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Monday, March 19, 2018

The Ohio Tea Party is blasting the Ohio Republican Party (ORP) for raising money off the IRS’ recent apology for applying extra scrutiny to “Tea Party” and “Patriot” groups who sought nonprofit status.

“After using TEA Party and social conservative groups to help elect Republicans who have failed to represent our conservative views and values, the ORP is now attempting to use the illegal targeting of TEA Party groups by the IRS to raise money for itself,” said Tom Zawistowski, executive director of the Portage County TEA Party, in a statement. “They are doing so under the totally false claim that the ORP will in any way help our Liberty Groups fight the IRS. They can’t and they won’t. I find that totally classless.”

Zawistowski ran to be the chairman of the ORP in March but was soundly defeated by establishment candidate Matt Borges. After his loss, Zawistowski said the state’s Tea Partiers “would either find a political party to join or we would start one of our own.”

Infighting has plagued Ohio’s Republicans since GOP governor John Kasich said that he would accept Medicaid expansion offered to the state as part of Obamacare. The governor has not abandoned his desire to offer taxpayer-subsidized health insurance to those who earn up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level even though his proposal has been rejected by Republicans in the state legislature.

Zawistowski said he found it “reprehensible” that the state’s GOP claimed they would hold the IRS accountable. “Particularly if they are Republicans who want to grow government by Expanding [sic] Medicaid and who want to support gay-marriage [sic],” he said, referencing the governor’s health care stand and Republican senator Rob Portman’s recent announcement that his son’s coming out had prompted him to support same-sex marriage.

Republican governors who have embraced Medicaid expansion have also met with fierce opposition from their “Tea Party” base in Michigan and Arizona. In Arkansas, Chris Nogy of the Benton County Republican Committee urged his fellow Republicans to seek “Second Amendment solutions” against GOP lawmakers who supported expansion.

Of course, Zawistowski had a suggestion for those who are actually truly enraged at the IRS and want to fight back — donate to the Tea Party.

H/T: Jon Ward

Photo: Dwight Burdette 

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47 Responses to Ohio Tea Party To Ohio GOP: This Is Our IRS Scandal!

  1. This is an issue that involves more than just Ohio. “Non-profits” are proliferating throughout the country, with many of its executives making large amounts of money. Every organization operating in the USA should have the same tax obligations as the rest of the population, and that includes both the, alleged, non-profits and churches.
    If a cook or a retail clerk barely making over minimum wage have to pay Uncle Sam, so do those who collect millions of dollars to advance their agenda.

    • Yes, you’re absolutely right. Democrats as well as Republicunts have long been using these exemptions under 501c3-c4 status, but within the rules. Neo-Confederate Tea Bags, Karl Rove, and the Kochs has taken this to another level. You well know the Rove/Koch machine is a multi-billion dollar powerhouse of terroristic proportions. They have been claiming 501c4 tax exemption to bolster their finances and million dollar donation under ALEC to push their home grown domestic terrorism in the neo-Confederate Tea Party Movement. The IRS began to investigate them to make sure they were using their exemptions properly and not as a money laundering tool, but it is exactly what they are doing. Thery foster hate/fear mongering, insurgency, anti-government/anti-Obama rhetoric, and under the 501c4 exemption, they were within the rules. Now, with this attack on the IRS, the government will be considering the possibility of closing that c4 loop hole, and well they should. The neo-Confederates have managed to create a spurious scandal that will cut their own throats! The IRS will close the c4 loop-hole but keep the more stringent c3 exemption. Stay tuned.

    • I agree that some of the non profit organizations are overpaying some of their execs. But, don’t confuse all NPO’s with those that are exempt from paying federal taxes, such as the section 501 NPO’s. If qualified to be exempt from federal taxes, the not-for-profit must meet specific criteria including,
      1) Being organized and operated exclusively for charitable, scientific, religious or public safety purposes.
      2) Collecting income and turning over entire amount less expenses to organizations or individuals who are lawfully recognized as legitimate charities.

  2. Why do I get the feeling that “Second Amendment remedies” amounts to calling the IRS and all the employees as an open hunting season? We have already seen the results of this kind of implication from Sarah Palin, and its apparent ( although denied ) result in the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords and the others on that day.

    Personally, I feel that a TEA PARTY affiliation should be placed in the same catagory as being a NAZI sympathizer, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    • This concept of political FREEDOM seems to escape many on the left that don’t know how to deal with political opposition without crushing it. There’s always cooperation, persuasion and convincing discussion. Besides, it’s the law. Someone ought to let the IRS know how this works.

      • “There’s always cooperation, persuasion and convincing discussion.” Excellent point, … if only the Tea Party/GOP would cooperate with anyone, and their followers would indulge in convincing discussion. As long as they continue with their conspiracy theories on everything, there is no discussion possible.

        • By ‘cooperating’, I assume you mean to approve everything Obama sends to them. I have a theory that, after being intentionally excluded from the PPACA crafting committees, they won’t be bending over for democrats anytime soon.

  3. Give me one reason that the IRS shouldn’t target the tea party. The tea party is anti-tax. Not paying taxes is their primary reason for existence. Why wouldn’t the tax collectors suspect them of tax evasion? Why should a treasonous, anti-government, anti-American group like this get a nonprofit status in the first place?

    • And let’s not forget other Tea Party bad habits: treasonous talk of secession and “second amendment solutions” for starters. And these TP groups are applying for tax exempt status? Get serious. The Bush admin used the IRS and the FBI to target peaceful antiwar groups and did Fox News and the GOP freak over that?

    • Sorry, you’re not supposed to abuse the power of the government to harass the political opposition. It’s unamerican, unethical and despicable. Oh yeah, it’s also ILLEGAL. If the IRS had only targeted the Tea Party, many in the GOP might have looked the other way. But it didn’t. They seem to have been targeting those that ‘happen’ to oppose Obama and the DNC. Coincidence?

  4. Democrats will be foolish to identify this as anything other than a big fat gift to an already paranoid and (in their own perception) persecuted wing of the GOP. They will ride this pony to the mid-terms and into 2016. Whether this was done out of righteous zeal, or partisan politics, it was no gift to the Prez or the White House, or to those of us who strong believe in the Prez’s second term agenda and realize the necessity of a democratic House to achieve it. i quote once again the only bible verse that has stayed with me..”We are sent into the world as lambs amongst wolves..We must learn to be as wise as the serpent, and innocent as the dove.” This was neither wise, nor innocent–We must do better. Be prepared for an emboldened GOP, and a new investigation every day as a side dish with our breakfast.

    • Well said. But unfortunately, now that the social agendas are known, you have at least HALF the country unwilling (or unable) to accept the Left’s version of what this country ought to be like. Too much change too fast, and the enemy-izing of the right has pretty much already put an end to the wanton wishes of the progressives for this decade.

      The elections of 2010, the emergence of the tea party, the assault on christianity & family values, and the daily exposure of political graft, greed and corruption are all good indicators that progressivism isn’t for everybody. Not now, and especially not during Obama’s seems-to-be-abreviated second term.

      • You know, I don’t agree with this. The country is changing demographically, and I think that people are getting a pretty clear understanding of this modern conservative movement’s objectives and priorities. Actually, I’d be hard put to tell you what they stand for, besides preserving tax cuts for the rich , repealing the ACA., and eliminating regulations to let businesses have at it without restrictions. There is nothing there for me. I thought the opposition to President Obama was getting the upper hand last November, and yet watched on election night as state after state came to their senses. So what do I know? i do think , with Charles Krauthammer, the GOP should kick it down a notch, they are in danger of losing an already finite amount of credibility with their hysteria.

        • “They are in danger of losing an already finite amount of credibility”.

          The GOP has already lost credibility. But, that’s with “the 47%” that will never support anything in the conservative camp anyway. Nothing new here.

          • It’s that pesky 4% that makes the difference in future elections, that appears to be more concerned with jobs, affordable healthcare, sensible gun reforms and women’s and environmental issues, that a GOP with national aspirations should be concerned with. Their grim message of pessism, fear of the future, and anger will never appeal to a country bursting with optimism and hope for the future…That is, historically, how we roll, knowing full well that investment in the worst of times is crucial.

          • “It’s that pesky 4% (47%) that makes the difference”

            You miss the point again, as you did when Romney made a similar observation. The 47% will NEVER lift one finger to produce a single positive bit of support for conservatives or the GOP, ever. The reality isn’t mine or negative or contrary to a better future for everyone. It is how it is. You made the choice,

            I get the feeling that most on the left would prefer to leave the conservative half in the dust, or just exile them all to their own island. While striving toward the democrat goal of exclusion for all things conservative, we are sure you won’t forget to praise yourselves for being the party for everybody. LOL.

            Nice happy future you have there, for the select minority.

          • You misunderstood–i was talking about the 4% (difference between the 47% you mentioned,( which I assumed you meant would always vote Dem) and the 51% that is needed for a majority election. ( 51%-47%=4%) Anyway, the Dems in their current iteration have been building their platform on expanding rights and opportunities for everyone. Honest debate on important issues is crucial on decisions that will affect the entire country, and a conversative viewpoint that represents a major constituency is important. Politics of bigotry and racism is a loser in these changing times, the voters this appeals to are a shrinking sector, and the sooner the GOP grapples with this, the forwarder we’ll get. The sideshow is wearying. The “select minority” you speak of wants a better future for you, too.

          • Thanks much for the clarification. The 4% is understood.

            “Politics of bigotry and racism is a loser in these changing times, the voters this appeals to are a shrinking sector, and the sooner the GOP grapples with this, the forwarder we’ll get.”

            Agree that, as apllied to ALL parties. Dems more so do use race and bigotry as a political tool, casting a shadow on the entire process of honest and effective governance. And, we still haven’t agreed on where ‘forward’ is. We had some great stuff that has changed for the sake of change. Such as the generations old oyster farm in Point Reyes, CA that Interior Sec’y Salazar wants to shut down to create people-free public land zones. There’s an oxymoron.

  5. So the tea party types are upset because the Republicans have taken a page out of their playbook and coopted them and their message? Wow. So when the Repubs do to the Baggers what the Baggers have done to the Repubs, that is considered unfair? I call it “turnabout”!

  6. It involves more than just Ohio……..but I LOVE it when the GOP shows its true colors and money-hungry side to everybody. Even the Rightest of the Right can”t stand each other!!!!

  7. I guess we are supposed to be shocked and outraged about this IRS scandal, but to tell the truth, I thought this sort of thing went on all the time, no matter what administration was in power. I certainly would not have put the Cheney/Bush administraton past doing this. If they are going to investigate, might as well investigate the past 30 years to see if a pattern has emerged. Maybe my cynicism just comes from remembering Nixon.
    Now the spying on reporters is a serious matter. That is one the president should get on immediately. I gagged, though, when i saw a clip of Darth Cheney declaring that this is the most egregious use of power he has ever seen.

    • Look up the distinctions between 501c3 status and 501c4 status. 501c3 status gives exemption to groups who educate, inform, and advice the people in an unbiased way without showing no political, religious, or social affiliation. 501c4 status allows political groups to advocate in a biased way their political, religious, and social agendas. This is where c3 and c4 status conflict and cause an ambiguity in the IRS rues. There has been a move for the IRS to end c4 status because the Roves and the Kochs are using it to the hilt to foster their anti-American/anti Obama agenda. With this scandal, the IRS has the ammunition to close that loop-hold and cut off the hate/fear mongering off the backs of the American tax payer.

      • Good presentation, Robert. But please try to steer toward honesty by not excluding liberal oragnizations for practicing the EXACT SAME tax-dodging abuses.

        • My political affiliation is America. I’m an American. There are roaches in every household, but its the people who let them proliferate that’s the problem. You can’t get rid of them entirely, but we can control them. Republicunts and neo-Confederate Tea Bags are the ones where corruption proliferates, and they need to be controled if not gotten rid of entirely.

          • “My political affiliation is America…Republicunts and neo-Confederate Tea Bags are the ones…”

            Thanks for the reply Robert. I was just about to commend you as one of the lesser-hating, more reasonable contributors here. Unfortunately, your statement above proves this is no longer true. That’s too bad. Regards.

  8. Well this, if true, is most unfortunate, and unwelcome news. Taking, the
    most radical, corrosive, and uninformed, political groups in the Nation,
    and giving people a reason to find some sympathy for them. It’s a freaking’
    gift! And here’s why. Ignorance. With the T-Party, proponents, ignorance
    is the currency of choice. It’s the grease, that lubricates the wheels. The
    element they depend on the most, for their followers to have, in enormous
    amounts. Ignorance. And who does the T-Party reserve it’s vilest, hate?
    The IRS. And, their faithful, do not have a doubt in their pea brained heads,
    this morning, which unbearable tyrant, is behind it all. Barack Obama.
    That said, I can see some very good reasons for the IRS to be investigating
    these groups. For tax evasion, and insurrection, up to, and including enemy
    combatants, and terrorist plots. But, Ma, and Pa Kettle down in Baton Rouge,
    or Birmingham, probably won’t see it that way. And they’ll turn this into a huge
    windfall of contributions they probably would not have gotten otherwise.
    And then, just stink up the place for everybody.

    • If the allegations that an IRS official, or officials, engaged in partisan politics and deliberately targeted Tea Party enthusiasts, that person (s) should be fired. I am no TP fan, but that sort of behavior cannot be condoned and if is not dealt with expeditiously and effectively, it will be like an albatross tied around our necks come election day.

      • Well, I think you’re absolutely right on that. This issue, like
        Romney’s 47% remarks, that were a perfect hit in his wheelhouse.
        This has the potential to do real damage to President Obama.
        And the Democratic Party. Simply because of people’s perceptions
        that the President is in control of all these Gov’t agencies. Can you
        imagine? You’re President Obama, trying to get your second term
        underway. Benghazi, was already starting to make the opposition look desperate. So, it looks like clear skies, ready for take off! Then this. Hopefully, it will not be a case where it dribbles out in dribs, and drabs. And President Obama needs to keep saying, he wasn’t aware, or, it’s outrageous, and we’re doing everything possible….

        • Even as a republican and conservative, I too agree that the nation doesn’t need anymore distractions and I hope the nonsense at the IRS has NOTHING to due with the president. But, we know what to expect if Obama had his hand anywhere near that ugly jar.

          • Well, you’re right. We must be a Nation that treats all
            as equals under the law. And one’s opinion, can never
            be allowed to be a basis for discrimination.

          • Unfortunatley, discrimination under the guise of Law is the new normal and the hallmark of this DOJ.

          • As a refresher, let’s start with the refusal to prosecute the thugs with batons outside the polling place for voter intimidation. The rest has been repeated so often, without consequence, that the left uses them to ridicule the right for parroting ‘talking points’.

  9. Republicunts/neo-Confederate Tea Bags hate President Obama, the IRS, and big government, but they sought 501c4 status from big government and the IRS to do what, peddle hate, white supremacy, insurgence, and treason? that is why they were so heavily investigated. With the IRS apologizing for something they had a right to do, it only fueled the fire for conspiracy theorists who thinks there’s a Socialist plot, a Muslim Brotherhood take over of America. Yet, it is the ones seeking tax-exemption, Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers, billionaire Super PAC’s who are plotting and scheming to take over America and drag it into the mud like a third-world nation. They are supposed to be Americans who made their money in America, but they are a bunch of traitors, home grown domestic terrorists hell bent on destrying America. We all dislike the IRS, but this time, I have to defend their duty to ensure that tax payer’s money was being used properly and for the benefit of America, not just for a bunch of rabid, cotton mouth white supremacists and traitors.

    • These 501(c)4s are a disgrace, and a real danger to democracy.
      Just the thought that anonymous money could be used in unlimited
      amounts to influence the choices Americans make about who is
      to represent them in government. And, for that process then to be
      subsidized by granting it a tax exempt status, ought to run cold
      chills down the spine of every American that values the concept
      of power flowing from a free people. It seem ironic, in a time when
      it has become quite popular to theorize, what our Founders would
      have thought about the power of our modern weaponry. If they
      would have changed a word, or seen the Right to bear arms as
      a protection aganist tyranny. What do we suppose Jefferson would
      have thought about a pamphlet that argued aganist Thomas Paine’s
      Common Sense, as a Virginia Colonist. And was under no obligation
      to reveal, it was ordered, paid for, and distributed by the Crown?
      Would Adams, as the educated, measured man. Who believed so
      strongly in informed consent. Or the inspirational, Patrick Henry, who
      cared so deeply about liberty. I have no doubts as to what they would
      think about this dark money.

      • charleo1, i can’t express to you how right you are, my friend. It is a social welfare system aimed at educating, enlightening, and guiding voters through the voting process. These clowns say they hate “welfare”, but they used that exemption just like the welfare queens they made up! It’s disgraceful how they got in— these billionaires— and behaved like hogs in slop! THE IRS SHOULD CLOSE THE SOCIAL WELFARE 501c4 LOOP-HOLE!!! We should all get in on this movement. I’ve been on tewitter, yahoo, and google called for the iRS to shiut it down. All of us on the National Memo should do the same.

        • Yes, these millionaires, and billionaires, can’t stand
          welfare. When it’s the other guy that gets it. What
          is it they say about money, and politics? The candidate
          that has the most of it, wins the election, 8 out of 10 times.
          So one might say, the government we have now, has been
          built almost entirely on the donations of special interests.
          A system where by, millionaire politicians spend most of
          their days in office, talking to other millionaires, who are
          lobbying for multi-national corporations, and billionaires.
          And we wonder why Wall street was allowed to nearly
          bankrupt the world economy. Or oil companies can spill
          millions of gallons of crude in the Gulf of Mexico, by their
          own careless actions, chasing profits. And there are no
          criminal charges? Because big oil, and coal wrote the
          laws, and we can’t expect them to risk putting them-
          selves in jail. Same with healthcare. Millions of us are
          struggling to pay sky high premiums. We spend 3X as
          much as any other industrialized county in the world.
          And yet, there doesn’t seem to be a damn thing we
          can do about it. Big insurance lobby. So, you know,
          oil spills, healthcare prices, guns for criminals that
          can’t pass a background screening. The gun lobby.
          Shouldn’t we pause, and just think on this.
          Oh my gosh! Could it be, that all that money they’re
          taking, is having an influence with how they vote?
          Well, duh!

  10. The thing that continues to perplex me, (indulge me, here-I know this is far fetched) but I can’t believe that this WH or its supporters is bone-headed enough to believe that, in this hyper-partisan climate, such a singling out of Tea Party groups would go unremarked. On the other hand, such a fortuitous event for them to exploit to reinforce the sense of government persecution, and one so easily documented for everyone to see, is surely a gift to a group that is clearly losing relevance. Hope i’m not straying into Glenn Beck territory, but sabotage comes in many guises.

    • I know what you’re saying. Sounds very serendipitous indeed.
      Because, judging from the election, people seemed to have just
      about had enough of the T-Party. We’ll need to have more info.

      • “judging from the election, people seemed to have just
        about had enough of the T-Party”
        Judging from the midterm elections in 2010, when the TEA party emerged to unseat democrats, people seemed to have to said goodbye to misrepresented irrelevance and uncontrolled spending.

        • The problem the T-Party has, is it didn’t know when to
          stop protesting, and start governing. To say, I’m now
          a member of the Government, and since I do not believe the
          government has any answers. I will only vote no. We might
          as well elect a stopped clock. It’s right twice a day. Plus,
          their economic policies are all ideologically, driven, and
          not fact based. One may not have as their sole directive,
          to literally, stop the spending. And, when it is explained to
          them, why it is, that one may not responsibly, stop all spending
          without harming the Country. Their answer must be more,
          than, my vote is no.

          • “The problem the T-Party has, is it didn’t know when to
            stop protesting, and start governing. ”

            Still waiting here for Obama to stop campaigning and start governing…I know, just blame republicans. You seem to have successfully stereotyped the ENTIRE Tea party based on the bone-headed incompetence and extreme ideology of the few. They accomplished the initial mission to break up the Democrat supermajority. For this, I applaud them-the threats presented from one party rule are obvious, contrary to the admissions of those within the supermajority bubble. But, as you pointed out, the party is quickly becoming irrelevant and ought to change gears soon if they expect to stay in the race.

  11. The tea party has once again represented itself as mean spirited white men. With 33 million lacking insurance nationwide and 50k dying because of lack of access the only outrage the tea party has is funding access for the uninsured. I think every non profit should be held accountable with our money. Taking a tax exempt status for a CBO means that much less will be going into the treasury to pay for everything the govt does.

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