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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

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  • Antony Johnston

    This matches what I have heard. Every soldier I have talked to from countries other than the US say they hate fighting alongside US troops. The US soldiers often have comparatively poor training and are so trigger happy that they constantly shoot allied soldiers in the back.

    UK, Canada, Australia – All say they would be much better off without a bunch of buffoons from the US screwing around and shooting friendlies.

    • Parker wieck

      to be clear i’m Canadian. However I believe what your saying isn’t informed. U.S. soldiers have just as good training, the issue (I believe) lies more in cooperation and understanding what everyone’s doing. Saying something like ” a bunch of buffoons from the US screwing around” sounds pretty biased to me.

    • The cartoon is about ANA and ANP attacks on ISAF troops. Get a clue!

    • djburke88

      You have no clue. Our ROE are the strictest in the world. UK, Canada, and Australia have a fraction of the troops over there. Australia loses 8 soldiers and say they are pulling out a year early bringing the total to 33 for the entire Afghan conflict. I am not sure the soldiers that you have talked to but I am sure your definition of EVERY soldier is rather loose. Serve for something bigger than yourself before you insult those who fight for you.