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Monday, January 21, 2019

Stuart Stevens, who is Mitt Romney’s chief strategist, is also a novelist and memoirist, and last week he offered me a couple of bon mots that help frame the challenge President Barack Obama faces as the economy sputters.

“They think this campaign is ‘Travels with Charley,’ Stevens says. “We think it’s more ‘The Grapes of Wrath.’”

“Travels with Charley” is John Steinbeck’s gentle quasi-memoir of traveling across the country in 1960 with his poodle. “The Grapes of Wrath,” for those Americans who slept through eighth-grade English, is his searing novel of the migrant Joad family in the Depression.

The crack was aimed in part at Stevens’ opposite number, David Axelrod, who in January famously tweeted a picture of the Democratic president with his dog Bo in a car and the message: “How loving owners transport their dogs.” Axelrod was exploiting the oft-told story of the Republican Romney putting the family dog Seamus in a kennel on the roof of the car en route to Canada.

Stevens insists that this election will have everything to do with the economy and nothing to do with how Romney treated his dog, and his second quip reflects the same analysis in a more positive context. “They think the election is about,” he says, referring to the dating website devoted to measuring compatibility. “We think it’s about,” the job-finder site.

This is part of the Boston team’s effort to make the balloting a rehire-or-fire referendum on the president’s economic performance. The Chicago team, of course, wants the whole thing to be a choice between a president you like and trust to be on the side of the middle class, and a candidate you don’t.

Obviously, any election involving an incumbent is both a referendum and a choice, but this one has recently become more of a referendum than Chicago would care to admit.

The president had shifted early this year from a 1948 Harry Truman-style attack on the “Do-Nothing” Congress to a modified 1984 Ronald Reagan-style “Morning in America” message, about the economy rebounding after the crisis Obama inherited. Now, given the dispiriting economic news, it’s back to 1948, with a little of George H. W. Bush’s 1988 attacks on the competence of a former Massachusetts governor (Michael Dukakis) and George W. Bush’s 2004 attacks on a flip-flopping Massachusetts stiff (John Kerry) thrown in.

The president’s poll numbers aren’t down much yet, but just wait. Even if Obama fully inhabits the role of Trumanesque brawler that liberals hunger for (and which doesn’t come naturally to him), sooner or later he’ll need to adjust his strategy.

In an economy headed in the wrong direction, comparison campaigning is necessary but not sufficient. It might not matter much to frustrated voters that we’ve tried the Republican recipe for growth (tax cuts and deregulation) in the 2000s and it failed, or that Romney was 47th out of 50 governors when it came to job creation in his state. The tie — two failed job creators — goes to the challenger.

That means Obama must match his focus on the choice with more work on the referendum side — more affirmative reasons to vote for him. He has begun reminding voters of the American Jobs Act he pushed last fall that would help small business and create a million new jobs, his 2012 State of the Union “Built to Last” long-term investment agenda, and last month’s congressional “To- Do List.” The problem is, they all blur together.

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119 responses to “Obama Should Forget About Dogs And Focus On Jobs”

  1. EdC says:

    Obama’s job record is stellar, it is just the conservative controled media does not put it in the public, as the wonders of Staples, which one seldom sees the same personel iin the same store twice, or the number of kid drivers that Domino’s goes through. these great accomplishments are embelished of the probubly leadership of Romney. as for Dogs, man’s best friend, If he turns the hose and then sticks his dog in a sixty mile anhour chill factor, his best friend what he going to do to the rest of us whom he actually has show he doesn’t really care about.

    • Conservatrive controlled media ?? You are funny . Didn’t you hear the Private Sector is Just Fine ???? Did you see the way the Clown Car Media you watch tried to spin that for Obozo ??? and you think he is smart . There is a reason that the ” Amateur ‘ book has been the number one best seller . You should read it

      • Yes conservative controlled media. The private sector is doing great when compared to losing 5500 to 8000 jobs per month at the end of the Bush years.The sales of the book The Amateur is going through the roof because there are so many right-wing loyalists to Fox out there buying into TRASH that has been spun, and spun, then spun again, so much so that we could knit a blanket to wrap around the world. Read “BUSH”S BRAIN” if you REALLY want to know what is still going on in government!

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        Hi Michael! Nice to see another common sense poster around here. There are only a few of us life rafts of truth floating around in this immense sea of leftist insanity. Watch it though, most of the leftist nutjobs around here won’t like your brand of common sense.

        Have a great day!

    • ObozoMustGo says:

      Ed… Obozo’s record is stellar……………………….. if you like failure!

      Have a nice day!

      • Lisztman says:

        Ahhhh — another of OMG’s undocumented critiques. Yo, ObozoMustGo — I saw Debbie Irvin’s post that had some numbers in it. Try finding some actual data to support your right-wing “Me first” agenda — and have the guts to document the source as well (no, I don’t consider Glenn Beck a scientifically-reliable data source).

        When you do find the numbers — remember that ANY closed-loop system (and the US economy is one) possesses phase shift. What occurs in any micro timeframe (e.g., January 2009, or June 2012) is the result of months, or years, of input. So don’t tell me that Obama’s policies lost jobs in January 2009.

  2. forget lunch? what about rendal, booker, patrick and of course bill clinton beating on the prez? are they still democrats or has the prez switched parties? seems to me the circular firing squad is in force. you got it right. it’s the economy stupid. all is not fine

  3. SaneJane says:

    Stevens is the one bringing this up again after it had faded away. The Republicans are the ones trying to run on social issues like contraceptives.

  4. clarenceswinney says:

    We need a redistribution of wealth and income to middle class
    Affordable homes health care education
    Get $$$$ out of government  Here is how

    A. Fed Fund Election—6 months—3 primary 3 general—free equal tv time—a debate week=12=adequate to evaluate candidates—No $ used—Outside limited to little
    B. No need to campaign —BAN–all govt employees from accepting anything with a financial value
    Progressive Flat Tax by group—14,000B Income is plenty to pay our way and pay down debthuge Estate Tax problem is 50% get 87% change tax code—there are 1100B in exemptionsThat is why GE paid no tax in 4 of 10 years
    Simple—The people will love it

  5. Idigadingo says:

    I have not once heard Obama speak of Romney’s Dog. Dogs Against Romney is a site started by an animal rights supporter. Show me ONE time Obama focused on this while ignoring jobs you ass!

    • Dianes4babies says:

      Don’t you just love the consistant and constant lies the republicans spew about this president?! They show their ignorance and I guess they don’t realize that because, simply, they are just too ignorant!

      • CARLEENE says:

        Yeah! The president would never sign some NDAA bill shown all over youtube that gives them the right to KILL AMERICANS WITHOUT A TRIAL! Or go into your personal bank account. Or force us to subsidize muslims or illegal aliens. and give meranda rights to enemy combatants…….. …right?……….. You gotta be “ignorant” to think such a thing just happened. President Obama would never do that to his fellow countrymen……….right. Thank goodness you pointed this out Dianes4babies! Alot of “ignorant “people were getting scared over nothing !!

    • ObozoMustGo says:

      Indi… you are correct… Obozo only focuses on dogs when they are on his plate!


      Have a nice day!

  6. Ok what does a beautiful country like us expect?.. I graduated in 1973.. Free trade and opening the door to Asia was the fast track solution.. You create a bigger whole in the bottom of the boat and I’ll build the next floor up higher in the ship so we can move to safety. Sooner or later the rate the ship sinks is faster then the rate we build an additional floor.. Our improvements in technology and putting Americans back to work is lagging.. We need a different approach to foreign trade.. We talk the talk but everyone would rather enjoy and reap the benefits of lower prices..

    • You are right we need another approach to foriegn trade . Like Lowering the Corporate tax rate that the Dems always increase . That way maybe all of our jobs wouldn’t be going overseas

      • Dave_dido says:

        I have read and heard many venture capitalists say that taxes don’t influence their decisions on when and where to invest. The thing that matters most to them is the economy- if the economy is growing, they are more comfortable investing.
        As for corporate taxes, yes we have high corporate taxes; but taken as a percentage of GDP, our corporate taxes aren’t that bad. Companies want to do business in America because we offer the infrastructure and services that they need- transportation, skilled labor force, social stability, communication services, legal services, a good postal system,police and fire protection, patent offices,etc. I could go on and on. The point is that these things all cost money. That means that the government needs revenue to pay for them. It is right and just that corporate taxes be sufficient to pay for them. Would you want to move your business to Estonia because they have no corporate tax?
        Also, regarding Pres. Obama’s comments about the private sector being fine, there is some truth to that. The private sector is sitting on a ton of cash. They are just waiting for the right time to invest. The public sector is where the job losses are. Here in Ohio our Republican Governor Kasich is doing a pretty good job of balancing the state budget, but he’s doing it by sending less money to the cities and counties. These entities consequently lay off employees because they are being underfunded by the state. Is our Republican governor’s game plan to keep unempoyment high until after the election? I kind of doubt it, but when I hear Republicans say that their main goal is to make Pres. Obama a one-term President, it makes me wonder who they are working for.
        Lastly, my own experience as a self-employed businessman for 32 years in the insurance business, is that things are a little slow, but not all that bad. My volume growth is the same as it’s always been-about 10%. I guess we view the economy as good or bad depending on our political ideology.

  7. Why should the President forget about dogs? They are little people in fur coats………..And if you treat your pet badly, you are capable of treating people badly. Kill an animal ….. shame on you. You could probably kill a person without blinking.

    • ObozoMustGo says:

      Gloria, while I admire your fondness for pets, they are NOT people. No one should abuse any animal, and I love dogs and cats, but they are not equal to humans. Sorry. They’re just not.

      Have a nice day!

      • Landsende says:

        Bozo, if corporations are people so are dogs. I’d trust a dog over a corporation any day. Dogs love and protect you without expecting anything except love, affection and a place to live and never screw you over like corporations. Maybe we should hire some lawyers to petition the SCOTUS to declare they are people too then they could vote and donate to super pacs.

        • EdC says:

          You’ve heard the Republican mantra about voter fraud, several of them actually a few years back got Social security numbers for their dogs and then regestered them to vote and got caught mailing in their dogs Republican votes,

      • EdC says:

        but it is alright for Romney to abuse his dog???? I agree with Gloria, if you abuse you dog, likley the only living thing that loves you completely, how are you going to treat people. Although those 31 bills sent to the senate are called jobs bills, none of them are actually about jobs. One in particular is a law forcing people to carry guns.

        • ObozoMustGo says:

          Ed… how many dogs do you see going down the road with their heads sticking out the window in the wind? Almost every day I see at least one, as long as the weather is decent. Carrying the dog in a kennel on top of a car is the same thing. Dogs like it. It’s not a big deal. You leftist nutjobs are just trying to make muchado about nothing because you have nothing else to complain about a guy who is your political opponent.

          What’s worse?

          1) Letting a dog enjoy the wind in his face like they all do? or
          2) Eating the dog?

          Which choice do you think the dog would make between the 2? hmmmmmm????

          Enough of this stupid dog talk. Until you can share a good recipe from Obozo, I don’t want to hear about it anymore.

          Have a nice day!

          • UTGDI says:

            On occassion you make coherent points. I find your name calling “OBOZO” or “Leftist Nutjobs” annoying, but can sometimes sift a good point out of your posts. This wasn’t one of those posts. Differing societies will have differing palates. Some eat beef, that others consider sacred. Some eat dog that others may frown upon the practice. To each there own, and alluding to the cultural heritage of the President’s (please respect the office if not the man) forefathers is going a bit far. I am sure there are some cultural norms that your forefathers have that would not be your normal behavior. Good day

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            UT… There’s obviously a bit of sarcasm mixed in with some common sense in the post. Thanks for reading.

            Have a nice weekend!

          • paula wernke says:

            hey bully….it seems you are the one that is going on and on, and on, and on. so bully good night and have a good life

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            Get off your soap box, you useful idiot!

            Have a nice day!

        • suskopo says:

          Let’s keep this up and make sure those conservative rights read or hear about what you said so they can at least see a glimpse of themselves as to who they are. There is still time for redemption. They can still change…AND SEE THE WISDOM OF VOTING FOR BARACK OBAMA.

      • Elsa says:

        Dogs are not people, but people who mistreat them are not people either. It is interesting that you are clear that dogs are not people, but tell me how do you feel about Corporations – Is a Corporation a person?

        • suskopo says:

          If you are asking the conservative rights, yes, they are. Through the Conservative Supreme court’s decision…they can dismantle the USA government, destroy the Union, the public schools, and finally, get rid of the Federal government. There will be no separation of Church and State. It will just be in name and all public institutions will be privatized to maximize the opportunities for the rich to make profit by running what the government used to run for profit.

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            susk… you must be high as a kite to make the statement “what the government used to run for profit”. The government has never run a single thing for a profit. The Post Office and Amtrak are HUUUUUGGGGEEEEEE money losers. The government is a HUUUUUUUGGGGEEEE money loser itself. Whatever you are smoking, get rid of it. America and the world cannot afford for anyone else to get their hands on that stuff. Sheeesh!

            Have a nice day!

          • suskopo says:

            So, you got a good laugh. When one makes fun of somebody’s mistake what does that tell you? Of course the government is not established to profit from people’s misery, the private establishment does. Lol, you must be working for private insurance business. The Post Office made good profit but the senate and congress have been dipping into its funds that should have been spent to provide better services to Americans. Conservatives coiuld not keep its mind from how this services could be a lucrative business for their people who are standing by ready to take over this publicly run Post Office. They make an issue of its hard working workers getting good pension benefits. Greed and envy, tha’s what is overtaking the Republican tea partiers. I am making adistinction between republicans who are true conservatives along the line Eishenhower and others, not this newly rising tea partiers who want to take the country back….from whom and to where?

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            susk… yes. Thanks for the good laugh! This post is almost as funny and reveals such ignorance again that I’m not so sure it’s funny any more, just sad.

            Let me ask some questions of you susk: What did you have for dinner last night? Did you make it at home or go out? Either way, you had to drive a car, ride a bike, walk in shoes, whatever. Did you eat on dishes? With utensiles? Did you put salt or pepper on your food? Do you walk on a carpet/wood/tile floor in your home? Did you put your dishes into a sink and use a faucet to rinse them? Did you dry your hands with a towel or paper towels? What about a dishwasher to clean them? What about the table you sat at or the chair you sat in? Did you put leftovers in the fridge? Were you wearing clothes? What time was it? Do you have watch or a clock that tells you? Did you call your friend on your iPhone? Or did they email you and you got it off your iPad or PC?

            Tell me susk… how exactly did those companies profit off of your misery? Do you actually believe for one single second that without the profit motive, that ANY of what you did in your dinner process last night would be possible? Do you really?

            What have you been smoking? The US Post Office hasnt made a dime in profit for decades, if ever. The USPO is what is called an “Enterprise Fund” within the government. It’s like a private business the government owns and it’s finances and books are totally separate. The only link between the 2 is that Congress has been subsidizing the USPO for more than a hundred years with taxpayer dollars because the USPO loses money. Now, we can debate whether or not the USPO should be privatized or remain a loser to tax payers. But you cannot say the USPO was profitable by even the goofiest Obozo accounting methods.

            I’m glad you asked about where the Tea Party wants to take the country back from. They want to take it back from the leftist 60’s radicals that have taken it over. They want to prevent us from becoming a socialist democracy like most of Europe. They want to take us back to our f0unding principles of:

            1) Individual Liberty and freedom
            2) Constitutionally limited Fed Govt
            3) Fiscal responsibility
            4) Free market economics

            That’s it. It’s not hard. It’s very simple, isn’t it? The problem that you leftist nutjobs have with the Tea Party is that you have always thought that you were the only ones that could be politically active. Like you had a God-given right to political activism and no one else was allowed. Uhhhhh…… too friggin bad about that, susk. Obozo’s hard left swing and attempts to jam socialized medicine down America’s throats when 60%+ of Americans wanted nothing to do with it, scared the daylights out of millions of Americans. That’s what prompted the growth of the Tea Party and that is what they fight against. That’s why Obozo and the DemocRATS got their asses handed to them in Nov. 2010. And it is why they will again in 2012. There is a massive silent majority out there with 100 people you dont see for every Tea Partier you do see. The wave has started and there is nothing you can do about it.

            Have a nice day!

          • Lisztman says:

            Ummmm… Seems to me that those “4) Free market economics” led directly to the 2008 (yes, that was 2008 — under the previous Chief Executive) crash of Wall Street, banks, nearly GM & Chrysler, etc. etc. There’s a difference between free market economics and a casino-style free-for-all.

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            Liz… Sorry for delayed response. Been gone for 5 days. Ummmm… seems to me you’re another leftist nutjob that has no clue what you are talking about. The collapse of the Real Estate market and resulting financial markets turmoil was a situation created solely by government regulation and manipulation of the mortgage industry. The Community Reinvestment Act of 1977, signed by the now 2nd worst president in American history, is what gave community organizations and regulators authority over banking practices. Reagan, wisely put the thing on the shelf and did not pursue implementation administratively. Neither did GHWB. But the Clinton Administration did pursue it and brought it alive full force.

            Do you remember (if you are old enough) the term “Red Lining” that was bandied about by the Clinton regulators in the 90’s? Google it if you don’t know. It applies to the practice of a bank drawing a red line around certain neighborhoods or geographies as a way to say that they DO NOT lend to anyone in those areas because they will not get paid back. The Clinton Admin wanted to increase home ownership, and they saw this practice as a barrier to increasing home ownership in poor urban areas. They authorized organizations like ACORN to storm bank branches with protests, many of which turned violent, and threaten the banks that they will put them out of business unless they stop “Red Lining”. Yet another seeming good leftist idea with good intentions, but the devil is always in the details.

            So the banks went to Congress to lobby for their interests. The Congress was able to strike some compromises and agreed to use the Government sponsored FannieMae and FreddieMac as a guarantor of mortgages that were offered to low income people.

            Now, pretend you are a banker. Your business is loaning money. That’s what you do. Your government threatens you and tells you that you must loan money to people who were never able to get loans previously. But to compromise with you, the government also tells you that they will guarantee the loans so you won’t lose money by lending to people that cant pay. Hmmmmm…. A no lose proposition to sell your products (loans)? Hmmmmmmmm… sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? And that is what the banks did. They created loan products that were low up-front costs but became tougher in the out years. They loaned up to 100% or more on the value of the properties because the low income people typically have little to no down payment. The banks, at the urging of the Feds, did everything they could to overcome the problem of making loans to people that could not afford them.

            So looking over the situation now, you as the banker begin to realize that you have made a lot of risky loans, but they are guaranteed by Fannie or Freddie. Your business is loaning money, not servicing mortgages. So you sell your loans at a discounted rate to investors. Those investors believe the loans are guaranteed. The market over a 10 to 12 year period begins to ingest trillions of dollars of these loans. Some of the bankers begin to be worried about those loans in their investments and they create insurance products to hedge their bets (called derivatives).

            In late 2007, it started becoming apparent that as those mortgages matured in years, a higher and higher percentage of them started to default. The market was maturing, supply had met demand, and prices started to level off or come down a little. The first in the line to show trouble was Country Wide (Chris Dodd’s buddy, by the way). Then a couple of smaller ones started to roll over. Then it became obvious that neither Fannie nor Freddie had anywhere near the reserves to pay up on their promises. (Why doesn’t this surprise anyone?) As the house of cards began to crumble, the ripple into the financial system and the loans and derivatives that used them as collateral all came crashing down.

            This is exactly what happened. The government, trying to social engineer home ownership, created a perverse incentive for banks to do what they should not be doing. Then the government tried to insure the banks would not lose money with tax payer promises to cover their losses.

            The entire thing was a scam. And do you think the politicians that created the mess would take the blame? HELLLL NO!!!! They do what they always do. Blame the evil bankers for wanting to make a profit. They would never tell you the truth because they might get thrown out of office and lose their power. That could never happen when they can blame everyone else.

            Then what do they do? The 2 IDIOTS most responsible for the whole mess in Congress come up with a bill called Dodd-Franks that turns getting a regular mortgage into an anal exam of 80 to 100 pages of paperwork for the average American, and millions of worthy payers being turned down or turned off by the process. And you leftist nutjobs ignorantly cheer such nonsense.

            I know you won’t like the truth. Leftist nutjobs rarely do. But this is the way it went down and this is the way in works. If you knew this, instead of watching MSLSD all day, you wouldn’t be a leftist nutjob.

            Have a nice day!

          • paula wernke says:

            are you always this angry? might try to change your behavior and people would be open (if it is true) to your comments. you sound like an abandon child or a bully.

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            paula…. you are a fool! Read what I posted and disagree. Would ANYTHING, even the very computer you type on, be possible without the profit motive?

            Have a nice day!

        • ObozoMustGo says:

          Elsa… Read my other posts on this topic in this thread.

    • biusa says:

      I agree, remember how everyone reacted to Michael Vicks’ knowledge of dog fighting. 2 years prison sentence. Now its ok for Romney to abuse poor fido. just wow.

  8. Obama has been focusing on jobs the congress hasn’t

    • ObozoMustGo says:

      CC…. why don’t you call Dirty Harry in the Senate and tell him to schedule votes on the 31 bills that Congress has sent him in the last year and a half. You know the ones that Harry wont even send to committee or schedule votes on. Yeah, those bills.

      We all know why he won’t bring them to vote… because it will make him and Obozo look like the fools they are with the votes that prove it. That’s why.

      So all this nonsense that you leftist nutjobs and Obozo zombies complain about Congress not doing anything, the actual facts are exactly the opposite.

      Have a nice day!

      • rustingdreams says:

        OBO… It never ceases to amaze me how voices like yours fail to mention how the repubs will never agree to anything that has even the hint of a tax increase on the super rich and still feel like they are the great compromisers. Lets see a little balance on the table and perhaps something could get done. But no, that might upset president Grover.

        You have a great day too!

        • ObozoMustGo says:

          Uhhhh… Dope…. Compromise begins with taking bills to committee and them voting on them to bring to conference for resolution. You useful idiots don’t like that because you want your messiah Obozo to be a dictator.

          • rustingdreams says:

            Where is my “have a nice day”?

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            Sorry, rusting… I was typing on my iPhone. Forgive my lack of being cordial.

            Have a nice day! 🙂

          • paula wernke says:

            there you go again…being ignorant. you are so angry with your words that we can only pity you for what you are.

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            paula.. are you stalking me? Dont you have anything better to do, like oogle over that butch dude, Rachel Madcow, on MSLSD?

            Have a nice day!

        • dljones says:

          Rusting way: Oil the rocking chair and set it besides the do0r, Obummer is going, going, gone.

      • lovedog4u2 says:

        Yea you are he dam fool and not Presidernt Obama And I hope that you tine tat out this fall

        • ObozoMustGo says:

          Luvdog… You are a stone cold moron and are proof that a poster must pass 2nd grade English before being allowed to post.

      • scareygary says:

        “Dirty Harry”, “Obozo”, “leftist nutjobs”, “Obozo zombies”? Is there any chance you might stick to those FACTS you claim and refrain from the name calling and hatred that is in nearly every sentence? Where do you GET that,…. Rush??? It’s very off-putting and does NOTHING to add to the conversation, you FASCIST MORON ….(see what I mean?) Have a nice day…but try thinking about it….

        • ObozoMustGo says:

          Scarey… Well, let’s see… Obozo IS a incompetent clown. Harry Reid is a dirty political hack. Most of you here are leftist nutjobs. And Harry has buried 31 bills with no votes on them.

          Let me be clear! Everything I wrote is true. Whether or not you like it doesn’t really matter, now does it?

          Have a nice day!

          • scareygary says:

            Harry may have buried some bills, yes, but the GOP has had a record number of filibusters and blocked the sort of legislation that would make America MUCH better off, with people employed, infrastructure repaired and a tax code that would give us a chance to increase INCOME and balance the budget as we had before W. In spite of GOP obstructionism and vows to see him “fail” as a higher priority than progress for America as a nation, the stock market us UP, we’re down one war and winding down the other, health insurance companies can’t deny coverage to SICK people any more, he handled the Bin Laden and Quaddiffi messes boldly and neatly with no US casualties, there’s at least been SOME financial reform, GM and Chrysler are back, and TONS more good things have happened, including nuke treaties with Russia, to name a few. You can claim he’s ‘incompetent clown’ (although he DOES have a sense of humor), but the FACTS would show him to be remarkably superior to W (and his ilk), IMHO. Your party is focused ONLY on fewer taxes (even though they are the LOWEST in many decades) and less ‘regulation’, because government is the only entity big enough to keep the money and power of big corporations to ruin the environment, workers rights, safety of food, cars, and steal everything, etc. all in the name of more profit…that goes WHERE? To the CEOs and stockholders (from whence it does NOT ‘trickle down’), not to the people who do the WORK. GOP= Greedy Ones Protected. If you want a 3rd world country like Somalia with no taxes and no government, keep thinking like you think; it’s the extreme example of what you seem to support…..

            The EXTREME example on the ‘other side’ is probably Denmark (even if the ‘socialist’ name calling were true, which is isn’t)… I’ll take that any day over Somalia…

            Everything I wrote is true. Whether or not you like it doesn’t really matter, now, does it? Gosh, I wrote all that without NAME calling…..; see, it CAN be done.
            Have a nice day….

            Signed, Nutjob… (sticks and stones, Man….)

          • paula wernke says:

            actually obozo i would like you to forward me those 31 bills you are stating as fact. now remember it can not be from fox as they are not a legit organization. if you are correct then an apology will be given….in the meantime it is republican congressmen who are not passing bills so people can go back to work, etc. i wonder why you would protect them (GOP) they laugh at you and you support their causes. sounds to me like stupidity.

      • paula wernke says:

        reading wrong news….the sad part about your comment is that you really are not smart enough to understand what the truth is. recent articles about the brain parts missing in the republicans are pretty obvious in your comments. so all this nonsense that you spread is totally untrue and you show your stupidity by just not knowing that you are being laughed at….that is what stupid is . hope you are having a great evening and hope you wake up with a positive thought tomorrow.

    • suskopo says:

      Don’t we know it? Not just jobs… He is laying out the foundation for a lasting economic prosperity for all Americans. Read this article and you will get facts, not sloganeering,

      U.S. energy production is up significantly under Obama
      by By Travis Hoium |

  9. the only reason Obama would have his dog in the car with him would be in case he got Hungry . By the way the Private Sector is doing just fine hahahahahahah…And Liberals think he is smart ?Well I guess when you get your news info and talking points from Joy Behar Whoopie Goldberg Jon Sterwart Steven Colbert Rosie Oddonnell and Misogynist Moron Bill Maher any thing Obama says doesn’t sound like a joke as he is the” Amateur “Comedian in this group .

  10. you sound like Joy Behar and Misogynist Moron Bill Maher . You also sound just as intelligent …Just remember the Private Sector is doing Just fine . Talk about out of touch

  11. William Deutschlander says:

    The GOP, using slang language are “DOGS”, if Obama or anyone else referred to the GOP in that vein as “DOGS” I certainly would have to agree.

    In slang language, “dogs” are slackers, non-contributers to society, of little value to humanity and scocialy undesireable.

    Enough said!

  12. Rudewaitress says:

    They want him not mention anything about Romney….He has had many job plans..he CANNOT do anything without the House…What is so hard to understand..they say no or filibuster everything that has to do with jobs, or the rich paying their fair share…if it is not taking away from the working man or the people in need..they want nothing to do with it…you want jobs..get on the Republicans…again Obama can do nothing…pay attention to what goes on instead of being programmed!!!

    • joujou228 says:

      Didn’t the job act passed with 74 votes in the senate, if so he should shout it to the american people about the house not even putting for a vote. The house GOP is terrified that it may pass and help the economy. They’re bussy passing legislations on light bulbs.

  13. frida says:

    The dumbest thing one can do is to listen to the opposite side telling you what to do and what you should not. Dogs, jobs and whatever should be in play. Once the campaign will start something and leave it, it will end up in a huge catastrophe. Stick to your guns. Each and everything works, what matters is to let the message out!

  14. ivory69690 says:


  15. ivory69690 says:


  16. ObozoMustGo says:

    Forget about dogs?????? But they taste soooooo good!!!!

    Have a nice day!


    Rediculous article. I’m certain Johnathan Alter is one of these one percenters paid handsomely by another Rightist Rag to genup more Rightist drivel. The Steinbeck book analogy is so far fetched it is pathetic. I have read both books and was not asleep in eighth grade class, unlike most Republicans are now asleep at the Legislative Wheel – driving all of us further into the hands of the one percenters!

    • UTGDI says:

      I respectfully disagree. As I read the article, I took it as a cautionary article, reminding the campaign that it, in the opinion of the author, should stay on topic, and avoid the ancillary topics. By using analogies to books to emphasize that as the Clinton Campaign noted in 1992 “It’s the Economy Stupid. By identifying the actions taken by this President to improve the situation, he and his campaign would be better served.

      Might I add that the “BLAME GAME” no matter how it is played out is becoming stale. I believe that even the most casual observer of national politics is aware that the economy was a mess when President Obama came to office. That was almost four years ago. Has the congress that is now in session been an obstacle to passing anything? Yes on both sides, Senate will not allow the pet republican bills pass to protect the president from having to Veto. (Not sure why — This would bring the Line Item Aspects to a vote to override, and clearly identify which direction each group wants to take the country)
      The republicans will not pass in the house, or allow a simple majority (Filibuster requires 60) to pass the president’s / democratic ideas. Therefore we have deadlock and no one wins.

      The republicans are the party of “No” or as they have begun to say “Know”. Their leadership has publicly stated that they are going to work with the “next” president to put america back to work. I read — DOA for anything that may give the economy traction, or provide the current president a victory that improves our lot.

      My answer would be to put together your plan and push it in whichever part of congress that you have the most power, then allow the debate to begin. Joe Q Public is watching, and will reward those with the idea,. not the finger pointers.

      Governor Romney has his campaign “First Day as President” which whether you agree or disagree with, is effective in identifying where he stands, critics may add “at the moment”.

      President Obama could do the same in laying out his vision of what needs to happen going forward. What would a second term agenda look like. Paraphrasing an open mike comment — He will be less restrained and enjoy more flexibility. Not a warm fuzzy feeling at the time, especially with the circumstance surrounding the comment, but I would appreciate how knowing what he intends to do.

    • ObozoMustGo says:

      down…. your name should be down syndrome… but that would be an insult to the mentally handicapped… I’m just sayin!

      Don’t you have an occupy encampment you can go to where you can burn buildings, vandalize private property, throw bricks into crowds, attack the police, crap on cop cars, do drugs, rape women, and do your up-twinkles/down-twinkles? You should head on down there right away.

      By the way, what exactly does “DOWN_WITH_ONE_PERCENTERS” mean when translated into action? I am curious to know.

      Have a nice day!

  18. Tim says:

    Yes i agree but when you have Republicans in office who would rather let the American people be jobless is nothing more than not carring at all. I say Obama cares about animals and Republicans treat Americans just like we are lest than. So lets see if Republicans treat Americans like dogs it would be better, if they only cared???? Go Obama God is with you and so am I.

  19. EdC says:

    It’s interesting that Obama should forget about dogs, then he should not talk about Romney and Bain, then he isn’t aloud to say anything about the church. then he isn’t allowed to talk about the just say no congress, or the hole that Bush left us in, or that romney and Bush both decided against going after bin Laden. But Romney isn’t even scolded about his lies about 4.3 million jobs created during the Obama adminstration, or he can claim it was his idea that GM was able to come back. The GREAT REPUBLICAN DOUBLE STANDARD.

  20. Elsa says:

    It is easy to say “entitlement reform and increase taxes,” the hard part is in the details. The Right, middle and left all have a different picture of what that means. What we have in November is the choice between a more of the failed policies of the Bush era and a President that has reduced the debt spending, has at least been adding jobs instead of losing them, and past a healthcare bill that will help bring insurance to the 50 million+ hard working Americans who the private sector will not insure. And he has managed doing all that with a congress that will not compromise and would rather spend its time passing legislation that blocks women access to birth control and wants to make it legal to force women to have invasive vaginal devices shoved in to her vagina. If you are interested in giving the rich more tax breaks, taking the food out of grandma mouth and letting her die waiting to get into the hospital than vote for Romney. If you want a President that will work for tax equality, putting people to work, and protecting Medicare and Social Security vote for Obama. Look, no President is perfect but of the two choices we have I going to choose the one who understands what it means for a family of four to live on $50,000 a year and that is not Romney.

    • Mulligatonney says:

      …and, of course – a family of four living on $50K a year is not OBama, either. And he has never made his own money, worked for any concern that actually had to show any productivity or profit or had to live on the results of his own initiative/entrepreneurship… And he has never been responsible for balancing a budget – which is why he calls adding 5 Trillion dollars to our national debt in three years – “progress”. I wonder what he means by “Forward”… Forward over the cliff? At least, with him at the helm, all those who vote for him this time around will realize the full impact of what that means… Look up the history of Argentina, once a proud and prosperous nation for a hint.

      • UTGDI says:

        Forward – might be that we look to move beyond the past mistakes, and outdated entrenched partisanship that is impeding progress.
        I agree that both parties need to get control of the budget. There can be no sacred cows, entitlements need to be on the table (Sorry Democrats), but you can only cut so much, then an increase in revenues will need to make up the difference (Sorry Republicans). I have often heard my republican friends talk about those “Tax and Spend” Democrats, with a few extra superlatives tossed in. I also here my democratic friends talk about the years President George W. Bush’s administration as a time when we spent on the “credit card” — ie tax cuts for the wealthy, prescription drug coverage, and the two wars that were not paid for. Both sides are correct, it is not in the country’s best interest to continue to grow government. Nor is it possible to balance the budget without some sort of targeted increase in revenues.
        “Tax Fairness” is of course code for tax the wealthy. Of those that are given much, much is asked. Righting this economic ship is going to take some intestinal fortitude from all sectors of society. Entitlements will need to be curbed, and some tax cuts will need to expire, so that revenues are raised.
        Also if heaven help us, we actually get back to a point of having a Budget Surplus, might I suggest that we pay down that National Debt that everyone is so worried about, instead of returning the money to “fill in the blank” so that we do not saddle our children and grand children with this albatross.

        • ObozoMustGo says:

          UT… you are a breath of fresh air around here, even if we disagree on many things. My hunch is that we agree on more things than we dont, even if you lean a little left.

          The reason most of us on the right deplore any calls for tax increases is because we know from experience that they will NOT come with corresponding cuts in spending. We dont believe the lie that a reduction in some future planned increase is a cut, either. Further, we know the FACTS about who actually pays the taxes. When only 10% of the people pay more than 70% of the income taxes, I’m not exactly sure what the hell is meant by “pay their fair share”. If 70% of all taxes paid by so few is not fair, what the hell is “fair”? Especially considering that about 48% of all Americans pay NO Federal Income taxes. By the way, for all of you lefties out there that decry the Bush/Obozo tax cuts (Obozo did renew it and now he owns part of it also), for your edification, those Bush tax cuts made the tax code more progressive and increased the percentage of Americans that pay NO fed income tax from roughly 38% to 45% when he left to what is today 48%. The lefties should love that. And if you think that letting them expire is going NOT hit your pocket, you don’t know what you are talking about.

          Having established that, I would be willing to have a tax increase if we went back to a baseline budget in real dollars that was in effect for the year 2000. Take that exact same budget and I will support an increase in my tax rate from 35% to 39% gladly. But until the spending is under control, there is no way I am going to support giving the heroin addicts in D.C. more access to heroin. Every conservative I know agrees with this sentiment.

          As far as paying off the national debt, we absolutely must focus on doing this. All we have to do is to look to Europe to see the consequences of runaway spending on social programs and massive government bureaucracies. The debt is the cancer in our system that will consume ALL social programs, whether we like it or not. And it’s not a Repub or Dem problem, people. It’s a math problem.

          I dont understand why people are not morally outraged by the fact that we are spending our children’s and grandchildren’s future earnings for our benefit today. I just dont understand that thinking that says it’s OK.

          Anyway, nice chatting with you UT.

          Have a nice day!

        • Mulligatonney says:

          Thank you for your comments, UTGDI – your thoughts reflect a pretty serious attempt at objective thinking and applied logic. A combination of spending cuts and revenue, to be sure… What is going on in California and Wisconsin is of great interest to me, as I see the voters actually taking real steps to come to grips with the basic budget issues of any going concern – one of which is the flawed “logic”, or more appropriately – “illogic” that allows one to think that nothing is wrong when one’s expenditures chronically exceed their income as an artifact of their philosophy. Giving away taxpayer”s money in exchange for votes is immoral, and even if it was not breeding an entitlement mentality, promising taxpayer’s money that does not exist in exchange for votes is even worse. More practically speaking, in a household budget scenario, when my boss cuts my hours or my pay, I don’t go looking to buy a new car – I cut out cable television, steak three times a week, number of golf games, etc. and start looking for a secondary source of income. I understand that world economies are more complicated, and that businesses are reluctant to spend money during times of economic uncertainty which can constipate cash flow, but there is a reason that businesses are tentative. When the political mindset automatically tends toward simply shoving more devalued dollars into circulation rather than trimming some of the obviously excessive expenditures and fraud, then it is time to adjust the political mindset. Any successful businessman, small or large, knows this. Enough out of me for now. I look forward to your additional comments.

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        Mulligatonney….. SOUP FOR YOU! You’ve earned it. Welcome to the sea of leftist insanity that is The Memo. It’s great fun pointing out such facts about Obozo to these people. Some, like UTGDI, are rather objective and quite decent people who have different views. And I respect them. But many others on here are nothing but political hacks and Obozo zombies that would vote for their messiah again even if he were caught on tape performing lewd acts with an underage person. I only say that as an analogy to the depth of their loyalty to the cult of personality that is Obozo. There’s nothing that will change that.

        Keep on posting!

        Have a great day!

        • Mulligatonney says:

          Thank you, sir…

          It is a pleasure to find myself in the presence of such fine online company. Knowing human nature well is exactly why our founders thought government a “necessary evil”, and knew that it was essential for the survival of the young Republic to establish a standard that would keep the corruptible nature of man from taking down the first real government of the people, by the people and for the people in the history of the world. There has never been a better principle behind the philosophy of ANY government, and I could not believe in it any more strongly. But, as Madison said in Federalist 51 (paraphrased) “…if angels governed us, no problem. But since eternally corruptible man is running our government, the challenge of governance is first in establishing a body that can control the people, but second in obliging it to control itself”… a very loose paraphrase, I might add. And limiting the size, power and reach of our government is the best way to ensure that it endures. If the Democrats were pushing individual freedom and limited government, I would be voting for them. But the fact is, they simply are not. Looking forward to further Internet sightings, Mr. ObozoMustGo. I agree. He must go. Now.

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            Mull…. More soup for you! I love James Madison. He and Jefferson were, IMHO, our most brilliant founders. That’s an enormous complement given the fact that everyone of them were intellectual giants of their time. Where are men like those men in our time? Do they exist? I think so, but they need to be pulled out. Madison was diminutive, very soft spoken, and shy. I dont know if he could be elected to oversee a supply closet today, much less be elected President in the modern era of media. And he’s more brilliant than all of them combined today. Too bad image is more important than content any more.

            Check out more of my posts. I think you’ll get a kick out of many of them. 🙂

            Look forward to seeing you around. I’ll keep the soup warm.

            Have a nice day!

          • Mulligatonney says:

            Those men do exist, but not many of them can even qualify to run within their party platform – due to the new Gods, Political Correctness and Moral Relativism that have been placed over the old One. Our moral standards are being replaced with things that can hardly be called “moral” or “standards” at all…

            “…and the people bowed and prayed, to the Neon God they made…” Paul Simon.

            I think most of us understand this regression instinctively – that our cultural pendulum has swung way too far in its present cycle, but have been propagandized into being afraid that our founding moral standards are backward and outdated…

            Yes – Any of our founders would have been appalled at seeing how Liberty has been as an excuse to justify any immoral thing society wants to do. Just think about this for a second. In a culture where one click of a mouse can take a child into the middle of the most lascivious sexual deviations of Internet Pornography, a man can be put on a sex offender’s list for life for taking a leak behind a dumpster…

            …”and the sign said the words of the Prophets are written on the subway walls – and tenement halls…again, Paul Simon… Great words. And amazing perception.

            Yes – these men still exist. And they must begin to find a way to make
            their voices heard in a society that thinks morality is passe’, and cannot
            seem to figure out why the consequences of that immorality are happening to

            Blind men following blind men.

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            I’m with you Mulli… the problems with our country and the politicians we elect are only a reflection of the problems with our culture, which the left has been systematically trying to destroy and tear down for 50+ years. And which, for far too long, most of us have stood idly by watching it occur without challenging them… until recently. We are far behind the 8 ball on this and I hope it’s not too far gone. I am not optimistic, however.

            Where ever there is another Washington, Jefferson, Madis0n, who knows? It’s likely that a crisis will be the precipitating event to reveal who they will be. Until then, keep fighting the good fight.

            Have a nice day!

    • UTGDI says:

      Thank you for your comments, I do not believe the congress is as obsessed with the female body as you may have expressed, but I am not a woman. I did like the key points that you made reference passed legeslation that the administration pushed, that has been beneficial to the recovery, and yes 27 months of job growth is recovery, no matter how few jobs were added this last month. When the economy was shedding jobs each month prior to actions by this administration.

      I also agree that the devil is in the details when it comes to the tax and entitlement reforms suggested by the various parties.

      What I have a difficult time with, is the summary dismissal of a candidate because he has been successful, and does not raise his family on $50,000 a year. I would note that President Obama and his wife were not paupers when he elected to run for his current position.

      Thanks again for your contribution.

  21. ObozoMustGo says:

    Land… dogs are NOT people nor are they equivalent to humans. They are animals. Sorry to inform you of this fact. I am just the messenger. Dont hate on me.

    Corporations are just legal documents and a means of capital formation. Only people work at, and make up the corporation. It’s just a group of people dedicated to making products and services. But they are not animals, either. They are people like you and me who get up and go to work everyday to try to provide for our families. Nothing more, nothing less. So while I understand that as a leftist nutjob (and I mean that affectionately), you need to have some form of a boogieman to hate in order to justify your world view as a victim, the reality is very different.

    Have a nice day, Land!

    • Listen you horrible person……Everything GOD created are his children. He even sent us a message. Spell GOD backwards……..DOG.

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        Gloria… dogs are not people. Just because I disagree with you doesn’t mean I support abusing animals. I know that’s how you leftist nutjobs, and especially you wacko militant “animal rightsers” think, but it’s not true in the least. That does not change that dogs are not people and a dog life is not worth a human life. Sorry to inform you of these facts. I know it makes you mad, but too friggin bad. It’s the truth.

        Have a nice Sunday!

    • Landsende says:

      Bozo, yes dogs are animals, but if the supreme court can rule corporations are people, which is one of the most ridiculous rulings they have ever made, is it any more ridiculous to have the supremes rule dogs are people too. After all, they are flesh and blood while corporations are bricks and mortar. As for putting my IRA with a dog, don’t be ridiculous. I decide where I will invest and with whom. Those same corporations you think so highly of cost retirees their life savings because of their greed and bad management but yet walked away with no consequences and it’s still business as usual for them.

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        Land… like I said before… a corporation is a legal document, that’s all. But that legal document is the organizing function that brings PEOPLE together for the common goal of producing a product or service that other people want. So in reality, a corporation is just a group of people with common interests. Corporations ARE people just like Unions ARE people. Both organizations of PEOPLE have a right to their political speech without being encumbered by government. Whether you or I like the speech or not is of no consequence to their rights to speak out.

        Considering the topic…. dogs cannot form corporations or unions, can they? They are just animals. Cute and adorable and fun and all that. But just animals. That’s all they are.

        So your attempts to draw some sort of moral equivalency between dogs and those “evil corporations” is really grasping at straws. It’s a fool’s game, Land. Give it up.

        Have a nice day!

  22. Obama’s job creation plan is to hire more government employees. His support is coming from government employees and welfare recipients–not people struggling in private sector jobs.

  23. ObozoMustGo says:

    One other point Land…. you should consider putting your 401K or IRA with a dog. Let me know how that turns out.

    Have a nice day!

  24. nobody1pub says:

    Republican recipe for growth (tax cuts and deregulation) in the 2000s and it failed. That says more than a mouthfull.

    • ObozoMustGo says:

      nobody…. and Obozo’s recipe for growth of spend and debt and spend and debt and spend and debt is working? What planet do you live on? It isnt this one, that’s for sure.

      Have a nice day!

  25. karinursula says:

    First of all the President was 6 years old when he ate dog. enough already. Second, he
    send a job bill to congress last year. And yes he inherited not only 2 wars that cost
    trillions but also a congress who was determined to undermine the President every which
    way. I also heard on TV last night that the Republicans in congress made it clear to themselves not to do anything til after the election. Now my question is who is congress working for? Maybe if we cut their salaries and benefits like it happens to some of us they
    would start working. It is total arrogance to think that they are only responsible to the
    tea party. And yes talking about Bain is very appropriate. After all Romney is running
    on this record with Bain.

    • DurdyDawg says:

      They also forget to tell us that in more than one Country, dog is considered a delicacy.. Not like we view it.

  26. sigrid28 says:

    Stuart Stevens didn’t read the same Grapes of Wrath I did, in which the Joads’s daughter they call Rosasharn, whose child is stillborn because of malnutrition, saves a starving stranger in the way only a woman can, given the extremities of the family’s destitution. She represents hope in a brutal landscape, whereas women to Mr. Stevens’s cohorts are regarded simplyas wombs to be manipulated. Mr. Stevens must have missed Steinbeck’s note-to-self regarding his intentions in The Grapes of Wrath: “I want to put a tag of shame on the greedy bastards who are responsible for this.” He refers to the Great Depression and its aftermath. To which camp does Mr. Stevens’s candidate belong, the Joads or the” greedy bastards”?

  27. suskopo says:



    A Little Truth About Energy:

    U.S. energy production is up significantly under Obama
    To read more..copy and paste the link above on the link bar to open the article.

  28. Lets be clear Obama HAS been working on jobs as well as killing Bin laden- 20 top al qauda & saving US auto industry & its 1 mil jobs . Tea Bagger GOP vowed to break Obama and has done ZIP to help US economy – jobs are doing all they can to tank US economy so Obama loses. ALL the GOP has done is push pass anti women anti worker anti birth control bills and lie ,cheat , spread misinformation . Obama must use ALL he can to beat citizens United Fav Mitt & Ryan who plans same old Reaganomics GOP fat cat policies -deregulation but on steroids which led to worst crash in 80 yrs Long mismanaged unfunded wars based on lies- Halliburton Blackwater profits- unfunded debt & huge corp tax cuts .

  29. lovedog4u2 says:

    Well its like this i did not vote for our president Obama the first time around But i dam sure intend to vote for the man this time around. And all any body has to do is tack a long hard look at Romeny reckord and see what he has done befor and if they do and are honest with them selfs they cannot vote this man. We will not have any thing left we wont have any firemem, police or pensons or any thing left after 4 years of romeny

  30. Good grief – grow up – this wasn’t written by Obama but by some animal lover who happens to like Obama. Obama has a MUCH better track record of creating jobs than Romney has ever thought about. PLUS congress keeps voting down everything that Obama is for! Tell the GOP congress to support his job creating bills. If you want a better economy start writing your congressmen and insisting they get busy doing something positive for a change.

  31. gene says:

    Congress has plaged to make Obama look bad no matter the cost to the nation.

  32. suskopo says:

    “Stevens insists that this election will have everything to do with the economy and nothing to do with how Romney treated his dog, and his second quip reflects the same analysis in a more positive context.”

    That treatment of his dog falls within the realm of ‘feeling’, his attitude, his conscience. There was no qualms when he was deciding how many workers would be laid off, in his effort to downsize the companies he with his Bain’s associates bought. Foremost on his mind was how much money they could save and still would have some left for him to tack away as his profit. Otherwise, he and his associates will burn the midnight candle to figure out how they could save these laid off workers their livelihood, keep them in the payroll for less salary, so that they still could afford even two or one meal a day. If they were really smart with a more humane hearts, they could downsize the companies they bought without laying off a single worker, knowing how important laborers’ loyalty are to the companies that are paying their salaries. The gratitude they could harness with a more humane solution to the problems of the companies they bought is a powerful engine to motivate these workers to do their might to help the company to become viable again. It could have been a win-win situation for all… But no,Romney wanted it all for himself and his associates.

    • DurdyDawg says:

      Well, he did say he likes to fire people.. By the way.. Has anybody noticed how the media is making the President’s photos tweak the sleepers into thinking Obama IS the spawn of satan? I really get the feeling that we’re gonna be bombarded by propaganda through all our senses in this election year.. A picture is worth a thousand words? Only if it’s not presented as a manipulation.

  33. Blue says:

    So how would Stuart Stevens have liked it to have happened? For President, Barack H. Obama, leace the Bush Tax policies in place to ease the rich and wealthy of this nation, so they could have continued to steal from the middle Class, working poor and poor, what little they have and can keep, while they want to keep all the fortunes that made from them in the first place? The rigged political and economic system in the USA is the model of the rest of the world.

  34. daffodilly says:

    You know, the more I read these articles and comments the clearer it becomes that we citizens are taking this election very, very seriously while we’re constantly bombarded by cutsy high-school boy comments out of the Republicans and their toadies. I guess that’s the difference between people who respect our laws and public services and people who believe they are above the laws and can buy any public servant they want. What’s going to have to happen before assets in our economic mountain stop “trickling up” and stagnating with the moneyed elite rather than being invested in the economy and being a benefit to all of society? And, no, letting the wealthy live tax free is not the answer. They will use any excuse in order to hoard while middle income Americans are unemployed and food banks are overwhelmed.

    • sigrid28 says:

      Thanks. Obama can be the president for us all: academics and pundits; teachers and students; the rich and those who would be rich, or who are rich in priceless things; the glib and the too worried to be glib; the forgiving and the unforgiving; even the relentless haters and the hopeful, committed to prayer and tolerance. The president for us all.

  35. President Obama shows that he is a human being and has enjoyment outside of politics. He never underestimates his fortitude with the issues lying ahead politically and directly aimed at the policies necessary to our countries well-being.

  36. gargray says:

    Right! the republican senate won’t let any bills pass that will help the economy. They haven’t voted for anything for 3 years except to stop planed parenthood, give the rich more tax relief, stop abortions, stop Obamacare, stop gay marrage,and try and keep the wars going, and of course give themselves a pay increase. And stop the auto industry, really they haven’t done anything.

  37. rustingdreams says:

    Thanks OBO! A suggestion for you. Have you ever thought of toning your discourse down just a tad? You have obviously been educated beyond grade school and people might take you more seriously if you did. I notice your “likes” are minimal. It might help there too. And be honest, do you really feel the repubs are trying to compromise seriously for the good of our great land (other than to simply get rid of POTUS)?

    • sigrid28 says:

      It is probably preferable to have no ” likes” in an online discourse when the entry with the most likes (so far) is authored by someone who uses the moniker ObozoMustGo. As an unabashed American Lit Geek, I bet you a cookie (not ten thousand dollars) that if you reread The Grapes of Wrath, there will be a great deal we can agree on. One thing we already agree on, is the sense that the GOP acts at the behest of Americans who simply hate the president. But saying that over and over again will not defeat the Republicans in November. Being smarter than they are, or being more inclusive (in terms of getting out the vote), or trying to be more articulate yourself– that might help your dreams go from “rusting” to realization.

  38. dljones says:

    Lengthy article to save the ship. Whats is the difference between a do nothing congress and a do nothing Obama?

    Hang on to your lazy boys and golf clubs hammer heads, 2 men and a truck is braced for a land slide business as November is is on its way.

  39. rustingdreams says:

    Siggy….Thanks for the tips. Of course I was trying to gently chide OBO. Obviously I’m happy that he has few “likes” and hope things stay that way unless he changes his thinking. I’m not quite sure how to take your comments. Sounds like you don’t like the way I express myself.

  40. babycats says:

    Cedric Cannon is the writer with the most “likes.” Siggy and RustingDreams don’t yet understand the ins and outs of the National Memo’s “voter registration,” but in the end, they agree. ObozoMustGo, with his wild talk, dominates the conversation. Where have we seen this before?

  41. Hillbilly says:

    How much is ObozoMustGo being paid by the Republicans to say the same stuff over and over? He always says the same things everytime he posts, just using different words. MustGo how come you never criticize the Republicans for blocking bills that would help the country recover more quickly from the depression they caused. Everytime a bill comes up in the Senate that would help the whole Country not just the rich, the Republicans invovke the stupid 60 votes to block it and in the House Boehner and Company are always keeping bills from the Democratic side of the House that would help the whole country from coming out of committee yet MustGo nor montana bill ever mention that fact. MustGo don’t have a nice day.

  42. Hillbilly says:

    No Obama doesn’t need to forget about dogs because the way a person treats their dog 9 times out of 10 shows what kind of character a person has. Any person that puts a dog on the roof of the car for a long trip does not have a good character. The President needs to talk about how his opponent treats his dog, how he made millions by making the lives of thousands of workers miserable while he was running Bain and to let the voters know how the Republicans in Congress have blocked every bill that he and the Democrats have tried to get passed that would improve the job situation and hammer home the fact that the Republicans didn’t think it was important to get people back to work until six months before the elections. Everytime he makes a speech all of these things need to be brought up especially Bain, treatment of pet, and the fact that the Republicans in Congress didn’t think it was important to get people back to work until 6 months before the election.

  43. David H says:

    Romney is a creep. I can’t imagine doing that to an animal. I wonder what his kids thought of that

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