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Monday, March 25, 2019

Obama Says No ‘Final Decision’ On Syria Strike

Obama Says No ‘Final Decision’ On Syria Strike

WASHINGTON (AFP) – U.S. President Barack Obama said Friday he had taken no “final decision” on striking Syria but that the world could not accept the gassing of women and children.

Calling Syria’s alleged use of chemical weapons a threat to U.S. national security, Obama said the response would be “narrow” and “limited.”

 Photo Credit: AFP/Brendan Smialowski
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One response to “Obama Says No ‘Final Decision’ On Syria Strike”

  1. Mikey7a says:

    I have no problem with limited, precise, hits on the Chemical Weapon stockpiles, and the aircraft, and launching systems used to deliver the gas. Beyond that, I beg our President not to get us into a civil war, in a region where neither side gives a tinker’s damn about any of us!

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