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Friday, October 28, 2016

Who stands up for those Americans who have to worry about which country will be the cheapest to outsource to? Who speaks for those patriots who can only afford one lobbyist for their beach houses? Who represents the top .0001 percent who must deal with the uncertainty that they may lose the tax credit on their private jet?

Paul Ryan (R-WI). That’s who.

Paul Ryan has always been a voice for the Americans who already have the loudest voice. When 9/11 rocked America, he knew that the only solution was a massive cut in taxes on dividends and capital gains. When the war in Afghanistan became the longest conflict in American history, he knew that the only solution was to cut taxes on the rich even more and ask future seniors to pay more for Medicare.

And when moguls like Mitt Romney have to search abroad for places to store millions tax-free, Paul Ryan has the answer. In another video unearthed by Mother Jones, we learn that Paul Ryan wants to make America a “tax shelter.”

Forget that tax shelters are typically tiny nations where banks dominate the economy. Forget that America’s biggest problem — income inequality — is only fueled by tax breaks for the rich. Forget that some people believe patriotism should be enough to make people who have done extremely well in America pay the taxes they owe.

Paul Ryan understands the plight of Mitt Romney — a man who seems to have spent most of his adult life avoiding taxes — and he wants to make it easier for him, even though taxes as a share of GDP are at a half-century low.

Growing up reading Ayn Rand has given Paul Ryan a keen sense of empathy that only extends to the rich and you can see why Mitt Romney chose him to have his back. But the rich had better recognize that Mr. Ryan needs their support too. Rob Zerban, Ryan’s opponent for his seat in the House of Representatives, outraised the congressman in the third quarter.

Imagine if Paul Ryan lost twice in November. Who would speak for the rich then?

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  • Not_Phyllis

    F*ck off, Little Boy Blunder.

  • I still find it amazing that a man who’s family wealth comes from government contracts and who used SSI payments to support himself in college is so anti-government.

    • ralphkr

      You really should not be surprised, Baron Cormac, since it is very common for humans to hate their benefactors. Just look at the way the French feel about Americans even though it is our fault that they aren’t all speaking German. My mother’s family (and their whole town) hated Democrats with a passion (they were one of many towns that shut down and celebrated FDR’s death) even though the only reason they had not starved to death in the middle of farming country was because of various programs promoted by FDR. Shucks, that town got new school houses, Post Office, Court House, City Hall, and a washed out bridge replaced with money from Democratic programs and complained all the while that it was not enough.

    • lydialmr

      He loves Government, for himself and his rich friends!

  • The country is drowning in debt and the actual level of taxation is at a nearly 50 years low. If this was a math test the country would be getting an F. As to the young mister Ryan the less said the better. He is their genius and the GOP is running from the budget of his for the past two years. We are living in interesting times indeed.

    • RoscoeTigie77

      Lynda, FYI, Obama and the Democrates have not presented a budget in almost 4 years. It has been Paul Ryan, other Republicans and a few Democrates that have repeatedly offered budgets and repeatedly ignored by this President. Do you think he will have a budget in the next 4 years? He is the one that gets the “F”.


  • bcarreiro

    It takes an average american 10-20yrs to earn a half million in their salary. It only takes one tax loophole of unearned income to be filed just by placing a ck in the box. remember unearned income….it for the kids???

  • BDC_57

    Ryan is a bigger liar than mitt. only his and mitt,s rich buddies will prove from it.

    • RoscoeTigie77

      BDC_57, Obama and the Democrates have not presented a budget in almost 4 years. It has been Paul Ryan, other Republicans and a few Democrates that have repeatedly offered budgets and repeatedly ignored by this President. Do you think he will have a budget in the next 4 years? He is the one that gets the “F”.


  • Bush almost turned the USA into a Third World country, now Paul Ryan is trying to turn it into a safehaven for those who want to beat the system. What’s next?

  • Justin Napolitano

    I may have this post deleted like a few others I recently submitted but here goes.
    The idea of Romney and Ryan running the Executive branch of the government scares the hell out of me. The debate Romney had with Obama should give all of us Obama supporters a wake up call because Romney changed every message he has been spewing for the last 2 years. He basically denied everything and acted like he was separate and apart from “that Romney” who was certainly not him. He went on and stated that he was never for tax cuts for the rich and that no matter what tax plan he came up with the rich would pay the same and the middle class would see their taxes decrease. He also said he would eliminate the deficit but other than some reference to growth he never said how all of that could be possible. The reason is simple, it isn’t.
    His plan to get the economy growing is to complete the XL pipeline, rescind or ignore environmental regulation and allow drilling just about anywhere anyone cares to choose and this is going to create 4 million jobs. Really, now suppose you are a big oil company, why would you want to increase oil productions and drive the price down when you can just keep the supply where it is and enjoy the high prices? This is evidenced by the fact that oil companies are not using the leases they already have. Oil production, meanwhile, is at the highest it has been in 10 years and is destined to grow higher but not enough to drive down prices no matter what incentives are provided. We use a lot of oil in this country and all of the talk about big oil reserves in Montana, for instances, is mostly hot air. The entire production from Montana last year supplied just 6 days of our actual consumption. The next thing Romney said was we are going to have clean coal. The trouble is that coal fired power plants do not want to incorporate the carbon scrubbers required by law to make coal cleaner burning. A law was passed 20 years ago requiring these scrubbers and now that the deadline is near they don’t want to spend the money even though they had a 20 years to do the implementation. The other reason coal is declining is that there currently is a massive glut of natural gas available and gas prices are near a recent all time low so many coal plants are looking to move to natural gas.
    Let’s talk about the XL pipeline where it has been stated that this pipeline will make us more energy independent. Well, first of all the pipeline is to move oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. The last I checked, Canada is another country so how does that make the US more energy independent? Secondly, the purpose of the pipeline is to get oil to the gulf so that it can be exported to other countries and not to increase American supply.
    The Romney debate with Obama certainly opened my eyes in that Romney will do anything, say anything, pander to anyone, and commit the most severe case of mendacity anyone has ever seen.
    I know that Obama, being the President, had to adhere to a certain level of decorum, during the debate but he is going to have to take off the gloves and fight, “chameleon”, Romney with more gusto and with the two weapons Romney does not possess: math and the truth.