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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Oklahoma GOP Bill Seeks To Block Birth Control Coverage

Oklahoma GOP Bill Seeks To Block Birth Control Coverage

The “party of freedom” is at it again. Oklahoma Republicans, not content to completely deny access to abortion in any insurance plan, are attempting to prevent women from receiving birth control as well, by allowing employers to opt out of contraceptive coverage.

Senate Bill 452, introduced by State Sen. Clark Jolley, states that “no employer shall be required to provide or pay for any benefit or service related to abortion or contraception through the provision of health insurance to his or her employees.” The bill unanimously passed the Senate Business and Commerce Committee with no debate and is headed to the full Senate.

In a show of typical Republican hypocrisy, this blatantly “nanny state” proposal—which allows a woman’s boss to stage-manage her family planning even though it’s illegal to even ask about it in job interviews—is apparently based on a single male constituent’s view that contraceptives “poison” a woman’s body.

Not only that, says Dominic Pedulla (a cardiologist who describes himself as a “natural family planning medical consultant and women’s health researcher”), contraception “suppresses and disables” who women are.

“Part of their identity is the potential to be a mother,” said Pedulla. “They are being asked to suppress and radically contradict part of their own identity, and if that wasn’t bad enough, they are being asked to poison their bodies.”

This particular “poison pill” was recently recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists—whom we can assume know a little more about such matters than Mr. Pedulla—to be sold over the counter, a recommendation endorsed by none other than Republican darling Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana.

Pedulla, who says he is “morally against contraception and abortion,” has yet to share his wisdom about whether women who are medically unable to have children should also consider themselves as “disabled,” and if he will call for insurance plans to also stop covering treatment for the effects of other “poisons,” such as nicotine, alcohol and unhealthy food.

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  • charleo1

    It’s always amazing to me, these people that grow up in this Country, and get involved with
    government, and law making. That have no concept of what living in a democracy is supposed
    to be all about. Or, maybe they know, and just don’t agree with the concept.

  • Gregory Williams

    Another christian freak distorting reality & science to make false claims as justification to engage in fascistic theocratic suppression of the rights of others.

    Does this law take away male contraceptive aids and pharmaceuticals? they are also POISONS that refute gods will in determining when it is time to get MALES out of the game of reproducing … they must also be banned to ensure that the natural order prevails for men and women.

  • More small government folks using big government to push their world view on society. Ya got to love those cretins for being consistent in their fraudulent action.

  • m8lsem

    Well, they sure better stop paying their employees, then, also … after all the poor woman might just use her wages or salary to buy this horrible stuff. Yup, company housing, company mess hall, company everything (company husbands?), so that she doesn’t get any money that might lead her to sin.

  • nobsartist

    Why shouldnt they? They know that the useless democrats will allow them to walk all over them.