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Monday, October 24, 2016


A series of new ads from, the folks who brought us the “Brosurance” ads to promote Affordable Care Act signups in Colorado, depicts young women with sex on their minds — and the right wing is pissed.

“OMG he’s hot! Let’s hope he’s as easy to get as this birth control,” the copy of one ad reads. “My health insurance covers the pill, which means all I have to worry about is getting him between the covers. I got insurance.”

Law student Sandra Fluke spoke out last year in favor of the birth control mandate in health insurance for medical reasons.

“What does that make her?” radio host Rush Limbaugh said. “It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute.”

This ad goes a step further and directly connects birth control to enabling a young woman’s sex life. So bring on the outrage.


Gateway Pundit said the ad “Pushes Women To Be Sluts.” Twitchy labeled the ads as “Ho-surance.”


“They also seem to believe that young women are infantile and incompetent enough to need the help of government in securing $8 birth control pills from Wal*Mart,” wrote “Ace” at Ace of Spades, rehashing a myth from the Fluke controversy that all women use the same method of contraception for the same reasons.

Forget the hypocrisy of people who oppose abortion also opposing the best way to prevent abortion. The right seems furious that women would be considering having sex without the imposition of others’ morality and doing so in a way that allows them to maintain their financial freedom.

“A recent study from the Guttmacher Institute found that the majority of women say they need birth control so they can finish their education, keep a job, or support their families,” ThinkProgress‘ Tara Culp-Ressler wrote. “Unintended pregnancies, on the other hand, are linked to economic hardship.”

If the right wing is this furious, these ads — as hackneyed as they are — will probably be effective.

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  • United Forces

    Crying conservatives are gonna cry.

  • Whereas the Opt Out ads and events are trying to push men toward being drunken date-rapists.

  • Lynda Groom

    I suppose they mean to suggest that republican women are frigid and that is the way conservatives wish them to be? Stop whining and take care of your women folk.

    • yeehaw

      @Lynda…You do know these people are Professional Hypocrites!!!!!

  • Gillian Middleton

    The Republican Taliban Party won’t be happy until we really are back in the 50’s. Where black people step off the pavement and walk in the gutter when a white person walks by. Where women are passed from their father’s household to their husband’s. Kept barefoot and pregnant, and cheerfully putting up with the occasional back hand when she mouths off. White men ruled the world, and even the lowliest shit kicker could despise a black man and be King of his home.

    • Lovefacts

      Actually, I would’ve said the Republican right wing won’t be happy until women’s rights have reverted to the 1850’s. They don’t want us to vote, work outside of the home, take birth control, or have an education. These individuals justify their actions by claiming to be good Christians while “mis”quoting the Bible, just as the Taliban does with their Qu’ran. A pox on both their houses.

      However, I will admit that I found the ad in poor taste only because, IMO, being able to enjoy sex that isn’t the primary point of using birth control If they’d shown a box of birth control pills along with the following pictures, again IMO, it would’ve had greater & without the controversy. If I’d done it, the following would have been my choice for images juxtapose the birth control pills: One woman rocking a baby while another is surrounded by four children, all within a year of each other. A young woman receiving her diploma. A woman playing sports. A woman working–as an engineer, on an oil platform, in space, teaching. A woman holding hands with a man over a dinner table. If they’d shown the pictures and then said birth control this makes possible.

  • Elliot J. Stamler

    Sorry but as an Obamacare supporter I think that ad is sort of tasteless and also stupid. Not because it informs women of the coverage for contraception but because of the airhead copy which will appeal to women whose ideal is Kim Kardashian.

    • Lola Johnson

      Women whose ideal is Kim K. are exactly the ones who are better off not reproducing.

    • stcroixcarp

      I agree with you. This add is creepy. If the hot guy were saying the stuff attributed to the girl, I would consider it harassment. The ad has just to much of the “ick” factor..

  • Budjob

    Here we go again folks,the right wing is aghast that human beings and women fall into that category,actually enjoy practicing SEX.Shhh,I think I said that word to too loud.Now, I’m probably going to burn in hell.;

  • highpckts

    God forbid women should enjoy something that was suposed to be strictly a man’s pervue! I am so tired of all this macho crap! I am far from a feminist but, damn, I know what’s wrong and what’s right! Trampling on women will do them irreparable harm!! We will not let them take us back to no votes for women! Barefoot and Pregnant! NO!!

    • jonesky

      No shame in being a feminist. “I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat.” ― Rebecca West

      • highpckts


  • roguerunners

    Republicans to Women: NO, you can’t have the pill. NO, you can’t have an abortion. NO, you can’t have food stamps now that you have that kid. NO. NO. NO. NO.
    Republicans to banks and the 1%: Oh YES. What ever you want. YES. YES. YES. YES.

  • disqus_fsqeoY3FsG

    What about the Political whores male and female that are brought and paid for by Wall Street, Koch Brothers, Heritage Foundation, and all the other Lobby Groups. The idea that people are calling these women names, when they don’t know them – someone should tell them the way you can identify a Christian is not by their words but rather their actions. Remember hypocrites only God can judge us not phony Christians.

  • Taco Bell Launches New ‘Morning After’ Burrito

    PURCHASE, NY—Hot on the heels of last week’s FDA approval, on Monday PepsiCo subsidiary Taco Bell launched its controversial “morning after” burrito, a zesty, Mexican-style entree that prevents unwanted pregnancies if ingested within 36 hours following intercourse.

    Developed by a team of top Taco Bell gynecologists, the $1.99 “ContraceptiMelt” burrito creates an inhospitable environment within the womb, causing fertilized ovum tissue to be flushed from the body.

    Also available are ContraceptiMelt Supremes, featuring sour cream and extra cheese.

    Taco Bell officials are excited about the offering. “In the past, before Roe v. Wade, young women literally had to ‘make a run for the border’ to terminate an unwanted pregnancy,” Taco Bell public relations director Grant Lesko said. “But now, women can make that same run for the border at over 7,300 convenient locations right in their own hometowns.”

    Possible side effects of the new birth-control snack item include weight gain, stomach upset and gas, the same as with all other Taco Bell products.

    Nineteen-year-old Alicia Vargas of Yuma, AZ, avoids getting pregnant with a delicious Taco Bell ContraceptiMelt.

    “The new ContraceptiMelt is a safe, effective alternative to traditional forms of birth control that must be administered before intercourse,” Lesko said. “Plus, it’s delicious.”

    Customers who wish to purchase a ContraceptiMelt will be required to meet briefly for consultation with a registered Taco Bell counselor/cashier. The counselor will ring up the customer’s order and collect money for it, then provide change, before being allowed to administer the ContraceptiMelt.

    Additionally, a five- to ten-minute waiting period may be necessary during high-volume “busy periods” in the restaurant, depending on the length of the line.

    “Late afternoon, like 3 p.m., is usually a good time to come in,” said Gerry Frankel, an Arlington, VA, Taco Bell counselor/cashier.

    While the new burrito is legal and available in all 50 states, parental-consent laws in 37 states require minors who wish to purchase the ContraceptiMelt to obtain permission from a parent or legal guardian—unless they order a side of Cinnamon Crisps and a large beverage.

    Taco Bell vice-president of product research and development Marvin Sekuler expects the new product to be tremendously successful.

    “All of our test marketing and demographic research indicates that among 14- to 22-year-old females, there is great demand for a quick, relatively painless termination of unwanted pregnancy via spontaneously induced rejection of fertilized, pre-fetal tissue from the uterine canal,” Sekuler said. “Plus, 14- to 22-year-olds love delicious, Mexican-style fast-food products. We’re thrilled that our newest menu item can meet both these important needs in a lip-smacking, tasty way.”

    While he hopes that many young women will purchase the new burrito, Sekuler stressed that the decision to terminate a pregnancy is an individual one.

    “We are in no way advocating any particular view on this most sensitive of issues,” he said. “We simply want to offer this option. And, of course, we fully respect our customers who decide to carry their babies to term. In fact, I’d like to point out that Taco Bell offers a wide variety of non-contraceptive menu items that can provide the crucial nutrients—such as mild sauce, shredded cheddar and beef—that a growing fetus needs to develop properly.”

    Sekuler noted that every pregnacy terminated by the Taco Bell ContraceptiMelt comes with a special guarantee.

    “If any one of our customers becomes pregnant after consuming our new burrito, the Taco Bell Corporation will, guaranteed, hire that person to work for us at $6.25 per hour,” he said. “Taco Bell’s competitive, above-minimum-wage salaries; flexible schedules; and fun, team-oriented atmosphere make it the ideal place for a young, single mother, enabling her to provide for herself and her children with uninsured subsistence living.”

    Pending FDA approval, Taco Bell plans to follow up the ContraceptiMelt with the RU-486 MexiCarriage Deluxe. Already legal in France, the MexiCarriage Deluxe costs $1.59 if purchased during the first MexiMester, $1.79 during the second and $1.99 during the third

    • nirodha

      Hey, Zheet, your satire is getting better and better! I laughed my ass off at this. We’ll have to nominate you for the Jonathan Swift award one of these days if you keep this up!

  • elw

    Rather strange since the right wing ads showing uncle Sam between the legs of a young women having a pelvic exam was alright with them. To them it is alright to show a woman being molested by Uncle Sam, but not alright to acknowledge that she actually likes sex when it is her choice and she does not have to worry about unintentional pregnancy.

    • Lynda Groom

      You’ve nailed it!

      • elw

        Thanks and that’s because, UNLIKE the White males that are protesting the ads, I have been there and know what it is like when you have to worry when you do not have the opportunity to use birth control.

        • MetamorphosisCatalyst


    • stcroixcarp

      Those ads were “icky” too.

      • elw

        I would describe them as creepy.

    • Elliot J. Stamler

      Whaddya mean women like sex???? Only filthy depraved wanton women who should be pilloried or locked up! Why don’t you listen to fine women like Phyllis Schlafly and Sandy Rios and Beverly LaHaye. You women are not supposed to like sex-you are harlots those of you who do. Pay attention to Rick Santorum and Kenneth Cucinelli-they’ll set you straight!! If I had my way women who aren’t virgins when they first marry should be dealt with the way the Moslems deal with ’em-on this them Moslems are right!!! All your female dissoluteness began with the demonic birth control pill and that in turn comes from the French Revolution-Sen. Santorum explained it to you! Just you wanton sluts wait till President Cruz takes over..he’ll fix you good!!

      • elw

        They are actually saying those things, Rush called the actress in the ad the H word.

    • Carl_in_California

      That’s it in a nutshell…

  • MetamorphosisCatalyst

    Wow, the amount of vile hate in these comments is astonishing.
    The issue conservatives have here is simply that for decades now, much of the left has been basing a large amount of their political platform on women’s empowerment, equality in society and generalized feminism. You know, trying to get the rest of society to see women as more than simply a vagina and child-making factory.
    Now, being convenient and all, they suddenly start targeting the young female demographic and treat them as if their primary health concern is stretching that vagina that they’ve spent so long trying to convince the rest of society is unimportant.
    It’s incredibly hypocritical, and it’s astounding that so-called “feminists” in the party can’t see it for what it is. It’s enraging to a degree that a decades-old political platform would be thrown to the trash heap for simple expedience due to the pounding that Obama is taking in the media and the populace.
    I now await the long, long list of replies shrieking about every last little thing conservatives have ever done wrong.
    Ignoring the problems in your own house = AWESOME.

    • Sex between consenting adults is just “stretching that vagina” to you?


      Also: learn about the many health-related reasons women use contraception that include, but are not limited to, a desire for intercourse without pregnancy.

      • MetamorphosisCatalyst

        Your comment is nothing but a red herring.
        The advertisement is MOST CERTAINLY not regarding ANYTHING to do with using contraception for non-birth-control purposes.

      • MetamorphosisCatalyst

        Not to mention that the advertisement itself doesn’t exactly treat the concept of sex with any more respect than I just did. That’s part of my point.

    • Bryan Blake

      Since you neither post your name nor picture I do not know which sexual part you are probably deprived of using/enjoying. If you are a male perhaps every time you have sex the mental picture of your “misguided moralist preacher’s anti-joy diatribes” reinforce your lack of pleasure and joy. If you are a woman you have bought into the false constraints of the male-centric religious oppression of women and can only orgasm through mastribation – if it were not such a “mortal sin”.

      My father’s side of the family were what would be called today right wind evangelical christians. As a child I went to tent rivals with my grandparents and watched the spectacles. People bursting out in the speech of tongues. Magical cures through the circuit preachers by the Unseen/Imaginary Jesus. Despite the fact that I was forced to attend the Lutheran church the attendance of revivals and my grandparents church still had a significant effect upon me. But not the one grandma hoped it would have. Between the Holy Roller Church, the Lutheran Church and my innate belief in reincarnation the foundation for my rejection of Christianity and all other forms of revealed religions was cemented in my mind/spirit. Being exposed to two distinctly different interpretations of what was supposed to be the same religion clearly illustrated that Christianity was not a valid belief system. By the age of five I clearly understood that Christianity did not offer a path to salvation. For me one life and only one chance at salvation/heaven was in direct conflict with the abundance of life found on our home. Also, I found the Big Bad Bully Christian God of The Old Testament unmitigated by the contorted concept of the Triune God of The New Testament. I understood The Father, The Holy Ghost, Jesus and a few drops of blood as poly-deism even as a child. I just simply thought of Christianity as having three gods and no “religious authority” from either side of the family could offer any credible explanation as to why there was only one god.

      Since Christianity is clearly male-centric the triune god creates conflict within the male members of right wind evangelical literalist Christianity. I listen to male family members of such persuasion lead prayers with “Father” while trying, as their interpretation of the Bible demands, to be reflective of the authority of The Father in their homes. No man, born of Mother Earth, has at no time or at no place ever incarnated as a god. Although many have either claimed to be born or venerated as such. And that is the problem with these right wind evangelical christians and their submissive women. These, mostly white males, are wrapped in the illusion that they are in fact supposed to be “Little Reflective Fathers” here on Earth. Add the warped sexual perspectives found in The Bible and instantly sex is a “sin” and procreation is the only permissible function attributable to a woman’s “lady parts”. The Bible is a “How To Manual” on how to oppress women through the authority of God The Bully and his Little Fathers. Of course if a man really wants to indulge “his sexual pleasures” The Bible leaves the Little Fathers a giant loophole: Multiple wives and handmaidens!

      Because they ignore most of the purported principles of their religion they have become nothing more than scared little boys inflicting their fear upon as many of We The People as they can. Virtually all of the “pro-life” leaders are these scared Little Fathers inflicting their fears/oppression upon women. On the other hand Brother Jones can often be found with Sister Sue and a brown bag full of beer at the local “Flea Bag Motel” in a “desperate rendezvous of SIN!

      Women of all ages have the inherent right to enjoy sex without the fear of pregnancy! If I were sixteen again and there was a birth control pill for men I would be taking it and seeking sexual pleasure. I suppose that would be alright since I AM A MALE!

      • MetamorphosisCatalyst

        You need help.

        • Bryan Blake

          Yes I do. Can you please forward the winning PowerBall Numbers the next time it climbs to over 300 million dollars. By the way please do not buy a ticket yourself!

          • MetamorphosisCatalyst

            Don’t worry, I don’t waste my money on that garbage.

  • MetamorphosisCatalyst

    By the way, saying “I hope he’s easy…” is not simply about women enjoying sex. It’s very literally about promiscuity. Which is fine, if you want to support that view of women, by all means, go right ahead. By all means, shout from the mountaintops how much y’all love to share “easy” men and such. That’s gonna get you a whole ton of respect and all. Nicely done.

    • But wouldn’t ya rather see those women using contraception, as opposed to mindlessly reproducing?

      That’s what it comes down to ultimately for me, personal moralizing aside.

      • MetamorphosisCatalyst

        And yes, I would prefer what you’ve said here. But again, your comment is a total red herring. The issue here is the disrespect being shown to women by the very political party that makes a large part of its identity out of their advocation for those very same women.

  • howa4x

    This has always been the conundrum of he birth control controversy. What the older white male conservatives can’t seem to comprehend is that women really enjoy sex also, but maybe not in their generation. He is busy trying to bring back the 50’s when he was in control and Father knows best, and good Christian values ruled the land. The man takes the lead, and only dirty women ask for sex and yada yada.. Women’s lib has always been a big bugaboo to these people, and this really shoves it in their face so to speak. This is also why whatever the GOP does to bridge the gap it won’t work. The entire argument about abortion has really been an argument about pre marital sex and that is why contraception is also thrown in to the banning discussion. The Catholic church has taken the lead on this issue except of course with young boys, which makes their part in the discussion of using the bible ludicrous. Young women will come out if they feel that this reproductive right is being taken away( See Virginia). So GOP either return to the present or loose the future.

  • Robert Cruder

    Although the repugs are using them to criticize the administration, these ads were developed and funded independently to publicize the state exchanges, most notably that of my state of Colorado.

    The ads were developed by and for a younger audience. As one who is several generations older I really don’t have the right to judge.

    The current college-age generation is leaving both the Republican party and the Evangelical churches exactly because of that knee-jerk judgemental attitude.

    I applaud Rush for calling the women in that age group sluts. That will make them leave more rapidly.

    Let them discover their own rules as we did but recognize that they will make errors (also as we did). Contraceptive coverage protects against one of the most negative errors.

    The repugs simultaneously say that women who are sexually active should be punished by mandatory parenthood and that a child is blessing from God. Both cannot be true but logical consistency has never been their forte.

  • John Edward

    A friend defined “fundamentalism” as the intense fear that somehow, somewhere, someone was having a good time.

  • Socialism is Organized Evil

    Here’s a brief overview of the middle-class jobs killed by Hussein Obama’s war on carbon fuel: