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Saturday, October 22, 2016

According to new enrollment data from the Department of Health and Human Services, 3.3 million Americans have signed up for private health insurance through the Affordable Care Act’s exchanges.

About 1,146,100 people enrolled in new private health plans in January, marking a 53 percent increase from the roughly 2.2 million who signed up during the three previous months. That also makes January the first month in which the Obama administration outpaced its enrollment target; it had projected that 1,059,900 people would enroll throughout the month.

The encouraging numbers are still far short of the administration’s original goal of 4.4 million enrollees by the end of January; that target fell out of reach during the exchanges’ disastrous launch in October.

Crucially, 27 percent of January enrollees are between the ages of 18 and 35 — up 3 percent from the previous three months. Young, healthy customers are critical to the law’s success, as they are needed to hold down insurance premiums in the health care exchanges.

There is still no data on how many people have paid their first premium.

“These encouraging trends show that more Americans are enrolling every day, and finding quality, affordable coverage in the Marketplace,” HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said in a statement. “There is still plenty of time for you and your family to sign up in a private plan of your choice, so visit to learn more and sign up.” Open enrollment ends on March 31; after that date, Americans without some form of health insurance will face a tax penalty next year.

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  • Lynda Groom

    More bad news in the bazaar world of the denier crowd.

  • 4sanity4all

    I knew that as people began to see what kind of care they could get, and at what price, that they would sign up and tell others. I wonder how many people are surprised that the stuff they heard on Fox News was malarkey?

    • luzzjl524

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    • exdemo55

      On Wednesday, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that enrollment in the Obamacare private exchanges increased by 1,146,071 in January. In December, HHS reported 1,788,000 enrollees in the month of December. That suggests a drop-off of approximately 500,000, or 29 percent. (See the chart on page 5 here for a graphical representation).

      Yet this underestimates the true extent of enrollment dropoffs. The HHS reporting period for December was four weeks, beginning on 12/1 and ending on 12/28. The reporting period for January was five weeks, beginning on 12/29 and ending on 2/1. This suggests that in December, enrollments averaged 447,000 per week, compared to 229,000 in January, or a 49 percent drop-off in new enrollees.

      • Independent1

        Anyone with half a brain would realize that if the enrollments were up in December, it was because of the 12/20 something DEADLINE to get enrolled in order to have coverage by 1/1/14. Given that people who were really critically needing coverage fought to make that date, those signing up in January are probably pretty much those people who still really need insurance coverage as quickly as they can get it.

        Whereas, the vast majority of those uninsured who do not think they have an immediate need for coverage, which is the vast majority of people who have put off finding coverage for years, so these folks ARE IN NO HURRY FOR INSURANCE UNTIL THE 3/31/14 DEADLINE!! How many folks do you think wait until 4/15 to file their taxes because that’s deadline? Well, that’s exactly what’s going to happen over the last month or so prior to the 3/31 deadline.

        People who don’t feel an urgent need to health insurance, are going to wait until the last minute and then enroll in a panic just like those who wait until the last minute to file their taxes and rush like crazy to get their taxes filed by 4/15.

  • howa4x

    Cruz was afraid of this, that people would come to like the law, and taking a perceived benefit away is harder than denying it. This is why he went to such great lengths to stop it.
    The election is still months away with more signing up every month. A majority wants the law fixed and not repealed so the republicans have some splain’n to do

  • itsfun

    Its not helping the people it was suppose to help. So far 89% of the people signed up are the ones that had insurance before and lost their policies because of Obama care. Only 11% of the people signed up are the ones that didn’t have insurance before the obamacare tax was passed. The only thing accomplished is higher rates and deductibles for those that had insurance, and the people it was suppose to help still don’t have insurance.

    • ThomasBonsell

      And just who lost their insurance because of Obamacare?

      It has been well documented that nearly all those who had their policies cancelled were people who bought policies that were written and marketed after the passage of the law and before the law became effective. Those policies were scam policies that offered little coverage and were specifically designed to fail the Obamacare requirements in order to direct people to more-expensive policies.

      In the real world that is called bait and switch.

      The few other policies cancelled only represented an ongoing tactic of health-insurance providers that have always cancelled policies daily.

      • itsfun

        only the people that had insurance plans the obamacare tax didn’t approve of, that’s who lost their insurance. Now they have higher premiums, higher deductibles, higher copays . They were told they could keep their insurance plans by Obama, they were told they could keep their doctors by Obama,

        In the real world that is called a lie.

        • Independent1

          Nothing you’re saying is true – you’re making up all those numbers. The vast majority of the policies that were falsely cancelled (which was the vast majority of the cancellations) were reissued by the insurers after they included coverages they previously had not included which were required by ACA.

          And virtually all the people who have ended up having to pay somewhat higher premiums are because their original policies provided very little coverage – and very few people getting Obamacare policies have higher deductibles as ACA puts limits on the deductibles which were not their before.

          Here’s an article that shows just how devious health insurers have been:

          • John

            “falsely cancelled” – boy there’s a real choice of words! The policies were CANCELLED (PERIOD). Because they could not be sold/renewed under the Obamacare requirements.
            “Pay somewhat higher premiums” because their “policies provided very little coverage”. How about they had policies that they had freely selected in an open marketplace that covered what they wanted to be insured against? Do you really think that some government bureaucrat knows better than you what you want/need?
            “Very few people . . . have higher deductibles” – you really need to go back and do some simple research on what insurance policies cost before and after O’care, and what the deductibles were.
            “ACA puts limits on the deductibles that were not there before”? Of course there were deductibles before – again, you got to pick a policy that covered the level of risk that you were willing to assume, not some arbitrary deductible picked by a bureaucrat, that is, in all cases, well above the anticipated yearly spending by a healthy 27 to 40 year old, to ensure that their premiums go into the big pot to pay for the people that aren’t going to pay anything.
            “Independent” – no, “Kool Aid Drinker”

          • Independent1

            Pure BS!! There were people paying more than $1,000/month for policies that had over 10,000 deductibles with 15-20,000 lifetime caps which would be wiped out in the first 2-3 days of a hospital stay for even a nonmajor illness. I went in for outpatient surgery 5 months ago and stayed for 6 hours and ran up a bill of $17,000 which would have exceeded the lifetime caps on many of those policies you claim were just the coverage people wanted. What you and millions of duped people who thought they had what they wanted didn’t realize is that the vast majority of those CANCELLED policies included fine print that excluded virtually every illness that would have cost the insurance company more than a couple hundred dollars.

            Hundreds of thousands of Americans are finding that they can replace those policies they were paying $1,000 plus a month for with 10,000 and higher deductibles and 20,000 lifetime caps for 1/2 that price with no pre-exisiting conditions rule, NO LANGUAGE THAT ALLOWS THE COMPANY TO CANCEL THEIR POLICY JUST AS THEY’RE GOING IN FOR SURGERY THAT’S GOING TO COST THAN $50,000 AND MORE!!

            You’re about as clueless as they come!!!!!

          • ThomasBonsell

            Nice try, Indy.

            No matter how much truthful information you provide to these ‘tards, the harder they fight to dispel it.

            Yale University released findings from some experiments it did a few years ago showing the more truth conservatives hear the more they dig in their heels defending the indefensible. Any fact is dispelled as a lie. Any cognitive argument is labelled propaganda.

            They are practicing a tactic formulated by Sigmund Freud called Projection (or Transference) in which a person uncomfortable with their own shortcomings try to project those shortcomings onto others. In this discussion you have encountered a few habitual liars who have nothing to offer than to call others liars.

            It’s fun to watch them go into their little fits. Maybe someday they will wake up and become real human beings.

            But good trying and thanks for links to superb information.

          • Independent1

            Thanks! You described the trolls on the NM perfectly!

          • ThomasBonsell

            No problem.

            If you are interested, here is a link to a story on the Yale findings:


          • Independent1

            In case you don’t believe my claim about insurers cancelling policies on those who need healthcare badly and that they conspired to cancel policies for false reasons (claiming it was Obamacare when it was really to protect their profits), here’s a couple articles for you on just those issues:

            The revenge of the Insurance Industry:


            And this:

            Largest U.S. Health Insurer Rewarded Employees That Cancelled Coverage of Sick Patients

            Tue Jun 16, 2009 4:30pm EDT

            * Reuters is not responsible for the content in this press release.

            Largest U.S. Health Insurer Rewarded Employees That Cancelled Coverage of Sick

            Consumer Watchdog Calls on Congress to Ban Bonuses For Canceling, Delaying or Denying Medical Care

            WASHINGTON, June 16 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Consumer Watchdog called on
            Congress to ban any health insurance employee from receiving bonuses for canceling, delaying, or denying necessary medical care to patients based on new evidence made public today.

            The evidence released by the House subcommittee on Oversight and
            Investigations shows that WellPoint, the nation’s largest health insurer, rewarded employees for canceling coverage of sick patients. Employees earned high points on “performance reviews” for retroactively canceling policies — a practice known as “rescission.”

            Peggy Raddatz testified at the hearing today about her brother, Otto Raddatz, who died of lymphoma after his health insurer cancelled his coverage. Otto’s insurer based the rescission on Otto’s failure to disclose an aneurysm and
            gall stones on his application — conditions that Otto’s doctor had never told him about.

            All three insurance executives who testified at the House subcommittee hearing today refused to commit to only cancel policies of patients who lie about their health on their insurance application. This shows that insurance companies will continue to look for inappropriate reasons in the fine print of insurance policies and applications to refuse necessary medical treatment, according to Consumer Watchdog.

          • Allan Richardson

            Just one thing: how can you “freely select” ANY product that is not being sold by ANY of the sellers in the market, especially if the only good products are overpriced for your budget, and the sellers check your medical record and say, as in that Seinfeld episode, “No soup for YOU?” Whatever you “select” in such a market is what the sellers collective LET you select.

            The whole point of Obamacare (nee Romneycare) is that if an insurance company offers a policy at a certain advertised rate, it is available AT that rate to ANYONE, regardless of pre-existing conditions (the one exception being smoking, which CAN be changed, with difficulty, by an act of will). With everyone who knows they need insurance being covered (well, almost everyone; there is a need to correct the Roberts nullification of the Medicaid mandate), and everyone who really DOES need it (in truth, everyone needs insurance) included in the pool, AND subsidies to help everyone pay the premium, there will be more continuing and preventive care available, and IN THE LONG RUN, fewer illnesses, and in the short run, fewer preventable deaths that patients “cannot afford” to prevent. Only the funeral industry could be against that last part.