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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Oops! Rick Perry Forgets Chuck Todd’s Name


Texas governor Rick Perry (R) had another memory lapse on live TV on Friday. This time it wasn’t something complicated, like remembering which three government agencies he would eliminate as president. It was the name of Daily Rundown host Chuck Todd that escaped Perry during his appearance on the show.

Perry referred to Chuck Todd simply as “Todd,” not once, but twice in the span of his interview, which lasted all of about four minutes.

Despite the error, Todd didn’t flinch, and continued pressing Perry on issues like health care and education in Texas. The governor conducted the interview live from Iowa, traditionally the first state to hold a presidential primary election. Ironically, when asked if Governor Chris Christie is conservative enough to get the Republican nomination, Perry insisted the GOP focus is on the 2014 midterm elections. Yes, live… from Iowa.

h/t Huffington Post

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  • dana becker

    Another idiot politician from Texas. Rick is gonna run in 2016 because he figures we need a man like him in office. Thanks but HELL NO. We can’t take anymore Texan idiots being President. Please just go away.

  • Budjob

    As stupid as that asshole is,he’ll probably choose someone more stupid than he is as his running mate A good choice in that area would be Sarah Napil. Maybe I would qualify.On second thought I ‘m not that stupid.

  • Lynda Groom

    Of couse the man has memory problems with names and programs he hates. Governor Goodhair has nothing of substance to offer, and he claims such bona fides in the Texas miracle. Texas has the most uninsured in the nation and he seems proud to let that number ONE remain in place. What a toad.

  • Bryan Blake

    If the Neo-Confederates a.k.a. Tea Party had their way our own Rick Perry would be well suited to be their new first president. In essence that is the only presidency that Perry has the experience and mindset to win. He has remained in office only because he sold his political soul to the demons that occupy the extreme christian right. Perry has never met an issue important to those extremist Christians that he would not embrace in order to be elected. But his real masters are the rich and ultra-rich that financed his campaigns and probably made him rich beyond his own abilities. I have longed believed that Rick Perry was promoted to his highest level of incompetence when he assumed the governorship. Now he wishes to extend his incompetence to an office that would cause our entire nation to suffer. To paraphrase our late Governor Ann Richards when speaking of George H. W. Bush, Rick Perry was born with his ordinary foot in his mouth. The fact that he FORGETS is no so freighting as the fact that he SHOWS UP!