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Monday, October 24, 2016

Washington (AFP) — U.S. President Barack Obama will meet top national security aides on Thursday, amid accusations Russia has sent troops into Ukraine and as he deliberates possible strikes in Syria against Islamic State militants.

Obama will gather members of his National Security Council, which includes the secretaries of state and defense, intelligence chiefs, and top military brass, in the secure Situation Room of the White House at 2000 GMT, officials said.

Vice President Joe Biden, who is traveling in Pennsylvania, will join the meeting by a remote secure line.

The session will take place after Ukraine accused Russia of a “direct invasion” of the eastern part of the country, allegations which will be the subject of an emergency UN Security Council meeting at 1600 GMT on Thursday.

AFP Photo/Brendan Smialowski

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  • Dominick Vila

    I can’t wait to hear the Republican response to President Obama’s unambiguous criticisms of Putin’s policies towards the Ukraine, his attacks against ISIS strongholds in Iraq and Syria, and the special forces raids he authorized he capture or kill ISIS terrorists, and rescue American hostages. Since objectivity has never been a GOP-TP forte, would it be appeasement, warmongering, claims of an unclear strategy, or a deafening silence?

    • Independent1

      Here’s a recent article you may find of interest related to Putin’s advances on Ukraine if you haven’t already seen it:

    • FredAppell

      Dominick, no matter what President Obama decides, I can assure you that the “right” won’t like it. If the president decides to be tough with Putin and it ignites a greater conflict, he will be lambasted. If the president is too soft with Putin and Putin in turn decides to take more territory with no fear of consequences than the “right” will lambaste the president for that as well. President Obama is caught in a catch 22 situation that his detractors and critics are loving right about now. On the other hand, if the president was a Repub, the GOP would be all for war no matter the cost!

  • Independent1

    Although it’s a little off topic, NM posters may find the following article of interest which reports on actions that David Cameron is hoping to encourage the EU to take to further isolate Russia from the world because of Putin’s latest actions in Ukraine. If Cameron is successful, it will increase the pressure on Russia that President Obama has already succeeded in encouraging many countries around the world to exert on Russia.

    I may be mistaken but the expression on Putin’s face in leading picture in the article almost appears to be him saying to himself – “Have I maybe gone too far?”

    The UK Has A Plan To Cut Off Russian Businesses From The Rest Of The World

    • FredAppell

      I don’t know if Putin has it in him to internalize such a thought. We must remember that Putin has an approval rating hovering around 85% or so with his people over the handling of this crisis. I did some investigating over this last weekend and I found some interesting links indicating that the Russian people really don’t like us or our NATO partners. I don’t remember the links because I wasn’t intending on posting on the NM but it was suggested that Putin’s security apparatus is carefully and diligently filtering all transmissions going in and out of Russia so they can control what the Russian people are receiving in the way of information. Russia is cleverly playing the victim card and it’s working.

      The problem is that too many of our NATO allies depend on trade with Russia and really have no taste for any war against Russia. There is a general feeling being fomented that the United States and the UK are too eager for a military showdown with Russia and it’s scaring some of our allies. What we need is a smoking gun that will effectively isolate Russia and give us a position of power in which to bargain from then maybe we can avert war for now but as long as Putin is solely in control of his country we will unfortunately
      have to deal with this crap again sometime in the future.