument must be pretty bad…

            …and the White House leaks scandal is heating up, creating a vacuum that is sure to suck others into the vortex.

            Keep looking for the truth Mr. Stoll

          • ExPAVIC says:

            WHAT? RU SERIOUS?

            This from a person who voted for George W. Bush twice and John McCain- Sarah Palin ( NBA player banger).

            Do you have a bumper sticker that says you are a loser when it comes to choosing presidents?

            After we get out of Bush’s WMDs mess in Iraqi, silly McCain wants us to invade Syria?

            Maybe the North Vietnamese banged on McCain’s head a little too much when he screwed up his mission and ended up in the Hanoi Hilton for four years. By the way, this writer was on North SAR station the day and hour John got sammed out of the sky in his A6 off of the Forrestal.

          • Mulligatonney says:

            You were on a North SAR Station?…then you should be ashamed of yourself for bad mouthing a patriot who risked it all for his country.

            Are you the kind of citizen that accompanies another OBama administration? You’re winning the battle for your opponents without them having to say a thing.

            Like the wise man said, “Better to keep one’s mouth closed and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.”

            You sir, are in the process of removing all doubt.

  15. tavias51 says:


    • Mulligatonney says:

      And here we have yet another intellectual making a strong run down the home stretch in their quest for Philosopher Of The Year.

      Careful – they may award you the Nobel Peace Price for the above intellectual axiom. It makes a much stronger statement – and offends the logic much less – than Obama did when they awarded it to him.

      You must hurry and prepare your acceptance speech. There is not a moment to lose.

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        Mulli…. Bwaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!! That’s usually slam befitting of ObozoMustGo. Nice work! hehehehehehehe

        Have a great day!

  16. ExPAVIC says:


    The solution is easy, just link Romney to George W. Bush.

    If you liked Bush, you’re going to love Romney, another American Taliban Republican plutocrat.

  17. Blue says:

    The hope started to look dim when we first heard that George Bush was going to bailout the banks and it was killed when President, Barack H. Obama, continued to second bailout. So it’s not about Hope anymore…more about being sure we don’t get screwed anyore and even worse by Mitt Romney’s flip-flopping and spineless responses to reporters and voters questions about the jobs and economy, immigration or lack of reform and progress with immigration, purging the voters of their rights to pick the candidate that best suits them and not having the Right doing everything they can do to make sure people are not going to support the only real choice we have for 2012, which is Obama!

  18. Every sane person in America is Hoping for CHANGE …even half of the Union guys …Look at Wisconsin …Hey whats going on with the leaks scandal …People went to jail for Wate4rgate and that was a cartoon next to the Leaks Clown show which is about National Securtity …Let’s see Holder sent an Obama fund raiser to check on it …Fabulous …Liberals ..yes they are that stupid

    • ObozoMustGo says:

      Mike, you have got them pegged, my friend. By definition, if they weren’t stupid, they would be conservatives.

      Have a nice day!

      • ExPAVIC says:

        Come on O take your Prozac. It’s obvious Mike is as big an idiot as you are. Is he a pill buster too? Aren’t all Limbaugh fans pill busters?

        • ObozoMustGo says:

          Ex… aside from being a racist and a bigot, you’re also a stone-cold idiot!

          • ExPAVIC says:

            I am trying to figure you out.

            You obviously can read or how else would you get some many things wrong.

            You can’t be that stupid to advocate the off the wall conceptions you advocate.

            The only thing left is that you are a pill pusher that has meth scrambled your brains.

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            Ex… aside from being a racist and a bigot, you’re also a stone-cold idiot!

          • ExPAVIC says:

            Me an idiot?

            After you voted for Bushie twice? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha….of course you are kind of sad.

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            Ex… aside from being a racist and a bigot, you’re also a stone-cold idiot!

          • Mulligatonney says:

            …so you are anm officially “out-of-the-closet” Bush-hater? If you were in the military when McCain was flying, that admission would have gotten you a dishonorable discharge (or some other kind of discharge requiring a shot of penicillin). After Clinton was finished, you didn’t have to tell anyone, and they couldn’t ask you about it. Now that OBama has made it okay for you intestinal pirates to fondle each other in public, many soldiers are getting out before yet another OBama “executive order” makes it mandatory… “How To” videos are next – turd burglary in good military order. Remember to salute first, though – what would people think?

    • ExPAVIC says:

      Mike, Mike, Mike

      Then explain why the exit polls still favored Obama by 30%. You American Taliban Republican plutocrats just read too much into nothing.

      Wait until after the debates before you start crowing. Look what happened to McCain-Palin after their debates, the bottom fell out when the country saw what idiots they both were. Standby for a Romney-Rubio replay.

    • hilandar1000 says:

      You seem to have conveniently forgotten a little matter of the Valerie Plame leaks — or does that not count because it should have been Cheney who went to jail for that?

  19. ExPAVIC says:


    You American Taliban Republican Plutocrats have it all wrong. The reason I am no longer a Republican and will never vote for a Republican in any office is that when I was in Vietnam there were NO RICH KIDS, only minorites and poor and middle class kids.

    Case in point, during the late sixties Romney was in Le Havre, France, passing out condoms to street hookers and trying to convert them to Mormonism. This writer was in VIETNAM. So don’t give me that patriot stuff, I did mine while Romney failed too. He is like that you know. it goes with his off shore and Swiss bank accounts. A typical plutocrat.

    The RICH seem to start the wars and then have the poor and middle class kids go and die in them. Same way with Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush sent National Guard troops in to find his nonexistent WMDS and 4,500 died for it for no good reason. And DAMN few of those troops were from RICH families. The same with Afghanistan. Let’s let the RICH KIDS get their butts blown off for a change.

    • Mulligatonney says:

      Try to use English when you write to me sir – not some fake kind of ‘Nam urban ghetto ebonics… And there is a book called the Dictionary that will allow you to find other words to use besides Taliban and Plutocrats. Your chronic use of the words “this writer” may have been effective the first time – but they lose their steam somewhat when they are included in every single paragraph.

      Cease fire on the ‘Nam rhetoric, private – I’ve heard it all before. I am a VietNam Era Veteran myself and go to the V.A regularly. I hear they have a good counseling program – possibly you can get some help there. Not with your English and grammar. With your poorly firing synapses. Drugs will do that to a person. Stay clean for a year and try to put a few sentences together at that time.

      And your inability to make a decent living for yourself in no way reflects poorly upon the American Dream. Even ignorant, illegal immigrants can make fortunes here. They just have to want to work hard.

      Thank you again, Pavlov, for removing all doubt.

      • ExPAVIC says:

        I made more money than you will ever dream of so don’t give me the high brow crap.

        English and grammar? You can bite me, you know. I have more degrees than you can count a-hole.

        You’re the out of touch maniac American Taliban Republican moron who has bought the BS lock, stock and barrel.

        After all you voted for George WMD Bush and McCain-Palin. Just think the opinion people have formed of anyone so stupid.

        • Mulligatonney says:

          You forgot “plutocrat”… But you did manage to get in “Taliban”, along with a few other curses, accusations, nonsensical word groupings and bad grammar.

          Were you a government worker? If you owned your own business or paid taxes, you would probably not be such a rabid, starry-eyed Statist. What is it about Big Government that you like? The Patriot Act? The trillions of dollars of debt? Homeland Security?

          Nothing you have said indicates you have the slightest notion about the Constitution and the founding principles of this republic.

          But you may be a clairvoyant – Not once have I mentioned that I was a Republican. In fact, I am not. And not once have I mentioned that I voted for Bush. Try palm reading for a profession – and seriously – get some help from the VA for your anger and insecurity issues.

        • ExPAVIC says:


          This is the new ploy? Deny mistakes of the past and hope for the best?

          Look in the mirror. You, yes you, are the cause of all the problems we are seeing today. For one reason, for the first time in twelve years someone has taken steps to undo what it took Bushie to accomplish in that time span. So you spend time criticizing this effort.

          You are not an American Taliban Republican plutocrat? Who are you kidding? If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

          You sound like a Bushie, and add to that Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, Ingraham, and the rest. Throw in Ruppert Murdoch and his rag and there’s your weak frame of reference.

          I want to see you here on November 7th so I can rub your nose in the 7% defeat the Taliban plutocrats will suffer. That will shut you up for a few years.

          Don’t forget to watch the debates when the defeat will begin for RoMONEY and his crew.

      • ralphkr says:

        Fascinating, Muligatonney. You are unable to find any errors of fact in ExPAVIC’s post so you harp on non-existing ‘Ebonics’ but are not knowledgeable of the fact that Ebonics is always capitalized. I am familiar with Ebonics as my great-grandchildren had the misfortune to attend schools that taught Ebonics. Evidently you are also unfamiliar with the meaning of plutocrat (wealthy class that controls the government) which happens to be a perfect description of Romney and the Republican Party. Evidently you are some what familiar with the VA counseling program bute you are still stoned on the Republican Koolaid. By the way, from time to time I have also made serious errors of judgement such as voting for Eisenhower.

        • Mulligatonney says:

          Thank you. Mr. ralphkr – Oh, my God – should I have capitalized that?

          Excuse me, just to be sure, let me begin anew. Harrumph! Thank you, Mr. Ralphkr,

          There were no facts in that man’s post, as I can best recall… My apologies if I missed one in the sea of profanity, ignorant bile and vitriol that he was vomiting.

          I did not capitalize plutocrat either, although it can be argued that it deserves a title with a wonderful capital “P” much more than the illiterate meanderings of an uneducated cultist who talks of ‘Nam while simultaneously speaking poorly of a fellow veteran’s military service – a man who overcame the sheer horror and physical torture of his experience with his Vietnamese captors and forged ahead to become a leader of his nation. I respect that.

          Granted, I took a little “literary license” with my insertion of ebonics into my post, but in truth, ebonics is not always capitalized – it is only capitalized by those who consider it important enough to capitalize, sort of like capitalizing “clap” when speaking of venereal disease… I certainly will not give it enough credit to warrant capitalization, although our Creator, as specified in the Constitution, does give you the right to capitalize to your heart’s content. Or lack of content, as it were…

          Please forgive me, sir for pointing this out – but since you seem to revel in niggling (not a word in ebonics) literary details – you began two consecutive sentences with “Evidently”, which is frowned upon by accomplished writers, because theoretically, you could then begin EVERY sentence you write with “Evidently” which would make your paragraph even more insufferably boring than it is without beginning only two consecutive sentences with “Evidently”…and so on. AND – you actually spelled “but” with an “e”, rendering it some sort of cross between a creature’s posterior and a rock formation in Utah…you choose which one sounds better to you, I cannot make up my mind. Lastly, although I risk yet another accusation of being “stoned upon Republican Kool-Aid” (is Kool-Aid hyphenated?), you misused the word “somewhat” as well. “Somewhat”, used in the context of your sentence, should be one word instead of two…

          Are these details sufficiently, obsessively pointless for you? Would you like to continue trying to get the alphabet straight in your head, or go for what’s behind Door Number Three?

          God Bless You Sir – that is a jolly beard that you are “sporting”. Please forgive my license with the word “sporting”, if that offends… But – any word should be okay if one puts it in “quotation marks”, yes?

          • ralphkr says:

            Sorry, Mulligatonney, but it is common use to capitalize Ebonics just as we do with French, English, German, etc. I rather puzzled by your statement “uneducated cultist who talks of ‘Nam while simultaneously speaking poorly of a fellow veteran’s military service – a man who overcame the sheer horror and physical torture of his experience with his Vietnamese captors and forged ahead to become a leader of his nation” since he only mentioned Romney (who was never in the military although he was forced to endure living in France) and Bush (who did serve in the Air National Guard in Texas) but I do not recall any reports of either of them having been captured and tortured by the Vietnamese. Of course there is that possibility since I understand that there are a large number of Vietnamese commercial fishers living on the Gulf of Mexico coastline and Bush may have been captured by them as he staggered about in an alcoholic daze. I’m sorry that you do not recognize the difference between conversational writing such as we are engaged in and writing for publication which would always be edited to discard grammatical errors and duplicated words. Would you have felt better if I had written “Obviously, you are some what familiar with the VA counseling program but you are still stoned on the Republican Koolaid.” Yes, the patented name for that sugar water is “Kool-Aid” (note the capitals and hyphen) but I fear that I have read far too many posts by Republicans about liberal or Communist Koolaid (sometimes spelled Koolaide) and have adopted their terminology. As for facts: “in Vietnam there were NO RICH KIDS, only minorites and poor and middle class kids.” “Romney was in Le Havre, France,” “RICH seem to start the wars and then have the poor and middle class kids go and die in them.” yet you claim that he had no facts in his post. The last of his quotes has been true for centuries.

          • Mulligatonney says:

            1) McCain, Sir – McCain…he trashed McCain in an earlier post.
            2) Capitalize ebonics if you wish – God allows it.
            3) Conversational writing – yes, that’s the point. You started it with the “capitalize ebonics” nonsense, in an attempt to show everyone how “educated” you were. I was just pointing out that you were not.
            4) Kool-Aid – there you go. An OBama supporter through and through. You just blamed Republicans for the way you spell “Kool-Ade”, for God’s sake…
            5) Romney, Le Havre, and no rich kids… This is not a fact. There were many rich kids in ‘Nam… One of your own even – John Kerry, who took every opportunity while there for photo-ops.

            This is exactly why Michael Savage calls liberalism/progressivism a mental illness. Most of you cannot be communicated with.

            You argue with people over the capitalization of ebonics. That was the entire point, which you missed, because you would rather argue over meaningless trivia while your leader spends you over a cliff.

          • ralphkr says:

            3) Sorry, Mulligatonney, I was not showing how educated I was but how uneducated you were and my first reply to you was triggered by your over the top criticism of ExPavic for his poor writing.
            4)As I pointed out the Kraft patented name for sugar water is “Kool-Aid” but alternate spellings are found in the posts (and blogs) either to avoid using a patented name or, more likely, because it is easier to type without that elusive “-“.
            5)I suppose there were some rich kids who volunteered for service in Vietnam and Korea but… I can assure you that there were very few facing combat in Korea or Vietnam according to people I knew who served on the front lines either as grunts or officers all of whom were from the working class and they were actually considered wealthy by the other grunts who came from below poverty line neighborhoods. I can assure you my sources were extremely conservative politically. Well, they were considered conservative back in 1940s until the last few years but today the right wing of the Republican Party would consider them leftists just like Reagan and Lincoln. I was indeed fortunate to have never been subjected to artillery fire and I was only subjected to incoming full auto fire once for a short time until I silenced them (only two attacking me and I had complete tactical advantage with my modified 30.06 sniper rifle).

            “That was the entire point, which you missed, because you would rather argue over meaningless trivia while your leader spends you over a cliff.” I must take exception to this statement as neither Bush was my leader as they spent the nation over a cliff. Actually, the whole problem stems from when Reagan drastically cut the tax rates. Admittedly, he did save me tax money but guaranteed that the US would always be expending more than it collected.

          • Mulligatonney says:

            If you are indeed, as educated as you claim, you would be more concerned with helping me “see the light” and educating me further rather than by alienating me even more with your “penetrating wit”…

            Good Lord, Sir – you’re still talking about spelling and hyphens! I was merely responding to your initial criticism of a letter or two in my post to illustrate the point that people would rather argue over minutiae rather than discuss real issues.

            Okay – I hit ExPavic pretty hard, and you jumped to his defense – fair enough. Ignorance and venom should be dealt with firmly, and he was spouting some ignorant, outrageous things. But you have the right to come to one of your fellow liberals’ defense. I don’t mind arguing with as many of you as come to my threshold.

            In my opinion, liberal thinking is a “horrible fascination”, as it always depends upon other people’s money to carry out its precepts, and has no basis in logic. I am not a Republican. The only thing I can call myself based upon what I can see in American politics today is “originalist” or a “constitutionalist”. The Constitution is a document that is not open to interpretation. It must be held up against any law, any legislation, any executive order that is initiated period. And both parties are failing to do that. I think liberals blindly defend this president and his administration even as they watch him tramp all over our Constitution, and I think people did it during the Bush Administration even as they watched the Patriot Act being shoved up their a____.

            There were a lot of rich kids that volunteered for and were drafted by the government in VietNam, which was the war that was going on during my time. I enlisted (I was upper middle class), while many hippies, rich kids “conscientious objectors”, students, protestors and others were running to Canada. Rich and poor hid out in the colleges or with “deferments” and other things, but there was a pretty good mix of what might be considered “rich and poor” when I was in.

            Having said that, there is an element of your missive that is true. Historically there have always been more poor serving in the military… In the United States that is especially true, since it is a solid career, provides good benefits, (school, medical, etc.) and gives a way “up and out” for those who serve, whether it be a 4 year enlistment or a 20 year commitment. But – that is the way things have been historically ever since men began fielding armies.

            If you are going to play the Reagan card (tax cuts), I will play the FDR card. That’s where the real slide into socialism began for this country.

            But – that is another chapter…

            Whatever you believe, thanks for your military service.

  20. ExPAVIC says:

    You are like OBozo and other drugged up nut passing out the American Taliban crap so you plutocrats can get richer at our expense. You are the one who needs to listen and keep their mouth shut.

    Republican clowns should all shut up or get in the real game of facts and truth. Remember it was one of your own who screwed things up and you voted for him twice. YOU FOOL.

  21. ExPAVIC says:

    By voting for Bush twice you show you stupidity and political leanings. In fact I would vote for a black president and vice president before I would vote for a Republican Taliban enemy of the people.

  22. Mulligatonney says:

    …and all those people you mentioned are wrong, and you are right, yes? These people are all highly educated, they know how to write and articulate the English language, and you do not. You are quite apparently uneducated, and capable only of shouting Sieg! to an ideology you know nothing about…

    You are exactly what the Communist Party is looking for… all they have to do is shout some anti-rich slogan, wind you up, and you take off in the direction they point you in.

    You could do something about your lack of education and ignorance, if you chose to. You could read a real history book, or a real book about the political development and philosophy behind the forming of our government.

    But – you most likely will not, for you have been convinced by slick-talking politicians that someone else besides you is responsible for your misfortune and now you chant their slogans like the proletariat of old.

    They can use you. Think about that.

    They can use you.

    They are using you right now.

    They’ve got you, and millions like you, outraged at you-don’t-know-what, and you won’t even bother to look for the truth in a history book.

    That’s why they have you.

    You are a sock puppet to them. Nothing more.

    If they ever get control of the government, as is their most fervent wish, you will be thrown out with the rest of the garbage.

    This is why our founders believed in small government with limited power.

    Because they knew how easily the ignorant, uneducated masses could be manipulated. Ignorant and uneducated…

    Like you.

    • ralphkr says:

      “You are exactly what the Communist Party is looking for… all they have to do is shout some anti-rich slogan, wind you up, and you take off in the direction they point you in.” Gee! Mulligatonney, you just gave the perfect description of the typical TEA Party member. Are trying to claim that the TEA Party and Communist Party are soul brothers. I gather that your vision of the perfect USA would be the 19th Century with no government regulation and everything run by the Robber Barons.

      • Mulligatonney says:

        Have you ever actually read the Tea Party manifesto? It is quite easy to find and believe me – there’s nothing to be afraid of there… Unlike other protest groups, there is not a single recorded act of violence regarding them since their formation. They are just a bunch of people, mostly middle aged, concerned with the direction this country is headed and wanting to limit its power and reach – and its propensity toward taxation without representation…

        Certainly nothing like ACORN the benevolent and gentle Black Panthers who ran voters away from the polls. Nothing like that.

        AND – The Tea Party members are acting legally to elect representatives who think the same way… What could be more American than that?

        Our Founding Fathers acted similarly – as a matter of fact, they paved the way…

        Except, our founders were much more outspoken and violent. The Tea Party folks are simply practicing their right of Free Speech (capitalized here, due to its importance), as the Constitution guarantees….

        Although I am not a member, I would more readily sign up for the Tea Party than I would the Democrat Party, or the Republican Party, for that matter.

        The Tea Party, and the Libertarians – are more lined up with Founding Principles and the Constitution than their “Big Brothers”…

        • ralphkr says:

          Actually, I judge TEA Party by the members I have met at their meetings. Typically there are those who are my age and screaming against government health but these same people vigorously defend Medicare and want it to be expanded. There are a few veterans that I have met at meetings who also are against government health care but want more money for the VA. Both of these groups have one thing in common: they get very abusive when I point out that their sacred cows are prime examples of government health care (Medicare is like Canada and VA is like UK). They all feel that taxes should be slashed but also think that SS and VA pensions should be increased, more money spent on highways and air ports, and that there should be more firefighters and paramedics. Typical program of spending more money while lowering taxes by cutting waste in the government but they do not realize that the waste in government in the opinion of Republicans is Medicare, Social Security, Federal Pensions (including military), Schools, and anything else that might accidentally end up in the hands of anyone who is not a multimillionaire.

          • Mulligatonney says:

            Very good – you actually have a point here.

            I don’t know for myself if some of the things you said are facts, but I do know that it is human nature to cry for spending cuts as long as the cuts are not made to their benefits.

            So some of this could actually be true.

            I have no ill will toward people that have worked hard and become rich. But the BIG money – the OLD money, is definitely a problem. It pays for the puppets as well as the marionettes on both sides of the aisle. It has been around a long time, and it is the power behind our politics.

            In case you haven’t noticed… The Democrats are no more your friends than Republicans are. They cultivate their constituents like a field of corn, giving you just enough water and fertilizer until they can harvest your votes.

            They are simply two sides of the same coin.

            This is why founders wanted to keep the power of the government limited and its reach small.

            But today’s liberal/progressive/democrat has doubled down on its thirst for government power and control. They don’t realize that they have fashioned a new God – The State. George Orwell warned of this. Mark Levin warns of this. The founders worried about this very thing.

            Once The State gets that power, it will not give it back.

            The Government is becoming our master. When our republic began, exactly the opposite was true.

            This is what we all should be arguing for. Instead, we critique each other for not capitalizing “ebonics”…

            Possibly we deserve to lose our freedom – there are so many of us now who are not educated enough to realize what happens to a people when they lose it.

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