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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — President Barack Obama says it isn’t just the idea of Donald Trump’s finger on the nuclear button that he finds scary. “I set aside the nuclear codes,” he said in an interview broadcast on NBC’s Today Show on Wednesday. “What I think is scary is a president who doesn’t know their stuff and doesn’t…


8 Responses to What Obama Says Scares Him About Trump

  1. Leave Trump out of it……Everything scares Obama….he’s a wimp…..just ask ISIS or Putin or any other country that means us harm.

      • Trump was afraid back in the late sixties when he could have been drafted. He got 4 school deferments followed by a foot injury, Trump stated he couldn’t remember which foot. Supposedly he had a bone spur.

  2. And yet anything Obama does that is scary, thats supposed to be discounted and overlooked. I love how everyone is afraid of the unknown future but not afraid of the truly scary stuff that has already happened. There was a remembrance of a Bernie placard that sums it up “What people are afraid of in Trump, Hillary has already done.” Why isnt that scary?

    • Sorry, what he said is scary about Trump is that he has no desire to learn anything, like the differences amongst the various sects of Islam: “basic knowledge about the world or what a nuclear triad is or where various countries are or, you know, the difference between Sunni and Shia in the Muslim world— those are things that he doesn’t know”

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