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Saturday, March 23, 2019

News that Republican outsider and libertarian Texas Rep. Ron Paul is picking up steam in Iowa and breaking out of his base of hardcore backers is surprising, if only because Paul is up against an obstacle that even Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann don’t face: the political press doesn’t take him seriously and dismisses his candidacy at every turn.

If Paul does pull off an upset or even a strong second place showing in the caucuses in January, as looks plausible, it will be interesting to see whether the press corps finally starts talking about his candidacy with something other than scornful laughter.

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2 responses to “Paul Could Have A Shot — If Press Gave Him One”

  1. gr8shoes says:

    Paul is not a serious contender for the republican nominee, but neither are Bachmann & Cain. The failure of MSM is not in under-reporting on the train wreck that is Ron Paul, but rather over-reporting on the insanity & performance art that are Bachmann and Cain.

  2. kurt.lorentzen says:

    Paul is serious, the problem is that he’s too isolationist. Where all of the Democratic base and a larger-than-you-might-expect Republican base are sick and tired of the foreign deployments, I think they’d both agree that turning a blind eye to Iran’s nulear weapons program is taking things a bit too far. Many of the things Paul espouses – troop recalls, IRS and FED reform, campaign finance rules, de-regulation, the end of government sponsorship of things they have no business using the people’s money for – would win him universal support if it weren’t for the total disregard for foreign policy where strategic interests would fall to the more agressive players (everybody else). If not for that perpetual gaffe, He’d have my vote.

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