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Friday, October 21, 2016

WASHINGTON — It is said after every election that the victors should put politics aside and work for the good of the country.

If President Obama believed this pious nonsense, he would put his second term in jeopardy. Asking politicians to ignore politics is like insisting that professional hockey players switch to basketball. In a system with national elections every two years — and in which the two parties are in relatively close balance — politics never disappears.

Fortunately, the president knows foolishness when he sees it. He has been toughened by four years of unremitting Republican opposition and has behind him both a large electoral college victory and an advantage of about 3 million popular votes. The word “mandate” is overused — just ask George W. Bush. But Obama was absolutely clear during the campaign about his insistence that taxes on better-off Americans need to rise as part of any deal on the budget deficit and “fiscal cliff.”

And so did Obama gracefully but firmly challenge Republicans on Friday to extend the Bush-era tax cuts for the middle class immediately and then begin negotiations on how to raise taxes on the well-to-do. He was asking them to give up their leverage because he knows they don’t have much leverage to begin with. Meet the newly empowered Obama.

The voters clearly heard what Obama was saying during the campaign. According to the media exit poll, only 35 percent of voters said taxes should not be increased. Fully 47 percent of all voters supported raising taxes on Americans earning $250,000 or more, including 66 percent of Obama’s voters. An additional 13 percent, of all voters and Obama’s, said taxes should go up for everyone.

If Republican leaders in Congress want to pretend that Obama’s re-election means absolutely nothing, the president seems willing to let all the Bush tax cuts expire. This is the only way to deal with recalcitrance, reflected in the fact that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell didn’t even let the president make his case on Friday before issuing a flat statement rejecting any tax increases. Obama can only hope that he can break more reasonable Senate Republicans away from their hardline leadership.

House Speaker John Boehner has tried to sound more reasonable, and Obama took him at his word. Graciousness comes easily when you are operating from a position of strength.

Still, even in his conciliatory mode, Boehner made clear that preserving low tax rates for the rich remains the GOP’s single highest priority. The speaker said he might support new revenue, but only through some vague “tax reform.” But that’s what Mitt Romney offered during the campaign. Boehner is saying he will make a deal with the victorious candidate only on the basis of the program of the defeated candidate. Here’s hoping this is just a bargaining position.

  • I hope that the administration can stick to a progressive plan including balance. Give aways just to get GOP votes is not required. The country just voted to endorse the President and his policies, so moving forward is the only option.

    • Ellis Monk

      Lydia you are right. Obama don’t have to give up nothing these fools asked. The country voted for him, to tell the rich they will pay more,there fair share. The rich hiding there money over-sees, Too not pay tax have to stop now. They won’t stop,they are like a suck egg dogs. Obama was voted to stop them.

      • OMG!!! Ellis thank you you make’s my hair grows on ends all over. Thank you for your courage and supported post of encouragement.

    • If I Have To Pay Another $2,000 To $3,000 More In Taxes So Be It As Long As Those Tax Breaks For The Wealthy Is GONE!!!

      • bcarreiro

        hey fern, we won hun, the american taliban will pay their fairshare as the middleclass have paid them enough. forward hun, never straight:-)

        • I Know We Won I’m Talking About If The American Taliban Don’t Sign To Give The Tax Breaks For The Middle Class And We Go Over The Fiscal Cliff!!!

          • bcarreiro

            the only one going off the cliff are the republicans one by one and justice for all.

          • Fern thank you !! But have faith we will prevail again and again Our leader is fully awake now the tempest of Pharoah’s stormy weather are over, the voices of the people are heard we all will hope they the american Talibans cannot break this nation any more they don’t have to even sign. They must be ordered to pay what ever taxes needed.

          • 13observer

            what you gonna do girl when we get Shiriah Law and you ain’t got no rights no more but for what your old man tells you to do?

          • johninPCFL

            Bag the fear tactics. The election is over.

          • 13observer

            commin to a neighborhood near you. you just observed how illegal aliens demand AMNESTY, now wait for Shiriah Law to be the next bait to compromise our democracy by again holding it hostage.

          • johninPCFL

            Sure. It’s as true as the rest of the far-right fairy tales: the stock market was going to crash last June, the end of the world is in December, the president was going to declare martial law and delay the elections, Rush Limbaugh was moving to Costa Rico, Sean Hannity was going to get waterboarded and Mitt Romney was going to win the election.

            Like most far-right fairy tales, it only influences your sense of dread. The rest of us look forward to a continually improving America.

            “Sharia”. At least learn how to spell it.

          • 13observer

            sure just like Alec Baldwin was going to leave the U.S. if Bush was elected., we are somehow the cause of “global warming”…………(ice age) everything melted before we even had a “carbon footprint”! Also, in the 70’s gasoline was going to be all used up etc.

          • johninPCFL

            No one can make you come out of mom’s basement. Stay there cowering in fear if you want.

            “Sharia law” ooohhh! Wolfman ooohhh! Vampires ooohhh!

          • 13observer

            believe me I am not cowering in the basement, I have plenty of “FIREPOWER”! and that is why the Second Amendment of our Constitution exists and WILL NOT be compromised!
            I’ll bet you never predicted our democracy would be held HOSTAGE by illegal aliens impacting elections either did you. If Obama gives 20 million illegals AMNESTY then anything is possible like say “Sharia Law” as many democrats are suckers for any culture that comes along while discounting America’s just to broaden their base. Obama’s legacy will be “PARTY BEFORE COUNTRY”! A sell out to further the democrat’s agenda of WELFARE TILL YOU’RE BROKE!

          • johninPCFL

            Sure you do. Just like every other internet Rambo.

            There are 12 million illegals, so your bullshit falls flat. And amnesty was the Reagan solution, not the one proposed by the president. Climb out of the basement sometime. You may learn something.

            McConnell’s already got the lock on Party before Country. I doubt the GOP will understand why they lost, or make any changes until after they lose again.

          • 13observer

            it is obvious Odumba never learned anything from Reagan’s folly! and how do you know the number is 12 million? do you believe everything you read?

          • johninPCFL

            Sure, other than what he’s proposed is nothing like the Reagan folly.

            I know the Fox-GOP media is reporting that the number is more like 300 million, but I discount that as more election year turn-out-the-base bullshit. Maybe now that they’ve lost and just don’t believe that a “real American would vote for the Kenyan”, they are reporting that the number is 57 million (the number who voted for Obama)? The low number reported is 9 million, the high number is 12 million from reputable sources.

          • Hey 13observer are you really ObozoMustGo because you sound as idiotic as him. First of all is Sharia Law, learn how to spell something before you try to make a statement about it. Where does your lunacy come from, don’t they let any oxygen into the right wing bubble world that you live in?

          • 13observer

            I really don’t want to know how to spell it because I don’t recognize it!!!! But you being the patriot that you are will have it shoved down your throat before you know what hit you. Your type is quick to “sell out” our American values, language, culture, heritage etc. for other around the world because you are so “guilt-ridden” and shamned of being an American!!! I am not!

          • neeceoooo

            Does it not bother you that your views are so narrow minded. We are a culture of many different colors, religions, faces, believes and you need to open your eyes to these things. Hate is a very ugly word.

          • 13observer

            another democrat in denial

          • All These Trolls Are Cut From The Same Retard Cloth!! They Are So Dumb They All Share And Work Out Of The Same Kit!!!

          • They are sock puppets, one person, many names, paid by the gop to look like a crowd.

          • Fern, I get what you are saying and I agree. I will happily pay more taxes in the interim, knowing that in 2 years the democrats will take the House Majority. GOP won’t hold me hostage!!

          • You Got That Right My Friend If That What It Takes So Be It!! Cause We Will Unite Again The Next Go Round In 2014 And Put A Stop To These American Taliban Members Once And For All!!!

          • jarheadgene

            I agree….we all need to find family/friends, whoever is in the region BOEHNER represents and pour effort into him losing in ’14. If he doesn’t learn to “play nice”. And Kentucky, what is wrong with them, that they have McConnell as their Senator.

      • President Obama is an educated and serious Leader. His first four years was of real hard work and observation. Presently he is not in for nonsense, this is the real leader we will find history. No more of Reps blocking, and interrupting in his plans, and real down to earth work bringing the nation to a developing and progressive growing Nation moving forward. Thank you Mr President for this four more years .

        • You Got That Right The More They Were Plotting To Stop Him The More He Was Working On Turning Their Mess That They Left Around, The More They Were Screwing With Our President The More He Was Working For ALL The People Of This Country And Getting 4 More Years!!!!!

      • Wow Fern, was that a stupid and clear picture into the thinking of radical Socialists like you. Make us ALL pay more in taxes just so you can hatefully stick it to the rich. I suppose if you ever start to make a lot of wealth, you will quit your job so as not to go over a prescribed limit.

        • Go Screw Yourself Like You Been Doing You Low Life Tea Bagging Ass Kisser Of The Koch Brothers !! Take Your Sour Grapes And Stick Them Up Your ASS!! I’m A Middle Class Nurse BITCH I Pay Taxes Lots Of Taxes And If I Have To Pay More To Get These Thugs To See Tax Breaks For The Wealthy DO NOT WORK FOR NOBODY BUT THEM, SO BE IT !! We Had This Dance Before STOP TALKING TO ME WITH YOUR DUMB ASS BULLSHIT BITCH!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?????? You Been Trolling On Over 10 Web Site And 283 Is All You Can Come Up With LOL STFU Dumb Ass Tea Bagging Bitch!!! TRICKLE DOWN ONLY WORK FOR THE WEALTHY!!

      • S-3

        Words taken out of mouth – just not as loud, unfortunately…

      • neeceoooo

        You’re right Fern, I don’t mind paying the taxes as long as all tax payers pay the same percentage.

      • jarheadgene

        ME TOO…..But I would like to see them get hit first, without us…see where that lands us fiscally, then if we have to, the middle class is tough we have been carrying the burden of the country our whole lives. In spite of what those PLUTOCRATS would like you to believe….WE have been carrying the load.

      • zeldaq

        good morning fern,
        i really don’t think our taxes will change. the congress almost has to approve MR. OBAMA’S bill. two reasons, norquist’s pledge states that the tea party will never approve any tax hikes, and must approve tax breaks. # 2 if they don’t approve the tax breaks, they will be commiting political suicide. in 2014 most of the tea party will be up for re election. MR. OBAMA played played them perfectly. i would never play poker with potus. he is a genius. if the dems; just keep the pressure on the gop we cannot lose. the gop has painted themselves into a corner. the only way out for them is to sign the tax bill. if they sign now, mr. obama can start mending the economy. if they don’t, he will have to wait until the elections in 2014. my guess is most will sign. the ones that don’t will never win re election. the norquist pledge has no power anymore. americans have spoken in the last election, and will rise again in 2014. all of norquist’s money, and influence can’t save the tea party seats. i strongly beleive that mr. obama has always been at least 4 steps ahead of gop in strategy. it’s almost like they mistook his good nature for stupidity. in reality mr. obama is a very smart man, and should never be underestimated.
        i am very happy to have him watching my back. i am a senior and a veteran. i recieve SS, medicare benifits, and veterans health care. all of which i earned. i don’t consider myself ”A MOOCHER”; as romney would have people believe
        the real moochers are the 1% who don’t pay their fair share of taxes.

    • I of all people voted to have the President stay in office and continue bringing this great Nation out of the brinks where it has been wreck. Reps must comply with the leader of this nation we all are living in.
      In order of making sacrifices and paying taxes to remove this ship from it’s wreckage and going forward to full recovery and progressive growth. Do as the Leader require’s cut tax from the middle class to help going forward.

      • Same Here My Friend Most Of The WE THE PEOPLE DID ALSO!!! 🙂

    • There is no mandate, just about half the country isn’t pleased with the policies of dividion and unemployment and debt of Obama. Perhaps you can try not being so one-sided and partisan to try and actually fix this country.

      Radical Lefties are as bad as radical Righties.

      • barbarahugh

        debt of Obama ? No debt of Bush and the hard heads of the GOP that did not like taking orders from a Mulatto President. God Bless our President !!!!!!

      • This is what you hypocritical, low-life RethugLIARcons creeps are so quick to say. We will not allow you weasels to decide whether or not our president has a mandate or not. In 2004, George W Bush won reelection with only 289 electoral votes. You right-wing hypocrites were fast to say that he had a mandate. Bush, in his first news conference, bragged about how he had a mandate that he was going to use. In this election, President Obama had an overwhelming electoral vote win with 332 electoral votes. That was 126 more electoral votes than Romney had. If that’s not a mandate, then your stupid ass is still in denial just like you RethugLIARcons are still in denial that Obama won. You’re still living in your alternate universe in your mind. Do us all a favor and move to your alternate universe. Whether you like it or not, President Obama DOES have a mandate! No matter how much you try and say the opposite, it doesn’t change the facts. I hope the president plays hard-ball with the intransigent, obstinate and obstructive RethugLIARcons in Congress. He should not let them set the agenda. The president has the political clout, does not have to run for reelection anymore and there is nothing he needs to fear from these extreme right-wingers. RethugLIARcon party is disintegrating right before our face. If they remain the same,in a few years they will be totally eviscerated.

  • Don’t give in to GOP on tax cuts let them expire!! No matter how they try to scare you it will work out. Once they lose these cuts and go back to paying their fair share maybe they will rethink tax cuts for the 99% who make under $250,000 a year or maybe they won”t. Frankly I will do what it takes to take away this unfair tax rate even if I have to pay a little more. It’s time to stop catering to the few wealthy or I should say greedy as many wealthy decent people actually want to pay a fair amount because they care.

  • nobsartist

    President Obama needs to get out the Louisville Slugger and start making an impression.

    Let the bush tax cuts expire, do not even negotiate. Spend energy making a federally administrated health care system for those that do not want to work with the insurance cabal. Get that done before the end of the year.

    Once the tx cuts expire, use “budget reconciliation” and modify the tax bill to minimize taxes for anyone within 500% of poverty level and then raise taxes to 75% for anyone that makes over 1 million.

    • barbarahugh

      over 250 k

      • nobsartist


    • AdamMos

      I know it is tempting but not the best course of action. Obama may never have this type of leverage again because he gets the tax increases on the rich and congress does not have to do anything. However it would still be wise for him to deal as opposed to not deal.

      My guess is Obama will get the clinton rates for the top two tax brackets like he promised. He will offer to increase the estate tax exemption to 3.5 million as opposed to 1 million. He will raise the capital gains tax to 20% but leave the qualified dividends as capital gains as opposed to ordinary income. He will ask for temporary extension of the payroll tax reduction.

      That will be the only offer the Republicans will get. they will have to take it. What choice do they have- Obama does not have to worry about re election. They do not go along and everyones taxes go up and they get blamed.

      The best thing the Republicans can do is agree to this during the lame duck. No Republican Senators and only republican house reps that are leaving will have to vote for it. The republicans have not gone against their pledge and save face and Obama gets exactly what he wants. That is the guy we elected.

      Sequestration will be whole nother issue

  • Obama Always Had And Do Have A Plan To Balance This Economic Mess The GOP/Tea Party Keep Turning It Down Cause It Require Them To Let Go Of Bush Tax Cuts For The Wealthy!! And The Few Democrats Backstabber Don’t Want To Let Go Those Tax Breaks Either Cause They Are Rich Also!!!

  • I know what he can do. Pass a law that will make the anyone who has an off shore accounts, to close them and bring the money back to the states, make them to pay the taxes on it and then let see how they like it. That is an idea.

  • bcarreiro

    you cant double down on common sense, so when boehner trys to put his two cents in throw it back and tell him he needs it.

  • bcarreiro

    obama dont let them throw you off your agenda. you are the real deal so drill them a new one, hun.

  • commserver

    It is easier to work from a position of strength. That was what he was saying to foreign leaders about waiting to after the elections.

    The president must work to make sure that he doesn’t just ram things through. He needs to work with everybody.

    That is why it is a good idea for him to take his case to the people. He should emulate FDR and his fireside chats. The more that people know about what is going on or not going on the people. If the president can rally people to his side then he has leverage. POLiticians know how to read POLs, at least those that they want to read.

    • latebloomingrandma

      And hire Bill Clinton as the Sec. of Explaining Stuff.

  • Annemb

    Let’s be sure to stay involved both with Congress and our President. We can’t let go of this golden opportunity.

    • You Got That Right My Friend!!! 🙂 We Will Never Let Another 2010 Happen Again In Life!!! Where All These Nuts Got In Office I Vote Ever Time!! Cause Every Election Is Important And ALL VOTES COUNTS!!!!

      • Annemb

        What a wonderful email to open my mailbox with. I’m even more excited for the success of President Obama’s re-election to a second term. Your words and enthusiasm are what we need … in fact what President Obama needs.

        You’re right! We will never let another 2010 happen again in our life! These last two years were the worst I could remember in all my years of voting and of political activism.

        Blessings … and thanks!

  • SeekingOut

    I look forward to a tougher President and Negotiator this time around. Please, sir, don’t let them bully you. We have your back.

  • jetfuel4

    Wow…50% vs 48% is a mandate? Sounds more like a civil war brewing to me.

    • latebloomingrandma

      The electoral vote margin was pretty significant.

      • jetfuel4

        Oh I forgot…the electorial college. I was speaking about the the 57,653,982 Americans who opposed Obama, his rhetoric and followers.

        • johninPCFL

          Yes, far fewer than those that opposed GWB. So, more support this president than EVER supported the previous iteration. BTW, GWB lost the popular vote as well.

        • You HAVE been taught what a majority is, right? You DO know that in THIS country the MAJORITY rules, right? SO, the only IMPORTANT number here is the 60,459,974. In ALL of my math classes, that number was ALWAYS more than YOUR 57,653,982 that you repeatedly post. APPARENTLY, you must have been absent on the day they explained MAJORITY, so I will help you out.
          It is the BIGGEST number!! Did I make it easy enough that you understand it now? If you have any questions, just continue making the fool of yourself. I will be happy to explain it again!

    • barbarahugh

      Didn’t the south Loose in the Civil War ? Or they think that they can still win ? I do not get it ! Why so much hate ? People must remember they came to this country due to prosecution in the old world ..You can catch more flies with honey then with vineger. Didn’t your grandmaw taught you that?Stop hating God is surely not with you ! I pray Jesus Crist take all that hate from your heart ..In Jesus name I pray !! AMEN!!Come on what’s up with all this hate ??

  • ryueire

    Hey, why don’t we try a new strategy, screw the cheaters!

    This is about all of us paying the same effective proportionate responsibility to future generations. The Greedy can go f*&k themselves, because their goals will eventually self-destruct.

    Short-sighted bitches always complain first and then espouse 20-20 vision after the fact and take the high road on “well, we should have done this, and uh… I was in favour of it…”

    And yes, these bitches are also welfare cheats scamming the system. They destroy the ability to support those truly in need of a hand up. These along with the richest evaders should be criminally prosecuted. Everyone should work, everyone should contribute. I am not including the elderly, disabled, single parents or veterans, they have done their duty and deserve to collect their rightful compensation, obviously.

    But top and bottom feeders must be made to realise as a nation if we are to thrive, their shit has got to stop.

  • elw

    Republicans may think they are good at hiding their hateful and racist views behind words, but here is notice to them from someone who is part of the 47%.

    Those people, who fall into the demographic that you think helped The President win a 2nd term, are every bit as American as you are. Once more, their votes count exactly as much as yours do. Minorities and women count, whether you like it or not and add to the President legitimacy. Nothing you say or do will change that. We stand behind the President and will support him if he lets the Bush tax cuts expire. Your double talk and games are done, wake up and start doing what you know, dam well, is good for this Country. Grow-up, you are digging a hole that the Republican Party will never be able to climb out of. You have a chance now to help this Country grow stronger, make the choice to honestly help the Man that the majority of Americans choose as their President.

    • jetfuel4

      We have rifles…..not shovels….go eat sh*t

      “Let Freedom Ring”

      • johninPCFL

        It just did, and the President was re-elected.

        • jetfuel4

          Nah, America just vomited and you guys were the result.

          • johninPCFL

            Morons like you wouldn’t know.

  • what the PRES. should do now is what he said first and make the rich pay their fair share of a %. and then start now to getting the house ready for MRS. CLITON in 2016 start showing now how the GOP ding dongs first cant be trusted (only to do bad for the country you can trust that ) but start showing now how much thy dont care about the country so next vote in 2014 you can get the GOP ding dongs out of office . for MRS CLITON then she can finish what the Pres. started . getting this country working and putting money in thios countrys bank . who wouldnt like to have 23 million jobs in the next 4 to 12 yrs ? and also have money in the coiuntrys baNK AND NOT OWEING NOBODY NOTHING . even then the rich would get richer but in a fair way . monmey in the countrys bank to catch up on the rest of the world fixing our roads and bridges heck why not high speed trains like China . not oweing China no money would surly make better grounds for dealinmg with them on fair trade,s . with out the GOP ding dongs the coutry would be doing great look what happen top us when the GOP yook over . if thy take over again we might not make it the next time . the GOP is self centered and care and only work for the few. and those few thy dont even need the help . but the middle class the GOP use,s lkike a door mat wipeing the crap off their shoes . how can there be a party that so clearly shows how and who the few the care for and work for still be there ?? strange how blind ppl. of the country can be . or are thy just that dumb ?

  • Canistercook

    Tax the ‘rich’ and give it to us! Sounds familiar!

    • jetfuel4

      Amen….more like tax everybody else…we will figure out how to spend it!!!

      • Canistercook

        And we wonder why our economy is sinking!

        • ACTUALLY, we DON’T wonder why our economy is sinking. We saw President Clinton turn the Country over to Bubba Bush with a Surplus and we saw Bubba Bush turn it over to President Obama with so much deficit that our country was in a recession! So, NO we are VERY clear on why our economy is in the toilet!

          • Canistercook

            You forgot someone crashed a bunch of planes into the World Trade Center in New York!

    • johninPCFL

      How about: “Tax those with the most to lose to pay for the wars started to benefit them”?

      • Canistercook

        Well if we know who truly benefits from wars I would agree. Who do you think benefitted from WWII for example. Many of our lower paid jobs are dependent on the power we wield in world markets selling airplanes, agricultural produce, farm machinery, etc. In a democracy the people who want something from government normally win by voting their pocket book, but government has nothing to give so it has to confiscate what it gives out from somewhere and someone. The balance is between what the ‘rich’ do with their money if allowed to keep it and what happens to the money confiscated and given out to others. It’s a balancing act and perhaps the answer is to make sure no one side can tilt it too far either way. We have seen what happens in countries where there is not a good balance, i.e. Greece etc., versus Germany. It’s nice to help those that cannot for good reason help themselves and we should, but then we have to deal with those who just like some rich, take advantage of the system and of the help and drag down the entire society. The work ethnic produced the past American standard of living and without it we will become just another Greece.

        • johninPCFL

          The thing we know most directly is that Haliburton directly benefitted to the tune of $100s of Billions, and that Cheney was the immediate past president who owned substantial stock holdings and options. That means that Cheney, Bush (oil holdings), etc. directly benefitted from the wars GWB started.

          Romney, Koch, etc. have their wealth as a direct result of the US legal system and a stable economy. Failing that, their holdings are fleeting at best. It seems to me that paying 39.6% income tax to hold onto hundreds of billions of dollars in wealth versus 35% makes financial sense. Especially since their income tax bill is zero – they don’t earn a salary, all of their money (if they have a tax accountant worth a heavy crap) is derived from investments that are taxed at 15%.

          The “others” that the money is given out to are the military who defend their stately mansions and the government workers who make sure that the laws allow their ownership to be unmolested. That seems like it would be worth a few bucks.

          • Canistercook

            Obama is not talking about Romney, Koch et al paying 39% he is talking about the small business people paying 39%. They do not have billions left over. Haliburton stock is available to everyone, including you on the Stock exchange. Capital gains right now is taxed at 15%. You can buy stock that may go up or down and if it goes down you lose and if it goes up and you sell it and make a capital gain you will pay 15% tax on your gain just like Romney. Romney earned a salary until at 60+ he retired. We have a jealous population right now and a tax system that needs to be totally changed to become more fair. But Obama is not talking about making it more fair, he is just using it to make himself popular by developing class warfare and you seem to have joined his ‘class’. By the way, Congress voted for the wars, including the majority of Democrats in Congress. In hindsight it looks like a bad decision but there is a lot of blame to go around.

          • johninPCFL

            You only qualify for the long-term capital gains rate (15%) if you hold the stock for longer than a year. If you run a “small business” ae you personally taking home more than $250k after all expenses are taken out? Those are the only people impacted, and the rate change from 35% at present to the previous rate of 39.6% is what has been discussed. I guess we could go back to the 90+% rate that was present during the 1940s? How about the 50% rate that was present during most of the Reagan administration?

            Yes Congress was fed the same pack of lies the UN was about the uranium and the Iraqi bomb. Yes, the US intelligence services knew that Saddam hadn’t bought any uranium from Nigeria. Yes, Brittain told us the rumor was false Yes, Joe Wilson told us the rumor was false. That information was inconvenient. So, yes, Joe Wilson’s CIA agent-wife was revealed, putting her life and any overseas contacts’ lives in danger. And finally, yes, we invaded Iraq to assuage GWBs anger that GHWBs war didn’t get him re-elected.

            Did Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, and GWB get Haliburton stock options ahead of the invasion so they could cash in?

          • Canistercook

            Well of course if it costs you a $1 to make $2 of course you get to state you only made $1.00 and you really only made $1. Did you ever question what investment Obama has in foreign countries that he paid almost $50,000 in foreign taxes on quoted as ‘various’ on his tax return? The 90% rate was based on a lot more deductions. I do question anyone’s mind that considers that having a man work and confiscating 50% or more of what he earns is ‘right’. I guess we have entered a new form of slavery without realizing it. Guess Democrats in Congress and Bush stupidly believed that pack of lies. Wonder why the Democratic Congress did not seek to punish the liars? They could have! Britain joined us in the war, I wonder why! Perhaps the answer is everyone including the Democrats in Congress really ‘thought’ Saddam had WMD’s and everyone was wrong. You really do believe that some people are so evil they would send men to die in Iraq just for earning dollars. I am amazed by how warped some minds are. Perhaps that tells me why the country is going downhill.

    • neeceoooo

      How about if we just tax everyone the same percentage. My husband and I pay 28% last year and Mitt Romney pays 14%.

      • Canistercook

        Everyone; would include the 40+% that pay no income taxes? Under the existing system if your income came from tax free bonds, capital gain investments, etc., you too would pay 14%. It is clearly time not to just raise taxes but to re-examine, make fairer and make simpler the whole tax system. Obama is not choosing to do that. He has selected raising taxes from 35% to 39% on those people who are already paying 35%. Why? Unless the whole tax system is examined some little business will pay the 39% rate while Obama’s buddy Buffet and Romney will still pay 14%. We are being manipulated by political groups on both sides of the aisle and one of Obama’s sales pitches was to create jealousy of the ‘rich’ instead of wanting to make things really fairer.

  • Politics, with an eye on getting control of the House back in 2014 must remain a priority, but what we need at this point is leaderniship and a vision to help us restore our fiscal integrity and economic might. Democrats must focus on reducing our budget deficits, keep the accumulation of debt down to an absolute minimum, while investing in infrastructure, modernization and education to stimulate the economy and prepare our workforce for the challenges of the 21st century. I think it is a shame to see hundreds of thousands of foreign professionals entering the USA every year to fill some of the best jobs our economy has to offer because there are not enough qualified Americans to do those jobs, I just heard about potential shortages in airline pilots. High tech companies are hiring thousands of professional scientists and engineers from countries like India, Pakistan and China because they can not find enough qualified Americans to satisfy demand. To make matters even worse, there are about one million vacancies for truck drivers and thousands of vacancies and business opportunities in places like North Dakota that go unfilled, while millions of Americans continue to collect unemployment checks. The unemployment system must be revised to include, not only a job requirement, but retraining programs to ensure our people have the skills needed to get the jobs that do exist. The time for ideological debates is over, the focus now must be on pragmatism and doing what we all know is right.

    • There’s Plenty Of Jobs Out Here It Seem To Me Some People Are Too Lazy To Get The Skills They Need In Order To Get A Good Job!!! 🙁

  • jetfuel4

    I have a novel idea….how about the 47% who don’t pay anything start paying their share…hmmmm

    • johninPCFL

      Yeah, the thousands of millionaires who offshored their money and paid NOTHING would be first in your line, right? Followed by the overseas military personnel, right? Then followed by those retired on social security, right?


      • jetfuel4

        You want to revamp the tax code, by all means fix it. Fix the loop holes for “thousands” bad people….but what about millions of parasites like you, what is your “fix” for that smart guy?

        • johninPCFL

          I’m a parasite? You’re an idiot making assumptions like that.

          CA residents get 85 cents per dollar of federal taxes paid. Folks like you in central dumbfuckistan get back $2 per dollar paid in.

          • This Nut Got 2 Likes LOL Stop Wasting Your Time With That Troll!! LOL

  • My husband and both don’t mind paying more in taxes as long as the rich pay their fair share. They have gotten away with hiding money everywhere, but the United States….It’s time that started supporting our own country. We also need to force those companies who have shipped jobs overseas to bring them back the the States.

    • barbarahugh

      And if they do not bring jobs back take their citizenship , let them move to where they take their business . that way they will think twice before taking these companies over seas.If they do well..They will have to take themselves too , to come back to USA you must pay TAXES from their over seas company. Make it hard for these greedy sob’s PAY YOUR TAXES just like everyone of us !!

  • smartdee

    Romney lost because the elitist rich could not buy him the presidency. President Obama was reelected because he relates to the average American and the American people have spoken. It is time for the far-right wingers to get on board and think of what is good for our country rather than their ideals and their bank accounts. It does not take a “rocket scientist” to figure this out.

  • SeekingOut

    What I would like to suggest is that the DNC should hire the President’s campaign team (or part of it) to keep the Obama strategy going. They should now turn their attention not only to 2014 but identify all House and Senate members up for re-election and get their constituents to let those members know how we want them to behave and vote (and support the President!) over the next 2 years, otherwise they will be answerable to us.

  • jetfuel4

    Thank God our Senate and Congress are not subject to the electorial process…you see libtards, 57,653,982 Americans did not vote for you or your president. That will be reflected in these races and hopefully we can draw distinctive lines so when our version of Syria starts, we know who is who.

    • President Obama is the DULY ELECTED President of the USA. He won by a greater margin in both the electoral college AND the popular vote than Bush did AND he’s one of only 4 Presidents to get more than 50% of the vote in both his terms.

      In the history of this country, Obama clearly has a mandate. Just because YOU are a sad and uneducated person who is wishing War on the USA, rather than accept the will of the people, doesn’t change the fact that Obama WON. Deal with it.

      • jetfuel4

        57,653,982 people DON’T agree with you….and what does Bush have to do with this libtard?

        • What part of “DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT” do you not understand? We have a political system in place that elects a President; Obama was elected, therefore within the party and political system of the USA, Obama has a mandate… The reason I mentioned Bush, is that Obama got more votes and a bigger electoral College win than Bush did and Republicans said he had a mandate…

          Despite facing a far more difficult campaign, Obama did not fall far short of his 2008 results The president carried every state he did in 2008 with the exceptions of North Carolina and Indiana, and — although his 3-point popular vote win does not match his 7-point drubbing of John McCain — with 51 percent of the popular vote, Obama joins Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan as the only presidents in the past century to win over 50 percent twice.

          • jetfuel4

            Well shit…..57,653,982 Americans that voted the other way should just never have voted in the first place since they were so “overwhelmed” by such a dominating figure and his minion. Can we at least agree that nothing is going to change either of our opinions or feelings? That we are now a Red & Blue America, and history has shown us time and again how this is going to play out? I have served in 4 conflicts, 3 tours of duty in just the last war alone. I have seen this type of division before, I know how my side feels and I know where this is headed.

          • So, as I thought, nothing factual to repudiate a single thing I said, only your personal opinion and sheer hatred for a Man that was just voted in for a SECOND time as President.

    • Replying to jetfuel4


      Just grow up. More people voted for President Obama than Governor Romney.
      There will be more Democratic Senators after January than there are now.

      The tide is changing. Learn to live with it or leave.

      • jetfuel4

        I apologize for the error of one word genius (not including the newly observed term for retarded liberal)…and I’ll leave when I walk over you dead body.

        • neeceoooo

          where do you get that much hate in your heart and soul.

          • jetfuel4

            Fallujah, Garmsir, and too many other places to count….and watching the DNC.

  • anyasnote

    I HOPE WE WILL GO OVER THE CLIFF so to speak. It will hurt none of us but the rich.

  • K O

    Stop talking “mandate”, I’ve hated that word since Dick Chaney used it in ’04. ALL the U.S. Senators and ALL the U.S.Representitives, no matter the party affiliation, just need to work TOGETHER and do what’s right for ALL Americans. PERIOD!!!

  • just do it…………………………………..

  • It’s time for Democrats to show some backbone and press the advantage that the people gave them in the 2012 elections. I’m still upset that GOP moderates that complained about Republican idiots still voted for those idiots, which is why the GOP retained the US House majority and can still continue with their policy of childish overuse of the filibuster in the US Senate. The Republicans rarely ever tell us the truth, so, when they’ve sounded a conciliatory tone over the past few days, we know we can’t trust them to tell the truth. The truth remains that they’re going to continue to be obstructionist bastards for as long as they can. We’ll have to wait until the 2014 midterms to finish off the GOP. I know that I’m going to fight hard to make sure than happens on 4 November, 2014. You know how the past two years have been full of GOP idiocy and obstruction? Congratulations, GOP moderate dumbasses! By voting for Republicans, you ensured another two years of that! 🙁 ssmdh

  • John Boehner CANNOT negotiate in good faith.


    The Constitution and the good of the Nation are second to that pledge.

  • amarquez647

    I fear that some members in the right are pure ideologs. They believe in their hearts that they are right and no attempt to use logic will be fruitfull. It’s best to give them enough rope to hang themselves. When they believe they are right, or that they are doing what god wants them to do, they will be intransigent. This people will kill for their ideas or for the glory of god. There is very little light between an extremist Christian, Muslim or Jew, they all have and will kill for their ideals. History bears witness. The president most stand his ground and show that his judgment is moral. We must support him and let the idea logs know that they will be out in 2014

  • unque43

    I hope that our leaders will work together and move forward with President Obama, he was reelected lets use his plan. The GOP has had their time and they have stop the flow long enough, To the GOP: stop with the crap time to move forward stop hurting the American people.

  • This, finally, is Obama’s opportunity to tell Repubs to get fucked and do what they’re told. For the good of the country, of course. No more working to make Obama a one-term President. Those days are over. After all these years of Republican whining about his birth cert and all those other questions of his legitimacy, the Repubs put up big bux to take him out and not only didn’t they succeed, Repubs got their asses handed to them all around the country, especially in the Senate. Real Americans, the phrase O’Reilly and the rest of his disgusting ilk are so prone to use, have shown that they actually do not like Republicans and do not want their policies instituted. If there were any question of that the election proved it. Now it’s time for Obama to tell Republicans to just STFU, quit blocking the jobs bill and other legislation that will strengthen our economy, and think about the country instead of their own selfish but now ultimately wasted anti-Obama agenda. Obama should do the same thing he did in the election but on a much more personal level: kick Republican asses.

  • MrFreeman122

    Jetfuel4 has to be one retarded sob your rifles comment is laughable. Boy are you in for a rude awakening like your REPUGLican friends, I do understand that not all REPUBLICANS are full of hate and racism and I applaud their acceptance of the majority and not contributing to the problem.

    • jetfuel4

      I’d love to see your sorry ass laugh when a 5.56mm slams through you and whatever is standing around your ass at 2900fps… might call that a “rude awakening”, I call it a solution. 57,653,982 Americans (and most of the military, ex-military are in those numbers), aren’t going to stand around forever asswipe.

      • MrFreeman122

        Thanks, you just confirmed your ignorance I had a bet and I won, And what you’d like to see happen to me will happen to your sorry hate mongerig ass being a veteran myself I hope there are no more idiots such as yourself spewing foolishness. For one you don’t have a clue but keep traveling down that road with your posting bad ass. I know your kind you are nothing.

        • jetfuel4

          And I know you sir…..and you KNOW what I mean don’t you….we had to put up with your kind unfortunately…right “my brotha”

  • dianrib

    Obama MUST use his mandate Voters said GO NO more MR Nice guy

  • I like the part ” graciousness comes easily when you are operating from a position of strength. “

  • just got my secondary insurance and medicare a&b, 1,400 a month! will be OK if congress will still allow the medical deduction?

  • MrFreeman122

    See what I mean, you don’t know anything my kind is most likely the reason you survived. I do know this if you would have showed your hand before now you would have been a rotting sack of excrement a long time ago. YOU DO KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!!

    • jetfuel4

      Back at ya tough guy

  • Stand your grounds, Mr. President. You already gave in once and accomplished nothing. Don’t play the game again. Override Congress.

  • ayayaboy

    I have been telling you guys for the past six years that Romney is fake and fictitious. This election was a clear warning to Republicans. The Republicans have fooled ordinary Americans for centuries. The time is up. Politicians must get real. If republicans continue following Romney, ryan, Cantor and Trump, they will certainly fall again on the sharp edge of their blade in the next midterm election. If they continue with capital “NO” as usual, they will lose in Arizona, Tenesee, Alabama, South Carolina and Mississippi. The House is the last chance for Republicans to become responsible or they may have that party on life support or on vegetable status. Their ploy has been discovered.

    • Believe Me I Was Right There With You On Romney Sociopath LIAR!! And I Also Said Romney Will Only Get The Dumb Stupid And Racist People Votes!!! LOL

  • Bush tax cuts are entitlements for the wealthy. Yet the GOP loathes entitlements, but they’ll fight to the death to keep theirs, even when it’s destructive to the country. GOP needs to be voted out and kept out of national decisions. We need to be viligent and prepared for 2014. Vote them out.

    • jetfuel4

      Then why don’t we just let the Bush tax cuts expire?

  • as far as I’m concerned the people have spoken, four more years of Pres. Obama. And it’s also time that the rich pay their share why should I pay more in taxes than what they do, just because they were born with a silver spoon does it mean that I should pay for them to keep that in their mouth. Reward companies that bring manufacturing back to the United States and do away with loopholes that pay companies to do business in other countries, let’s make America a manufacturer giant of the world as it was before. Remember Mr. Pres. not only did you win the popular vote but she also won the electoral college. Time to show those Republicans that it’s time to do what’s right for America

  • Hold firm to your position and decision, you will get the John and Mitch to lean in your direction. Stay strong and keep the faith. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. Switch it up they are looking for the same approach their are different ways to obtain your goal if that’s what you want. Find out what they want? play chess I know you will win. we are1 on ur side

  • jetfuel4

    I believe in the context of the original conversation the discussion was in regards to a mandate. There obviously was no mandate. Thanks for the math lesson though….who would of thunk it Charlie Brown…

  • jetfuel4

    Hey California boy….why don’t you put that butterfly net down and take that dick out of your ass and come visit us in dumbfuckistan….we won’t make fun of ya…..promise

  • jarheadgene

    HERE…..HERE….WELL Stated !

  • jarheadgene

    GROVER NORQUIST….this election has made that “TOOL” along with Karl Rove…..IRRELEVANT!

  • jarheadgene

    YOU KNOW….if you do not like our Repbublic and it’s Constitution……YOU are invited to LEAVE. ! Although as a vet myself, I appreciate your service, It doesn’t make sense that you are ex-army or coast guard or something, you swore to honor and defend the constitution and now you want to denegrate and denounce it. MAJORITY Rules here….get used to it or get packing, I feel bad that you made so many tours to IRAQ? Who’s fault is it that we were even there? OH Yeah GW and Dick Cheney. Do yourself a better favor….1st seek psychiatric help, 2nd find out how to charge Dick Cheney with war crimes that would go a long way in healing this country.

  • To work with the Republicans, Obama must start as far to the left as possible so that he does not end up in the center-right. We have a clear example: “Medicare for all” was never on the table, the public option was given away, and we got Obamacare. Great progress for America, but not as much as we truly need.

  • jetfuel4

    You know dude, why don’t you just go put on your ass-less chaps and ride your bike around your gay as city (SF)….you manly savage you 😉


    Charity begins at home. Remember that axiom? Doubt it as your mostly on the receiving end. Democrats believe the Fiscal Cliff is a stop off point for a Kodak moment at Yellowstone.

    The only way to succeed is educate students on what has been taken away. It is to eliminate it is ok to be a single parent, its ok to complete your education, cease irresponsible child bearing, and embrace love of country.

    National Memo takes great deference in the truth so this writing will not stay on the main stream of events. Instead it is “magically transferred to DISQUSt”

  • iheardu2

    This is not the time to cave in to Bush tax cuts (not now). The policies of the Bush/Cheney administration got us into the “Deep Recession” in 2008. We The People have spoken on November 6, 2012. It’s time to “Move Forward” to solve our national finances and focus on jobs and economic growth.

    President Barack Obama was re-elected and for all of us who voted for the President should commit to solidarity to petition every senator and congressperson to assure tax cuts to 98% of workers whose income is under $250,000; and tax cuts to 97% of small business owners with an income of under $250,000 also.

    We must fight smart!