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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The following editorial appeared in the Los Angeles Times on Thursday, Jan. 5: ——— Now that Republicans really can repeal much of the 2010 Affordable Care Act, they’re coming to grips with the problems such a drastic move would create. It was so much simpler when “repeal Obamacare” was just a slogan, back when congressional Republicans…

IMAGE: Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi speak following a meeting with U.S.President Barack Obama on congressional Republicans’ effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., January 4, 2017. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

14 Responses to Obamacare Repeal: A Bad Goal That’s Proving Hard To Achieve

    • They, the US Chamber of Commerce, also claim that California is one of the worst states to run a business. Yet California outpaces all but a few countries for economic activity. Figure that!

      • Isn’t it enough that I’m befuddled trying to figure out why the Chamber of Commerce would be opposed to taxes to raise money to be spent with businesses?

        • The Chamber of Commerce is also opposed to pension plans, vacation, overtime pay, minimum wage and living wage laws, health care, OSHA inspections, EPA requirements, etc. In other words, they are Randian libertarians who want absolutely no government interface, except to bail them out if they fail.

      • The Chamber of Commerce want to pretend that the reality of California is an outlier. Its not, it is the future when the rest of the country gets the hint.

  1. Might it be that the GOP had a special session with a visitor from another dimension who altered their brains? So that each day when awakening the major task is to see how much havoc they could wreak, which then triggers a release of endorphins exciting their pleasure centers each time a lame scheme is hatched to shaft ordinary folks, and then they work to force the idea through—-generating an addictive feed-back pattern. A nice paycheck serves to further enhance the experience.

  2. While Congress is beating around the bush with repeal, or not to repeal arguments. They are ignoring the core cost of healthcare that remains out of control. Something that must be addressed before we can ever hope to come to solving our National Healthcare dilemma. Which I believe most Americans agree would ideally be universal coverage. No money, claim critics. We must, regardless of the cost others argue. It’s a matter of morality. Plus, other Countries much less wealthy than we are do this. So why not us?

    One YEHUGE reason we pay three or four times more for our healthcare than other like countries, with no better results. Is the way we have, or rather our government has decided to treat, and to sell the access to the healthcare system. Medicine, and medical care is a service, or product essential to life. And most other countries, and their governments see it that way, and treat it accordingly. We on the other hand insist on treating it as if it were a commodity, being traded and sold in a free market situation where both the buyer, and seller play on an essentially equal playing field. The seller is free to set his price, and the buyer is free to walk away, or buy the same, or better product at a lower price. That’s what we pretend is going on, when all of us know that is not anywhere near the case, as it applies to acquiring healthcare in our highly consolidated for profit health insurance market.
    And what has happened over the years has been very predictable. If the seller controls both ends of the deal, and the supply chain, he charges what the market will bear. And the buyer, having little choice in the matter, pays it, or goes without and risks being made destitute by the bills. It’s not free market commerce, but a cruel form of extortion of the people. And when their pockets are dry, as many are, the government, State, and Federal step in. And their budgets aren’t in great shape. So Peter is robbed to pay Paul.
    Then, when Peter is broke, we go in debt to pay Paul. Pretty soon Paul is lending us the money on interest to pay him money we have no choice but come up with somehow.

    • Actually, two of the biggest costs are drugs and litigation. You want to know why most doctors are now part of larger practices? They cannot afford the liability insurance they need to pay. As for Ob-Gyn? They have the highest attrition rate of any type of practice. When you consider that ambulance chasers regularly advertise on TV about money the family deserves if their child is born with CP or some other condition – yeah, let’s blame it on the doctors, nurses and hospitals. Just because the mother did absolutely minimal pre-natal care and continued smoking, drinking and engaging in recreational pharmaceuticals, it couldn’t possibly be her fault.
      As for drug costs, compare what we pay in the States and what our neighbors up in Canada pay for the exact same drugs produced in the exact same factories run by the same companies that rebranded themselves as Irish companies so they don’t have to pay US taxes!

      • I agree, two of the elements driving up the cost of healthcare are the cost of drugs, and the skyrocketing cost of medical malpractice insurance. The problem is not only what do we do about them? But how is doing anything about them even possible in our present pay to play system, with its corrosive, and dysfunctional political environment?
        What lobbies, and powerful special interest groups involved, are enough members of Congress going to be willing to join together and take on?
        A thing that must be done in order to bring these various groups around a table and craft solutions that all sides know will require some sacrifice.
        And so far at least at a Federal level where reform on these issues could make the most difference, there has been absolutely no appetite for it. Save for the ACA which had some price controls written in. But failed to address adequately the core drivers of higher costs. And was made far less effective in this by a wall of Republican opposition. Cheered on, and generously funded by big Pharma, hospital lobbies, doctors, and lawyer’s associations, medical equipment conglomerates, and you name it. And at the end of day, what did the Dems get for all their trouble? As I believe they tried to do the right thing in the interests of the people. Rather than take the course of the Corporate Right. Who choose to do the expedient, and politically, “smart,” thing. And allow big insurance companies,, to continue their financial pillaging and blatant extortion of the country, it’s businesses, and its people.

  3. On further reflection, we can see the results of the dark forces roiling within the collective conscience of the GOP—a conscience completely devoid of noble attributes and sentiments, and instead propelled solely by animosity towards President Obama under the euphemistic and deceptive notion of “Fiscal Responsibility”.
    The GOP’s goal and agenda, as usually displayed these past several decades, has been, and is, to fill their coffers and those in positions of wealth and influence in private and public sectors.

    • Aaron, past history has shown the GOP version of “fiscal responsibility” means “cut taxes, increase pet spending, and let the next generation pay the bills”.

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