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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.

In his Friday New York Times column, Paul Krugman outlined a new “axis of climate evil” that includes the fossil fuel industry, anti-regulation corporate defenders (like the Wall Street Journal editorial page) and the usual GOP suspects.

Krugman argues that the U.S. is now “controlled by a party within which climate denial — rejecting not just scientific evidence but also obvious lived experience, and fiercely opposing any effort to slow the trend — has become a defining marker of tribal identity.”

According to Krugman, monied interests are engaging in an “epidemic of bad faith” that could result in the destruction of the planet. Those with financial stakes in polluting activities partner with anti-government conservatives to squash responsible climate policy before it restricts their interests. The result is an “axis of climate evil” where corporate self-interest and extremist ideology converge.

While progressives may feel “better than they expected” under the bumbling administration of President Donald Trump, Krugman argues that conservatives’ inability to pass various legislation doesn’t change the fact that anti-environment forces control the country and have already pushed us to the brink of environmental collapse.

Chris Sosa is an associate editor at AlterNet. His work has appeared in Mic, Salon, Care2, Huffington Post and other publications. Previously, he was a campaign specialist and media spokesperson for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Follow him on Twitter @ChrisSosa.

7 Responses to Paul Krugman Says U.S. Held Hostage By ‘Axis Of Climate Evil’

  1. No doubt should be entertained that the GOP is itself a fulcrum of evil, manifesting itself in key areas of human endeavor. Whether financially, in governance, education, health and insurance, science and the environment, in matters of military and defense, race relations, the rights of women(reproductive or getting their due in expressing themselves in the sciences and other professions), the GOP stands in the way of moving the country forward. And movement should be one that moves “Everyone” forward, and not just the usual privileged ones the country has allowed to singularly benefit.

    Until the forms of inequities which “the usual suspects” have allowed to persist in our midst, America will always be unbalanced. And in more ways than the imbalance which defines the guy occupying the WH, as he holds the country hostage to his maniacal and narcissistic whims. Aided and abetted by Congress of course.

    • Aaron….I wonder what they’re going to do when all their old white males die off and they’re left with the millennials, women, and the younger college-aged men and women who tend to lean a little more liberal… should be interesting to see how the GOP gets anything done then!! Of course, we have the alt right, who seems to be indoctrinating our young into their clutches…..and we’ve got to stop that immediately!

      • I am not too hopeful, dpaano, after noticing all those fine clean cut youngsters at the various Fascists demonstrations for freedom of speech. They look much too much like the rally club members at the football games of my youth over 60 years ago. I believe this calls for #scary.

        • We need the parents of these young men and women to question their children as to their beliefs, and if they are members of one of these fascist groups, they need to be taught that this is not acceptable. As I said before, this looks too much like Hitler’s Youth!

          • But, dpaano, you are taking it for granted that their parents are not closet Fascsits, i.e., right wing Republicans.You are also ignoring that the Neo-Nazis are today’s freedom fighters & the only ones left supporting the US Constitution…just ask them if that isn’t their true mission (snark intended).

  2. Considering that Teflon Donnie wants the New York and New Jersey skylines to return to the smog-enshrouded views of his youth, is there any surprise that he wants to lift the regulations on clean fuels? Trust me. I remember those days, and I would rather today’s views than the past he wishes for. This is what happens when an effective technophobe gets elected by a bunch of ignoramuses who don’t even qualify for a dishwasher’s job.

    • The same with Los Angeles and our smog problem….which, by the way, is pretty much a thing of the past. We’re extremely lucky that our governor totally believes in climate control and is allowing this state continue it’s march towards harnessing pollution, our atmosphere!

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