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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

It was bound to emerge sooner or later: an Occupy Wall Street Super PAC.

But unlike the stealthily organized committees that have been pouring millions of dollars into TV ads to influence the presidential race, OccupyPolitics PAC, Inc., as it is officially known, is the pet project of a former prison guard who wants to make a difference as transparently as possible.

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  • PaoloPedone

    At least.., thank’s God..,the USA people and industries are starting up again…, knowing what it’s his problem :the financial richness and their’s..( W.Stret ),from 2009 destroying USA and E.U. markets ( $.+€.)! In all over the world too many billionaires ( americans , italians ,E.U…)are fighting against the slow tax of mr.Bush jr. ( 15% )like Buffet and others ( in Italy , Agnelli’s of Fiat and Della Valle of Tod’s ).We need of ’cause this isn’t marxism but only looking for our freedom , against who had earned with subprimes , keeping outside more and more money ! All the peoples , with their families and sons ,have been satisfy by the riches ( the redistribution of J.M. Keynes..) and the riches had been wrong..! I hope ” if the big elephant ( USA )begin again..we’ll be saved ” ( mr. Churchill ) , and now mr. Obama and democrats have explained ( with the recovery of the factory’s production and the offer of new jobs ,+210.000 )this is the way ,my way , our way , forever…!

  • LindaTift

    I’m in awe. Your definetly me hero.

  • Ed Beard

    I’m verry glad the Occupy movment is organising a PAC. We can now be heared in the Legislator and get some respect in Washington, if this PAC is honist. This is the right direction for the 99% to go.