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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Washington (AFP) – President Barack Obama ignited a new power showdown with Republicans Monday, vowing to fix America’s broken immigration system on his own after Congress refused to vote on his top remaining domestic priority this year.

Obama rebuked Republican leaders who he said will not pass a “darned bill” because they are afraid of conservative activists who oppose offering a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented migrants as “amnesty.”

“They would be following the will of the majority of the American people who support reform,” Obama said, in a statement in the White House Rose Garden laced with sarcasm and bitterness. “Instead, they have proven again and again that they’re unwilling to stand up to the Tea Party in order to do what’s best for the country.”

Obama said House of Representatives speaker John Boehner told him last week that his chamber would not vote this year on legislation that has already passed the Senate.

Obama, searching for a genuine legacy-enhancing achievement to adorn his battered second term, argued that he thus had no choice but to act to stem a building immigration crisis.

“If Congress will not do their job, at least we can do ours,” he said, revealing he had asked the Department of Homeland Security to come up with recommendations within the next few months, which he pledged to implement using his executive powers immediately.

He also said he would surge resources to secure the southwestern U.S. border, where a flood of tens of thousands of child migrants from Central America has stretched customs services and deepened the partisan bile over immigration reform.

Obama’s moves on Monday will further inflame the fiery showdown between the president and Republicans ahead of mid-term congressional elections in November.

Republicans accuse Obama of exceeding his presidential power in a series of actions on health reform, immigration enforcement and in other areas.

Their case was bolstered by a unanimous Supreme Court ruling last week that found the president overstepped his powers by appointing several officials to the National Labor Relations Board without the consent of Congress.

AFP Photo/Mandel Ngan

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  • charleo1

    First of all, who takes credit for this POS article? President Obama did not, “vow to fix America’s broken immigration system.” He said, he cannot stand by and do nothing, as the crisis at our border rages. And wait for Boehner to bring the immigration bill passed by the Senate. “Or any immigration Bill,” the President said. To the Floor of the House for an up or down vote. Which would pass on a bipartisan basis. But, because he, [Boehner] hasn’t got the brass to stand up to, (and again,) not to the,”Conservative Activists,” as the misinformed author states. But to the more aptly, and accurately described, hate filled, bigots, and political bullies, of the T-Party! (I paraphrase,) and pass a urgently needed reform of the immigration system. Furthermore, the numbskull that pinned this ridiculous excuse for information, has no business ascribing any such motive to the President’s calls for immigration reform as, “Obama’s searching for a genuine legacy enhancing-achievement to adorn his battered second term.” That line can frankly go F itself! Along with the reference to the inflamed partisan bile, the this alleged, biler and inflammer-in Chief, is causing the T-Party, by having the bile to be the President, while inflaming the bile by refusing to accede to their desires, and resign. Now if this is the kind of Right Wing claptrap, and that’s exactly what it is. That is being presented as fact at NM. Well, for this reader, that makes it all the more sadder, and frustrating day. After witnessing this same kind of Right Wing claptrap coming out the Supreme Court, all this week. So I do urge everyone to have a great 4th. And celebrate vigorously what freedoms we still have left, while we may.

    • Independent1

      Charle, it’s a little surprising that the editors of the NM would allow an article that deliberately takes pot shots at Obama to be published for the NM blogs. As you pointed out, Obama doesn’t need to be “searching for a genuine legacy enhancing achievement”. AND he’s clearly not trying to do something with immigration reform for that purpose – only someone totally clueless would even suggest such a thing. The president obviously wants to correct what’s happening with immigration for two primary reasons: 1) because of the problems not fixing the immigration problems are causing for the country and 2) for the problems not fixing our immigration issues are creating for the immigrants themselves.

      Obama has already achieved a far more enduring legacy than any other president in office over the past 100 plus years other than FDR; presidential scholars are already starting to see the extent of his accomplishments. And it’s clearly not Obama’s fault that millions of Americans ( including the clueless author of the above article) are too ill informed to see that he’s accomplished far more in moving America forward than any president in office over the past 100 plus years aside from FDR and doesn’t need to be pressing for Congress to act in order to enhance what people think of his presidency. How idiotic can some people get!!!

  • Dominick Vila

    What the immigration law reform opponents either don’t understand, or do and are determined to hide, is the fact that immigration law reform is not synonymous to amnesty. In fact, it is doubtful that even if enough Republicans were to join Democrats on this issue, that the final law would include amnesty. We know from experience (Reagan’s 1986 amnesty) that amnesty does not deter illegal immigrants from coming to the USA. If anything, it encourages more to come. The intent of reforming our current immigration law is to find a long term solution. By ignoring or rejecting this proposal, the GOP is advocating a continuance of the status quo.
    Unfortunately, there is very little President Obama can do to correct the root causes of illegal immigration. He can sign Executive Orders and deport more illegal immigrants than he already has (he has deported more illegals than any other president, even though the number of people entering the USA illegally has decreased from the record highs in the 1990-2007 time frame), but that is not going to solve the problem. As long as American employers in the agricultural, hospitality, and construction sectors continue to hire illegal immigrants to profit, the problem will persist, thanks to a great extent to the obtuse position taken by the GOP on this issue.

  • old_blu

    This article doesn’t say it, but President Obama is giving them fair warning.

    Either do your job or I’ll do it for you.

    I notice the righties like to piss, and moan, cry, and whine when illegals come over here, but when Obama wants to do something about it they piss, and moan, cry, and whine some more. Typical hypocrite Tea Party.

    • plc97477

      The truth of the matter is they just like to piss, moan, cry and whine. There is not much else they can do.

      • old_blu

        Hehehe yes they do.

  • idamag

    The immigration problem has become so large it is formidable. The reason is them that has gets and them that don’t,don’t. There has been people who have seen to it that is does not get fixed. They benefit by paying substandard wages. Reform would cut off their greedy use of people, they bring into this country. Immigrants are supposed to be guaranteed a job to get their work visas. They stay on the waiting list and are penalized for obeying the law by losing the jobs to those who do not have a work visa. Those, entering this country illegally, are not the problem. Those who call a coyote and order 150 temporary workers are the problem. One famous poultry company had a fine slapped on them for just that. The fine was a pittance compared the billions this company makes.