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Saturday, February 23, 2019

President Barack Obama gave a speech at a Scranton high school on Wednesday, in an effort to push Congressional Republicans to extend and expand this year’s payroll tax cut. If Congress does not extend the tax cut, then taxes will increase for 160 million Americans next year.

Excerpts of Obama’s speech are below, via the Associated Press:

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5 responses to “Obama Pushes GOP To Extend Payroll Tax Cut [Video]”

  1. Totenkatz says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Obama just stayed in Washington D.C. and did the job he was elected to do and we pay him to do, like govern, instead of campaigning all the time. Oh wait that’s what he thinks he was elected to do, never mind.

  2. DianneLee says:

    OK, if you are unfamiliar enough with Obama’s record to think he is not doing the best that anyone could do for progressives– fine–don’t vote for him because you didn’t get everything you wanted when you voted for him the first time.
    Instead, vote for him because if you don’t those who are blocking him from achieving those goals will win, and then you are really screwed.

  3. RonTruth says:

    The GOP is in muckrake mode. Obama has found THE right issue, taxcuts enacted by
    Democrats and Republicans during Bush’s reign. He has the GOP on the run from their
    own claimed issue: TAX CUTS. They don’t want payroll taxcuts because such cuts in revenue would demolish their wanton desire for war with Iran, to get control of all
    that OIL and natural gas. Their petrol companies/campaign funding buddies would NOT
    get the control they want. They plan to extract the crude, and gas from the earth,
    then sell it at high cost to YOU AND ME. They get the big bank profits and you get
    the SHAFT. No to the GOP.

  4. says:

    The guy is brilliant. So brilliant that people don’t know what to do with him! I hope the snarky libertarians and grumpy disillusioned liberals will take their thumbs out of their mouths long enough to VOTE INTELLIGENTLY because going off and eating worms is simply not acceptable in the current situation.

  5. says:

    The tax system should be designed so that the more a person makes the higher percentage of tax they pay. Stop giving millionaires and corporations a break make them pat more. Stop alowing them to buy the republican party.

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