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Friday, October 28, 2016
March on Washington participants hold up signs of loved ones killed by gun violence. Photo credit: Josh Marks

More than a month after 20 children and six adults were gunned down in a Connecticut elementary school, thousands of Americans took to the streets of Washington, D.C. Saturday in support of President Obama’s gun safety proposals. Residents of Newtown, where the massacre took place, joined loved ones of gun violence victims and other citizens from across the country in a silent march down Constitution Avenue and a rally near the Washington Monument, where speakers demanded Congress take action on banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, as well as universal background checks and other measures the administration supports.

The March on Washington for Gun Control was organized by Suzanne Blue Star Boy and Molly Smith. Speakers included Washington mayor Vincent Gray, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), Education secretary Arne Duncan, Virginia Tech shooting survivor Colin Goddard, Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), Connecticut Against Gun Violence president Marty Isaac, One Million Moms for Gun Control founder Shannon Watts, Children’s Defense Fund president Marian Wright Edelman, Meghan DeSale of Doctors for America and others from the artistic and faith communities.

On the same day of the march, gun violence killed seven people and wounded six in Chicago.  Among those murdered was a man whose mother had already lost three other children to gun violence.

“This is about gun responsibility; this is about gun safety; this is about fewer dead Americans, fewer dead children,” Duncan told the crowd.

Here are more photos from the event.

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  • And yet, a plurality of Americans, and their minions in Congress, continue to support indiscriminate ownership of lethal weapons used to slaughter fellow Americans. Regardless of whether their insistence on having arsenals is influenced by paranoia or ideology, none have offered a logical explanation to justify the sale and ownership of assault riflex and high capacity magazines. There is simply no justification for the sale of weapons that ought to be restricted to the military, the police, and our well regulated militia: the National Guard.
    If our ideologues wish to play with assault rifles and fire a couple of dozen shots in a couple of minutes all they have to do is join our Armed Forces or become a police officer. Video games don’t qualify.

    • DEFENDER88

      Do you live in one of those gated communities with security?

      Do you really think banning assault rifles will stop the killing in schools?

      “our idealogues wish to play with assault rifles…”
      How about our idealogues who want all of us to be totally un-armed and defensless?
      which is the ultimate objective of the anti-gun idealogues.

      Anti-gun idialogue is what I am seeing from you and the anti-gun movement.
      The “current” emphasis is to Ban Assault Rifles
      The emphasis SHOULD BE to STOP THE KILLING.
      Do you disagree with that?

      Also considering the US and world economy, the dis-function in DC and the past actions of the Fed Govt – many think there is a good chance of a time of near total civil unrest and lawlessness coming to this country. At least for many parts of it.
      Remember Katrina and the roving gangs. Think – roving gangs with assault rifles and no police in many areas. How real those odds are indeterminate at this time. Some say maybe as much as 40% probability. More is you consider natural disaster areas, which are increasing with weather changes.

      ps I have been shot at no less then 4 times(in your false Gun Free Zones). So my need for self defense is based on my reality and very real threats I have had to face, not paranoia. Unless you call realizing there is a good chance you are going to be shot at paranoia. Gun Free State and Fed wilderness areas – no cell phones, no police.

      In short
      I think we should concentrate on Stopping the Killing
      Not on banning weapons.
      ie look at the root causes and effects and what will actually work.

      • WhutHeSaid

        Shot at 4 times, eh? Don’t you just hate it when that happens? It’s very annoying.

        • DEFENDER88

          Isnt it though.
          Well it aint Iraq or Afgnanistan but still
          Cant quite make myself get used to it.
          You too ? 🙂

          • WhutHeSaid

            Yes, and I consider it very rude. Try wearing your cammies — if they can’t see you it’s less annoying.

          • DEFENDER88

            I was in my white water kayak(but on a fast moving flat water streach) the 1st time, exposed like a knot on a log. With a bright red life jacket on, no less!
            That one was scary too. Not much hard cover.
            Just glad the bastard could not shoot straight worth a dam.
            Missed with both shots from ridge about 100m.
            Phsew. 🙂
            Middle Tenn, heavy woods, mountains.
            State Gun Free wilderness area.
            Maybe the Bright Red made him mad:)

            Later that night they attacked us in our campground on top of the mountain. Several shots there ie the 2nd time. But found some quick hard cover.

          • WhutHeSaid

            Wow — that was a lucky break. You must be a real easy-going person, because if it was me I would have gotten tired of it after the 3rd shot and given them a piece of my mind. It must take a lot to piss you off.

          • DEFENDER88

            1st Attack – I was in my boat the 1st time, 2 shots only, and I was unarmed. I went around the bend and got out of range and sight.
            2nd Attack – At camp at night it was basically a drive-by. We are sitting on logs around a camp fire. They pull up on the road bordering our camp in a field, blaze away and leave in a hurry. Red Neck version of your standard “drive by”.
            All this in the middle of nowhere, Pitch dark, hours from any police if then.
            After the 2nd attack, I got an assault rifle after I got back home. Said I am not going to put up with this sh– without responding next time. Indiginous(Probably) Red Neck Gangs trying to kill me from a distance in a Gun Free Zone. Only thing they understand is “return fire”. Scares the piss out of them.

          • WhutHeSaid

            Yeah, I guess scared rednecks are safe rednecks. That should be a lesson to anyone who goes on a camping trip without at least one AR-15 and 100-round drum magazine. Are people always this rude in Tennessee? In my state nobody ever shoots at you more than twice without a very good reason.

          • DEFENDER88

            I was kayaking and camping on a river thru State Land. So it was my fault?
            The other 2 times was in a different state. Still in the mountains though.
            Federal Land that time.
            Guess it was my fault I was on Federal land with a permit?
            I dont know anyone who has a 100rd drum.
            And I dont need you to tell me what I do need for my protection. Only I can determine that. I grew up in and have land in the mountains and dont need you to tell me what I need. So F you. So it does take some to piss me off but it can be done.

          • WhutHeSaid

            Who said it was your fault?

          • DEFENDER88

            You said “no one shoots at you twice w/o good reason.” Implies I was somehow at fault.

          • WhutHeSaid

            No, I said that in my state nobody shoots at you MORE than twice without a very good reason. I also asked if all the people in Tennessee were this rude because you said it happened in TN if I’m not mistaken.

          • DEFENDER88

            2times in Tn, 1 in GA, 1 in SC. Sorry if I mis-read you. And not saying eveyone should get an assault rifle. I say defense rifle. Just telling why “I” feel the need for one for “my” defense. I am also fully permitted, even insured and a competition shooter.

      • What was you doing to get shot at 4 times?

        • DEFENDER88

          I was in my white water kayak(but on a fast moving flat water streach) the 1st time, exposed like a knot on a log. With a bright red life jacket on, no less!
          That one was scary too. Not much hard cover.
          Just glad the bastard could not shoot straight worth a dam.
          Missed with both shots from ridge about 100m.
          Phsew. 🙂
          Middle Tenn, heavy woods, mountains.
          State Gun Free wilderness area.
          Maybe the Bright Red made him mad:)

          Later that night they attacked us in our campground on top of the mountain. Several shots there ie the 2nd time. But found some quick hard cover.

    • nobsartist

      I live in the suburbs of Detroit. I do not go near Detroit. Cops do not leave the station and in fact are shot at in the station often. Then again, the detroit cops are mostly all felons and should be in prison themselves. By the same token, the drug dealing cops also belong to SWAT teams and are armed as well as the military.

      I believe it is my right to protect myself from criminal cops armed with automatic weapons.

      I also believe that it is my right to defend myself from the government who I do not consider to be my friend, anyway possible.

    • Looks like you brought them out in full force today.

  • How come they do not say how many thousands,because it was a flop.

    • Exactly,All you have to do is watch Adam Kokesh’s video to see that the crowd was no where near that many. When the speaking was done they all disappeared in no time at all. A few hundred might even be stretching the truth. LOL

  • ObozoMustGo

    We must know the truth first in order to solve the problem of nutcases committing mass murder. Here is the TRUTH:

    The most evil murderers in America are all DemonRATS. That’s right, liberal DemonRATS. You don’t hear this in the leftist media because it does not fit their agenda to strip rights away from Americans, but this is the truth.

    1) The Ft. Hood killer was a registered DemonRAT radical muzzy. They’re all DemonRATS.

    2) The Columbine killers were too young to vote, but their families were all registered DemonRATS and widely known to be “progressives”

    3) The Va. Tech murderer wrote hate mail to President Bush. Wonder where he got that idea?

    4) The Aurora CO theater killer was a registered DemonRAT, worked for the Obozo campaign, and was an of the Occupy Wall Street bum who actively protested. He was as leftist as he could possibly be.

    5) The Newtown killer of children was a registered DemonRAT who hated Christians.

    6) The AZ killer that shot Gabby Giffords was a self described progressive and his family were registered liberal DemonRATS.

    Is any0ne seeing a pattern here? The most heinous killers in America ARE progressive, leftist DemonRATS with guns. Wonder how the media misses this connection? Hmmmmmmm…..

    Clearly, progressive liberalism is a disease of the mind. So, the solution to gun violence is now very obvious to any thinking person. Every single one of you registered progressive DemonRATS should be placed on the mentally ill listing maintained and shared by ALL government law enforcement agencies. Of course, since mental illness is also considered incompentence, they should all be removed from positions of power. AND they should all have their rights to keep and bear arms revoked with all guns confiscated from ALL registered progressive DemonRATS. All you leftist freaks are so interested in stripping everyone else of their rights, you shouldn’t mind when we strip you of yours. In fact, you should support our efforts to take guns from you.

    After all, it is FOR THE CHILDREN. Don’t you agree that if we can save ONE life by stripping leftist freak DemonRATS of their guns that such a move would be worth it? We have the evidence to prove this would be a good measure.

    Have a nice day!

    “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Ben Franklin

    • WhutHeSaid

      Maybe the media ‘misses’ such things because they’re bullshit. I support the 2nd Amendment and always have, but nutty, drooling, bigoted liars like you only make the 2nd Amendment weaker.

      • ObozoMustGo

        what… it’s the truth… they were all liberal progressive DemonRATS. What else can one conclude except that all leftist DemonRATS should have their guns taken away?

        BTW… You know that if just ONE of those freaks was a registered Republican, it would be ALL OVER the news. The guy’s name would never be mentioned without using Republican as a qualifier along with it. And you know I am right about this. In fact, they have already screwed up the news by claiming the killers were first right wingers or Tea Party members when they were not. Not a single one of them. But truth does not matter to the leftist freak agenda, does it? Of course not.

        Have a nice day!

        “Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.” – Mark Twain

        • WhutHeSaid

          Bullshit — pure bullshit. For one thing, because somebody in one’s family is registered to vote in a particular party means nothing: it tells you nothing about the person doing the killing. Nidal Hasan wasn’t a registered Democrat — he wasn’t registered to vote at all. Cho Seung-hui wasn’t registered to vote. James Holmes was NOT a registered Democrat NOR did he ever participate in OWS. The Columbine shooters were still just kids and not registered to vote.

          Also, you left out people like Timothy McVeigh, Ted Bundy and Jared Loughner all right-wing assholes. Bundy even worked on Rep. Governor Daniel Evan’s reelection campaign.

          Why don’t you just stop your ridiculous lying. Is it because you right-wing nut-bags have no other tricks up your sleeve that you must constantly lie?

          • ObozoMustGo

            too bad, what…. All of those cited, and I did cite Loughner in #6 but not by name (note that I did not give any of those freaks credit by name… they don’t deserve it) are ALL documented DemonRAT progressives. ALL OF THEM!!!! And McVeigh was an Anarchist, you dummy. By the way, where do you find the “circle A” sign? At OWS protests you moron. All of them are leftist freaks and registered DemonRATS… including the Ft. Hood muzzy terrorist who ABSOLUTELY was registered as a DemonRAT. Look it up, dope. Even the AP reported that the Ft. Hood muzzy terrorist attended Obozo’s Homeland Security meetings. Of course he supported B. HUSSEIN Obozo. He thinks Obozo is a muzzy like him.

            It’s you leftist freaks that have to keep lying to cover up the truth and reality that leftist freak DemonRATS are a danger to society and mankind, and you should be dealt with as the mentally derranged people that you are by having your guns taken away. After all, it is for the children. Why do you hate the children, what? Why?

            Have a nice day!

            “All government, of course, is against liberty.” – H.L. Mencken

          • WhutHeSaid

            It’s because of liars like you that gun-control policies run headlong into the rights of *honest* law-abiding citizens. You completely side-stepped the right-wing murderers I cited, not to mention the thousands I didn’t cite. Why? Because you’d rather lie than tell the truth. Why? Because if people like you tell the truth about what you are and what you believe a) nobody will like you, and b) you might wind up in prison.

            None of the people you cited were registered Democrats. NONE. You are just lying.

          • ObozoMustGo

            too bad, what. they are all registered DemonRATS or members of radical progessive leftist families. Get over it. All of you leftists DemonRATS will have to turn in your guns. It’s for the children. Again, why do you hate the children so much? Please answer.

            Have nice day!

            “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson

          • WhutHeSaid

            Sorry — your lies affect me not at all.

            Just keep this in mind: Two things are always a heartbeat away from right-wing zealots — prison and the ‘eternal dirt nap’. Take that to heart.

          • neeceoooo

            Your stupidity does not deserve a response.

          • Com’on BIG O if we’er the one that commit the shooting, why are we are the one’s for gun control. COME ON MAN.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Vern… your rationalizing according to your diseased leftist mindset does not change the facts. No matter how much this does not make sense to you, the killers were all progressive DemonRATS. That’s just a fact. It’s like lots of things in leftist freak world… the real world defies your twisted emotional understanding of it.

            Have a pleasant day, Vern!

            “If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.” — Mark Twain

          • We all need to ignore Must Go ,he or she hasn’t but one agenda and that is to spread 1/2 truths and lies about the President and the Democrats all the while knowing that most of what it posts is actually the truth about his Republican party. He or she would not know what the truth is if it hit him or her up the side of the head with a iron fist. He can’t even come up with originial says , he has to copy says mostly from foreign sources that do not anything about this Country. Ignore the the bozo and he will fade away.

  • jstsyn

    Using Chicago as an example is not their best example. Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws out there and one of the highest crime rates. Guess those laws don’t help and new ones won’t either. Exaggerating a crowd, like the incorrect polls out there, aren’t going to further the anti-gun nuts cause any more than the polls put Twit Romoney and Lyan Ryan in the White House.


    I have to go till late tonight but will leave the following for you to consider.
    If you have a good counter argument, lets here it.
    Paranoid, gun loving/hating dogma, hate mail, etc not needed nor appreciated.
    Reasonable, logical discussion of real solutions is what we need to be doing is it not?

    I come from an all white county in E Tn but have interacted with Black Folks since then but not to a great extent.
    My experience has been that most Black Folks are basically good people and want the same things we do – Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness, right to make a descent living, etc. But that is one area where they have been disadvantaged (right to make a descent living) ie discrimination. So they turn to drugs since they can actually make money there much easier than they can get a good job. And that leads to the majority of gun crime in the cities. Dont we all know that? Drugs are root cause of most gun crime in the cities?
    And the root cause of drug trade is low employment opportunities and often a troubled education system.

    I am 65 yr old so I have been around long enough to have seen what has not changed and what has changed in this country.

    Changes like:
    Like mass murders in schools.
    And like everyday murders in the ghettos, mostly low income black areas of town, but white also.
    Where, by the way, some 75% of gun crime in this country is done.

    When I was in high school ’61-’65, a good 1/2 of the pick-up trucks in the school parking lot had rifles in a rack in the back window.
    No one ever thought anything about it. No one ever got shot. You could have walked down the hall with a rifle and no one would have been concerned. Curious maybe but not worried. Some schools who had shooting teams brought them into schools, but again, no one ever got shot or even concerned.

    Proportionately I believe there were as many guns available then as now.

    So I asked myself, what has changed from then to now?

    And what are the main problem areas and what are the causes.
    I see 2 main problem areas.
    1) Mass murders in schools(ie Gun Free Zones)
    2) Everyday killings in the “Hood” ie on the streets

    1) Mass murders in schools
    Most of the mass murders in schools and other places are being done by young white men in their early 20’s.
    And that started, what 10, 15 yr ago?

    Another common link I just became aware of was prescribed anti-depressent drugs.
    Which back in ’61-’65 was pretty much unheard of.
    If you got out of line you got your ass busted. You did not get drugged unless you went to an institution where they could control you.
    Of course now that is child abuse.
    Think I could argue putting them on drugs is also an abuse and apparently a danger to society.

    I understand most of the killers now days are on some drug when they start the killing – Prozac(Virginia Tech), Effexer(Columbine), Zoloft, Ritalin, Livox, etc.
    Problem is they are not now in institutions, they are now out there among us, at home with their parents under no “real” control.
    Often they kill their parents then head to the nearest school, church or mall (ie soft target) to kill as many as they can.

    This is not an argument for putting kids in institutions but just recognizing the new problem ie Kids(Young White Men) on Drugs killing people.

    From what I am hearing and seeing there seems to be an undeniable common link here.
    As we say in math – A very high, positive correlation.

    2)Every day killings in the “Hood”
    Which is about 75% or so of gun crime in the US.
    As for the every day killings in the Ghettos – Again Drugs but of a different form.
    Seems most of the now illegal drugs used to be legal in this country.
    Virtually all drugs were legal here at one time. Even hard drugs like cocaine and heroin and most others.
    How and why did that happen? Not sure how, but It did.
    But people who abused them did not go out and kill school kids or shoot up theaters.
    But we did not have designer drugs like Prozac(Virginia Tech), Effexer(Columbine), Zoloft, Ritalin, Livox, etc.

    Also, seems to me many young Black folks, being dis-advantaged from a jobs stand-point and wanting to live the “dream”, like we all do, found it much easier to turn to the drug trade than to find honest work because of discrimination, etc. I hear many especially in the bigger cities find it much harder to go straight then to deal drugs.
    And the drug trade leads to guns. Not the other way around.
    ie The actual causal effect is the drug trade not the guns.

    I also cite here the murders in Mexico, again- because of the drug trade.
    The worse the drug Trade the more the guns and killings.
    Not the other way around – Guns dont lead to drugs. But drugs DO lead to guns and killing.

    My point is:
    The drugs are the “Root” problem.
    Not the guns.

    My other thought here is – If we legalized all drugs (like it used to be) – the killings would be reduced drastically.
    We could empty 3/4 of the prisons and jails. Do away with 1/2 the police. Tax them(drugs) like liquor and balance the budget.

    But stop wholesale drugging of kids.
    Or “ban” “that”.

    So –
    Legalize – the old drugs that did not produce violent behaviors – Weed, Cocaine, Heroin, ….
    Ban – New designer drugs (The Root cause of these murders) that Do propagate Violent behaviors.

    3) Banning guns
    Seems there are already so many out there, especially in the inner cities that a ban will have little effect there for a long long time, if ever.
    It has not worked that well in Chicago, for example, ie the Gun Crime capital of the country.
    And it has not worked in Mexico. Again – “Drug” Cartels.

    In short, I just dont think a ban on guns will help that much with the killings going on at schools.
    We should concentrate on things that “can” have an “immediate effect” like increased security.

    So – from all the above – I dont think that guns is the “Root” problem/s.

    That IS the objective is it not? Stopping the killing. And soon.

    4) Gun Control
    There are some things that should be done to keep them out of the hands of the bad guys and crazies but not deny legal owners the right to self defense.

    I want to see the killings stop, as much if not more than everyone else. But think we should concentrate or efforts on fixing the “root” problems ie in large part – Drugs. And I would add a phyc test for gun permitting.

    Regarding Bans
    Seems the ban on drugs has just lead to more killing.
    I expect a ban on guns will not do much better since they are not the “Root Driver” of the killings and there are just too many out there already. The horse is already out of the barn on this. It may help after 20yrs or more but not right now and maybe never considering all the various nefarious means they are imported.

  • alumahead

    That was just weird. Not a single sign misspelled.


  • bchrista

    I don’t understand, everybody talks about stopping the killing and in the same breath lobby for more guns, you can’t have both. A society that really tries can acheive safety from guns, but it must be an honest and active effort it’s called a neighborhood watch. Say you live in a certain area that has such a social interaction everybody knows everybody in that area and you are your brothers keeper, that means that everyone is watching everybodys back and anyone that moves in that area that don’t belong there better have a reason for being there or out he goes and you maintain twenty four watch cycles you’ll keep the area crime free because then the only person that can cause you harm is your neighbor. Before my exwife passed away years ago we used to visit her mother in a trailor park in Florida, well the first time I went there I was a stranger to everyone and this park happened to have a nice big lake stocked with large mouth Bass and being an avid Bass fisherman I couldn’t help but to give the lake a try, that’s when I learned the meaning of a nieghbor hood watch, as I walked around the lake I noticed one thing that all of a sudden the activity in the trailor park picked up suddenly people started sweeping their back porches,weeding their flower gardens and various other activities that didn’t cease until I packed my rod and left the area and went back to my motherinlaws trailor, I found out later that she had visitors wanting to know who I was and why was I there, so the next time I visited her she told me about the visit by her neighbors and she went on to explain to me what was going on, and I told her that I noticed the extra activity while I was at the lake and then I learned that that type of awareness went on for twenty four hours a day, in twenty years of living there not one trailor had been broken into not any of the people had ever been harassed or robbed and there were some well to do retirees living there and I could see why, The last thing a crook or mugger wants is confrontation and if they find themselves in an alert area they tend to shy away from there, people walking around at all hours of the day and night, dogs barking at anything that moves is not a healthy place to be if you don”t live there, it’s a sacrifice but you live in peace and can sleep at night knowing that a neighbor has your back, so this bullshit you have to be armed to the teeth is just that bullshit, if nobody is armed crooks go else where where the pickings are easier and if there are no easy pickings the have to take up another craft and everybody agrees that the whole idea is to be safe in your enviroment but I mean nobody has a gun and if the government really wanted to disarm the crooks they could, they infultrate gangs when they want information, they could do it for guns also, find the source and eliminate it. People that use guns to attack a group of people know in advance that they can spray 100 bullets before anyone can stop them ,however, armed with a knife they may cut one or two before they are gang tackled and over powered. if Lanza had been armed a knife would he have been able to slaughter 26 people before he was stopped, I don’t think so.

  • bchrista

    I don’t know where defender88 lives but the gated communites I have lived around are fairly safe because you can’t get in there unless the guard announces you, he calls the tenant and gives them your name and why you say you are there and unless they say to let you pass you’re turned around and asked to leave and if no guard you need a code to get the gate to open to allow you to drive in and if your walking around someone will be watching you at all times, apparently you forgot the incedant where the black kid got shot because they claim that he was taking a short cut to get home, that’s why it is a gated community with a six foot fence all around it because unless you have business there you don’t belong in there, people pay good money to live there the boy shouldn’t be in there and I am sure he knew that, I hate to put it on a racial bases but some blacks feel that certain laws don’t apply to them and if you confront them you are being racist, they refuse to accept that keep out means just that, I’m not defending the guard that shot that kid but if the truth ever surfaces I sure that that kid was confrontational, has anyone ever noticed that a young man can be a petty thief or just be a trouble maker and if he gets in a confrontation and gets hurt then all of a sudden hes the most polite kid that ever lived, he went to church every Sunday, did voluntier work in his neighbor,helped old ladies to cross the street I mean he could do no wrong while he was alive but the bottom line is that he was in an area that he shouldn’t have been in and the guard while commiting a stupid act was only doing his job, had he ignored the boy and left him alone what do you think would have happened if the boy raped or killed someone in there, he could have lost his job for neglegence or even be taken to court as an accomplice removed and tried and found guilty because someone got raped or killed on his watch. so he was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t, I just think that he was working for a sorry company because he was doing his job, yes he was told to ignore the boy but they wouldn’t have said that if he had ignored he boy and something bad had happened to a tenant, then I bet no one would admit that they told him to let the boy alone to do what he wanted to because of the chance that they would be sued. by the way I worked in quite a few of those gated communities doing remodling work on homesso I am aware of the rules and the people that live there demand their privacy,

  • bchrista

    Hey nobsartist I have been to Detroit years ago and know where you are coming from, at that time they had a squad of four detectives that rode around in a Black Buick torpedo style and they were very feared because they were known to pick up a suspect for questioning and the suspect would never be seen again but the remark of shooting back at them no matter who they were or what they had done I would not recomend the law is always on their side and you would be in a shit storm trying to prove that you were justified, try something else thief or priest they still have the force of the government behind them.

  • bchrista

    Hey defender88 I dig where you are coming from but I have to disagree with you on one point when you said to legalize drugs, someone else said that and made the same mistake they included cocaine as one of the drugs that should be legalize and that would be the biggest mistake ever made, you were right when you said drugs caused the problem but you missed the worst drug of all cocaine that is the drug that produces crack and that with out a doubt is the devil incarnate it has caused more murders than anything else, people have been known to kill their own mother in order to get money to buy one rock smaller than the size of a pencil eraser, I have had friends hooked on it both male and female they’ll sell their kids in order to buy a rock and in most cases it only takes one rock to hook you for life this drug is the scrouge of the Earth it makes women lose all inhibitions they will do anything to get a rock once hooked, dealers know this and sometimes will even give you a rock free so that they can own you forever a lot of people talk about drugs without having an inkling about what they are talking about, no I am not an addict but I have had the experience to have been in places where drugs were being used, I am in my 80s so I am talking about 40 years ago, and I am pretty sure with the exceptions of designer drugs things haven’t changed much ,I don’t recommend the use of any type of drugs,because they in most people only lead to the use a bigger high, by this I mean for instant you use marijuana, I used to do marijuana I enjoyed smoking it I don’t do it anymore because I have COPD, but nontheless as I was saying peple smoking marijuana usually do so with one or more persons and somewhere along the way someone will want a stronger high, HTC,cocaine,or something stronger and each time you get high the same thing happens and wham out of the blue someone suggests crack and that’s where they fuck up because HTC is Bad but it can’t hold a candle to crack they both work the same except that crack grabs you and for some reason you just can’t let it go I tried crack once with a friend of mine and the feeling I got was freakish to say the least anyway I didn’t like what I was experincing, my friend wanted to go pick up another rock and right then I knew I didn’t want another hit and told him so, if he wanted to do another rock he could do it by himself, and that was my experience with crack believe me you don’t want to get started on crack.

  • bchrista

    Hey OMG you never quit to surprise the more you open your the more lying shit sprouts out you fucking sacks of shit lost the elections and you still can’t get over I could see you disarming the Democrats so that your snively snakey dick sucking teabaggers would be theonly ones with guns ho fucking stupid do you thing people are the majority of the people you named were either too young to register to vote or were complete lunnys too fucked up to even thing of voting and that nut in the service was an al quada follower and then you penchant for quoting famous men caught up with your bullshit spouting ass Ben Franklin and I quote”Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety(guns, assualt weapons, high capacity magzines) deserve neither safety nor liberty” let me see give me guns so more children can be killed, or take my liberty, ask any parent with children if they had to choose between giving up their children or their guns which would they take, only one choice.