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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Recapturing some of the magic of his fiery 2008 campaign speeches, Barack Obama delivered a resounding defense of the bailout of the American auto industry before 1,700 screaming fans at the United Auto Workers convention in Washington on Tuesday.

Mocking the Republicans across the country who derided the rescue as propping up a broken industry weighed down by excessive labor costs, Obama told the crowd — which repeatedly broke out into chants of “Four more years!” — he had placed a bet on American workers and that they were delivering, General Motors having posted its largest profits in history last year.

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15 responses to “Obama Takes A Victory Lap On Auto Bailout”

  1. concernedusa7 says:

    For your conviction and courage to stand up and lead this country on a path trying to assist the working class and the poor, for an improved future.

    The last 30 plus years (since Reagan’s innaugeration), we have seen the National Debt skyrocket to new heights, and we have seen the economic health of the working class (middle class & poor), discintegrate. The number of families and children in poverty has exploded to unsustainable numbers, the number of homeless is a national disgrace.


  2. LewBushway says:

    He’s back!! stronger than ever, keep up the fight and take it to the Republicans. President Obama!! Will have another four years!!Republicans want to go backwards and destroy what’s left of the middle class.The right wing is so out of touch, they will never get it right

  3. ebonycapamerica says:

    This is the last thing the Right wants the nation to see…THE REALITY OF POLICIES BEING MADE BY THIS PRESIDENT ! The entire circus of Republican candidates fought the auto bailout fervently from the start to the end ..Romney has been on record saying (in keeping with his corporate career skills ) we should have let the auto- industry fail ! That would have been a catastrope and Michigan wil not forget this not be confused over all the media-hype and press over last nights victory in Michigan only speaks to those who werer going to vote against President Obama no matter what …inj the great scheme of things and mainly in light of reality ……..Michigan KNOWS WHICH PARTY IS HELPING THEIR SITUATION AND WHICH IS ONLY SELLING DREAMS !

  4. patriot says:

    Well said Mr. President!!!!! You are the best. You have been berated and belittled from day 1!!!!! We don’t listen to that blather! Facts speak for themselves and you have done amazing things considering your mountainous climb out of the mess made by your predecessor. you inherited a mess and I commend you for keeping your focus, moving ahead and not letting all the negative onslaught keep you from your goals.

  5. peterzielenski says:

    The only way America can compete is with subsidies?

    It cost US 3 Billion Dollars to bail out GM 3 years ago. GM, which made a record profit in 2011, will pay bonuses of at least $182 million to white-collar workers according to a formula obtained by The Associated Press. That’s on top of $332.5 million in profit-sharing it already agreed to pay factory workers. Essentially, tax money is going to bonuses. One could argue that this money stimulates the economy, but eventually it makes its way to other countries for manufactured goods. The country is leaking money. We can congratulate our president for saving the day, but what about our future?

    More dept depreciates the dollar, making it harder for the middle class to survive. If we let the banks and huge companies stand or fall on their own, they’d have to be more competitive making things more affordable for the consumer.

    You won’t only have to pay more in taxes with a dollar that is worth less in the future, you will have to pay more for your products because with government subsidies(that you pay for), GM doesn’t have to worry about selling cars and can keep their prices high.

    We ought to be taxing imports and the wealthy corporations that profit from the free trade agreements they lobby for. Let them use their million dollar campaign contributions for their bonuses. If we tax imports, American manufacturing and other industries will be more competitive creating jobs and improving the middle class condition further.

    Eh, forget it.

  6. PatrickHenry says:

    You would think Obama backers seeing skyrocketing debt, outrageous spending & taxing, high unemployment, amnesty for illegals; they would understand it is Obama that is hurting the middle class, because the middle class makes too little to overcome his policies, and too much to get Federal Government Freebies! It isn’t the 99% vs the 1%, Obama is making it the 49% getting Federal Government stuff, and the 51% paying for it!

  7. KenSapp says:

    So many detractors on President Obama’s decision to help out the auto industry fail to realize one very important piece to the puzzle: all of the industries and businesses surrounding to the auto industry would have failed as well. And losing those only meant that foreign investors would have the ability to take over the auto industry in this country.

    People complain about imports flooding this country, while the volumne of exprots fall. To hope for and watch the auto industry to fail would have brought forth more pain and umemployment in this country.

    Of course, If President Obama had gone that route then the republicans would have been overjoyed at the failure of his presidency, and the country.

    The politics of fear is their tool of choice.

  8. granbee says:

    NOw This is what I’m tawkin’ ’bout, peeps! This is the President Obama I helped elect to office in 2008! This is the man I knew has been there all along. THIS is what we need to see every single day from now to (and after, of course!)Election Day,2012!!!!

  9. shapit322 says:

    President Obama, I desperately want to vote for you again, but as one of the Delphi salaried retirees who got thrown under the bus as part of the Auto Industry Bailout/GM Bankruptcy/Delphi Bankruptcy situation, I want you to address in public why the Delphi salaried retirees were treated differently, why we lost our medical and life insurance, and had our pensions cut by 30-70%, when our union counterparts did not, and how you are going to rectify the situation.

  10. Venita Mitchell says:

    As President of the United States of America, I have a lot of love and respect for you and our First Lady Michell Obama.. You walked into a mess, at a time when America was crumbling, falling to her knees. You are the first President that made promises that you kept. Through the bail outs and stimulas packages,you saved jobs and enabled small businesses to create jobs, by exstending unemployment benefits to once hard working families that lost their jobs during Former President Bushes administration, you sir and your administration, have prvented riots from occuring in our streets due to people not having any means ways of feeding or housing their families.. We will be voting for you, we love you and your family and may YAHWEH continue to bless you and your family.

  11. DebbieSchiess says:

    I just want to say on March 5, 1958 and the first time I voted I voted for President Barack Obama. I really touched my soul. I believed in him. I thought he honest and a heart felt kind person. He speakes in a language that we can easily understand. None of that double talk. Cares for for people that are poor. He has kept his promises some people can’y admit that. I’m so glad he is my President and I pray to God for him to be president forever. He is mad cool, eliquint, honest, great sense of humor, highly intellegent, let’s not forget his great smile!!!
    My dream is to meet him in person. It would be the greatest day of my life. I LOVE honesty and I love Barack Obama

  12. kansas-dem says:

    PatrickHenry, At some point it would be beneficial for you and other right wing Obama haters to try and argue against him with facts instead of tired old lies. We’ve NEVER had lower taxes in this country than they are right now. (That’s part of our problem) And “amnesty for illegals”?, SERIOUSLY? Check the facts: Illegal immigration is at an ALL TIME LOW right now, deportations are at an ALL TIME HIGH. In case you haven’t been watching any real news lately, (they may not have mentioned this on FOX, and you sure wouldn’t have heard it from Rush or Sean!) Unemployment continues to FALL, jobs have been added on a continuing basis for months now. Things are finally recovering, which scares the hell out of folks like you that only want to see the president fail, not to see the country improve. Shame on you and those like you.

  13. NELSON says:

    President Obama has the intelligence and honesty to bring this country out of the economic sewer. Recovery would move faster if the republicans helped a little, but think how awful it would be with another one of them in office and 50,000 auto and sub contract workers all speaking chinese. Don’t worry, a lot of things are improving, corporate earnings are outstanding which will lead to jobs as the companies get more confidence.

  14. Manchesterian says:

    The Modern day Lion of Judea has risen from his slumber and is ready to DOMINATE again. One Love Mr. Persident, you’ve been gone too long. We are now all fired up and ready to go…………

  15. Manchesterian says:

    Here is my advise to the POTUS, let Bibi go to war for whatever claim he has cooked up; however under no circumstance should you support him and his fellow war mongers. There is something he is not disclosing, and whatever it is, it should not include him being the tail that wags the dog. He really does seem to think that he is the leader of the free world and not the President of the USA. America has done and continues to do more than enough where this issue is concerned. We should always support the Israeli people, we should not support their self interested leaders taking them or anyone else into an obviously unnecessary and self indulgent war(s). He wants to show his people that he can kick ass in order to prop up his ego? Well then, he should get his own version of a sling and a stone and go it alone. He should not be putting the Israeli people and potentially American people in harms way just because. They have suffered enough and now that they have a homeland and a place of their own and should be able to live the life they deserve. He wants to add apparent unnecessary additional disruptions to their lives. Again Mr. President-support the Israeli people, completely disregard Bibi when and where prudent and possible. If he wants to act like a spoilt child, then let him sway in the wind. His ego is seeming like a drug and it is his demon to tame; not the Israeli people’s and certainly not America’s or yours. The world and Israel really seriously needs a Golda Mier (sp?)for our times.

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