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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Obama: ‘We’re Not Going To Wait Until The Next Newtown’ [Video]

Obama: ‘We’re Not Going To Wait Until The Next Newtown’ [Video]

During a campaign-style rally in Minneapolis, MN on Monday, President Barack Obama pressured Congress to act on the White House’s proposals to reduce gun violence.

“We’re not going to wait until the next Newtown, or Aurora,” Obama declared before a crowd of law enforcement agencies. “If there’s even one thing we can do — if there’s just one life we can save — we have an obligation to try.”

After reminding the crowd that he’s signed 23 executive orders relating to gun violence in the wake of the Newtown shooting, Obama noted, “Real and lasting change requires Congress to do its part, and to do it soon.”

Specifically, he reiterated his desire to see Congress enact universal background checks, stressing that “the vast majority of Americans, including a majority of gun owners, support requiring criminal background checks for anyone trying to buy a gun.” Indeed, a recent Johns Hopkins University poll found 89 percent of respondents — including 75 percent of NRA members — support expanding background checks on gun sales.

“That’s not a liberal idea or a conservative idea,” Obama said, “that is a smart idea.”

The president also insisted that “we should restore the ban on military-style assault weapons and a 10-round limit for magazines, saying that “weapons of war have no place on our streets.” He then called on Congress to bring up both proposals for a vote — a request that is complicated by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s ambivalence about both reforms. According The Huffington Post, Reid will hold a vote on the assault weapons ban, with the expectation that it will not pass.

Obama also took time to shoot down right-wing conspiracies about his gun control push. “There’s no legislation to eliminate all guns. There’s no legislation proposed to subvert the Second Amendment,” Obama said. “These are things that the majority of Americans, when asked, support.”

Obama’s presence in Minneapolis — a city that has seen a 41 percent drop in youths injured by gun violence over the past five years — was another example of the president’s eagerness to press his message outside of Washington. Obama previously held rallies at factories in Pennsylvania and Michigan to urge Congress to avoid the so-called “fiscal cliff,” and last week he pushed for immigration reform in Las Vegas.

President Obama’s full speech can be seen below:

AP Photo/Jim Mone

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55 responses to “Obama: ‘We’re Not Going To Wait Until The Next Newtown’ [Video]”

  1. The problem with effective background checks, which I support, is that many of those responsible for gun related violence use weapons bought and owned by their parents or friends.
    The real question is why does anyone need an assault rifle and a high capacity magazine? What exactly are they planning to do with weapons esigned for warfare?
    The only real threat to our country involves terrorism, and since no AK47 would have prevented 9/11, why do we insist on having such weapons? They are not necessary to scare a burglar or a potential rapist, a handgun would suffice. They are not needed to hunt Bambi. So, again, why do they demand the right to own weapons of mass destruction?

    • Hillbilly says:

      Because Organizations like the NRA has feed the fear that the government is coming to take all their guns away for the past 4 years ever since President Obama was elected. By feeding this fear of losing their gun and an high capacity magazines the NRA has made millions for gun and ammo makers who in turn donate millions to the NRA. People need to realize the NRA of today is nothing like the NRA of yesteryears when their main concern was gun safety and obeying laws now their main concern is to see how many weapons and how much ammo they can frighten people into buying from the weapon and ammo makers that donate money to the NRA which they in turn donate to the Republican Party. The AK47 can’t legally be used to hunt anything so that means all it is for is to kill people.

      • nobsartist says:

        I didnt see the NRA come up with the “Patriot Act”. Did you? As a matter of fact, I didnt see the NRA cause the mortgage crisis and then bury their head in the sand like OUR government did.

        I think that ALL politicians should be concerned that some night while sleeping, someone may come in and ruin their lives like the banks did to so many millions.

        By the way, you can hunt quite well with an AK 47, jackass.

    • I agree with your statement. But an answer to who needs an AK47 or AR15. Gun collecters, if it is makea collector needs one; and hobby shooters, are they fun to shoot. Generally these are resposible gun owners. Depending on the size and caliber of a pistol it can hold from 5 to 17 rounds in the standard magazine. It is possible to purchase extended mags.
      Most people buy pistols that fix their hand in a caliber they like. Limit magszines to standard size for the gun not to a specfic number. Larger calibers do more damage but because of size fewer rounds fix in magazines.

    • 1bythebrooks2 says:

      I agree with you, Dominick, withone small difference. If you want to have a gun to protect yourself and your family from someone(s) breaking into your home, a double barreled shotgun would be much more effective and cover alot more area with one shot, while stumbling around in the dark than a pistol. You don’t have to be as accurate.

      • DEFENDER88 says:

        Just so you know. Shotguns dont spread out that much at “in house” distances. You might want to go to a range and check out some patterns at close range and distance. Double barrel beats nothing but pump is better especially if 3 or more are attacking. Take the 3shot game limit plug out. And with a double if you miss with 1 shot you only have 1 left(easy enough to do in the dark even with a shotgun).

        • 1bythebrooks2 says:

          That’s good to know. I don’t own any guns, but had a shotgun and rifle on the farm I grew up on just to put down livestock that swallowed hardware(that’s what dad called any type of bowel obstucting objects that a steer or hog might swallow). Never had a pump. Thanks!

          • DEFENDER88 says:

            Shotgun can be good for home defense. But I would advise to practice with it, the recoil is significant and must be managed.
            Wear eye and ear protection the noise is significant.
            Also you need to know your various patterns at distance.
            And learn how a pump gun works.
            At 10 feet it does not spread much, not near what you think.
            You dont want to try to learn this while 2 bad guys are coming through your window with a gun at 2am.
            A popular choice is 12Gauge, Mossberg(Brand) Maverick(One of their styles)-pump action. You can get 6 and 8 shot cap. It is very reliable and popular. And fairly cheap for a “good gun” about $300. For home defense you want a “good gun” not a cheapo since your life may depend on it. Most use “00” Buck(Double Ought Buck Shot) loads (about 9-10 steel balls in each round) for home defense. You can also get slugs(one bullet in each round) for deer and large game. #4 shot for squirrels, #6 for Ducks, #8 for doves.

            “00” Buck is about the size of a smaller marble or larger aspirin tablet
            #4 shot about the size of a BB.
            #8 shot much smaller dia(ie pin head)

            They also sell a Maverick Bolt Action Rifle so be sure to specify shotgun.
            Mossberg 500 and Remington Brands are also good choices for a good gun.

        • ralphkr says:

          In the first place any shotgun is better psychologically as a deterrent than a pistol since most pros do not fear a pistol in the hands of John or Jane Doe because they know that 95 times out of 100 the round will miss but they also know the likelihood of a hit by shot is much higher. There is also the great deterrent of the sound of pumping a round into the chamber. I also take great solace in the knowledge that any intruder that does not immediately flee upon hearing the sound of a round being pumped into the chamber definitely does need to be removed from the human gene pool.

          • DEFENDER88 says:

            I have said the shotgun is a good home self defense weapon.
            However, if the intruder is high on drugs, racking any gun may not have any effect on them at all. So dont count on it 100%.
            Most thieves are chicken sh-t bastards if you squeeze off a round and fall all over themself to get away. But again if on drugs dont count on it.
            I prefer to keep mine(shotgun) loaded and not have to rack it, so as not to have to give away my location until it is to my advantage.
            Some disadvantages of a shotgun in close quarters – more difficult to maneuver, can be deflected or grabbed more easily, fewer shots than a semi auto pistol, harder to re-load in case of multiple threats, etc.
            I use a laser on my pistol and light on my shotgun. I hold a tactical light in my support hand with pistol(split finger technique). Tac light mounted on shotgun barrel.
            I prefer pistol inside but I am a competitive defensive pistol shooter with 17 rounds to miss with. Includes house clearing tactics-use of cover, priorities(slice the pie), sequence, exposure, movement, etc. I practice about 10x more than the police do.

      • nobsartist says:

        A Mini 14 RANCH RIFLE works perfect in short quarters. By the way, its an “ASSault rifle” like the AK 47 is. Also good in close quarters.

        By the way, if neither are full auto, they are legal.

        Sort of like abortion.

        • ralphkr says:

          You just reminded me of the time when a university class mate of my daughter offered to sell me some WW2 M3 (the infamous greasegun) for $20 each in 1971 (I think the army paid $18 for them in 1940). Now, that .45 caliber full automatic M3 was perfect for clearing a room of Nazis. When I was in the service I went through all the M3′ plus all the spare parts in my armory to tune my own and it worked like a precision weapon except I swear that you could bury it in sand, pick it up, and it would still fire no matter how dirty it was. Try that with a BAR sometime and see what happens.

    • lana ward says:

      The DHS has stockpiled millions of those weapons and ammo. WHY do they need all of those weapons???

    • nobsartist says:

      We need the same weapons the government has to protect us from THEM.

      You are easily deceived if you think our government is interested in protecting us.
      If that was the case, health care wouldnt be so far out of reach for millions.

      Actions have consequences.

      • WhutHeSaid says:

        I hope you realize how stupid you sound, bsartist. Allow me to point out the reasons why your post will never qualify you for a MENSA membership:

        1) You will never be able to afford many of the weapons the government possesses.
        2) You will never be able to operate many of the weapons the government possesses (ever try to sail an aircraft carrier by yourself?).
        3) The government in America — at least in theory — is US.
        4) The government (us) DOES protect you — every single day. Do you not appreciate the soldiers who have sacrificed everything for this very purpose?

        A have an estimate regarding your chances against armed professional law enforcement or soldiers: Zero. That’s why we need to participate in government where it actually has a chance of success.

      • neeceoooo says:

        If you were to have the same weapon that the government uses, then you should be sitting down to communicate the differences in a civilized discussion and try to compromise on these differences. Oh, that is right, the GOP does not know how to compromise. Compromise to you means weakness.

  2. stvjas says:

    say what you want, King Obama but you are not going to get them without physically taking them from me!!

    • Gun control is the distraction to keep us busy as excessive taxes on ammo are impossed rendering ammo too expensive to buy. We can keep our guns but can not afford ammo.

      • DurdyDawg says:

        Well there you go.. See, the political system isn’t as stupid as we’ve been told. Seems like we’re all falling for the weapons hoopla like fried ice cream. Who’s gonna nudge the dummies? Makes perfect sense.. Who’s gonna smoke one of them (place favorite brand here) if you got no matches?

  3. Why is it that the DEM / Liberal response to everytime one of their voters goes off the Res is it to take Rights and Freedoms away from law abiding citizens ? You people do realize that all of these recent mass shootings were done by registered DEMs or their brain damaged and Liberally indoctrinated offspring . From Columbine to Ft Hood to Giffords to Batman to Sandy Hook , the common denominator is that they were all Dem /Liberals . Hence maybe the knee JERK reaction from the left ought NOT be to take Rights and Freedoms away from Law Abiding Citizens but rather to do an Assault Democrats Ban . What Obama wants to do has been tried in the Socialist Liberal Utopia of the Communist Occupied City formerly known as Chicago and now refered to as Barackistan . I am ex law enforcement and live there deeeply embedded behind Communist lines . We” enjoyed “a 3 decades long gun ban and still have the most rigid gun laws in the Nation . We are the Murder Capital of America . Black voters who have blindly supported the DEM party there have been rewarded for their loyalty with a generational entitlement state that has resulted in Slavery and Poverty in exchange for that free shit . These DEM voters live in fear of the other DEM voters in the GD’s and Vice Lords who have guns . You see when you Outlaw guns the Outlaws dont care . Now follow along Liberals as this is common sense and logic and I know your minds have trouble accepting anything that isnt fed to your indoctrinated minds . The term Outlaw refers to someone who operates “OUTSIDE” your laws , hence the term “Out”law K. Now that great thinker Joe Biden recently stated that we need new Laws because the ones we already have arent being enforced . Makes perfect sense to Liberals right ? Why instittute new laws when you dont enforce the ones you have ? Why instititute new laws when you dont have enough cops in your Liberal Dem cities to enforce them or make arrests . Job 1 of any Govt should be to keep the citizens safe . In Barakistan they are over 2000 police ofc undermanned as both Daley and now Rahm have not done any hiring to offset retirement for the last decade . They aren’t able to due to the fact that the Public Union Pensions are creating so much debt they cant afford too . Rahm did find enough money for Bike Lanes a new 55 million park and 500 new teachers but he wont keep you safe… which gets us back to those poor people in the Barakistan’s Ghetto’s .Those unarmed law abiding DEMs live in a state of terrorosm locked in their homes while the other DEM voters in the GD’s and Vice Lords have standing armies on the West side and South sides . Moral of the story.. Gun bans dont work you have the biggest lab experiment of that in Chicago . What the left should concentrate on is hiring Police to keep the citizens safe . They could do that if they gave up their decades long agreement with the Public Unions there to launder Tax dollars between the Unions and DEM campaign funds . Why not put all State County and Municipal Employees in 401 K plans like the rest of the Country that pays their wages ? The only ones who deserve , and should therefore still get a Pension, are Police and Fire because of the Nature of their jobs . Everyone else gets a 401 k …you balance the budget and are able to hire more Police overnight . The cost of course is the all those Union People might be mad at the Party for cutting their Tax Payer funded gravy train . So whats more important people of the left ? Doing that and hiring Police , or Kow towing to the Public Unions ? In Chicago we all know the answer even those Liberals who refuse to acknowledge it .The next thing you should do is encourage law abiding citizens to get armed and protect themselves from the other Dems who are deranged , and , or are criminals . The third thing you need to do (and I agree with the left here ) is to do background checks and better mental health background checks . This would help keep guns out of the hands of Crazy Mental Deficient people . Of course when you do that most Democrats wont be eligible to own a gun . The next thing you do is let the Police actually make arrests of these known gang bangers without fear of some Liberal Lawyer filing frivolous civil rights actions against them . Our Former Top Cop here Jody Wies made great headway in this effort and of course Rahm fired him to put his Yes man in Place . Our new guy is ok with being undermanned and makes the same spin /excuses Rahm does . The last and final piece is the one BaROKE should fight for and that would be Fed Sentencing Guidelines for UUW crimes . A straight 10 years for any UUW conviction with NO early out would do nicely . Start putting the criminals away and make the punishement fit the crime . take the sentencing out of the hands of Liberally corrupt judges . In the Murder Capital of America it is most common that UUW convictions result in suspended sentences ,probation , communtiy services , and boot camps . Why have laws on the books if you aren’t going to enforce them what good are they ? Take sentencing out of their hands . All of this is common sense and logic so I know a lot on the left wont agree . Oh if you are wondering where you get the money for those Prisons you will need …when you put all those people in 401 k’s you will immediately find the money and think of all the jobs building those prisons and manning them would create ?

    • WhutHeSaid says:

      It’s idiotic, lying morons like you who give responsible gun owners a bad rap. All you have to offer on an important subject is lies and bigoted bullshit. Why don’t you put a high-capacity magazine in your favorite gun, jam it up your ass, and pull the trigger. This topic is for adults, so that means it’ s over your head.

    • What is the point of all your rambeling?

      • Jim Myers says:

        Replying to Bob Brindell –

        There are some people who are immensely impressed with their own sense of self importance.

        Therefore, they try to be condescending to those who they feel are inferior to their own level of brilliance.

        Kind of like the Bozo character who provides us with so many hilarious “insights”.

        • lana ward says:

          The DHS has stockpiled millions of those weapons and ammo!! WHY do they need those weapons???

        • DurdyDawg says:

          M.S. gives you the impression that only Repubs can get us out of this ‘liberal’ mess.. We tried that each time we elected those bottom feeders and look what us Dems are left with when the pubs finally get caught doing their ‘duty’.. Of course , most of us blame the right for all our problems as well, when both should realize it isn’t the left or the right but the entire system.. It’s just not working people.

        • Inthenameofliberty says:

          He was on officer and still lives there. I don’t care what his party affiliation is. He’s not being condescending. He’s telling the truth as he lived it and he’s bitter.
          If you could but put yourself in his shoes, maybe you wouldn’t be judging him so harshly.
          What if he’s telling the truth?
          Then what?
          Did you even ONCE consider the fact that he may be telling the TRUTH?
          Did it even OCCUR to you to consider that he may be telling the truth?

      • lana ward says:

        The DHS has stockpiled millions of those weapons and ammo. WHY do they need all those weapons???

        • WhutHeSaid says:

          Will you stop repeating yourself like some demented parrot? Please go brush your tooth or something otherwise useful.

          • lana ward says:

            Go to the site, “WND-Why is the Government stockpiling weapons”. There is a video of Obama saying he wants to create a Civilian National Security Force as big and as strong and as well funded as the Defense Dept.!!! There is an article too.

    • nobsartist says:

      I noticed that all the gun crimes in Detroit are also by Dems.

  4. RobertCHastings says:

    I feel that one thing that would greatly reduce the amount of violence in this country is to pursue gangs, like MS13, as either terrorists, or under the RICOH Act, which prohibits organized criminal activity. The federal government already has laws in place that will make cities like Chicago and Los Angeles much safer. Once gangs are off the streets, we will all sleep easier. Remember, the young lady who performed for the President’s inauguration died as a result of random, senseless gang violence. Have the perps been caught yet? They are probably hiding out at Wayne LaPierre’s place.

  5. Jim Myers says:

    Real men don’t need guns to prove they are real men. Because they ARE real men. Only cowards need guns to make themselves feel important.

    Even though I do not own a gun, doesn’t mean I haven’t used them in the past.

    • Gun ownership has little to do withbeing a man. And even less with being coward. It sounds like you are attempting to justify your manhood. It is what you have inside that makes you a man. Real men stand up and fight for there beliefs and willingly change if proven wrong. Wimps resort to platitues in an attemp tomake them feel superior to the foe. Try facts it is more convencing.

      • neeceoooo says:

        No I beleive that the gun owners are the ones who are trying to justify something such as an ego or maybe just their manhood.

        • Need facts not platitues! Some people like guns and some do not that has nothing to do with being a man. Real men are known by their reactions to circumstances, not by apperance nor what they have.
          You obviously do not like guns, you think I like guns but you do not know that but think I do. But here is the thing weather I do or do not like guns I believe gun ownership is a protected right. If ever I become convinced our government intends to eliminate that right I will br frist in line to buy guns.

  6. frida says:

    The only way to stop weapons of mass destruction AK47 is to target suppliers. Once there is no supply, there will no be demand.

  7. joeham1 says:

    The President is up to his usual demonize and divide routine. He knows that banning assault weapons won’t stop the killings. However he is ramping up the anger by his sheep to hate the NRA and gun owners.

    If he was really being honest (and he’s not) he would say “the only way to truly solve these horrible murders is to change our culture of Mental health, violence, in movies, video games, abortion, gangs, education etc.

    A great example: Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. They have had the opposite effect. The murder rate is among the highest in the country.

    Millions and Millions of people have firearms. 99.999% would never use them for an offensive. Yet they are demonized because some don’t think they should own them or be able to buy them.

    With the debate as it stands, and the devisiveness as it is. There will be more mass shootings. We need real leadership. We need someone who can call all sides together and solve the problem. The Problem isn’t that President is ignorant. It’s that he knows so much that isn’t true

  8. bchrista says:

    People let’s face it there is no easy answer to the gun problem, what the president is trying to do puts him in a bind he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t either way he can’t win and since he’s got so many assholes wanting to see him fail, that if they really cared for this country and for the future of the country that their children are going to grow up in, they would lay their prejudices aside and pitch in and lend a hand to see what they can contribute knowledge wise and let the President know that for the sake of their kids they are going to stop pulling on the rope against him and get behind him and pull with him to get this country back on it’s feet and well again, because people I don’t care who is President he can’t do it by himself and we can’t wait for his term to expire to see who is going to replace himand the country can’t go on for four another four years in the shape it’s in and like it or not he’s here and that’s all we got and rememder every nail you put in his coffin is a nail your driving in your childs future. Now what is more important to you propping up those Republicans that are not letting the country progress because they are indebted to big business, the Oil Industry, the Kock Brothers, Grover Norquist, Rove, Rush L. and all the other super Rich people or your Childrens future. Lets face it Obama doesn’t have all the answers but at least he’s trying to do the best job possable for the American people not for the 1%. check for yourself Mitt Romney was their wonder boy until he lost the election now they are on a round of character assasination right now he is persona non grata within the Republican Party and this is the guy that 4 months ago was the greatest person in the world and the savior from the Republican Party that was going to cure all our ills check and see what they think of him now, remember just 4 months. I can’t deny it I thank God Romney and Paul lost I could see the American people pulling their hair out because of the radical changes that these two would impose on us from day one Ryan had already proposed a budget to do away with Social Security as we know it, whereby in less than a year seniors that have paid into the fund would be on their own trying to figure where their next meal was coming from because the first step was to privitise it medicare another fund tha we are the seniors pay into would cease to exisit because Wall Street would control it the military would almost double because it’s the fat cow they feed off of jobs would continue to go overseas and companies would slowly disappear because they would be sold to the Chinese, Koreans, or India People you don’t want to feel what a Romney Presidential Victory would have done to this country all you have to do is examine what hes done to companies he bought into, what they were before Romney bought into and what they were after he left them better still check the State of Massachusetts they got rid of him after four years because of what he did to their economy if I remember correctly he had a rating of about 23% and dropping when he was defeated in him bid for reelection the only thing he did for Mass. was he installed a system simular to Obamacare and I understand it work very well. So all you Obama knockers, be careful what you wish for you may not like what you get.

  9. bchrista says:

    In reply to frida you have a good idea but forone thing our National Guard are the worst protectors of military weapons in the world, if you bother to check armories- are constantly being broken into and losing weapons so that thought is out, for the other naysayers getting rid of the assualt weapons in the hands of thugs can be done but the amount of time and the amount of people involved it would be a financial disaster and that is money that is needed for other projects deficits for one. I have read comments from a lot of people that dislike the President for all type of reasons, that he doesn’t possess a legal birth certificate, because he’s Black although they don’t have the balls to admit it, they dislike him because they claim he’s not an American, he’s been called a communist, a Socialist, a Muslin, an idiot because they claim he didn’t earn his Degrees in a legal way, and you know you could take all the intellectuals that say that and they couldn’t stand besides him and pass half the tests he’s taken to get his degree they would be sent back to kiddie school he’s got more knowledge in his little finger than all their brainpower put together, they try to use the Constitution against him and forget that he was a professor and taught Constitutional law, there are a couple of assholes that post comments here that try to denigrate his intelligence and deny that he earned his degrees but an education once earned cannot be taken because it’s something that is embedded in your mind and nobody can ever take that away from you. as to the remark about building more prisons, I say to you spoken like a true Republican, they never saw an industry that they loved more than the prison industry, Michael Stoll at least you don’t hide who you shill for, the prison industry is without a doubt one of the biggest money maker for the party that runs it, there is more graft and scimming in the prison industry than in ten other state or government industries, people that’s like giving somebody the keys to Fort Knox and telling them help yourself the place is yours and on that statement I am now more convinced than ever that we have been infultrated by Republican Representatives and TeaBaggers trying to influence the people that post here to swing their way, it has puzzled me for the longest time why some people are trying so hard to discredit the President it has become obvious what they couldn’t do at the polls legally they are trying to do ilegally by unhanded methods, I can see why If I was stealing the amount of money they are pocketing I wouldn’t want to lose it you would have to almost kill me to make me stop. When you can make money they way they do without any effort why kill the goose that is laying the golden egg, especially when nobody even trys to prosecute you it’s almost like it’s legal and since both parties are doing it who”s going to complain that is in a position to do anything about it.

  10. nobsartist says:

    Too bad Obama wasnt so concerned about the millions that got screwed out of jobs and homes.

    Obama is a plant and is concerned about gun crimes because like all politicians, actions have consequences.

    He wants new gun laws but less employment law.

    He wants new gun laws but NO jobs bill.

    He wants new gun laws but no new laws defending people from mortgage fraud by banks and the judicial system.

    He wants new gun laws because he is starting to wake up to the fact that there are 50 MILLION heavily armed pissed off Americans that are sick of the assholes in Washington and every state capital.

    He needs new gun laws like he needed the bush tax cuts to protect HIS millions.

    • WhutHeSaid says:

      You need to remove the ‘no’ from the front of your moniker. ‘bsartist’ is a bit more accurate for somebody who authors a post full of lies. Couldn’t you even post one truth to kind of make it seem like you’re trying?

    • Chad says:

      Hey Snobartist, it sounds like you think you have all the answers this country needs, how about you just shut up and maybe put your words into action then!

    • neeceoooo says:

      So you think the answer to every problem is guns. You think that your gun is going to protect you from your own stupidity, you are surely misguided.

  11. dslocum says:

    Right on, President Obama !!!!!! But please go one step farther and confiscate all military style assault weapons that are not volutarily turned in by owners. Make it illegal for citizens to have them. Most of America will be behind you.

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