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Monday, October 24, 2016

A Pennsylvania judge refused to grant an injunction to block the state’s controversial voter ID law this morning. The Republican-backed law, which passed without a single Democratic vote, requires voters to present photo identification before they are allowed to cast a ballot. The American Civil Liberties Union and other groups that view the law as discriminatory sued to stop its implementation, arguing that it unfairly blocks minorities, college students, and other Democratic-leaning groups from the ballot box.

The decision — which was made by Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson — paves the way for the potential disenfranchisement of an estimated 758,000 voters. African-American and Latino communities will likely be disproportionately affected.

Supporters of the law have claimed that it is essential in order to prevent election fraud — even though government lawyers admitted that the state is “not aware of any incidents of in person voter fraud.” According to an analysis by News21, there have only been 10 cases of voter impersonation fraud in the entire country since 2000. In fact, there were more fraud incidents with absentee ballots and voter registration — something the Pennsylvania voter ID law does nothing to combat.

Although Judge Simpson expresses his “sympathy” for the witnesses in his written decision, he believes that there is no constitutional reason to block the law.

“At the end of the day, however, I do not have the luxury of deciding this issue based on my sympathy for the witnesses or my esteem for the counsel. Rather, I must analyze the law, and apply it to the evidence of facial unconstitutionality brought forth in the courtroom, tested by our adversarial system,” Simpson wrote.

Furthermore, the AP reports that Simpson said the law “is neutral, nondiscriminatory, and applies uniformly to all voters.” He also wrote: “Speculation about the potential problems in issuing valid photo IDs or confusion on Election Day did not warrant ‘invalidation of all lawful applications’ of it.”

Democrats have repeatedly claimed that laws such as Pennsylvania’s are purely political measures, designed to help Mitt Romney win the presidential election. This theory was seemingly confirmed in June, when Pennsylvania’s Republican House Leader Mike Turzai told a Republican crowd that the new photo ID law “is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state.”

Judge Simpson’s decision comes in midst of several other high profile voter suppression battles. Florida Governor Rick Scott has vowed to complete a second voter purge before the November election, and several counties in Ohio have used early voting rules to further the GOP strategy.

The ACLU is expected to appeal the decision to the State Supreme Court, where there are three Democratic and three Republican justices. The seventh judge, Republican Joan Orie Melvin, is currently under investigation for corruption.

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  • Judge Simpson’s is a hoods man not to mention the race card.

    • jammcooter

      absolutely I agree, this Judge should be de-benched as a racist, shouldn’t even be on the bench! shouldn’t be allowed to make such a ruling when it comes to voters rights

    • O’Barry’s a narcissistical racist! (That’s REAL BAD)

  • well it figures..
    what a load of bolony…
    he has no sympathy and none is required..
    lets just call a spade a spade period…

    • You cant call a spade a spade…according to emperor O’Barry’s regime….it’s Racist!

  • It is always nice to know who judges by the color of your skin, one who will do what ever it take to move the president out of office but if it be God’s will you can’t stop him. Judges wear a black robe but one day they will meet the true judge and he wear a white robe. His name is Jesus
    Now put that under your hood.

    • I agree with your robe analogy…but, Jesus is here to cast out satan…and Satan is Barry Soetero on earth…..the narcissist you call your President!

      • At least this one you call satan won’t let you starve from the lack of food, will have the doctors repair your rotten body, or want take your house away. Romney, says that the poor must learn to fin for themselves. He did not seperate the color of the poor.

        • Correction Emac: O’Barry wants the ‘Tax Payer’ to pay for the poor!O’Barry’s not paying for crap! Hell, he took 760 billion out of Medicare to cover his Obamacare! now he’s blaming the Republicans for the shortfall he’s left behind with the elderly and needy that are on medicare! and you think that’s good? your a phuquen moron!

          • catball

            Hey buddy sergio—You failed to say WHY Obama took (716 not 760) billion out of medicare. He moved it out of medicare and put it in the healthcare program. This will cover the donut hole on medications. It will also cover the FREE exams that you will receive from your doctor. This was a GOOD thing dumbo. Now, where did the money go that Ryan took out of medicare. It went straight to the rich. Ryan will also eliminate medicaid. You should watch MSMBC and you here the truth.

          • furr-ball: Explain ,this was a ‘GOOD’ thing? Free exams are a ‘Socialist’ method!… meowwww

          • Peoples425

            So what exactly is wrong with Socialism in this analogy?

          • onedonewong

            It worked for Hitler so Barak is his under study

          • Peoples425

            Actually that was communism under Hitler, but that’s okay, conservatives don’t deal too much in facts either so it’s cool.

          • onedonewong

            No Hitler was a socialist The National Socialist German Workers Party, but hey I’ve never seen a dem ever do any basic research.It easier to just make it up

          • Peoples425

            Nazi Socialist Party has gone by many different names, but the idea of socialism has differed over historical events. Concerning the significance of the Nazi events though, it would be more accurately described as communism than socialism. This wouldn’t be the first time that something was inaccurately labeled.

          • onedonewong

            I agree just like the new Lib term Progressive which still = Communist

          • Peoples425

            Or intelligent republican.
            Communism is a classless system. The “progress” that has been made has further divided the classes. Please explain how any (other than the healthcare debate) issue that “liberals” have developed that has communist tendencies.

          • onedonewong

            Pell grants, student loans, welfare, food stamps SS for illegals and those who have never contributed

          • Peoples425

            All those that you have listed require a social security number in which illegals do not receive upon arriving in this country. Even some illegals pay into the system, the ones that don’t are often undocumented ones and are not likely to be the ones applying for those very programs in attempts to stay relatively under the radar. While this story has been exaggerated in numerous ways, the actual statistics and finances say otherwise.

          • onedonewong

            I’m sorry your statemnt is blatently false. I’ll give just 1 example tp prove my point. Barak’s Auntie from Keyna was in this counrty illegally and had been here illegally for years.
            She lived in Boston and received sect 8 housing, welfare and foodstamps. You can EASLY Google it. Illegals have and do collect every benefit the federal govt provides

          • Peoples425

            Let’s say that there are illegals that do collect said benefits, it does not mean that all of them do and therefore implies that all of my statement is not false. Let’s not even point out the fact that there are millionaires who collect welfare and foodstamps which when weighed in on everything, outweighs those who are in this country illegally collecting benefits. It’s obvious that the focal point of this conversation has lost it’s substance so I will wish you a good day. I hope that your eyes are opened to your biased and illogically focused discriminatory prejudice.

          • onedonewong

            50% of Allll illegals are on some sort of public assistance. Allll illegals receive free healthcare and schooling.
            Name 1 millionaire that collects welfare or food stamps other than Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton

          • onedonewong

            Rightttt that money is gone and will,be used to buy votes. So he’s taking $$ out of medicare and using it for other purposes and your getting free medicine. Do toy realize how stupid that sounds

          • Pay attention. The ACA did not take $700 billions from Medicare. The benefits have not been effected. Crubing future cost increases is not taking away from Medicare. You are being led down the garden path by charaltans feeding you pablum of dishonest and deceit. Learn to tell the difference.

          • onedonewong

            It most certainly did . It eliminates Medicare advantage

        • Emac You Know His Just Another Lying Member Of The American Taliban Crying For Welfare For The RICH!!

          • onedonewong

            The Rich are only getting their own money back. Minorities are taking from the producers because they are too lazy to work. Breeding like rabbits

        • onedonewong

          as you lay on your back doing nothing and take from those who do

      • Joseph Hemphill

        sergio, you are without a doubt, an unmitigated idiot !

        • Joseph; guitar shredder…really?

        • onedonewong

          Apparently you don’t read a newspaper Sergio is just quoting what Obama’s agenda is

    • onedonewong

      Jesus is White

  • Maureen Morena Solis Hice

    Not surprised to hear this news…These people will do whatever it takes to suppress the vote…

  • STS

    People of color need to get out and vote. Republicans implemented this new law because they know how we are. GET UP AND GET YOUR ID’S NEEDED AND GET YOUR BUTTS OUT AND VOTE. Stop being so predictable.

    • amen sts i agree always check in your state for special election and vote in it african american need to check states and in primaries and vote i voted in 2010 . check your board of election and keep your self informed to vote in any special election. as a biracial person and look african american please vote it is every thing for your life is on the line.

    • If you are African American in PA or any other state and you are savvy about registering to vote and about voting, please ask around to help others who are not so savvy. It takes a village!

      • anwilliamson3766

        Not only African American, mainly White Americans and ALL race are savvy about registering to vote. Please ask around and help other who are not so savvy. All Race get out to Vote get YOUR ID.

      • onedonewong

        We need some free cars from Obama motors to get folks there

    • That’s The Only Way They Will Win If WE THE PEOPLE Don’t Get What We Should Already Have And If You Don’t Have What You Need GET IT!! Cause Every Election Is Important And All Votes Counts!!! Obama/Biden 2012!!! Many People Died For The Rights To Vote Don’t Let Them Have Died In Vain VOTE!!!

      • onedonewong

        Died???? oh please

        • anwilliamson3766

          Yea Died!

          • onedonewong

            Dieing from a drug over dose or a drive by is hardly a noble death


          • onedonewong

            Thanks for the numbers I’m quite pleased that there are that many folks who can read on this site. I gave your son some methadone today at the clinic is he doing better?/

    • Well hang on, STS-please don’t say “WE”! “THEY know how WE are”??? I very much agree with your message here, but don’t sell yourself & others short! “THEY” need to STOP STEREO-TYPING!!! Rock on, STS! 🙂


    • what about the older ones from the south ? the ones that need a brith note . but thy dont have them any more on the records . its a thing not broke that moneys being wasted to fix . (if its not broke one dosent need to fix it )

      • onedonewong

        Ahh but it is broke and that’s why the states are going to fix the crooked elections. As for ID the Obama treasury has stopped all paper checks for SS so the folks have to have an ID to open a checking account. Blame obama

      • tedthetruther

        You are so illiterate that you should not be allowed to vote!

    • onedonewong

      You needn’t worry Barak will be sending a limo to your house to pick you up. He’s got pockets full of Stimulus $$$

    • I think that lots of people are too ‘tired and poor’ to pay attention, but pay attention they must.

    • onedonewong

      What is barak going to do for me?? last time he promised me to end my car note and move me into a better house that didn’t happen. Us colored folks needs help, we can’t compete with chinese brought to this country in boats who can’t speak english

  • What is wrong with proving your I.D.? Any legal citizen should have no problem , in fact, should be proud to show that they are a legal citizen of the United States and legally entitled to vote!
    What is the issue here? Minorities can’t get an ID??
    In my neighborhood, Aurora, CO; all people drive or have to have some sort of an ID to work, receive disability or whatever. I don’t understand the flap over this.
    I am seeing more and more that the ACLU has issues other than representing the citizens of the USA.

    • i am guessing here you a person of color..
      i mean true color, imbecile..

    • MJRinPA

      And how many of the Amish in PA have a photo ID? NONE.

  • I pray his ruling is overturned on appeal.

    • Stop whining about what bought & paid for judges do. Organize, raise money & get these soon to be disenfranchised voters to the county clerk & DMV to get these IDs. The money spent on making sure our voters get to the polls & can vote is way less than all these TV ads that are just enriching the corporate owned media and are a guaranteed vote. Don’t count on the courts, which have been packed with conservative(read Republican) judges for the past 30 years. Force the Democratic Party & progressive groups to raise the money to defeat this Repugnican voter suppression scheme & through them out of office!

    • ace

      I pray that it stands it is about time the Democrats quit cheating voting dead people is not right .

  • So, you mean to tell me that all these people that are so called ‘Suppresed’, dont have an ID?…Just go and get one and vote…BAMM, Done! You lefties are all un-be-phuquen-lieveable!. all tax paying citizens have an ID…just show it!
    Finnaly…. A judge that follows law!

    • why wasn’t this suggested when Bush supposedly
      triumph against took over 10 years for this to happen
      under a different regime
      let there be light

  • I think it is an attempt to stop illegal immigrants from fraudulently voting, as well as some voter fraud in the past showed that people were using identities other than their own, ie, deceased people, children’s IDs, etc.

    • and news flash, a republican pulled out of a local
      race for voter fraud, by impersonating signatures needed
      to run for office..over 90 signatures more than the total
      for the whole country since 2000 by 9 to 1

    • WhutHeSaid

      Take off that silly white hood and stop lying. The cheaters already admitted that there were no cases of voter ID fraud in Pennsylvania. Only bigots or cheaters support this law — which are you?

    • metrognome3830

      Do you have any kind of information as to how many illegal immigrants voted in US elections? How about people using false identities? How many? Also deceased people, people using children’s ID, etc. How many? Do you happen to have any reliable information on these incidents of fraud?

    • MJRinPA

      I believe that you are commenting on voter registration fraud. Which is not the same as voter fraud. No dead person has ever walked into the polling place to cast a vote!

  • There were plenty of legal precedent for invalidating this law. There is no reason to make this about race. This law curtails a freedom for no reason and that is reason enough to grant an injunction.

  • jojo

    You have to have an ID to do anything these days so why Not a voter ID? If you have been to lazy to get out an get an ID then you probably won’t vote anyway. The only reason the liberals don’t want an ID is so the dead, children , dogs, Micky Mouse can vote!

    • MJRinPA

      I can’t remember the last time I had to pull out my photo ID to do anything. I do not need an ID to see my doctor, pick up a prescription from my pharmacy, check out a library book, or even when I purchase liquor at the state store. People who are saying that you need an ID are mistaken.
      And people are not having trouble getting IDs because they are lazy, but because they don’t have the money to purchase all the required paperwork (such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc).

      • jojo

        The place I come from has to have an ID to buy liquor, unless you look 65, to get a prescription unless it’s aspirin , open a bank account, buy a car, drivers license ,insurance , buy a house, rent a house, getting into or out of hospitals especially with a child just born, getting approved for a loan and on and on. People have had two years from the last time to vote to get an ID. If by that time you haven’t done it then you are either in a nursing home and can’t get out of prison. You need to have an ID in prison, some form of ID Is required. SS number will get you an ID. Not having money is no excuse for not having some form of ID.

        • Well maybe you need to find another place to live if you have to show id to get a prescription i just think its bullshyt ***RT…… What about the Veteren (and others like him) that served 2 wars received a medal born and raised in Brooklyn Ny but never needed an “ID” TO VOTE BUT HAS his Army information to proof yes he is a ” CITIZEN” all of a sudden that wasn’t good enough when he went to vote, and trust and believe there are many more like him what do u say Thank you for all you did for this country but that mean jack crap you still need to prove you are a Citizen, get the freak outta here….. I just smell a RAT and it stinks..I can see if we had a plethura of recorded and reported voter fraud this past election then i’d be in agreement…..But we don’t do we,now we do…………..NOT…AND PLEASE BEFORE YOU RESPOND IF YOU CAN NOT PROVE VOTER FRAUD IN THE LAST ELECTION….DO NOT COMMENT…..I WOULD HATE TO HAVE TO CHECK YO AZZ …CAUSE YOU CAN GET IT…

          • jojo

            If I had the opportunity to live in a different state I would, not because I don’t like it here but it’s just to hot and dry. I even had to show an ID when I went to the mall to buy a pair of shoes because I used my credit card. I thank every service man I see for fighting to keep our country safe and wish everyone else would do the same. I would like to see a voters ID made easy for everyone to keep fraud from going on but it seems both sides have a problem with it when it comes time to vote. Take Al Frankton who won by fraud. The new black panthers holding a base ball bat at a voters entrance. Nothing done, why? Eric Holder and the socialist who live in the White House. Get your panties out of a wad.

  • ram1020

    758,000 black and hispanic voters? According to the US Census, in 2010 there were a total of 659,000 blacks and hispanics registered to vote! Either you are grossly overstating the magnitude of the problem, or the State of Pennsylvania does not issue drivers licenses or IDs to any blacks or hispanics, which would be the larger problem to address.


    It is time that the Democrats in Pennsylvania (and other states that are trying to repress voting) get out and show Turzia that he is wrong. It is not a gimme for Romney. It is time to fight back

  • jammcooter

    just adding to my earlier comment! the federal gov should step in and remove this garbage from the bench.

  • dotutz

    Again I say where is our Federal Attorney General to allow this “voter purge” to happen? It is happening here in Florida. For the first time since I have been voting I did not need my Voter Card, just my license. What happens to those people who are no longer driving and I know a lot of them, living in a retirement community. There are people who do not have picture ID’s and have been voting all their lives, so it not only affects Blacks, Latinos, but the elderly. Where’s the justice in this???? Can’t someone stop them???

    • thats not true, I am disabled and elderly and you can go down to get just a regular ID from department of trasportation. its that easy. I do not see what the problem is really except for the immagrants that have to register in the U.S. and do not want to register. everyone that wants to come into this country should get an ID card. you do not have to be driving to get one.

      • dotutz

        That sounds good, but some people do not have transportation to get these ID cards, I know I had a disabled husband in a rehab center who I was unable to get him to the DOT. The thing of it is if you read, you will find that the abuses of voter fraud have been almost non existent, so why do the Republicans feel that they need to purge the voter system? I believe there were laws passed in 1996 which are now being thrown out. Doesn’t it seem strange to you in a possible close election and one of your people in PA stating this is what they wanted to do in order to assure a Romney win, that people are getting right in line with the thinking?

  • Jack Wormer

    If one voter is unlawfully barred from casting his/her vote, WE ALL are diminished in our Rights and our Freedoms!


    • sorry Jack but that is not practicable at this time and in this particular election.

      • catball

        Why is that so Marilyn? Tell me about this particular election.

    • Never, never let anyone or any movement deter you from voting. If a barrier is thrown in your way if you can’t knock it down, then you legally find a way around it. We must do whatever necessary to preserve the RIGHT to vote, regardless who you support! If WE don’t vote, it’s a vote for the OTHER candidate.

    • Sam Harrington

      We must vote, I totally understand what you are saying but that solution will take time, much more time than November 2012!

  • What is wrong with showing an ID?? You need one to drive an automobile (Driver’s License with a picture on it!), to purchase liquor, (State issued picture ID), most Doctor’s offices now require you to show a picture ID, to go into or out of the United States into another Country. To register for school you need an ID, a birth certificate and medical records. Then depenidng on whether it is public “grade schools” or higher education (College/University), you also need additional records of previous work accomplished, grades resulting from those studies, etc. What is the big uproar about??? It makes one think the people complaining are wanting unauthorized people to vote. In Michigan and several other states, one must show a State issued picture ID before being allowed to cast your ballot. If you forgot your ID and are at the polls already, there is an affidavit you must complete and sign swearing that you are legally eligible to vote in that precinct & ward. No one is stopped from voting, sometimes a person is found to be in the wrong polling place, but we give them directions to their own voting place where they can vote. NO PROBLEMS!!

    Persons complaining about having to show an ID are either notorious complainers about everything or guilty (potentially) of fraud.

    • jarheadgene

      It was the GOP that recently got caught committing voting fraud. But this laws intentions are to suppress the black and hispanic vote. Any law suppressing any vote…..Is a violation of American Rights….period. Simpson’s GOT TO GO!

    • WhutHeSaid

      Only cheaters and bigots support this law. Which are you?

    • Edsanjuan

      English Descendant: Let me try to answer your question “What is wrong with showing an ID??” The answer is: NOTHING !!!!!!!!
      As you so well state: “You need one to drive an automobile (Driver’s License with a picture on it!), to purchase liquor, (State issued picture ID), most Doctor’s offices now require you to show a picture ID, to go into or out of the United States into another Country. To register for school you need an ID, a birth certificate and medical records…” See?? NO ONE complains about ID’s being required under those circumstances ! So, why the uproar by the Lefties?? BECAUSE requiring IDs would (WILL, thank God!) eliminate fraudulent votes by people that are not citizens and can not legally vote!
      Additionally, have you noticed that, again, “birds of a feather flock together”? These FRAUDS (illegals) who can not vote, ALWAYS lean towards the DemocRats ….
      So guys, GO VOTE for the party and candidates of your preference, but do it LEGALLY !! DUH !

  • IF you are unable to drive, you can get a State issued picture ID to carry with you. Most people on disability have ID’s. Stop complaining.. at least in the United States you can vote and you have a choice. It has nothing to do with the color of ones skin!!

  • jarheadgene

    SIMPSON’s GOT TO GO………..research is commencing now.

  • This is NOT suppressing the vote!! It is proving that you are legally entitled to vote!If you are a United States Citizen, and I’m assuming you are….go to any other Country..Mexico, any European or Asian Country and try to vote in their elections. It would certainly open your eyes and make you realize how fortunate you are to be an American! If you are not an American, then follow the immigration laws and rules and become a citizen and you can legally vote!!

    • MJRinPA

      ” It is proving that you are legally entitled to vote”

      That is incorrect. Voter registration is when you prove that you are legally entitled to vote. Once you have legally register, there shouldn’t be additional barriers thrown in the way.

  • Wayne,
    This has nothing to do with the color of one’s skin. It has everything to do with showing that you are legally eligible to vote as an American Citizen.

  • dems will just have to try harder to help these people get the necessary ID. I know wisconsin gives “free” ids if you say you want it to vote BUT that is only FREE if you already have the documentation needed to get them and THAT IS NOT FREE but very expensive.Even tho it is against the law to use Soc Sec cards for ID many people insist on asking for them as id so why do they not let them use them as such? Is it time for them to contain photos?????????????? and birthdates?

  • No eligible, legal citizen will be barred from casting his/her vote!! It is obvious that many of the posters here do not understand the law. ….or think they are above it!!

    • jarheadgene


    • WhutHeSaid

      Stop lying. Only bigots and cheaters support this law. The cheaters admitted there were no cases of voter ID fraud in Pennsylvania. Do you support this law because you are a bigot, cheater, or both?

    • catball

      WRONG if you don’t have the ID, you can’t vote.

  • Dave_dido

    In my home state of Ohio it costs $ 8.50 to get a state photo I.D. It may not seem like a lot to some of you, but a person in a nursing home on Medicaid gets to keep only about $30/mo. of his/her money per month. The rest of it goes to the nursing facility. It takes a tremendous effort for some of these people just to get to the polling booth. Now the right wing wants to make it even more difficult. The reason they want to disenfranchise these people is that there is absolutely nothing in the Republican platform that would be of benefit to them.
    The cases of voter fraud are so minimal that it is not worth harming our democratic process to make voting more difficult. The reason that there are very few cases of voter fraud is that the penalties are severe enough and the gain is so minute that most people simply won’t risk it.
    Maybe we should make the requirement that you must prove that you have a heartbeat. That way we could suppress the votes of most of the Republican Party.

  • Supress the vote????????? Get real! I must show ID for many things in life, from getting bank accounts, passports, etc! You might argue that this too, is trying to supress me from going overseas or opening a bank account.You MUST be a citizen of this nation to vote, and even if you are not a driver, there are ID”S available through gov’t agencies such as the dmv that are quite valid! What is wrong with accepting the responsibility to have a valid ID in order to vote for the people that will represent the majority in a democratic society? We all were born, where is your birth certificate? A baptism certificate? Are you afraid to show yourself as a card carrying American citizen that wants a fair vote count that includes only citizens? I must show ID to enter a county, municipal or federal building in many instances, and that will not affect anyone but me and my access. I do not want ANY illegals or non-citizens voting for the person that is going to influence my life in any way!
    I dont want dead people voting, dogs, other pets, foreigners or phony ballots of any kind, and dont tell me that dont happen! ONE MAN, ONE VOTE is the creed of this political system, and if you can not or will not show you are entitled to cast a ballot, get the hell out of MY country! The only people this will discriminate against are those trying to circumvent the required citizen status or those who are just too lazy to get an ID to participate in one of our greatest freedoms!

    • 5612jean

      You know as well as everyone else this all about suppressing the minority vote that put a black man in the white house. There was less than 1% voter fraud nationwide. The timing of these new voter suppression laws are quite suspect, don’t you think. If he were white would they be doing the same thing? I think not. A racist by any other name is still a racist.

    • WhutHeSaid

      Only bigots and cheaters support this law, because there are no cases of voter ID fraud in Pennsylvania. Which are you?

      • catball

        The real problem here is the republicans are so weak and lame that they know they have as much of a chance to win as snowing in July. If they did’nt lie and cheat they wouldn’t have a prayer

  • This decision is just one more way that the Republicans are trying to win this election. How on earth can it be constitutional to block voting rights for African Americans,Seniors. How can this judge allow 730,000 vets ,seniors blacks or anyone of color that right. We vets who gave our self to fight in war and then take that right away. He should be ashamed of hisself.

  • I have an ID, but I am, non the less, affected by this horrible law, as are all citizens of the world. This law smacks of Jim Crow, and it sickens me.

  • This isn’t right! How can Obama get elected if folks can’t just walk across the border and then vote? And how will those millions of Obama supporters who just happen to be dead cast their vote?

    Ah, the injustice of it all. Those damned Republicans are just too honest for their own good.

    • WhutHeSaid

      Stop lying. Only a bigot or cheater would support this law — which are you?

    • Dave_dido

      Did you even read the article? There have been 10 verifiable cases of voter impersonation in the whole country since the year 2000. That’s about 1 per year on average. Stick to the facts please. Take your fantasies to conservative radio talk shows. They won’t fly here.

  • Nothing in the Judge’s decision indicates that that he wants “to block voting rights for African Americans, Seniors, 730,000 vets, seniors blacks or anyone of color”. The Judge is NOT taking away any vets right to vote!! Where did you get that idea???

  • Judytr

    And who or what is to protect us from republicans stealing elections (i.e., Flkorida in 2000 and Ohio in 2008). everybody, make sure you have your id ready NOW.

  • People should have ID to vote!!!!!!!

  • What does ID have to do with being black!!!!

  • Why would it swing the state for Romney? There are decent and honest people in PA who don’t like this sort of thing. So why would they vote for the Republicans to support what they don’t agree with?

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    What college student doesn’t have an ID or Drivers License? This law will have no impact on Voter Turnout.

    • MJRinPA

      Not all college IDs fit the requirements…some don’t have a photo, others don’t have an expiration date.
      In Texas, college IDs are not considered valid for voting, but a concealed carry gun permit is…

  • the_uglydog

    Who in the heck doesn’t have a photo ID today? Even my dog has one!!


    disbar the judge that refuse to block the voter id law

  • What is that about not having ID? Minorities don’t have ID? Unless you are an illegal, what has minority to do with not having an ID? Besides, illegals shouldn’t be voting. Period! Elderly people don’t have ID? You’re 120 years old and still didn’t get an ID? What have you been doing all your life.

  • What is that about minorites, students or the elderly not having an ID? What has all that to do with not having or being able to get an ID? Get one! Stop making excuses

  • Get up off your welfare ass and get an ID. Those of you who are illegally here, GET THE F–K OUT OF MY COUNTRY. I don’t care how long the Democrats have allowed you to leach here and I don’t care how innocent your kids and grand kids are from your criminality. Leave them here and I’ll feed, house, love and educate them. But you adults go home. No ID, No Vote Obama Rama Ding Dong Black scammer from Chicago. I believed you and you gave me hope four years ago and your color made no difference. It was your Integrity I voted for and you were a lying scum. Now, do you want to know how I really feel. You have set black people back 200 years.

    • jojo

      Tru Dat!!!

    • Dave_dido

      Big Daddy detects a powerful odor of mendacity in this post! You voted for President Obama, huh? Right.

  • cdsnyder

    How can ANYone living in the United Satates of America who is a legal citizen NOT have a pictured identification card? A valid photo ID is required to cash or write a check, in many cases to use a credit card, get a library card, collect your jackpot in a casino, drive a car, buy a pack of cigarettes or get a drink if you look underage, collect social security or any other governement issued check, etc. etc. SO, for anyone to say that it is inconvenient or shows descrimination to require someone to show a valid ID to vote is basically a very stupid person or is intentionally inviting someone to vote in the presidential election who ISN”T who they say there are. Voter fraud. Since dead people aren’t automatically removed from the names registered to vote, how difficult would it be to go to a cemetery and gather names of the dead? DAH!

    • Dave_dido

      So what are you going to do with that list of names of dead people? Do you know where they lived? Do you know what ward, what precinct they were in? Do you know if they were even registered to vote?
      Fact is, people are not going to go through that trouble, they’re not going to risk fines and imprisonment to cast one vote. That’s why there have only been ten verifiable cases of voter impersonation fraud in the whole country since the year 2000. It’s simply not worth the hassle.
      This whole attention on voter impersonation fraud is a charge trumped up by Republicans to suppress opposition votes. We all know that, including those of you who are defending the voter suppression laws. Get real- we know what you’re all about. Take your disingenuousness to the Rush Limbaugh program where you can turn your fantasies into far right wing reality.
      I thought far right wingers wanted their old America back. Well, the old America did not require photo I.D.s and we did just fine without them.
      You have been told by non-partisan organizations that the voter suppression laws may cause the disenfranchisement of hundreds of thousands of voters.That should be all you need to know. If you’re really a patriotic American who believes in representative government you will be outraged by these reports. However, if your ideology is more important to you than the democratic traditions of our country then ,by all means, argue for these prejudicial laws.

      • cdsnyder

        Dave. There is no way to determine just how many people have committed voter fraud. I would think, Democrat OR Republican, everyone would want a fair, honest, accurate and legitimate vote count. You are truly naive and before you start spouting off statistics on how many cases of voter fraud have been identified since 2000, you should do some research on the subject. There are millions and millions of cases of Social Security FRAUD, Medicare FRAUD, identity theft FRAUD, insurance FRAUD, welfare FRAUD, the list is endless. Anyway, there is a way to beat the system, break the rules, scam money or benifits from someone else or bypass the laws, someone is going to figure out a way to do it. You are going on the premise that people are honest…………that is not the case and billions of dollars in fraud will prove you wrong. So, when there is talk of putting a law or program in place to keep fraud from happening, you and every other person who can’t see the legitimate argument for why it is necessary, starts crying prejudice. ” Disenfranshise hundreds of thousands of voters.” You’ve got to be kidding? I am a patriotic American who voted for Barack Obama….talk about being disenfranchised. He broke almost every promise he made to the citizens of the United States who voted for him. That, in my opinion, is also FRAUD. My mother is 87 years on has never driven a day in here life BUT in order to even function, she has to have a photo ID. I go back to my original statement……………….. to prevent voter FRAUD, you must prove your identity and you are really who you say you are. This would NOT suppress the vote of anyone who really wanted to do so, it’s just an excuse. If someone needed an identification card to collect food stamps, social security, welfare, ADC, cash a check or buy a car, your damn straight they would figure out a way to get a valid ID. I don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh, but there people like you go again, pointing fingers and assuming because someone doesn’t agree with you, they are Republicans who want to supress someone’s rights and discreminate. Same old BS. Same old lame argument.

        • Dave_dido

          CD, there is absolutely no doubt that the Republicans in PA. passed this law to suppress opposition votes.All of the cases of fraud that you mention involve people getting a payback for their fraud. There is no monetary payback for voter impersonation fraud and so people just are not willing to risk it. Illegal immigrants especially are not going to show up at a poll and risk getting caught and deported.For what? Now there are other types of voter fraud that do occur and they occur on a much larger scale than impersonation fraud. But the Republicans did not address these other types of voter fraud because they do not target the opposition.If they were really serious about stopping voter fraud they would have addressed a law aimed at the other types of fraud, but that might have implicated some of their own voters.
          Don’t take my word for it.Contact the League of Women Voters in PA. or some other independent voting rights organization and see what they tell you about legitimate incidents of voter impersonation fraud.
          BTW, when you say that you voted for President Obama, you lose all credibility on these threads. This is not “Teen ” magazine- there are some discerning people who read The National Memo and they know what you’re about.

        • Dave_dido

          All the types of fraud you mention offer monetary rewards. Simple fact is that people will not risk fines or jail time by impersonating another voter. It’s just not worth it. Illegal aliens are not going to risk getting caught and deported. For what?
          But you don’t have to take my word for it. Check with a nonpartisan group like Pew Research or The league of Women Voters and see what they tell you. Ten verifiable cases of voter impersonation fraud since the year 2000.Wow, we better make a law to stop that!
          It is obvious to any impartial observer that the Republicans in PA. passed this law to suppress minority votes. If they were really concerned about fairer elections, they would have made a law targeting other types of voting fraud, such as registration fraud or absentee ballot fraud where there are many more incidents of fraud than impersonation fraud has. Why didn’t they? Easy, because their own partisans are also guilty of those other kinds of fraud and there would have been no political advantage in addressing them. Surely you can see this.
          Do yourself a favor and don’t say you voted for Pres. Obama. This is not “Teen” magazine. There are some discerning readers here and we know what you’re about.

  • Wow…what a moron!

  • Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson will look pretty foolish when his decision is overturned on appeal. Hey Judge Simpson — can you spell impeachment? Didn’t think so.

  • bud2011

    Every valid vote should count. If you can’t verify that you are entitled to vote – then you should not be entitled to vote. Chicago has counted the votes of dead persons for decades. That is wrong. You have to show a picture ID to see AG Holder. You should also show an ID to vote.

  • The important privledge of voting also requires honesty & responsibility. Many Illegal trespassers vote and even pets, dead people, and multiple votes. We need ID to cash a check, fly a plane, drive a car so I don’t see why this is a big deal. Minorities have to have ID for the items I just mentioned so why should Voter ID be a problem for this important responsibility?

    • Dave_dido

      You are severely misinformed as are all the people here posting about illegals, pets and dead people voting. Read the article: ten verifiable cases of voter fraud in the entire country since the year 2000. None at all in Pennsylvania where this inconscionable law was passed. One of the heads of the Republican party in PA can be seen on video stating that this law would hand over the State of PA to Romney in the upcoming election. That’s why the law was put into place, not in order to stop voter fraud. If this doesn’t upset you, it’s probably because you’re more loyal to your political party than you are to your country and its tradition of representative democracy. This is pure and simple a case of a political party stifling an entire block of voters that opposes them. How dare we point the finger at other country’s and say that they have rigged elections! The Republican Party is making our election system look worse than Afghanistan’s. Pathetic! It makes me angry that they think they can get away with this in the U.S.!

  • lilfawn44

    I live in Chicago and am an election judge. Where I and my daughter and son work the voters who are citizens pull out their id’s even though they are registered voters. They tell us (in broken English) that they are proud to be Americans and they want to show ua their id’s. I know that a state id here is a little expensive but anyplace that you go now they want a picture ID, the casino, public aid, a hospital, to cash a check, to use your link card for example and more places. So you need one every where why not to vote.

    • ClydeMcWhorter

      Not At The ATM>.

  • my feeling is that everyone should have a photo id. (my son is developmentally disabled & thus can’t drive but has a non-driver photo id.) that said, there should be a suitable warning period – a year? – that this is going to take effect.

  • Shipwreck

    Who says the law disproportionately effects minority voters? That’s just the typical “scare card” played by Democrats. Photo ID protects everyones right to vote, and it keeps that right from being usurped by those who try to vote fraudulently in other name of others For example, there was the NAACP committwoman in Alabama who misappropriated the identity of 6 living persons & 4 deceased persons, and cast ballots in their names. It was April of 2011. It does happen, and it’s easy to check. She was convicted on 10 counts, and 21 other counts were “dropped for various reasons. Was this a false story planted by the GOP?

    • ClydeMcWhorter

      This election does not matter, Mit Romney Has Been Ordained to Be President By The Mormon Church.

  • Allright ..finally some common sense to combat the Black Panthers ACORN and Eric Witholders attempt to steal the election

  • It’s not a problem, there is an alternative, why not start a fund that will be used to pay the expenses to obtain a voter ID card, also direct the voters who need assistance in getting a Birth Certificates to voters who need the help to get it.


  • I moved 5 times in the last 27 years. I did the forms to be removed, 5 years ago I moved back to Brooklyn a couple of blocks from where I used to live I moved out in 1995. I was still registered. They never filed it.
    “More then 3 million registered voters are dead”
    Look it up.
    I went through a major ID, theft, bank fraud saga. My best friend, I thought, for over 30 years, played me big time. Cashed checks from my account at a Chase branch in Midtown Manhattan without picture ID. You probably don’t believe me, it’s true.
    I was cashing a check at a window at a Citibank, The teller said he didn’t need picture id, nobody else would know your pin. The manager had a long talk with that teller.
    It’s 2012,
    “unfairly blocks minorities?
    Does that mean if you’re NOT, you can vote without having to show valid I.D.?
    Sorry, discrimination works both ways.

    • Richie, dude you are a little confused, this is a defferent topic than Identity fraud. This is a equal excess situation. as far as your friend you should follow the general rule and that is to never share your personal Information, online, in a bank or in a resturant. but this is about equel excess. If they made exceptions for the elderly, the poor and college students, this would never have been a story. Richie your last statement is just Stupid.

  • it’s not about being lazy, people will not vote, with this voter ID law or not, some people just don’t believe they need to vote. the very old are the voters who will be stopped, some were born at a time when blacks did not have birth certificates, or their births were not recorded.

  • I find the Dems argument of Voter ID disenfranchising Blacks as racist against Black People . They say this disenfranchises them . In doing so what they are saying is that they consider Black people to be less capable then others of being able to get a FREE ID . Do the DEMS think Blacks are stupid ? If I were black I would feel disrespected and used by that kind of attitude . Conservatives treat you like any other Americans . We know you can get an ID . We also know that the Republican Party was founded on the basis of being abolitioinists . It was A Republican President along with Northern Whites and Black Volunteers that fought a Civil War to end Slavery . During that time Dem Congressman were Lynching Blacks in NYC . Most of the KKK were DEMS and they welcomed Senators who were active Clan members . If anyone is disenfranchising them it would be the DEMS

    • Michael Stoll, you are very Wrong, Democrats do not think Blacks, as you put it are stupid, the hardship is on the Elderly of whom do include black people, it also includes poor white people who live in rural areas, so you are wrong in your thinking. DUDE, the latter part of your statement is so lame, life is too short to live it stupid.

    • ClydeMcWhorter

      The Civil War WAs Not Fought To Free The Slaves. Lincoln Was only Trying To Keep The Union Together. All The Southern Democracts Are REPUBLICANS then and Now.

    • Dave_dido

      Michael, it’s gratifying to me that you hold in high regard the accomplishments of the Republican Party of the Civil War era. See, they were the progressives of that era. As with most things, political parties evolve. Today we progressives are mostly in the Democratic Party.Thank you for honoring our predecessors! I take it you think highly of us and our accomplishments throughout U.S.history. Anything that’s ever been done that was for the good of the lower classes or the working classes in the U.S. has been done by progressives.
      “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, drink deep or taste not the Pierean spring.”– Alexander Pope

  • the world is not ending because of a Judge’s decision, every problem has a solution, you may or may not like it or it may take more work on your part but there is one.

  • My ex girlfriend is an election judge every year …St John Polling Location Logan SQ . In the last primary where hardly anyone voted she attempted to stop 3 different people from voting twice . She was admonished and threatened by the other election judges . It is out of control . I mean how many members of ACORN have to go to Jail before Liberals see their trying to block voter ID for what it is ? That is an attempt to keep their vote fraud alive . Look all the poor people and the lazy on enetitlements already have an ID so who is being disenfrachised besides Illegal Aliens the DEAD and those who purposely want to do Voter Fraud ?

    • honesty in a discussion, is a must in the exchange of Knowledge, but if you wish to deal in lies, then you are a waste of time an effort.

    • ClydeMcWhorter

      Quit watching FOX and listening to Rush. Bimbaough get a life.

  • dragonfFIRE01

    what’s the controversy? you have to have a photo id to cash a check you need a photo id to vote to lessen voter fraud. PERIOD. to say anything else is stupic

    • WhutHeSaid

      There is no such voter fraud, so supporting this law means that one is either a cheater or a bigot. Which are you?

  • desertdustoff

    i’ve always said: ” there is no one more crooked than a lawyer, and definitely no profession that is easier to buy (other than, maybe, a politician). Wave a bunch of the koch sisters’ money in their face, and they will do anything they are asked. More puppets for rove’s gps freak show lead by the biggest freaks of all, nit wit mitt and welfare queen, lyin’ ryan. Third world status…here we come with this outlaw bunch. Sell your soul, burn in hell!!

  • Sam Harrington

    Could an absentee ballot work here? Is there not a hard ship clause built into the need for a photo ID? I am asking sincerely as I do not know how specifically the law is. Someone really needs to educate everyone, communities need to reach out.

  • ID to vote is retarded!And its a violation fo the US Cosntitution. this is apll part of the prophecy, of Satan worshipping Free Masons, Illuminati,and otehr Secret Societies. So, will it be your head that is chopped off first at the FEMA Death Campsby gillotine? You smell that?! Smells like, CIVIL WAR!!!

    • ClydeMcWhorter

      Don’t Forget That Mit Romney Has Been Ordained By The Mormon Church To Be President. Mit Romney Is Going To be Exalted IN the Celestial Kingdom Of Heaven, AND Will Become A GOD In His OWN World. If I Am Wrong About This Read The Mormon Scriptures. And Show Me Where I am Wrong>.

  • What’s the hurry? If a state mandates that all voters must have an approved form of ID the state should provide a reasonable time line for the implimentation of that law. Why the rush to do so in an election year? Why not have the law implimented over time? How about a two year grace period during which the state contacts each and every voter to ensure all have the proper ID? If the state is going to mandate such a plan they must also cover the costs of doing so. Of course we all know the reason for the rush and it has virtually nothing to do with voter fraud. A shameful day for American democracy.

  • 3251939

    there should be no reason not to have your true identity to be able to vote or to register to vote. You need it to see a doctor , get an x-ray get your money from bank, open an account.purchase property and most anything today. You should have it to vote.

    • WhutHeSaid

      Only cheaters and bigots support this law. Which are you?

    • I guess the next step is to fingerprint everyone, implant micro-chips, build a DNA database just so we know exactly who everyone is and what they are doing. Go read 1984 by George Orwell. The Europeans and some Asian countries have pretty good ID practices that should appeal to the GOP-but I thought they believed in Liberty?

    • ClydeMcWhorter

      Why wait until Months Before The Most Important Election in The History of This Country To pass This Law? If March 25,1939 is your birthdate you were born right after Adolf Hitler took power in Germany. You Should know that History Repeats its self if History is Forgoten. This could Be The Same “New World Order” That Adolf Hitler and Daddy Bush Kept Talking About.

      Why not Ask Mit Romney About His Mexican Citizenship? Mit Romney’s Daddy was Born in Mexico, Under Mexican Law That Maes Mit Romney A Citizen OF Mexico!! Mit Romney Has Never Denounced HiS Mexican Citizenship>

  • dsand1445

    Can anyone provide me some insight on how to help my neighbor she is 94 years young we all call her mama B. She been voting since way before I was born but the problem now is she don’t have a photo ID and no record of birth other than what was written in the family bible guess that’s how it was back in them days. Guess my question is are there any other documents that can be used besides birth certificates to obtain state ID

    • Ask her to write to Romney Ryan for advice.

      • dsand1445

        No need to do that. We got her taken care of. Not sure how to take your comment but as a combat veteran that served this Nation in ODSDS and happen to be an African American. My ancestors gave their lives for the right to vote. Aint a damn thing funny about that.
        you sir have a great day

    • ClydeMcWhorter

      If She Kept any OF her Voter Regisration Cards, Take Them With Her To Get The ID.

      • dsand1445

        Thanks Clyde we do have them from the last election cycle and we will take her down to get her ID 🙂

  • ace

    My way of thinking if they are too lazy to get a free Picture ID then they are too lazy to go vote .

    • WhutHeSaid

      And my way of thinking is that if you support this law it proves you are a cheater, bigot or both. Which is it?

    • There is no evidence of voter fraud. This is just intimidation. Why aren’t Republicans angry about the Wall Street scandals that have done real harm? Or the billions in lost revenue by Wealthy Tax avoiders (like Romney)? If Romney wins, citizens should take up the arms that the GOP is so happy for us to have and we sould take justice into the peoples hands.

      • ClydeMcWhorter

        Don’t Tread On Me! Where are the snipers from Iraq and afganastan?

    • ClydeMcWhorter

      my way of thinking is that you are an idiot!

  • There is a reason why we don’t have a photo on our Social Security card.

  • Rob

    Pennsylvania’s photo ID law was purely a political measure, designed to help Mitt Romney win the presidential election. This was confirmed in June, when Pennsylvania’s Republican House Leader Mike Turzai told a Republican crowd that the new photo ID law “is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state.” Seems to me that’s an attempt to FIX the election, which surely must be some sort of illegal thingy.

    My real worry is that this judge sits in judgement of all sorts of other cases. Hopefully, he does a better job of judging them.

  • Rob

    I had to urgently get a photo ID a few weeks ago. The first thing I found when I fronted up at the DMV was that I had to have two pieces of mail with my 911 address on them. Since I’ve been getting my mail delivered to a post office box all my life, I had to go around the county to get two agencies to change my mailing address – even the Court House had an incorrect address on my tax bill. Then, it was back to the DMV and pay $13,50 for the photo ID. Other costs were one tank of gas and two days away from work for me and my driver friend. No problem huh!

  • ridemybroom

    why would these voters need an id to vote with….they have their name on record and its in the constitution that they are as equal as to you and me voting id or no id…think its time the blacks started rising up and suing the the individual states for blocking their constitutional law saying they cant vote….theres is nothing in the constitution about an id to vote with…come on people now is the time not to be lazy…get in there and sue and sue as a party of people…they cannot trample on your constitutional rights… will win if you do this…!

  • dragonfFIRE01

    iam not a bigot and to say there is no voter fraud shows how ignorant you are/ it is commonly known that the dead vote so do dogs i’m not sure about cats they are so finiky. but i am not joking. get an id and then vote it doesnit exclude anybody anf if you’re here illegally you don’t have the right to vote. become a citizen then you have the right to vote. VOTING IS A PRIVILEGE, and getting a state identificationo card is less than $10 playing the race card makes me sick

  • The Koch Brothers money strikes again. The defense attorneys called him an ideologue, I call it bribery at every level. Money buying our government at every level. If Obama is defeated, we will see an entire corporate take over of government and the end of the middle class as we know it.

  • Joe Narusiewicz

    This is racism and discrimination in a republican based law and do you think we will hear a word out of Romney? We need to do something quick about this or Pennsylvania could be lost to the vampires. This is total voter suppression and a total right wing move; then they talk about President Obama being civil. This cheating and underhandedness will work against them and even energize democrats and independents more. This simply wrong!

  • nilvek

    this republican decision should be appealed all the way to the Supreme

  • This is the time to make them know that old days and the old tricks are over, They want to do everything to cover their backside but it is time to make them know they will fail.

  • I can’t believe a judge would actually condone this kind of childish behavior. Common sense says such a law like this couldn’t possibly be legal. Does this mean that those who are physcially disabled couldn’t be allowed to vote and any hopes of an absentee ballot would be scrapped? Sounds to me like Romney knows he’s in trouble and doesn’t care who he steps on trying to make it to the whitehouse!

    If we thought the economy was hurting, someone like Romney would destroy it altogether. He seriously needs to join the real world and pull his head out of his #$%.

  • of corse he wont stop this he,s a ding dong GOP and a judge too boot . thy was to be the ppl. that was fair to all . its just another place where the GOP can screw the ppl. of this country judge try there to look at facts not the fairy land crap in their and the GOP,S mind

  • whats going to happen when or if the (ooooo god help the USA if that ever happens ) anti-christ romney get the sit in the house ? well im sure its ok by him for every thing he dose in his lifes been taken by being sneaky and evil ways . to put ppl. in the street take their jobs there lifes and all one has to put money in his pocket is the way he is pure evil. one has to think dose he feel better by how many ppl,s life he destroys or how much money he makes of the fallen ppl. ? eather way his heartless body is all evil . how stipid can even the gop ppl. be ? cant thy se he has no plans for the country and its ppl. but only for the greedy bastards 2% of the rich. hey you GOP ding dong,s you should thing about this . for theres only so many ppl that can fit in that classless gang of the 2% . pretty much all of you are in the middle class and are in the 98% of the ppl. dont let ur hate for a race mess things up for urselfs and the country .

  • William Deutschlander


    One more step by the REPUBLICAN CARTEL to establish a DICTATORSHIP in the U S A!

    DEMOCRATS to preserve our DEMOCRACY, get your documents in order, if you need help call the DEMOCRATIC HEADQUARTERS.

    It is not a coincidence that DEMOCRACY and DEMOCRAT are one and the same.

    VOTE DEMOCRACY and DEMOCRAT in 2012, this is vital for our DEMOCRACY!

  • Ant

    If the Republican party can sit back and allow this to happen and not do anything then SHAME ON THEM !!!! How is it that Joe in the morning on msnbc cant talk and bad mouth President Obama but I HAve not heard them once talk about how wrong it is to supress the vote in order to win an election. SHAME ON YOU GOOD MORN JOE !!!!!

  • Dont the Republicans have minorities ,college students and other learning groups too ?Besides that They still got time to get ID’s before Nov. election time

  • Its my guess that the judge is a republican. Why else would he support a law that disqualify,s so many voters?

  • I know that the Constitution was written to protect the whites, african americansm latinos, hispanics but this judge forgot that “all men are created equal.”

  • The U.S. DOJ, President, Congress, Senate should stop this decision immediately because it is against our U.S. Constitution and with that alone, it should be immediately overturned. SO much for giving the states more rights, than to the people! The judge is not cognizant of real law. He’s obviously beholden to a conflict of interest & needs to be defrocked for this violation of our constitution!

  • I dont think thats unconstitional at all. You should be required to have a valid photo id to vote. I dont see how it could cause someone not to vote. Everyone should have an Id just for everyday purposes. You have to have an Id to cash a check, to get into bars etc. STOP MAKING EXCUSES!

    • Don’t you know it’s a pitiful shame that they even thought of enforcing such a law for no real apparent reason!!! It just tells you they’re Desperate!

  • Sheron49

    To think that this country and the Republician have stooped this low to win an election is scary. We send our young men and women overseas to fight for our DEMOCRACY only to see that the repulicans are playing an issue to stop DEMOCRACY. Voting is a “RIGHT” not a privilege, it is my right to state my opinion and to say I should have a picture idea to do that is totally NAZI extreme by the republican party.

  • Voter PICTURE IDs Is a must to stop the voter fraud embraced by all the socialist liberals.

  • Maybe we need Picture Ds to stop idiot liberals from voting these socialists into office. NOBAMMA

  • What’s so hard about getting a photo ID? Don’t college students already have one?

  • nomaster

    It’s such a shame when a party has to stoop to such lows when they fear they might loose and election if they were legit. Pity not for Romney the Rat man and Ben the rat Ryan, and their GOP cohorts.

  • The republicans are doing all they can to steal this election-by hook or by crook.They are desperate to appease the super pacs who paid out loads of money to take the “white house” back from Obama.Going back to the days of Jim Crow laws is about as low as they can get to disinfrancise certain Americans from voting to achieve their ill gotten gains.

  • catball

    Sergio — If your government uses YOUR tax money to pay YOUR medical bills, this frees up YOUR future income to buy other things. How can you make that out as a bad thing? I know repubs have a little light in their attic, but please what is there not to understand.

  • Gee, a corrupt Republican judge ruled in favor of corruption and hypocrisy….what a surprise! (rolls eyes–sarcasm) Two weeks ago, I sent an e-mail to that judge and told him that, since the defendants (the state of Penn. and the GOP) stipulated that they don’t have any proof of “voter fraud”, haven’t investigated to see if voter fraud has actually occurred and can’t guarantee that voter fraud will occur this year, he should have said, “in that case, summary judgement in favor of the plaintiffs” and banged his gavel. The fact that he even heard this case after the stipulations proves he’s corrupt…he needs to be removed from the bench IMMEDIATELY!

    The results of a study about “voter fraud” recently stated that, across the country since 2002, only 10 cases of voter fraud ACTUALLY OCCURRED! TEN! There are nearly 150 million registered voters in this country! The study investigated 2,000 CLAIMS and found just 10 to be credible! This proves that voter ID laws are simply what they really are: a solution looking for a problem.

    The only real reason the GOP are passing and implementing these voter suppression laws is that they came to a horrifying realization after 2 November, 2010 (the 2010 midterms or, as I call it, “The Day That America Slept”): the Tea Party and Conservative wings of the Party were going to poison the well by driving away GOP moderates and the Independent vote, which is what has EXACTLY happened! Any chance of Mittens the Liar Rmoney being elected President, which was already small to begin with, evaporated when he chose Eddie Munster as his running mate. This means that voter suppression has to be a rousing success on 6 November, 2012; but, that’s not gonna happen; even if the Penn. and Indiana’s laws, which are being challenged in court, somehow pass muster with non-corrupt judges, that’s not nearly enough to get the Mittens/Munster ticket elected. That’s right….only Indiana and Penn. have voter suppression laws right now. Every other state that has passed one either had it smacked down by a judge or the Voting Rights Act of 1965.


    For any state to pass a voter photo ID law 2 and a half months befor a national election that could deprive an estimated 758,000 american citizens there contitutional right to vote, and have that law upheld by a member of our judicial system is nothing more than stomping on our contitution. Given the fact this law would prevent voter fraud in Pennsylvania when goverment lawyers have admitted the state is “not aware of any incidents of in person voter fraud” and according to analysis by news 21, there has only been 10 cases of voter impersonation scince the year 2000. Judge Robert Simpson,s decision can only be bias, it,s based soly on the color of ones skin, religion, nationality, or political affiliation. Judge Robert Simpson ( A Republican ) and House leader Mike Turzia ( also a Republican ) who said if this law is upheld it would give the state to Governor Romney. should both be under investigation for corruption of our contitution. If he had ruled this law would go into effect after this general election, there would be two years befor the next major election ample time for all citizens to get thier offcial voter ID cards, that would have been the better way to go.

  • Its amazing how this is a law NOW when it would benefit the GOP…But,, what if it was the liberals wanting to the voter ID law,,,the conservs would be fighting it tooth and nail if they would miss out on 758 votes, not alone 758,000. The Repulicans dont need to take back the country, they need to take back ther party. and run it like Ike..

  • Damn I throught this was the twenty-first century……… I am really starting to believe that the reepublicans are afraid what President Obama can do to get this country back into prosperity…… this law is verrrry simliar to another law that was enacted back in history….it didn’t work then and it won’t work now……times are changing either get on board or get left behind.

  • It’s very surprising coming from the the state of the City of Brotherly Love, the state of the multi-genius Benjiman Franklin, the state where the Constitution was drafted by the founding fathers— how low have she sunk! They say when you lay with dogs you get fleas, and it’s very apparent that the state of Pennsylvania and its leaders are a bunch of flea-bitten dogs. Shame on them for being so petty and sophmoric, for allowing themselves to lose their intellectualism and sophistication to a bunch of scummy Republicans and Tea Baggers! The Voter ID law is an apparent GOP/Tea Bag ploy to disenfranchise the poor and the elderly, African and Latino from voting. It is an elitist policy that has been shoved unconstitutionally on the people of Pennsylvania without their consent, without their vote. The people of Pennsylvania should be up in arms about this instead of complacently allowing the courts to deal with something that remove a people from their lawfully constitutional rights. What’s next? Are we going to need to be finger printed and be subjected to DNA testing in order to vote; are we going to have to be a Judeo-Christian in order to vote? But this too shall pass. It should mobilize community leaders to go out and make sure that people have their identification and voter registration in order so that we can show these Republicans and Tea Baggers that nothing in their Acme Bag O’ Tricks will keep us from demonstrating our democracy on Nomvember 6th.

    • One of the most intelligent and logical things I’ve read in a long time!!! Thank you.

  • FromWestla

    I would suggest that this is an issue that properly should be addressed by the Federal Supreme Court. Back in the 1950’s, I had high expectations for Supreme Court Decisions but ever since the Bush-Gore Decision, I have since lost all hopes of seeing the current Supreme Court hand down reasonably fair decisions. In other words, if the Pennsylvania Supreme Court does not understand that this amounts to bring about the same results as “literacy tests” traditionally were used for, then fair minded people all over the world may have lost this battle for equality and justice in America’s Voting Booths.

  • onedonewong

    The ruling makes all the sense in the world. The days of ACORN registering illegals, dead and animals will soon be over

  • onedonewong

    This isn’t obama’s Dept of Justice where the law and constitution mean nothing

  • Let see most Voter ID laws say – Federal Issued ID with Photo. Now looking in my Wallet I find 1 each US Department of Veterans Affairs ID card with my Name and Photo, the same type of card issued to all Veterans that use the VA Hospitals

  • Say it again Tony they didn’t hear you the first time or just choose to ignore the facts of what you just said…Whos the fraud now..

  • anwilliamson3766

    Get out and vote. Get your ID.

  • anwilliamson3766

    It’s ashame how the republicans disrespects President Obama. I’m here to say, no matter what the republicans do, it will NOT work. President Obama is under God’s protection. As long as he is under God’s protection it’s nothing nobody can do to keep him from doing God’s plan.
    All the republicans is doing is digging a hole for themself. Obama will be elected for 2012. Stop fighting and join him.
    Obama will stay tough and determined. Through is victory justice shall be served and as the day goes on President Obama shall be preserved through Jesus Christ.
    Obama is the President of the United States, and it’s time for republicans(everyone) to respect him. He’s your President , like it or not.
    The first mistake was choosing Mitt Rommey to go against Obama. He have no chance of winning this election.

  • anwilliamson3766

    Democratic get a campaign. Help all who is needing ID.

  • Although I do NOT agree with Photo I.D. being used to prevent legitimate voters from excercising their right to vote, I will ad, here that I endorse, and give most of my business to, businesses, which ASK to see my I.D. Why? Because, this make it harder for others to try to impersonate me. It also allows store personnel to know me, and my shopping habits. This allows stores to recommend products which I will use. Most of all, I like it when businesses CHALLENGE customers, since this protects customers from identity theft.

    Should it be used, to prevent LEGITIMATE voters from voting? N-O!

  • What is happenng in Pa. and Ohio and Fla. is horrible. However, if an older person is having trouble getting a needed birth certificate from a clerk’s office down South to get a photo ID, I’ve learned that clerk’s employees up north might be of assistance, by phone or by internet or whatever.

  • I think maybe Romneyhood more likely to be seen in a limousine

  • There were 4 instances of voter fraud in PA, what a tremendous problem…

  • That was a finely-crafted Romneyhood lie…which they are very good at promoting.

  • Good going senor Robles (Oaks? Ha! more like a thornbush) Better Socialist than having millions of tax-paying citizens robbed of their rights and their health.

  • Hitler was a fascist…

  • The rich have stolen from the foundation of the country, they are so well practised you cannot see their moves, want to see that again?

  • The people in our Country should ask ‘where is justice?” The republicans are blantally showing their hatred, bigotry, racism, yes the race card…Where are the Christians? Were there none elected to offices…EVERYONE, please, get all the IDs you can and show up at the polls and get those liars out of office…We must allow our President to finish what he has so greatly and consistely done for all the people…Abama and Biden 2012, we have a job to complete…God bless our President and Vice, and our Country.