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Friday, October 28, 2016

Obama Surges In National And Swing State Polls


Throughout most of this election, President Obama has held a sustained, though small, advantage over Mitt Romney. Despite presiding over an unemployment rate that hasn’t dipped below 8%, Obama has continued to chip away at his opponent, and the latest polls show him expanding his lead in the crucial swing states. In dismissing 47% of the American population, and getting caught saying so, Romney unwittingly shot himself in the foot and is now paying dearly for it.

In most national polls, Obama has taken a comfortable lead:

Gallup: Obama 50%, Romney 44%

Reuters/Ipsos: Obama 49%, Romney 42%

Fox News: Obama 48%, Romney 43%

Rasmussen: Obama 46%, Romney 46%


Click here to see how Obama is doing in all the big swing states


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  • My God people how can it be any other way if ou have any comon sense. R&R are a diaster

  • VictorCraig

    Why are you so surprised?

    The reason is quite simple

    Romney and his right-wing Republican base are out of step with the American populace.

    They think that the charade that was done during the past two years was not seen by all of us. For example: Where is the “Jobs” bill? It was blocked in the US Senate by the Republicans who then go on to blame the high unemployment figures on the president.

    “His policies” are the catch words.

    Another is the bill to aid in the re-training of our returning veterans. That bill was also blocked by the Republicans on claims that it cost too much.

    They think we are all as stupid, deaf, dumb and blind as they are.

    Romney and that rest of them deserve to lose the election.

  • I am astonished that his lead is not greater. Who are these Romney supporters? And since Ryan is on the ticket, (vouchers for medicare proponent) I expected a huge shift.

  • You know President Obama is doing well when even Rasmussen admits the race is tied! He is leading in the popular vote and, most importantly, he has a comfortable lead in the electoral vote. The fact that California and New York are solid on the blue camp, and that Florida is leaning for Obama all but guarantees who is going to win in November. The only large state on the GOP side is Texas, and you can not win an election with only one large states and a bunch of small Bible Belt states. The worst part for the GOP is that even traditional GOP strongholds like Virginia and North Carolina are leaning for Obama or considered tossups.

    • AMADAL

      I would love to see Texas go blue and return to that solid Democratic state is used to be when I was growing up. This used to be a great state before Dubya and Perry took over and ruined what little respect this state has left.

      • Landsende

        Amen, to that. Governor Ann Richards was a great governor that cared for all the citizens of Texas. And then we got Bush and Perry. Enough said!!!!

        • BDD1951

          Amen! Doesn’t matter how stupid Perry is, Texans will still vote for the stupid jerk.

          • AMADAL

            you’re right, but all Texans are not that stupid, and hopefully more will wise up before this state is completely destroyed.

      • JimCA

        Demographics would indicate that Texas should turn blue in about 12 years.

        I know that’s a long wait, but more and more house seats will flip along the way.

        And if the Republican Party has any hope of surviving, it will need to massively change, so maybe if it survives it won’t be bat-shit insane anymore.

        • AMADAL

          I hope you are right and also hope it’s sooner than 12 years.

          • JimCA

            Well, it should be competitive in 8 years, so if we have a really good Democratic candidate then against a really inept Republican one, who knows?

  • How many toes does Romney have left? He’s shot himself in the foot over & over again. “I don’t worry about the poor” “the 47%” “London isn’t prepared for the Olympics” Wow……..

  • It seems most likely that the President will retain the White House. My fear is the state houses, the House of Reps and the Senate. The big boys of the right know it is time to stop betting on Romney and time to switch to the other races. The effect of bad money can be truly harmful to us all. Get out and vote…and do it early if you can.

  • Elsa

    Clear and simple Romney is a flawed man and a terrible Candidate. We would be in great trouble in this Country if he was ahead. It is sad to see what was once a good party come to such an comical end. The truth is President Obama is a popular President and American’s are smart enought to know he did as much as anyone could have done to keep us from going over the financial cliff that President Bush II had pushed us to and in spite of the Republican spin things are slowly improving. Nothing Romney or Ryan will say can change that, but unfortunately for them they keep putting their feet right into thier mouths. I say, keep the good work up boys, us Democrats appreciate it.

  • ObozoMustGo

    NEWS FLASH! Obozo leads by wide margin amongst predominantly DemonRAT voters. In other news, the sky is blue and the sun rises in the east.

    All of you leftist freaks are idiots for buying this crap. You’re polls are based on false sampling from 2008 ranging from +7% to +13% MORE DemonRATS sampled than Republicans. Why dont they use 2010 election turnout data? Hmmmmmmmm????? It’s clear that such lies are being perpetrated not to reflect opinion, but to shape it. More of the same old crap from you leftist freaks in the Obozo run media. Only you leftist freaks are stupid enough to buy this garbarge.

    Romney in a landslide!

    Have a nice day!

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency…Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.” – Czech Republic newspaper Prager Zeitung

    • mikecoatl

      You’re such a disconnected fascist clown it’s almost not funny. What IS funny is that you have apparently bought into Dean Chambers’ deranged wishful thinking. Funniest of all will be watching the likes of you bawl and cry when Mittens gets stomped a few short weeks from now.

      So call us freaks all you want. Quote all the right-wing German papers all you want (gee, never heard of German right-wingers before! Oh, wait…). Us ‘freaks’ won’t be the ones crying on November 7th.

  • If the plus/minus is the usual 2 or 3% it’s not a comfortable lead. But I’ll take it and I’m sure the country will be better off with an Obama second term.

  • anyasnote

    WHITE HOUSE AND UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS UP FOR SALE TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER. When R/R get in – it will change Name to United States of Austerity and the New Constitution will start We the Corporations for the Corporations by the corporation declare this Country to be ours and you are not welcome here unless your bank account shows that you are Capitalist Vampire or you have enough blood left to suck it out, otherwise go and die. We the Corporation owe you nothing, don’t expect anything and you have no right to anything. You will get what you will vote for – NOTHING – he saying plain and simple and some people just can’t hear. I take the devil I know than a Devil I don’t. Especially when the devil is already tell me who I am ((moocher)and what can I expect of him to do TO me not FOR me not that I wanted anything from him or any President.

  • I wonder if Rasmussen will be taken to task for their skewed poll numbers after the election shows them to be ‘fictional’. Even Gallup is starting to fly right as the election nears. In fact, Foxnews polls show the larger lead numbers to be accurate. When Fox stops lying for you, you know you’re in trouble. I guess America has a thing about voting for you after you crap on their shoes.