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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama on Friday strongly suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally authorized the computer hacks of Democratic Party emails that American intelligence officials say were aimed at helping Republican Donald Trump win the Nov. 8 election.

But with only a month left in office, during a somber press conference before leaving for a family holiday in Hawaii, Obama spoke despairingly about the “nasty” state of U.S. politics, saying the chasm between Democrats and Republicans has made it possible for Russia to cause mischief.

Obama said he has “great confidence” in intelligence reports he has seen showing that Russians hacked into emails belonging to the Democratic National Committee and to John Podesta, who was campaign chairman for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The leaked emails revealed details of paid speeches Clinton gave to Wall Street, party infighting, and comments from top aides to Clinton who were shocked about the extent of her use of a private server to send emails while secretary of state.

The leaks led to embarrassing media coverage and prompted some party officials to resign. Obama, who campaigned vigorously for Clinton, said she was treated unfairly and found the media coverage of her troubling.

“This happened at the highest levels of the Russian government,” Obama said when asked whether Putin was personally involved in the hacks. He added that “not much happens in Russia without Vladimir Putin.”

Obama said he warned Putin in September to stop meddling in American political campaigns, telling his Russian counterpart to “cut it out” during a face-to-face encounter in China at a Group of 20 meeting. Obama said he did not believe that U.S. electronic voting systems were subjected to tampering.

Obama, however, stopped short of directly blaming Putin and said he also wanted to give U.S. intelligence officials more time to produce a report that is due before he leaves office on Jan. 20 and Trump is sworn in as his successor.

Obama called Russia a smaller and weaker country than the United States that “does not produce anything that others want to buy, except oil and gas and arms.”

The comments underscored what Obama called the “sadly deteriorated” relationship between Washington and Moscow, which are also at odds over Russia’s role in Syria’s civil war and its aggressive actions in Ukraine.

Russia has denied U.S. accusations that it was behind the hacks. Two senior government officials told Reuters that the Federal Bureau of Investigation backs the CIA’s view that Russia indeed intervened to help Trump win the presidential election.

Trump has maintained that he won the election fairly and has bristled at suggestions that Moscow influenced the outcome. But at one point during the heated presidential campaign, he publicly encouraged Russia to hack Clinton’s emails.

Trump spoke glowingly in the campaign about Putin, and since winning the election he has named top aides who have ties to Russia, including his nominee for secretary of state, Exxon Mobil Corp Chief Executive Rex Tillerson.

Obama left open the door to U.S. retaliation against Russia to discourage further cyber attacks – countermeasures that may be up to Trump to implement.

Obama said he has had “cordial” discussions with Trump since the election and has stressed that he would do everything he can to ensure a smooth transition. But the outgoing president also criticized Trump’s fellow Republicans broadly.

Referencing polls showing that more than one-third of Republicans approve of Putin, who used to lead the KGB spy agency, Obama said that conservative icon “Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave.”

“In some cases, you have voters and elected officials who have more confidence and faith in a foreign adversary than they have in their neighbors,” Obama said.

Adding to the gloomy tone of Obama’s remarks, he addressed two other difficult foreign policy issues that will outlast his time in the White House.

Obama warned about the economic and geopolitical consequences of any breakdown in the U.S.-China relationship, and said Trump should think carefully about the diplomatic repercussions if he decides to “upend” longstanding U.S. diplomatic norms.

Trump angered China earlier this month when he took a congratulatory phone call from Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen – the first call of its kind since 1979 when President Jimmy Carter acknowledged Taiwan as part of “one China.”

Obama also condemned attacks on Syrian civilians trying to flee the city of Aleppo, blaming President Bashar al-Assad and his allies in Russia and Iran for “atrocities.”

Obama defended his decision to keep U.S. troops out of Syria and avoid military intervention, although he acknowledged the protracted anguish has weighed on him.

“Everything else was tempting because we wanted to do something and it sounded like the right thing to do, but it was going to be impossible to do this on the cheap,” he said.

(Reporting by Roberta Rampton, Jeff Mason and Julia Harte; Writing by Richard Cowan and Roberta Rampton; Editing by Alistair Bell and Leslie Adler)

IMAGE: President Barack Obama participates in his last news conference of the year at the White House before leaving for his annual Hawaiian Christmas holiday,  December 16, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

210 Responses to Obama: Russia Responsible For Hacks During Presidential Election

  1. What a sad and pathetic state of mind gripping the world. The dimming of the Lamp of Religion coinciding with the growth of materialism is, it would seem, a key factor leading up to the divisive atmosphere affecting America particularly hard and further deranging a system with many inherent flaws built into it by well-meaning men.
    Now, enter Trump, Putin, and Assad, along with State actors in Iran, adding fuel to the fire just so that a large segment can recover jobs that will no longer be coming back despite what Drumpf promises, and other nations and political parties can further their aims of expansion and/or power-grabbing.
    It used to be said that “The People have Spoken” at the conclusion of a democratic election, but now it appears that the motto should be “Putin and his Trolls Have Spoken”.

    All for the maniacal quest for the return of certain types of jobs that are no longer viable, can be done by automation, or are harmful to the environment. What a myopic and blind segment of American society we have, paying scant attention to spiritual matters, while focused mainly on materialism—even during this Season whose original intent and meaning have been mostly ignored, except in a perfunctory manner soon to be forgotten once the New year rolls around. A familiar cycle, repeated year after year up to now.

  2. For me, I think the response of the President to the Russian hacking. The whys. Why he wasn’t more vocal about it pre-election. And the why nots. Why he felt he couldn’t be. Because of the fact a large segment of this deeply partisan Country would have immediately perceived his doing so as a purely political maneuver, and so ignored the warnings anyway. And this indeed paints a sad, and dangerous picture of just where we have found ourselves as a Country at this moment in time. That so many would choose to ignore, even encourage, such a blatant meddling into our democratic processes, and into our political debate and public conversation. And, that that interference would not only be tolerated, and not questioned as to motive. But be taken at face value as credible stock good enough to chart the course of a Nation-our Nation. On such dubious dope. Clearly being manipulated in its release, and selective content. That would have in saner times been labeled toxic. And so would have brought harm to any campaign foolish enough to try and use it. And yet, it seems certain to be found in the forensic evaluation of this past election, Clinton was harmed, and Trump was helped by an ambitious foreign adversary with which we share almost no common goals, values, or ideological kinship.

    And yet, the celebrations of Trump’s victory seems to grow more exuberant by the day. The acceptance in and outside of gov. and promised compliance by his adherents to his will, far too slavish, and unthinkingly focused on him, to reflect well on any Nation that be dedicated to the proposition of self rule. And, maybe that explains what we’re seeing? Maybe there’s just a lot of people now in this Country for whom self rule is not really the ideal anymore? Maybe they look at a strongman like Vladimir Putin, and see a strong benevolent Father figure? In Trump, they see the same. A way to lay down the many tough decisions, and burdens a truly free people are forced to bear. Thinking/hoping, he’ll give us good jobs, defeat our enemies, make us safe, and great again. And we..? We only need to provide him our unquestioned trust. Now is that so wrong, they reason.

          • They think they will ram Trump, all of his lies and all of his corruption down our throats. The very fact they are are attempting such a demand shows how crooked they are.

          • Well, they are stone age ignorant, with a hate streak a mile long.
            And I for one, am not going quietly. I’m afraid I’m just going to have to be one of those hard heads, dictators, and caliphate builders, and phony cons, always have to drag off and shoot to keep my mouth shut.

          • I had the unfortunate experience of having had several guys friends who while they were not necessarily hateful, had some odd sense of vengence today society in general. I found them quite interesting from a freelance writer’s experimental standpoint. In almost all of their cases, Daddy was a bossy, overbearing role model who didn’t exactly believe his wife was equal to him and her role as the mother of his children was secondary always to him.

          • Me too. I will be standing right next to you when they line us up. Probably still calling them out and mouthing off.

        • Please don’t respect Itsy. He/she is nothing more than a paid troll from the south or midwest who cannot find a real job other than coal mining and oil rigging.

    • I’ve now listened to several opinions from real experts on this. I have several friends who have over a decade in IT experience. One thing they claim is that Russia managed a hacking program that costs them very little. Of course, as we know, labor in Russia for the average IT genius is far below that of their peers here in the US. But, the reality is that Putin has used hacking not just in the US elections. He did so in several other countries all with the same idea: world power.

      Putin is a murderer. He had the journalist, Boris Nemtsov and 2 others killed because of their public opposition to his policies. Putin had it out for Hillary back in 2011 because she knew he was rigging his own election even then. His people knew it too. They didn’t want Putin. Putin like Trump wanted Putin. So, he rigged the election for the same reason Trump and the Republicans rigged our election: Trump and the Republicans wanted a Republican president because their very existence as a party hung in the balance.

      Whenever a system is hacked, it is usually done by those with the same kind of code reading skills as the code readers of WWII at Bletchley Circle. These are people who have an infinitismal eye for being able to piece together bits and bytes in a way that allows them to get into the most sensitive systems.

      I had a client back in the late 90s who created the programs for the ATMs and he was also a VP of Electronic Arts. He was one of those reclusive types who spent his entire day in front of a computer. Once you consider how Dark Net manages to hack into any system, you see why Putin’s hackers easily hacked into our election.

  3. Lead the sheople over here, watching this distraction so they will ignore the most important part of the subject. The “hack” would have already been identified by the NSA as to whom and where……nothing but innuendo and speculation, no real evidence has been published. Secondly and most importantly, how the emails became public would be a moot point if what was in them didn’t shine a bright light on the corruption of the DNC and HRC’s campaign.

    But yet, the sheople will follow the wrong road, as they have for their lifetimes. Wake up people, your embarrassing yourselves!

    Merry Christmas!

    • Was it Putin who told you that? Or was it the fake news you read, or the phony con you voted for, and depending on as President to lead you? Which was it?

      • I so agree. These lunatics are usually from the south and midwest where they never hear any unbiased news. Why? Because if their politicians allowed that, they might have to think for themselves and decide if the news and media reports are valid. Their Republicans have pulled off a better Manchurian Candidate style brainwashing than the Chinese ever did.

        • You’re obviously right on that! Never in my lifetime would I have thought the Country could be brought so low. And it’s not economic no. Not nearly so as much as it’s racial, and cultural protectionism, and down right bigotry based on the twin horribles of fear, and ignorance. I thought, no I just knew, we were better, smarter, more civilized, than to allow such as Trump. And I continue to be alternately saddened, and then enraged over the prospect.

          • C…It’s worse than you think. There is likely to be a Pacific Coast states and East Coast states secession if Trump continues to try and rule like an Emperor. No Americans are going to allow the southern and midwestern states to dump tons more coal and oil pollution on our states. We’d secede first. You are so right. This is as close to a break up of the United States as we’ve ever come. Our states will just flip the bird at these Republican states. They couldn’t get themselves back on their feet after the Civil War and the Great Depression without our money. They won’t this time.

          • Good bye and good riddance. The United States of America will prosper and those who leave, Dumbfuckistan, will turn into Venezuela. You go leave with them, no one will miss you.

      • So what was in the emails is not as important as where they came from? No one in either the DNC or the Clinton campaign has denied any of the emails being the truth. They can’t, because then they would have to produce the originals, and confirm the corruptions, lies, and deceit they are still trying to hide from the American people by blaming the email origins on the Russians. If the emails Wikileaks produced are fake, then let the DNC and John Podesta show us the REAL ones. They won’t come from Putin, or anyone else, but they will say the same thing as what is in the ones we have all already seen, or at least those of us who actually read the Wikileaks emails directly from their website. Maybe it will convince the information deniers from the liberal left that it wasn’t Putin that wrote those emails, it wasn’t Putin who colluded with the press to try to influence the outcome of the election, and that it wasn’t Putin who sent the American people their new Obamacare bills out 2 weeks before the election with triple digit increases in both the bills and the deductions. And it wasn’t Putin who presented the most corrupt and flawed candidate ever to run for the presidency of the US. She was SO bad, she couldn’t even beat Donald Trump, who had NO help from Putin.

        • Baloney. And, mark my word, the Right will come to rue the day they ever championed such information being hacked, and then promoted such info, provided by a hostile adversary, with such obvious self serving intent. And you’re correct, the fact it was effective, is a testament to the utter stupidity, and rank partisanship so proliferate throughout the population of dolts now inhabiting the American Right Wing. And the Country will pay a heavy price for it. Now you don’t believe that, but it can be nothing but as true as the sun coming up tomorrow.

  4. The writer glosses over the 17 day vacation Obama and his family are taking on our dollar. How much will this cost taxpayers? You would think someone with only a month left on the job wouldn’t need a 17 day vacation.

    • Itsy…you want that photo of Bush and the Saudi Prince he invited at great cost to his Crawford ranch barbecue or the cost of the vacations Laura Adora and the Drunkie twins spent in India?

      Bush took more vacations than Obama EVER did. You may think your lying is fine and dandy. Lie to someone’s face and see if they don’t punch that ugly mug in for you.

    • The cost of the Obama vacation will pale compared to the cost we will incur protecting all the buildings with Trump’s name on them worldwide. Mark my words . . .

      • Leonardo…You got that right. Already the cost of protecting Trump in Tower has reached over $35 million. Mayor DeBlasio is beginning to see that not one dime of that will be paid back. He hinted that if it isn’t, NY City will sue the federal government.

      • Last I knew, Obama has spent something like 85 million of tax payer money on his family vacations. That is after he campaigned saying the job was to important to be taking vacations and he wouldn’t be using tax payer money to go on his vacations.

    • All of the most recent presidents took vacations. GW Bush took over 500 vacation days in his 8 years, President Obama has taken 160 days, Bill Clinton 174 days, Ronald Reagan took 390 days. All presidents have taken Christmas vacations, plus the actually do work on these vacations. You are once again showing your utter bias against President Obama. It takes a really pitiful person to complain about this!

  5. The reality is that people who have been to Russia, like TV travel host, Anthony Bourdain, have seen that the only ones who are living in relative, modest comfort in Russia are those in Moscow and ONLY because Moscow is window dressing to make the rest of the country “look” prosperous.

    There is no way allowing this election rigging to be shoved under the rug can be ignored by anyone. The fact that right wingers are drooling over calling it a “distraction” when they never called Benghazi a distraction proves what dirty rotten bums these men and women are.

    All you heard from right wingers the minute Hillary decided to run was “Clinton Dynasty.” What the hell do you call Ivanka Trump running her shoe business from the office the First Ladies all used? What do call his sons sitting in on high level IT meetings to increase their business associations?

    The right wing big mouths don’t realize how fed up the rest of us are. They open their mouths in public these days and they will inspire someone to super glue their stupid moron mouths shut. That’s why they hurry hurry hurry to get online. They are cowards who don’t dare show their faces in public for the butt beatings they’d get.

        • You believe in Santa Claus too Godzilla? You only think big. You wouldn’t dare ACT big in public you coward. Go find your Baby Godzilla and buy him some presents.

          • I don’t have to ACT sweetheart, not in the least. Enjoy your daily fix of Uncle Jack! Happy New Year too.

          • Go flush yourself. Do you always vie for being the most hated guy on the planet? And what precisely does that get you? Because an erstwhile punch in the kisser when you mouth off to the wrong person?

          • With Godzilla being among a number of trolls visiting this site I’ve simply blocked them. I now fully understand the phrase don’t feed the troll. They will post the most senseless hateful garbage in the hopes they’ll get a lot of responses. I don’t understand the psyche of these trolls but just understand there’s absolutely no way of talking sense into them. The best weapon is to block them & ignore them until they bored & leave. They’re like Trump for good or bad any attention they get so much the better

          • The best part is when you block them they leave you alone. I have to commend those who feel the trolls are reachable but they are, to a large extent, wasting their time.

          • Well that would be the case if you pinheads were posting anything even broadly related to “Truth”.
            Since that is vanishingly rare, you could consider people blocking you as the digital equivalent of avoiding standing in puke.

            If you’d like a solid example of this you could answer any of these questions with your usual fact-free gurgling:
            1) What was the criminal thing that Hillary did again? You know the one that the FBI are going to charge her with?
            2) What did the Trump Foundation do again? You know… with that charity money?
            3) How’s that “Draining of the Swamp” going? I hear that Wall Street bankers and billionaires have been selected for the Swamp which will be overseen by Cheeto Jesus’s own children… while they run his businesses. Do tell.
            4) How did Trump not know anything about Russian hacking of the DNC before the election… when he specifically asked Russia to hack Hillary’s deleted emails in July… before the election? Please explain?
            5) What did “I never settle Lawsuits” Tiny Hands do about the Trump University lawsuit? I forget? What does “never” mean again?
            6) How many lawsuits is Dirty Donald currently involved in, again?
            7) Where are all the suits against the women who said he sexually molested them? You know the ones he was “going to sue for lying”?

            Away you go… I’m dying to hear some of your “truthful” answers to these.

            Of course what I expect the typical troll bullsh!t:
            – Ad hominem
            – Don’t answer any points.
            – Don’t provide evidence.
            – Divert and misdirect.

            But hey… I can dream.

          • 1) Any unbiased person with ability to connect dots would convict her in the court of public opinion which is why she’s not president elect.
            2) Bought a portrait
            3) Wait for the results. You “tolerant” libtards are very impatient in addition to dim witted. Let the inauguration occur
            4) Oh, I didn’t know that was code for Putin to commence. Are you naive enough to believe that?
            5) He settled it for the good of our country. He has bigger fish to fry or can’t you comprehend sacrificing 25M$ for the 60M people who voted for him? I say very presidential
            6) Many as a businessman…..most of which were there when he ran for the office
            7) My question exactly! Where are they? Must have been VERY solid cases for no one to step up

            Give up and go away like your loser party will

          • Oh you replied! In points too… Goodness me!
            Let’s see how well you did…
            (1) Not a real court. Surprised you don’t understand why people aren’t actually convicted solely based on public opinion nowadays.
            (2) … you forgot “Illegally”. As expected.
            You also missed out:
            – the Bondi bribe which is currently being investigated.
            – the paying off of business fines… also illegallly.
            – his ‘charity’ being suspended due to all this….
            – him soliciting money, then re-gifting it as if it was him giving the cash…
            … as expected.
            (3) The Swamp is considered to be Washington Politics. He has hired the Swamp. His hires have filled the Swamp. Rex Tillerson IS the Swamp.
            What would I be waiting for? You think he’s going to unhire the Swamp he just hired after being inaugurated?
            There’s no need to wait. Remember his “I hate Hillary’s Wall Street Corruption speech”? Did you even notice when he hired Wall Street guys? What about the Amway Billionaire with no education experience? What about Bannon… the Alt-Right poster boy, and head of the Racist swamp…. And the list goes on.
            You seem to have avoid talking about who he hired… or explaining why that counts as “Draining the Swamp”… as expected.
            4) Not an answer. As expected.
            5) Oh… so when he brags that he “Never” settles lawsuits… does that mean he’s a liar now? Note: He actually said that.
            He also couldn’t help but brag that he settled it for much less than he was being sued for… too. Did you notice that?
            And you really believed it was because he had to do Presidenty stuff? The guy who does victory rallies, watches SNL religiously, tweets for half the night, and doesn’t attend his intelligence briefings?…
            You think he just “doesn’t have the time” to let his lawyers fight the Trump University lawsuit?
            But… AMAZINGLY…. He DOES have the time to sue the Restaurateur that pulled out of Trump tower… :O Say what?
            Doesn’t he still have Presidenty stuff to do?
            6) Over 70. True.. most are from being in business. Of course it’s for non-payment, lies, breaking laws, and stiffing people. You missed those bits out. Half a point.
            7) Misdirection. They are not suing him. He said that he would sue them… multiple times… publicly.
            Avoidance. As expected.

            Not bad… at least you answered the points… good show.
            Of course, you only got 0.5 out of 7 right.
            Observe the degree of truth… little to none.
            As expected.

          • Awww… buttercup.
            Yet you avoid answering so many of my lengthy and well thought out posts…
            Feeling cowardly?

          • I’m not trying to reach them. They are paid to be unreachable.
            I’m just making sure they understand how stupid they look.
            It’s not very hard.

        • Awe, how polite of you to chime in. You have a Merry Christmas too my child. One day you will grow up and realize what a fool you are.

          • The only child on this thread is you. Men like you were Momma’s boys just like Trump was. Your vengence now comes from that too bossy, high handed Daddy you had who knew what you were always up to.

          • Enjoy the Russian winter, pinhead.
            I love watching you post. It’s like almost exactly like a rainbow… if the rainbow was made of 8 different brown colors… and in Russia.
            It’s looks like something is really there… but after a while you realise it’s just an illusion.

    • Their capacity for hypocrisy, and double standard is only surpassed by their willingness to run the country itself into the ground, if they can stand on the smoldering heap and declare themselves the winners. They are most traitorous! The entire lot of them. Obviously.

      • Actually, what the Republicans do not realize is that the real power is with the state AGs. Nothing the Republicans do on a federal level can be forced on the state level if the state laws do not include federal laws. That’s why the Founding Fathers created the duality of federal and state government. They didn’t want the country to have a ruler. The Republicans do. But it won’t get them anywhere. Remember when the Big Mouth Penthouse Pumpkin thought he would get away with that fraudulent Trump University? He swaggered and bragged he wouldn’t pay a dime. NY’s brilliant AG, Eric Schneidermann, knew if Trump didn’t want every Trump building in NY state held under a lien, he would have to settle. So Schneidermann held Trump to NY state laws regarding fraud and Trump was FORCED to pay $25 million in settlement. And this is the man these crooks want in the White House.

        All any state has to do is stand on state laws that do not include federal laws and Trump and his Republicans are dead in the water. The other reality is they cannot dissolve SS, Medicare or the ACA, because states would sue the Republican fed for all the monies we paid into these. That would bankrupt the southern and midwestern states in record time.

    • “The reality is that people who have been to Russia, like TV travel host, Anthony Bourdain, have seen that the only ones who are living in relative, modest comfort in Russia are those in Moscow and ONLY because Moscow is window dressing to make the rest of the country “look” prosperous.”

      Insert America and New York or California into your post and you’ll see why Donald Trump won the election Ellie girl!

      • Wrong…CONmen like you always think you have ALL the answers. You don’t. I live 45 minutes from Trump Tower you moron. Let me be the first to warn you…Donald Trump lost the popular vote by over 2.6 million votes. He ONLY won the Electoral Votes because Putin RIGGED the voting machines by altering or deleting votes. That’s already been proven.

        Trump didn’t win any election. He won scumbag men like you who are asking for what you get. You can’t seriously think Trump rigging this election was about you. It was about Trump owing billions to Russia for his wild spending and also about the opportunity he saw to enrich his business empire. Go ahead…deny it you lying sack of cow manure.

  6. Whenever you hear a right winger say that rigging an election is no big deal, you know these are the same people who’d pick your pockets and tell you you have no right to retribution. They love love love to dish it out. Just don’t dare get any ideas about giving as good as they gave you.

    The reality is that democracy is built totally on the foundation of equality. “All men are created equal.” What you have in a Trump presidency is a group of too wealthy men who simply must always have the BEST. The Best is not always what is right.

    Once you ask them HOW they got so wealthy, you begin to see how much they, like Trump, love to hide in secrecy. They are not self made men. They are men who got that way with help from consumers, employees and taxpayers. Now, they believe they can offshore their profits in tax free accounts and then continue to extort money from taxpayers. You can see how the revolution in the US against these too wealthy men is brewing.

        • Better not be so sure of yourself Hick Boy. First of all, you piss off all the wrong people and people up north will make sure you live to be living in the streets with a coat on your backs. You may think your southern and midwestern hicks are so tough. But then, you have never had to live with terrorism first hand.

          To show how stupid you CONs are. You actually think your states won’t be next when ISIS strikes? Yours are the states with the least national security measures. We’ve already been there and done that. Nothing I love more than a bombed out Galveston.

          • You foolish old fart, I live in NW Pa, in a State that voted for TRUMP. You Liberal anti gun idiots wouldn’t stand a chance in hell with your broom sticks and squirt guns.

      • I hate to say it but you are soooo right. You have people in NY City who want Trump gone. His Trump Tower is now being used to make all manner of skanky business deals. It is no surprise why he choose Elaine Chu, McConnell’s wife for his cabinet appointee. It was McConnell who was overhead saying, “Let’s not disturb the process,” when he and Ryan found out Putin hacked into the voting machines.

        I do know for a fact that women are so pissed at Republican men right now, their family jewels may be at risk. That’s all this entire thing was about. Getting another white male supremacist in the White House.

        • When the repugnants find out that the usurper-in-chief won’t or can’t do everything he promised, there is going to be an uprising that should be entertaining at least.

          • Since the Republican states are the ones that take 65% of every annual US budget in revenue that goes back to their states, they are the ones who will be finding themselves on a short Trump leash.

            He says he will bring coal back. Right. And the stars in the skies are all made of diamonds too right?

            We will all go out now and buy our coal scoops, build coal bins in our basements and breathe in coal ash fumes so we can increase the incidences of lung diseases. Not to mention trying to FORCE everyone in the Clean Energy states to remove billions in solar panels and wind turbines.

            Trump is a man of a lot of promises. Mostly to get what he wants. That’s why he appeals to a middle aged breed of American males ages 45 to 55 who now believe they are the most powerful beings on planet earth. Until we confront them and cut them down to size.

  7. Remember when House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi blasted President-elect
    Trump? “Stirring fears of rigged elections is unfounded and dangerous.
    Our democracy relies on each side accepting the result, win or lose.”
    That was then. Now, she’s demanding a Congressional inquiry into the election results. If it wasn’t so sad, it’d be funny.

    • Remember when House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, “I will make Obama a one term president?” Remember back in 2007 when AG Alberto Gonzalez was forced to resign for hiring ONLY Republicans for the job of US attorneys? Remember when Tom DeLay, Speaker of the House was forced to resign over his schmoozing with Abramoff and defrauding the Native Americans over their casino deal? You want more lame brain?

  8. If you study this odd political game of the Republicans and Trump in depth, you see the cracks clearly. First, Trump went on a wild spending spree in 1995 that his own financial managers warned him about. He bought a yacht the size of the QE2, Mar-a-Lago and several real estate properties he couldn’t afford. His debts grew until all that remained was about $900 million. However, Trump has a bad rep for not paying what he owes. The banks he borrowed from cut off his credit. By the year 2000, he was desperate to replenish his losses. But then came one fine after another and one lawsuit after another. All taking another huge bite out of his wealth until he was forced to run to Putin for loans. This is the real reason Trump refuses to show his tax records. It would show clearly that he received foreign money that went untaxed in amounts the US government would consider a violation.

    So, now Trump owes Russia big bucks. What to do? What to do? The light bulb in his dim brain went off and the minute he realized Hillary planned to run for president, he saw his business opportunity to replenish his wealth.

    He knows so long as he carries on business in Trump Tower which he owns, the US govenment cannot stop him. Yet, he IS using his presidential elect power to make deals with Turkey, Russia and several other government hostile to the US. Get the picture? A prostitute who will kiss up to anyone willing to pay.

  9. New reports suggest the DNC hacks revealing the Hillary machine’s crimes
    and misdemeanors may have been an inside job, carried out by a Democrat
    with a guilty conscience. Of course, the news came as a complete shock. Since when do Liberal’s have a conscience.

    • Hillary has NO crimes that you and your scumbags didn’t make up in your heads. Putin rigged this election. Start with that and everything else points to Trump.

        • Hey CONman…Ask Comey. He knew ALL about the DNC emails that were hacked into. Now, those 17 intelligence agencies saw that the only Republican hacked was a Republican who left the party. Ask Comey if you have the balls. Which I know you don’t.

          As we all saw and heard, Comey stated that he couldn’t release the contents of the leaked DNC emails because it might “influence the outcome of the election.” He knew that if they were leaked then, Trump would NEVER be president NOW.

          He knew that leaking them 4 weeks before the election was deadly to the Republicans. Ask Comey if you have the nerve, why it was okay to release those “new Emails” he found 2 weeks before the election, on Hillary, which had nothing to do with her and only to do with an old news clip about Weiner.

          I know you dickheads think your games are cute. Now, you suffer the consequences. The Republicans are desperate to stop investigations of HOW those hackers managed to hack into our election.

          Your trying to imply there is something in those DNC emails that you can nail Hillary with shows how guilty you are and your asshat CONmen are of defrauding this election. Get a clue will you?

          • What showed in the emails was that HC cared nothing about people and only cared about power. She had zero chance before the leaks because she had no message!

          • What showed in the emails was that Putin knew if he didn’t fix the election for Trump, Trump would never pay him back for the billions Trump owes Putin.

            Hillary had 2.6 million more popular votes than Trump. You have no proof of what you posted you bare faced liar. Show me the link from one of the 17 intelligence agencies that shows the lies you just posted.

            Do COns like you always lie and think you can do what Trump does? Get away with it ALL the time? You are a real jerk if you think the real reason for the recall wasn’t the fact that you and your penises already tried to rig the 2000 and 2004 election and we were already on to your Electoral College games.

            You are a liar. You have NO proof of what you posted. I am the woman to make sure you don’t get away with any more of your lies.

            As a matter of fact, McConnell knew all about Putin rigging the election. Why the hell else would Trump reward McConnell by installing McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chu, in Trump’s cabinet?

            Samaras you are a liar …got that LIAR boy? Now, get the goddamn proof of what you posted or stop posting PURE BS.

          • Penis envy Ellie? Your a hoot but I’ve grown to tolerate your little girl tantrums… roll on the floor and stomp your feet and pound the floor. Then make me a sammich…..

          • Samaras says…blah blah blah blah…and Moses comes down from the mountain and sets Samaras lies in stone. Try again Sammy ole boy. You tell almost as many lies as Trump does. When you get proof, let us know.

          • How does one “prove” a feeling Ellie? The crowds at Trump rally’s throughout the election cycle vs the cankle queens should have told an astute woman such as you believe yourself to be that she had no chance. No foresight Ellie?

  10. The problem as I see it is the Republicans always play the short game. Climate Change, “it will cost jobs” forget that the planet may not substance life in a 100 years or so . . .
    Russian hacking into our election “nothing to see here folks, our guy won”. But apparently no concern what they might have learned about Trump that they may use to blackmail him in the future.
    The “pass”they seem to want to extend to Trump on is conflicts of interest, “he refused his Presidential Salary, didn’t he?” Even though we have already seen how he can move a stock with a tweet, he could potential make more than his annual salary everyday by buying or shorting a stock just before his tweet . . . So what we all need to answer for ourselves, is how much “self dealing” are we going to permit Mr Trump? $1? $1000? $1,000,000? 10,000,000? etc? And it is not just Trump, what about all his billionaire cabinet members? How much self dealing will we allow them? The other side of the coin is how much will we permit Mr Trump to make decision, that place his business interest ahead of the Nation’s interest?

    • If anyone has ever had the misfortune of having Trump invade their state like NJ has, you’d see Trump’s game clearly. First, what Trump wants, Trump believes he MUST have. By hook or by crook. Mostly crook.

      God save the person who dares oppose Trump. He then gets his beefy thugs to dig deep into the tiniest, most personal details of their lives and then runs to Murdoch and his fake news boys to smear the hell out of the individual he plans to run into the ground.

      Trump will not have a say in the Senate hearings on his cabinet appointees. Twitter has stated they will block any of Trump’s tweets until the hearings are over. That means the Senate can ask all of the kinds of questions these appointees will not want to answer and Trump the Hump can’t do one thing about it.

    • As President Obama pointed out yesterday, Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave to see his Republican Party so enamored, and trusting of an Authoritarian Russian Kleptocrat. Revealing in my book, the transformation of the once traditionally conservative party of Eisenhower, to something that is more akin to a top down kleptocratic entity, is damned near complete.

    • Do you mean like Hillary did as SOS with regard to the Clinton Foundation? No big deal there was there but now it’s a national threat? LOL. your killing me!

      • Hey asshat! The Clinton Foundation NEVER took money out of the foundation for personal purposes you pathetic liar. That was Trump. That’s how his sons paid for those expensive safaris they went on and shot dead animals on the endangered species list. How about you don leopard skin and be one of the Trump boys targets? You are a useless pustule we don’t need in our society of normal people.

        By the way, stop trying to be a rock star. You have neither the talent nor the following.

  11. Notice how that right wing bully boy, Gowdy, is uncharacteristically silent now that there is independent proof by 17 IT intelligence agencies that Putin hacked into the election solely to rig it in Trump’s favor?

    And the worst is? McConnell and Ryan both knew back in October and “refused to disturb the process.” When the hell is rigging an election to violate our voting rights “a process?”

    Once you realize that this is not something the GOP will get away with even though now the guilty party is refusing an investigation, all that does is make them look even guiltier. They knew about the rigging, did nothing and allowed Trump to win by fraud.

    Not to worry. Senator Reed (D-MI) has put together a non partisan investigative committee similar to the one for 9/11. That means ONLY outside, independent IT experts not even the Republicans or Trump’s big mouth will be able to debate.

    • Donald (of all people) explained when it’s a process very easily. He said he wouldn’t dispute the results if he won, and says that since he did win he could care less about any hacking.

      • In the fish bowl world of corporate business, there are as many species of crooks as their are in the entire oceans of the world. Trump has entered a realm, government, he is not remotely prepared for.

        For one thing, he believes he has the power to control our voices like his does his employees…threats, intimidation and pink slips. How is that going to work on the nearly 300 million Americans?

        The other issue is his typical corporate style secrecy. He may feel that Trump Tower is his Linus blanket and he doesn’t have to be a president in the way 44 other presidents have been. This only guarantees his failure. Secrecy in DC? Not going to happen. What will he do when it is leaked that Ivanka’s office in the White House became her platform to run her business? Will he then get his thugs out there and make death threats in the extreme? Or use his typical “smear campaigns” to exhaustion as Putin does.

        Trump may say he could care less about hacking. But right now, he is more than aware that HE can be hacked just as easily. Why else call a meeting of top IT experts to Trump Tower with Ivanka and his sons present?

        The operative I’ve seen most often here in NJ from Trump is an odd one. He will schmooze is worst enemy if it means extracting the kind of defensive data he needs to smear the very person he schmoozed.

        Now more than ever, trust by any American in our government will be at a premium. That is WHY Trump wants to keep it all secret. Secrets mean he has all the power to wave his magic wand and control the population. So he thinks.

    • Did the Russians hack us? Of course. So did the Chinese and probably several of our allies. It is what intelligence agencies do – including our own.

      But the leaked emails are probably not the result of Russian hacking.
      Assange said they came from an insider – a whistleblower in the DNC. But
      that wouldn’t give the left a chance to undermine the legitimacy of the
      election they lost.

      • Oh so the problem wasn’t hacking?
        Ok dumbass… let’s play:

        Answer me this:
        What would you call it when someone uses a spear-phishing attack on a political party over the Internet, then digitally downloads all their email?

        I’ll hold my breath while you come up with something clever…

  12. First it was James Comey, then it was “fake news”, now it’s the Russians. What a bunch of whiny ass losers. It wasn’t any of that, it was failed Liberal policies, period. The Liberal agenda is dead. Now we’re going to bury it forever.

    • With the Liberal States financially supporting the basket case States seeped in the Right Wing lies of top down prosperity. Still you penniless morons spout the nonsense of your captors. “Bury it forever,” Blah blah blah….

      • penniless

        That’s what 8 years of the Liberal agenda have left this country with, a population of penniless people, thats another reason why you lost idiot.

          • Godzilla is an idiot, so no wonder he is penniless, wouldn’t have matter if Trump had been President since Reagan, godzilla would still be a penniless moron.

    • No it was “first” it is a collection of “all of the above”.

      But it issue here is the Hacking, but more importantly is Mr Trump’s role.
      Did he enlist Mr Putin and the Russians to help him? If so, he could be charged with conspiracy and /or Espionage.
      If he knew about it and did nothing to stop the hacking, then an accompli after the fact.
      If either of the above are true than under the Constitution “high crimes . . . “ Mr Trump has forfeited his right to assume the office.

        • No, like I said I want to know what Mr Trump’s role was. If he was just an unwitting beneficiary, then so be it. But if he had a role ANY role in the Hacking, he needs to be held accountable.

          • The hacking wasn’t what the problem was, it was what was in the leaked emails. You seem to miss that little fact.

          • Oh so the problem wasn’t hacking?
            Ok dumbass… let’s play:

            Answer me this:
            What would you call it when someone uses a spear-phishing attack on a political party over the Internet, then digitally downloads all their email?

            I’ll hold my breath while you consider your reply…

          • Are you really that stupid or just play a moron on TV? “leaked emails” how do you suppose they ended up on wikilcnks? If the server they were stored on wasn’t hacked?

      • Hay Helpy you never explained to me what a racist is. I would like to hear your explanation. Most people that yell racist can’t answer tis question correctly. Let me know or shut up.

  13. What has happened to Obama and the rest of the left in America? Since the Russian revolution in 1918 Russia has been the darling of the American left. Stalin murdered 22 MILLION of his own people, the American left still supported Russia. Russia stole our nuclear secrets, the left still supported Russia. Russia instigated the Cuban missile crisis, the American left still supported Russia. The Russians sent tanks into Hungary and Czecheslovakia crushing the pro democracy movements and murdering thousands, the American left still supported Russia. The list goes on and on, but even Barack Obama has been a huge supporter of Russia, with the big red RESET button Mrs. Clinton gave the Russians when Obama first came into office. Obama, himself, was caught on an open microphone telling Russian prime minister Medvedev in 2012 to tell Putin that he, Obama, will be able to be more “flexible” after he wins his final election. When Mitt Romney told Obama during the 2012 election debates that Russia was our greatest geopolitical foe, Obama derisively told Romney the 1980’s and the cold war were calling. This was just before Russia invaded and annexed Crimea. No, what has happened here is the Hillary Clinton, and by extension, the left, got their asses handed to them by Donald Trump in November and need a scapegoat to blame. Since John Podesta has been trying to deflect from the truth that came out in his emails, by blaming the Russians, it seems like a natural progression to blame the Russians for the defeat as well. Julian Assange says the Russians were not the source of the Wikileaks emails, and there is no definitive proof Assange is lying. Mush of the upper management of the CIA has been politicized, so they can’t be trusted any more than the Russians to tell the truth. Hell the authors of this article can’t even be trusted to tell the truth. They claim that Trump encouraged Russia to hack Mrs. Clinton’s emails. That is a flat out lie. What Trump did say was that maybe Russia could provide the US with the 33,000 emails, under congressional subpoena, that she had ordered destroyed. This left the implication that Russia had already hacked her unsecured server BEFORE she ordered the emails destroyed in March. Trump made his comment in June, by which time the FBI had the server the authors of this article claim Trump encouraged the Russians to hack, in their custody, and no longer connected to the internet. So hacking that server would have been an impossibility. Trump actually was probably correct, even in making a joke, that the Russians had already hacked the server and had the 33,000 missing emails, as James Comey admitted when he said at least 5 entities had hacked her unsecure server before the FBI got it. Now you can make all the accusations against Russia you want, but like the $900 toilet seat a contractor sent a bill to the US government for you can’t fault the Russians for trying to hack American emails. The fault in both cases belongs to the US government. In the toilet seat case, the fault is, not with the person that sent the bill, but, rather, with the one who paid it. One cannot blame the Russians for TRYING to hack the US, but blame the US government for failing to make America secure enough to prevent Russia from doing it. It isn’t like the US isn’t doing the same thing with other countries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is what intelligence agencies do, the world over. It is why Angela Merkel was so upset when she found out the US had been hacking into her cellphone for months. Now Obama, and the left, have abandoned their idol, Russia, because they are not willing to take the blame for their own failings, and need a convenient scapegoat. Don’t worry though, after this blows over the American left will fall in love with the Russians again, as evil and horrible as they may be.

    • Lies, more lies, damed lies, and ridiculous claptrap. Whatever has happened to the sanity of this Country has evidently happened to you.

        • He’s a clueless moron, and you’re one too, is my answer. What other response is necessary that Trump himself will not supply?

          • The Russians had nothing to do with the dismal performance by the Dems. The information contained in the emails was not altered and no one has claimed that the information was not accurate. Your low information crowd hooted when Romney was speaking off the cuff. What goes around comes around.
            Regarding Russia – did they do it? Nyet!

          • You both sound like excellent prospects to buy into those never before revealed secrets to health, and unbelievable wealth, of the ancient Egyptians. Now available to you in the next 10 minutes for the small introductory price of only $29.95 per month.

          • See what I mean about mocking. So were you one of those who believed that HilLIARy was actually leading in the polls and was going to win the election?
            Are you one of those who actually thinks the economy is doing just fine and that the unemployment rate is really 4.6%?
            The list goes on and on.

            Ask yourself this, at the end of Obama’s speech, he actually hit the target when he said that the Dem elites on the east and west coasts need to put down their lattes and get back in touch with the voters. One problem though was that he was actually drinking a latte when he made the comment.

            And you low information folks just keep thinking it was the Russians. How gullible.

          • I think it’s still a free country. And besides, ignorance needs to be mocked once in a while, rather than promoted. So, what do you,
            “think,” the unemployment rate is? And how so? Do you personally know anyone that is unemployed? Do you believe they can’t find a job, or just don’t care to go to work right now? But that’s the point. Once you reject the ways, standards, and methods these things are determined. The economy then can be anything you say it is, or they tell you it is. Spoiler alert, it needs to be really bad right now, as Obama exits. So it “can come back like gangbusters,” for genius Trump. Don’t be played. We lost an election, not our common sense. Mocking is appropriate.

          • The shadow unemployment rate remains near 11%. The same as it’s been for a dozen years or so. The economic recovery of Obama is a joke. Longest, slowest, worst recovery in history. Not my words, but HilLIARy’s words during the primary.

            So it’s OK for you to mock and disrespect GOP folks, but it’s not OK for us to mock or disrespect Dems.

          • I see, the “shadow,” unemployment over past 12 years was it? So, how is that number arrived at? And who’s the trusted authority on that? The Shadow? As in who knows what evil lurks in the heart of the economy, the shadow do! You’re ridiculous. And now you, and some other very confused “experts,” like you, have voted in a known liar, shyster, and fraud, to “fix” this phony shadow economy of yours. And now, I’m supposed to what? Respect this ignorance? Really?

          • “And now you, and some other very confused “experts,” like you, have voted in a known liar, shyster, and fraud,”

            Perhaps you haven’t heard, HilLIARy lost the election, so it looks like we DIDN’T vote for “a known liar, shyster, and fraud”.

            Why you guys insist on proving how close-minded and a bully you are is amazing.

          • My suggestion is to wait to comment about the economy, and Trump, until you know what you’re talking about fool. Talk of shadow economies, and the kleptocratic cons who promise to fix it, will get you mocked every time.

          • Mocked by low information, close-minded folks like you? I would take the mocking as a compliment because those who are truly informed get a good chuckle at reading your side’s postings.

          • “Truly informed,” about your shadow economy. And your conman President you ignorantly voted for. Sure, sure…I’m humbled.

          • Hooted as Romney spoke off the cuff about corporations being people? Did you think he was kidding? And so you now think Trump, this kleptocratic, tax dodging, fraud, is going to be your economic savior. And all who disagree with your idiotic leap of unfounded faith, must be very low info? Just save that crap with me buster.

          • Sorry to burst your bubble, but they still have not proven that the Russians did the hacking. The intel agencies can’t see to agree!
            Some of your lefty crowd has called me out for disrespecting HilLIARy, but just look at how many in your crowd as disrespecting President Trump, who received a MANDATE from the voters.
            So, just take your vile comments, and all your non-peaceful marches and looting and burning and keep saying all the negative things you wish. I’m sure it’s help convince folks how progressive and open-minded you truly are.
            President Trump – boy that’s really sounding great!

          • I guess you have not heard, the “president loser and president sexual predator” did not win the election. President Trump defeated HilLIARy (loser and sexual predator candidate) by a mandate size margin.
            Now he’s draining the swamp.

          • Ahhh… definitely a Russian troll. Noted.

            So Troll… You must feel really dumb quoting a Fox News Source above when this happened:
            “Despite Fox’s campaign to cast doubt on the possibility of the Russian government seeking to undermine American elections, a December 15 report from chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge said that “Fox News has independently confirmed that Russian backed cyber-militias were targeting US systems and influential US persons in the summer of 2015,” an operation which “evolved into an effort to interfere in the US election … sanctioned by the highest levels of the Russian government.” From the December 15 edition of Fox News’ The Kelly File.”

            So dumb.

          • How naive can you be. First, I thought no one, especially you, believed anything FOX said. Second, FOX was just reporting all the news, you know, because they’re fair and balanced, that the chief of intelligence said she thinks that it might be possible for Russia to have done the hacking. But at least three other intel agencies are claiming they can’t tell and may never be able to tell who actually did the hacking.

            And lest you forget, the information contained in the emails was actually written by HilLIARy and her staff. No one, except some of you low information folks, has suggested that the information leaked was altered or not true. Not one of HilIARy’s spokesmen has even suggested that. So, the information leaked, was true and the source was HilLIARy herself.
            If this information helped someone decide to vote for President Trump, then GREAT! The more informed folks become the better a decision they can make.

            So you thought I would be embarrassed by your tidbit, but as I pointed out above, when did you start believing FOX? and it was just a plain old story that FOX, because they’re fair and balanced, made public. Can you say the same about MSNBC or CNN?

            SO the word is “I’m still more informed than you”!

          • Wow… that’s a fierce pile of Fox-infused word salad.
            Let’s take it in chunks.

            My belief in Fox statements is not necessary when using them to disprove your point. You were using them as evidence FOR your point. I pointed out your source does not believe you.

            Fox gets praise for reporting “All the News” when they stop ignoring white supremacist killings or anything that reflects badly on white people, and hyping anything black people do that’s bad. (Contradicting themselves all along the way)

            The emails do seemed to have been leaked in their original form (or at least no-one has contested it seriously).
            What was the extremely bad, or legally actionable thing in those emails again? Don’t tell me… was it the Risotto recipe??

            Apparently you think having half the emails (i.e. Just the Hillary/DNC emails) is “informing” people. I consider this viewpoint as “moronic”.

            The letter agencies say they took the RNC emails too, probably a lot of them were written by Trump and Trump surrogates as well as the general GOP bottom-feeders..
            Now Hillary’s emails seemed positively geeky and boring… But what do you think Trump, Conway, Reince, Paul Ryan and McConnell’s emails will show? I can’t wait to find out… :))))

            So here’s a question for you… Do you think the voters would have been better informed if they’d had the private emails from BOTH parties?
            I’ll hold my breath while you think…

            Your original point was, and I quote:
            “Regarding Russia – did they do it? Nyet!”

            Now all the letter agencies AND at least one of Fox own talking heads (Ironically their Chief Intelligence Correspondent) says they did. The scope may be in question. But the overall involvement is not.
            The only remaining question seems to be: Did they directly help Dirty Donald? Or was it just more general?
            The current consensus seems to be that the Russian intent started as a general attack, but morphed into installing Trump because he considers Putin his buddy. Go figure.

            I’m actually embarrassed on your behalf.
            Mainly because I believe facts beat blather, and structured arguments beat word salad.
            And your name is a ridiculous joke.

          • What a long-winded pile of drivel.
            Obama, in the spring of 2015, BEFORE President Trump announced he was running, claimed that “someone” was trying to hack our systems. They didn’t know if it was China or Russia. They didn’t know it then and they STILL DON’T know for sure who did it!
            Back then, Obama said our security was not in jeopardy and that hacking should not influence the coming primaries or election. Gasp, what an unqualified idiot!

            HilLIARy actually wrote those comments! Debbie W-S at least had the decency to resign (something that “I Am Hellpy” says is not true).

            The MSM and left used comments by Romney to help sink his run in 2012. You were OK with that.

        • I see these posters as hopeless like a house aflame. You don’t try and mitigate the damage, it’s impossible. A waste. One can only stand by, and comment on the loss.

          • I respect your knowledge of history charleo and found his post to be enlightening. I was curious to hear your counterpoint and clarify any inaccuracies.

          • That is my point, the entire post is full of enormous inaccuracies. So many in fact, it would take hours to correct them. It’s very premise being an age old Neo-Liberal trope. (“Neo-Liberal,” btw, is what the Right Wingers began calling themselves after the Great Depression,) Where they invented much this very same story to oppose FDR’s New Deal policies. Namely that the Democrats are all ideologically aligned with Lenin, the Bolsheviks, and the Russian Communists. While the Capitalists on the other hand, are the true keepers of the flame of liberty. Which would be laughable, if not for so many in this Country today ignorantly believing this hogwash.

            The entire narrative, as it was, and so remains to this day, is just completely non factual, propagandized political bunk. As American history clearly shows, the Capitalists, who in the early part our history, when they had their way, worked children, paid their workers starvation wages in company script, and opposed any laws that would change the kind of exploitative, freedom-less labor system they had created. Yes they! The, “freedom loving,” Capitalistic entities, the vaunted monied, and investor classes, have consistently throughout our history used their influence, and the power of the U.S. government to in effect enslave millions around the World.

            Look to our neighbors in South and Central America, and the Caribbean Basin. The U.S. monied elite have never once shown themselves to be all that concerned about a people’s freedom. Or indeed, upholding these democratic principles anywhere around the World, if it stood in the way of making higher profits. And, we, while upholding the tenets of a non-democratic, people exploiting State. Have over the years followed this same formula in other areas around the Globe to one extent or another. In China, Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and Saudi Arabia. Installing our companies, enabled by “our guy,” a dictator, or Monarch. Arming him, and soaking in the profits. While the indigenous people of the country were being brutalized, and terrorized. This is Capitalism’s history. It is also unfortunately, what has shaped the opinions of billions of people around the World. And not only about Capitalism as an economic system, but of the United States itself. If only more of us took this into consideration, we might come to understand a lot more about our foreign policies. And why in many cases they don’t seem to be working as we would like. Coming as it does, out of the, “We win, you lose,” RW formula for dealing with the rest of the World. To wit, anything less being lambasted as Chamberlin-isk appeasement.

            So, what is to be made of the history of these “liberty loving,” industrialists in our own Country? After a series of Republican led Administrations in the 1920s had juiced up the economy with cheap money policies, low wages and deregulation of the financial sector, creating what we call, “The Roaring Twenties.” The Stock Market, over priced, and ripe with heavily leveraged debt, collapsed. Taking down not only the economy here, but the entire World economy, still not yet fully recovered from the First World War.
            All this having the effect of pretty much making Lenin’s case for him to a lot of staving Russians, or Germans, their economy burdened with war reparations. Wouldn’t you think? After all, if not for the flaws inherent in unfettered, and unregulated Capitalism, and its tendencies of consolidating money, and investment resources in the hands of the few at the top, rather than diversifying it throughout the economy, as it should. It might produce very different results for the vast majority. Who are after all doing the work, creating the market, and adding value, and worth to the raw materials. This assertion is an anathema to the true Capitalist. After all he insists, it was his money that made the whole thing possible in the first place, And so it should be totally his say about any distribution of the profits. If the workers aren’t satisfied, they are perfectly free to go start their own business, or work for someone else. And any gov interference to any of that, can and should be marked as agreeing with the Bolsheviks, and the Communists! That’s the self serving tale of the Capitalist our poster is advocating in a nut shell. Now, one might be forgiven for buying into it, if they were worth about 10 or so billion, illiterate, and didn’t need their Medicare, or Social Security. Or if they didn’t believe it’s right, and responsible that the gov. should be regulating Wall Street, or protecting the environment. Or taxing the top 1% to help pay for the security, infrastructure, legal structure, and education of the workforce they depend on to help them make their fortunes. But again, the Capitalists are grazers, and parasites when given their druthers. Beholden they’ll tell you to none but the investors they call stockholders. Not to such lofty profit bleeding ideals as equality, or fairness. Those are for the State loving Communists, and the like….

          • Thank you for the detailed response charleo. You paint a bleak picture of unfettered capitalism and for good reason. What I’ve never understood is why is enough never enough for some. How many steaks can you eat, how many vacations can you take, how many yachts must you own? I guess if not for the greed capitalism would be a panacea, however with that said, it’s still the best system in the world. I’ve understood for a long time that it’s our self serving policies around the globe that makes people hate us.

            For lack of a better term I believe Trump will be a more “benevolent king” as far as our poor and our policies around the world. He’s a pretty savvy guy and is not just a capitalist, he sees the injustice and I believe will find a way to improve the lives of people not only in our country but around the globe. Many of the problems have been incurred by putting greedy and corrupt people in places around the world, as you point out, that have no intention of helping their people but of enriching themselves to the detriment of their own nation. I believe Trump to be an honest man! He will do his best to do the right thing for all. If he doesn’t I’ll be here along with you and apologizing for singing his praises.

            Let’s see what happens charleo before counting him and our country out. He has been counted out before and we’ve been witness to how everyone has been wrong about him. I only hope the same is true going forward.

          • Mmmm yes let’s hope the thin-skinned fraud and multiple bankrupt who has sexually assaulted dozens of women – some underage! – is somehow a GOOD puppet of a foreign government.

            You ought to be ashamed to call yourself an American.

          • OK sorry you thought you could present a reasonable case for appeasing a foreign despot by cravenly doing everything he wants. It’s because you’re a coward as well as a woman-hating racist.

          • Don’t get me wrong,. I am not one of those blame America first-ers.
            Not at all. This Country, with its generous to a fault people, and humanitarian values has often used its power to do more than any other Nation in history to improve the lot of mankind. After all, we are the Country who took Europe from the Fascist, and gave it back to the European People. But, I do think it is important for us to stop all the mindless flag waving, and patriotic jingoism once in a while. And take the opinions of the other more than 61/2 billion people with whom we share this planet into consideration. It can’t always be, we win because we’re America, we’re big and powerful, and special. And you lose, because you’re not.

          • We are, have been and will be going forward, generous to a fault. That’s the American way! The flag waving and patriotic “jingoism” (great word) is paramount to our continuing to be just that. Nobody else gives us the credos we so greatly deserve for the good that we do around the world and is needed more so now because of Obamas’ apology tour, imho.

            The reason we win is because of our ingenuity, stick to it and never give up mindset which, I believe, is driven by our capitalistic society. In no other country are people rewarded for such effort which drives our economy. We may give off that aura but I don’t think it’s purpose is to rub others nose in our prosperity but again, with Obama almost apologizing for those positive attributes on a daily basis, our people may feel the need to beat their chests a bit.

            People in other countries could do the same thing if their governments would allow and promote innovation and reward them accordingly.

            It will be very interesting to see how a Trump administration plays out. I too, hope for the best but unlike many on this board, expect it.

  14. Did the Russians force Clinton to lie about the video and Benghazi……NO
    Did the Russians force Clinton to claim she landed under sniper fire when she was a senator……NO
    Did the Russians force Clinton to sign off on Russian’s getting access to 20% of US owned Uranium deposits…..NO (but the donation to the Clinton Foundation sure helped)
    Did the Russians force Hillary Clinton to claim that the emails were fake……NO, because no one ever claimed they were fake.
    Did the Russians force Clinton and the Liberal media to blow off all the email stuff as “nothing to see here” leading all the way up to election day……NO

    Conclusion. Clinton is/was a flawed candidate who lied over and over, failed as Secretary of State and was often too sick to campaign effectively. Yet, the Liberal Left were so damn cocky that she would win they went into election day have long ago planned for her coronation. Then the people voted and all the Liberal butthurt hasn’t stopped since. Liberal’s have zero credibility in the media and in life. Ya’ll can’t even get a few simple facts right, yet you want people to vote for your loser candidates.

    Be gone Loser Liberal’s, your day has past, your agenda failed, miserably. If you don’t think your team failed….just look at Alleppo, that’s your boy’s doing, with help from Hitlary.

    • The Russians hacked into our election. They had no right to do that. Nothing Hillary has done or EVER will do compares to hacking into and rigging an election so a pisspoor jerk like Trump could pay back Russian debts.

      Sorry limpballs…balls and a penis do not a president make. Particularly when the phony uses a porn star wife for his nude Playboy Centerfold and his arm candy.

      Do us a favor? Shut your stupid moron mouth. All you jerks know is bashing Hillary, Obama and anyone (which in nearly everyone) who disagrees with you and your right wing morons.

      Let me had a daddy who beat hell out of your mommy and now it’s time to get revenge on Hillary? Your daddy must have been one hell of a bossy nasty creep.

      • It’s impossible to hack into the actual election, you moron. None of the voting machines that some States use are connected to the internet. Michigan don’t even use computer voting, it’s all paper ballots. But don’t let me stop you from showing your utter stupidity.

      • You sound like a shunned women. I feel sorry for you. Normally I respect what people say but you sound like a shunned women. you are calling people names. I voted for Mr. Trump, he is not the best but I would never vote for a Clinton. I would have voted for Bernie but never a Clinton. The Democratic Party brought this upon themselves. They wanted a Clinton and fought Bernie, well you got a Trump! It is now time for people like you to shut your mouth. I don’t normally call people names but it is now time for you to shut up or at the very least become civil. After reading your last post I have to ask , did you have a husband and did you cut off his penis?

    • Hi,

      Earlier you said that spreading false information should result in prison time. I can’t help but notice that a lot of what you just posted is lies. How much time should you get for this, do you think?

    • Hey dumbass…

      You seem to be living in a bubble.
      You know… that one where you fall asleep to the dulcet tones of Alex Jones telling you to go and investigate a Pizza joint for a pedo ring when the Pizza joint doesn’t even have a basement?…. (then someone does and nearly kills people so he sh!ts his pants and tries to delete all his lies before his sucker audience actually kills someone…).

      Most of the things you’ve posted above have been shown to be laughably made up to the point where you look like an utter gullible hick for even posting them.
      The rest have been the subject of endless investigations in which absolutely ZERO was found. Yeah… remember those emails? The ones where no charges were filed?…
      It was going to be yet another massive Republican failure in chain of massive Republican witch hunt failures…. but Comey still managed to use them as political cannon fodder 7 days before the election. I bet you totally wouldn’t mind if it happened to your candidate, right?

      It’s true. Clinton was a flawed candidate.
      But she wasn’t the most flawed candidate in the race. That honor goes to the orange, short-fingered, racist, sexual predator who ran against her.

      Do you not realise how hard you had to work to get everyone to ignore the massive flaws in President-Elect Dirty Donald? It’s lucky most of his supporters are racist, because his rhetoric would have failed otherwise.

      You say our day is past… but you fail to realise a couple of basic things:

      Firstly: F**kface Von Clownstick won by a total of 70,000 votes across three critical states (and lost the popular vote by 3 milllion). One of the narrowest victories ever. So you lose ANYONE who voted this time, and next time he’s done.

      Secondly… and this is the really important one:
      He literally lied his ass off to the white people to get elected… and he can’t deliver.
      For example:
      – In the case where his voters weren’t just racist, people voted for Trump because they believed his lies about bringing jobs back in manufacturing and coal and oil. Those jobs aren’t coming back. And he can’t make them come back no matter how many Carrier’s he bribes with taxpayer money. (As Clinton actually said… A lot of coal people are going to be put out of work… and they need to be supported and retrained)
      – The GOP are planning to repeal Obamacare, and destroy Social security and Medicare… but 75% of Americans want to keep it… and “Didn’t think he would actually do that…”. I bet they are going to love it when it turns out that President Tiny Hands is actually going to do that.
      – He said he’d build a wall. Face it. There’s not going to be a wall.
      – He said he’d “Drain the Swamp”. He’s handed out appointments like candy to billionaires and Wall Street bankers and lobbyists. He’s already using the Presidency for his own personal profit. I bet they’re going to love the first corruption scandal where Dirty Donnie managed to make billions using insider knowledge, military threat, or just encouraging flat out bribery.

      You see… Cheeto Jesus is indeed going to be President.
      But your angry right wing coalition that just squeaked in to give him the votes is going to fragment so fast that your head will spin.
      All people need is to watch Lazy Donald ignore the Presidency except where it personally enriches him, leave Pence and Ivanka to do all the work, and fail on all his promises.

      And that is inevitable.

      He’s a serial conman who relies on the gullible… then moves on leaving wreckage in his wake.
      The problem is: When your group of gullible suckers is the whole country… (Or at least the minority that voted for him)… once you wreck the place, where do you move on TO?

  15. With all this hacking talk going on, what about talking about the Obama Administrations FAILED cyber security policies? After all, your little tyrant had a pen and a phone to bypass Congress, what happened losers?

    • What about it? You have obviously heard of Dark Net? It is comprised of ace hackers who are able to get into any system in the world if they so choose. So much for your blame Obama BS.

      • Oh, so Dark Net did it. LOL I thought you idiots are blaming the Russians? What does Dark Net have to do with this then. EW, your an old fool, but keep posting your foolish nonsense. Your helping your team so much…….BWAHAHAHA!

    • Which failed policies? The State Dept. asked for upgrades to their servers and the Republican Congress refused. In addition, the government does not provide security for private third-parties such as the DNC.

      What the hell are you even talking about?

    • Pinheadzilla: “Hey I know the house is on fire right now, but shouldn’t we urgently focus on which shop we brought the matches from??? It’s totally important.”

      I notice so far you’ve held the following positions in less than a few days:
      – There was no hacking so no investigation required.
      – There are no Trump Russian connections so no investigation required
      – There was hacking but it did not effect the election and we don’t need to investigate it.

      And now…
      We were hacked and it’s Obama’s fault… shouldn’t someone investigate his failed cyber security policies????

      Willfully ignorant moron.

  16. In his most manly voice I’m sure he said “cut it out”. Must have sent shivers down Putins back! But I digress…..blaming the messenger and putting no emphasis on their content. Unfreakinbelievable!

    • And your proof of your post is? Don’t you ever give up with your lies Rock Star? By the way, that photo of you is so old and looks like a relic of the 60s. Time for a change.

    • Don’t concern yourself with EW idiotic comments, she’s probably half through her daily bottle of Jack Daniel’s. She is obviously up to the gallon size these days.

      • Never thought of the fact that she’s a closet drunk! Now that you mention it her ramblings and hatred of men DO sound like a old drunken hag that wears goyder hose, orthapedic shoes and a mustache. I did catch on to the 20 cats however…..Good, thought provoking post Godzilla

      • Hey, you never did reply when I asked you how much jail time you deserved for spreading false information. I mean, you said that should be an imprisonable offence.

      • We have three powerful nations that could destroy the world. Russia, China and the United States. We should not be fighting, instead work together. Just maybe our new President Elect could put old rivalries
        aside and start a new detent. All countries don’t want a democracy like ours. We need to understand that. The leaders of both Russia and China are just as powerful as our leader and we need to understand that. While we should never back down we also need to respect our adversaries.

          • You sound like an idiot. I believe you are smarter than that and understand the fact that the three nations could destroy the world. You would rather call names than try to make peace.

          • I would like to know you better. Are you black, white etc. Are you a leftover hippy from the 60’s. I am not trying to make fun of you. Your anger and name calling interests me.

          • Yes I get that as an authoritarian bully you think you’re entitled to demand people’s papers; I just don’t care.

    • Yeah because when someone commits espionage against your country, and specifically your elections… of course you think the best idea is to just shrug and ignore it.

      If someone has a private email server though… OMG. You HAVE to get to the bottom of those risotto recipes, Stat! WHO KNOWS WHAT MIGHT BE HINDING IN THE EMAILZ.


      • They’ve been doing it for YEARS and now you libtards are outraged! You’re a real comic. While we couldn’t get to the bottom of those SOMEBODY did and revealed why she bleach bit them. Nobody does that unless they’re trying to hide something….as it turns out she was.

        • Really? Your really really clever argument is:
          “They’ve been doing it for years so don’t bother to investigate?”

          Oh and you mentioned she was hiding something…
          What was she hiding again?
          Oh yeah… It was the sucking sound of that giant nothing burger that failed to result in any charges at all for the same thing all previous StateSecs did…

          Wow.. that’s soooo impressive.

          I can see why that’s so conclusive we should totally leave the Russians to interfere in anything they like….


          • Do you work on being a moron or are you a natural? You’re really putting quotes on a statement that couldn’t be farther from what I said? You are a delusional a$$wipe that makes up facts at your whim.

            That giant nothing burger is but only one of the reasons your cankle queen is now taking selfies in the woods.

          • Yes, we get it – you’ve got nothing but feeble insults, and you’re terrified of women. Neither of those attributes change the fact that you’re willing to look the other way when a brutal, murderous foreign dictator corrupts the electoral process.

            You ought to be ashamed to call yourself an American.

          • But it was fine when Obama told a Putin representative that “he’d have more flexibility after the election” in a very buddy buddy manner. Your now a hypocritical septic filler you zero

          • Yes that single sentence, taken out of context, is EXACTLY the same as installing a Russian puppet President.

          • Sorry… I’m still hearing the hollow echo of a giant nothing-burger… I guess you’re ready to provide your evidence that will put Hillary in jail, now?

            Or are you saying that you agree it was a giant nothing-burger done for partisan reasons, but it ensured her electoral failure so you’re all good with it?

            Given you’re so sensitive, I’d hate to interpret your ‘reasoning’ incorrectly this time, so feel free to enlighten me….

            Or shall we just agree you’re both delusional and misogynist?
            (We don’t have to agree as to your abject and fact-resistant stupidity… everyone’s aware of that already)

  17. Look at the lies Samaras posts. Never with any substanting proof. All Samaras knows is making statements this pathetic wretch of CONmanism hopes will make him the rock star he can’t be. You need talent. Samaras only talent is making up his lies he knows he has no substantial proof. Prediction: He says the DNC emails showed that “HC cared nothing about people and only cared about power. She had zero chance before the leaks because she had no message.”

    See how insane Rock Star Samaras is? Hillary won the election by popular vote by more than 2 million votes. But Rock Star Samaras said she had NO message and he knows this how? He had a conversation with her?

    What Samaras will not tell you is that the 17 intelligence agencies found that Trump had to smear Debbie Wasserman Schultz because like Hillary she was too much of a threat to their election rigging games. This was stated by Senator Reed of Michigan on CSpan. It was also stated that Putin had it out for Hillary because in 2011 she knew Putin was already rigging numerous elections across Europe including Italy and Germany.

    But don’t expect a nutbagger like Samaras to EVER post these truth and facts we can substantiate. Men like Samaras live, eat, sleep and breathe lies. This is why they must NEVER be allowed to be believed.

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  18. Wow, the Putin Republicans sure are mad about this article. Maybe a few more angry posts will convince people that 17 intelligence agencies are wrong, KKKomrades!

    • Yes I am a Republican and yes I am a nationalist. I am not a racist like you say. I am for people of all colors, gays and women. I believe fully in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. All men are created equal, even you. You like to use the term racist but do you know what it means? Most liberals don’t. I think you don’t also. Your posts are full of name calling bull crap. Sorry Helpy your garbage doesn’t hold up.

          • Your name calling. I call you out What is a racist? What is a NAZI? Define them. If I am that I want you to define what I am. I can define both and will.

          • The NAZI’s were the German Nationalist Party. Just because they were “German” Nationalist doesn’t make American Nationalist’s NAZI’s. NAZI’s are not American and any one that wants to be a NAZI should leave this country. My fathers fought against them and won. Helpy you are an idiot and a name caller. You are the type of person who is causing all the unrest in the cities and between the races. In reality you are the racist.

          • Hmm yes you must be a DIFFERENT kind of nationalist, although oddly you’re supporting a racist and you don’t care about the sovereignty of the nation in the slightest.

          • You have a propensity for calling people racist. Do I care about sovereignty? Yes. That is why I despise the UN. You need a different take on life. We aren’t all against you. Many of us believe in freedom and no nanny state. We don’t need the governments help and don’t want it. We can live on our own. All we as is to be left alone. We will defend that right to the death.

          • I can’t imagine why I’m calling some guy a racist just because he labels himself as a goddam freaking nationalist and supports the most racist candidate in the last 50 years at the expense of the nation. It is a mystery!

          • Helpy, you need help yourself. You are paranoid. Everyone is not a racist. Just because someone doesn’t want to waste our money on wars in places like Afghanistan and Iraq helping countries that don’t give a dam about us. They have been fighting for two thousand years and will fight for two thousand more. We need a president that will bring the troops home and put them to work helping Americans not Arabs. The money could be much better spent in Appalachia. As to the liberal attitude about Muslims, look to the other countries that have accepted them. Such as France and Germany. Their religion wants believes they are right and all others are infidels and need to be converted or die. I am a free man and will never be converted or subjugated to another’s rule.

          • I love that you think there’s some combination of words that won’t make you a loathsome traitor to the US.

    • Sounds truthy! I’m sure that this anonymous right-wing fake news site is very trustworthy and we don’t need to concern ourselves with the open treason of the GOP.

        • So all 17 intelligence agencies are part of the Left, which means we should ignore the sovereignty of the nation and let a foreign dictator install his puppet. Got it. Treason, like I said.

    • Wow that’s amazing.
      You’re right… we should totally believe a bunch of retired guys who’ve been out of the loop for years, and have no access to the actual information or sources just the media version… over the consensus of all the Intelligence agencies.

      It’s just like the great idea of going to 12 different practicing doctors and getting a diagnosis on your cancer suggesting chemotherapy, then choosing to believe the 3 old grandpas sitting at the cafe who tell you it’s just indigestion and not to worry because they used to be doctors back in the 1960s…

      Totally logical.

      Since the GOP approach Climate Change the same way I guess it’s just bred into them to be this moronic:

      “Oh… ALL the climate scientists for the last ten years agree on human-driven climate change? Well… I’m not a scientist, but I think they’re wrong.”
      “Can’t you see I’m holding a snowball?”

      Party of Stupid.

    • So how much jail time, under the standards that you yourself have declared, do you think this particular bit of spreading fake news is worth? I’m thinking ten years or more, since you’re trying to use it to cover up actual treason.

  19. President Obama was persistent and assertive before the election that President elect Trump would NEVER be the president of the US. Where did he receive that information? Was he not informed before the elections about hacking by the Russians? What information was he receiving every morning? Something strange and not candid about this. Ineptitude? Poor counter intelligence? Why wait until now to make his comments?

    • As to why he thought Trump could not win. Not even the Republicans thought such a thing possible. I believe both Parties, every expert, pundit and pollster alike, terribly “mis-under estimated” the vast repository of stupidity, and staggering gullibility that exists in huge swaths of the supposedly educated, and assumed to be somewhat sophisticated, American voter. Who, I’ll guarantee you, wouldn’t have believed him, (many still don’t) about the hacking, if he had came out and declared war on Russia as retaliation. Trump said it was the same CIA that claimed there were WMDs in Iraq. So the President’s job: Without appearing partisan, must prove hacking occurred, and then prove it was backed by the Russians. And then put it terms this huge swath of very ignorant, very cynical about gov. institutions, American voter, could readily understand. Proving for me at least, the system works. And in the end we really do get, and now have, exactly the President, and the government we deserve.

    • Hmmm yeah that conspiracy you invented out of absolutely nothing sure does outweigh the concerns of all the US intelligence agencies. Welp, I guess we should ignore the foreign dictator installing his puppet because Obama once made a joke or whatever.

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