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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

BOSTON — Everyone on the left side of American politics, from the near end to the far end, has advice for Occupy Wall Street. I’m no exception. But it’s useful to acknowledge first that this movement has accomplished things that the more established left didn’t.

The problems of growing economic inequality and abuses by the masters of the financial world have been in the background for years. Many progressives longed to make them central political questions.

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5 responses to “Occupy The Majority”

  1. Ltoile says:

    “From WALL STREET to the PENTAGON The beauty of America is that we have politically evolved to the point where we really are beginning to care for the 99%. Even millionaires are begging to pay more taxes. That the 1% remain locked behind the iron curtain of their own making is predictable. Eventually they will change for the American ego can only stand ostracism so long. All ye who claim to be American citizens applaud the Occupiers as they will be your salvation in time to come, and ye shall thank them, yea even bless them. Curse them now, bless them in the dawn of survival for it is they who shall bring the power brokers to their knees and expose them as the perpetrators of hundreds of wars from the the Indian wars to the Mexican and Russian Revolutions to the rise of Hitler and Nazism, even paid for the Zyklon-B gas used in the concentration camps and the weapons and aircraft made in the USSR for the North Vietnamese to kill 58,000 American G.I.'s. All from Wall Street. But this is old news my fellow Americans. Blessed are they who scale the walls of the snake pit…”

  2. DAlnB says:

    Conservative radicals are inclined to push the relatively few instances of infractions occurring in the OWS movement. The media takes opportunities to get these incidents on the air and radicals use them to denounce the movement. In fact the number if incidents compared to the number of demonstrations and the number of people participating is small and does not represent the intent or goals. The incidents are not condoned by the OWS participants.
    People in conservative radio and TV take every opportunity to use infractions as a tool to demean the people who are pushing for a fairer U S.
    No one expects the wealthy to give up their riches but everyone is entitled to fairness and that is what the OWS people are asking for. No one expects American ideals and values to be changed but rather those things that made America great needs to be honored and continue; that is what the OWS is about.
    Just as we understand and accept the wealthy we want understanding and acceptance! We are American and expect our needs, interests and concerns to be addressed by legislatures who tend to ignore us favoring big business and the wealthiest. We ask only that we be recognized and stop being the wash board of greedy banking, big business and political shortfalls.
    We elected and sent people to Washington to take care of America but for the past ten years we have seen the majority of America ignored while favoring big business, the CEOs, their senior management, and elected representatives who decline to do what we expect from them; take care of America, all of it, not just those who paid the bill to get you elected!
    We all need to applaud the OWS movement for its efforts to bring these things to the front. We do not have the money the Tea Party and conservatives do. We have no means of buying expensive commercials or buying representatives. We only have our ability to stand up and make our concerns known. If that bothers people like Hannity, O’Reily, Limbaugh and the radical media so be it; we have a right to present our arguments the same as anyone else does!

  3. terango.lf says:

    Nixon appealed to the “Silent Majority” to counter the message of anti-war protesters. He appealed mostly to their fears of destabilization of their way of life as a counter move to the counterculture.
    The advantages of the Occupy movement is the 99% anthem, which is the not-so silent majority of today. And the 99% today have had their way of life destabilized by the 1% and thus anger not fear is in play here.
    The only fear here now is the 1%’s fear(also the GOP & FOX Noise) of class warfare. This is not about a group of non-Americans(and communists no less) across an ocean as in the 1960’s. This is now about working class Americans coming to their senses and realizing they have been robbed! Wages, pentions, work week hours, and health care have either been deminished or increased towards the 1%’s favor and the opposite from the 99%’s favor.
    My Father was an Italian immagrants’ son, born in 1914, who could niether read nor write, yet he was able to live the Amercan dream (paid for a farm in his life-time and retired with dignity and enjoyed 25 years retirement raising and showing horses). I have worked over 30 years and have no retirement and if it were not for the VA, I would have no medical(please do not thank me for my service…I joined the Navy to spite my Mother).
    I hope the Occupy Movement gains some real traction, I mean protests the size of the 1960’s, young(and old) people in streets…speaking their minds, and carrying signs that mostly say “hooray for our side”. But we had better look out…there is man with a gun over there! And lets not let paranoia masked as fear rule the day. Sorry about that shameless theft of Buffalo Springrield, its ssso retro, please do not let it tarnish the brilliance of the political point.

  4. cordwood8 says:

    Yes, we need to praise the efforts of these brave souls who have risked being beaten and bruised by batons, ears surviving sound cannons, and pepper spray and tear gas. I remember the tear gas training during Army basic. It is not fun stuff. If you have never been exposed, I’m sure you would not enjoy it. And who wants to be kicked and beaten when you mean no harm?

    Please tell your friends to support the Occupy movement. They are the current support group looking out for the 99%. I have always known that it was their intent and it was supposed to be a peaceful movement. There are always those who try to upset the peaceful part. For all we know, they are planted there on purpose by the right wing screwballs with bribe money handed out. I think they would do anything to disrupt the movement. I cannot believe that they want this movement going on and peaking before the elections in November 2012.

  5. rustacus21 says:

    …right on the $$$!!! I was at a rally the other week & a sign I saw said it all: “99% to 1% – These are GREAT odds!”… The thing is, 2 many Americans fail 2 unplug themselves from network media & do their own self-education about issues, which makes them Patriotic in the truest sense. Once the realization hits that these bozo’s aren’t OUR leaders, but rather, our FOLLOWERS – the ones who take orders from WE THE PEOPLE, then the voting for more Liberal/Progressives guarantees the necessary majorities which will put the nation back in alignment to the Constitutions original meaning, purpose & intent. Conservatives don’t understand this, in case no 1’s realized this by now. It’s not about changing the Constitution into some meaningless wall decor. It’s an ideal. A virtue-inspiring document. It is to be embraced, practiced, shared, given away freely. Keep an eye on Egypt. They’ve been watching us long enuff. Now they’re about to show US how this Democracy thing is done – from the grass-roots UPWARD!

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