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Monday, January 21, 2019
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8 responses to “The Pipeline”

  1. johninPCFL says:

    The crude is as corrosive as battery acid, it has already been sold to China, the pipeline is through the aquifer of four states, the oil company is a tiny LLC founded specifically to move this product without exposing any of the real owners to liability, and the property for the pipeline is being seized under eminent domain foreclosures.
    Why are we still having this discussion? The 3000 temp jobs, or the 300 permanent jobs?

    • Mark Forsyth says:

      Notice we never hear any more info concerning the increase of rare cancers and cancer deaths in the previously healthy Native population at Fort Chippewyan,Alberta.The community lies downstream from the tar sand mining operations.People there lived traditionally-hunting,fishing,trapping.Now they can no longer fish,cannot swim in or drink the water,nor can they risk eating any of the game in the surrounding forests because it all has been contaminated from the chemicals used in the tar sand extraction process which have leaked from the holding ponds into the local waters.
      Perhaps there has been some change,but originally,the industry officials as well as the Alberta Provincial Government denied any connection.
      If our dear President is having a problem with the tar sand pipeline issue,he need only divest himself of it by putting pen to paper and outlawing the pipeline forever.Undoubtedly this would need to be done in a timely fashion that did not provide negative ammunition during the mid-term elections.As I’m sure you know,the pipeline supporters would scream bloody murder about the loss of all those alleged jobs.

      • johninPCFL says:

        The Canadian corporation is so small that no Canadian provincial government would give them license to run the pipeline through their province. They all knew that the corporate front was built solely to protect the participants from liability when the pipeline started to leak. After all, if the largest energy company IN THE WORLD (Exxon) can’t maintain their pipelines while handling normal crude, how is a dinky startup handling much more corrosive material supposed to? Answer: They won’t. Their sole purpose was to deliver the China order. Anything after that (until they have a spill, declare bankruptcy and close) is gravy.

        To get to the 20,000 jobs initially projected, you have to count every person who touches any part of the project as working only for the pipeline company and having had no job until the pipeline arrives. That means that in addition to the actual welders and machinery operators, every hotel clerk, every hotel maid, every grocery clerk, every UPS deliveryman, every gas station clerk, etc. was counted as having no job until the pipeline project arrived in their town. Also, all of those jobs are “permanent” once the pipeline passes them.

        • Mark Forsyth says:

          I had little doubt that no matter how they worked the job numbers,that somewhere convoluted logic would be an ingredient.

    • ralphkr says:

      According to early information published by that tiny LLC that marvelous pipeline shall result in 35 new permanent jobs in the US and shall raise the price of crude by $10 (this was one of the good selling points to prospective investors). Personally, I am sure that it shall also result in thousands of cleanup jobs since the pipe wall is thinner than normal and contents far more corrosive. Considering that the Valdez spill is still not cleaned up, I guess we could consider those jobs “permanent” just as we can consider the loss of the Ogallala Aquifier and the subsequent loss of the upper Midwest as permanent. Oh well, I am sure that Putin will send us food. (that is sarcasm)

  2. BarryThoele says:

    This is already a done deal. The controversy is just for show for us dumb sheep. Smoke and mirrors. They are already pumping distillates north on the Cochin pipeline. Hence the reason for the propane shortage this winter. And what do we get for our pain? Millions of tons of highly toxic contaminated sands that will have to be stored for generations. But we still get oil.

  3. ps0rjl says:

    Notice all the minor earthquakes and contaminated ground water around the areas where fracking has taken place? What do you think will happen if a spill contaminates ground around the Oglala Aquifier? Of course what they will due is just pay off people who will be bound by a Nondisclosure Agreement. Those who are not paid off and want to stay in their homes will just be screwed.

  4. williambose32 says:

    Since morality underpins liberty, we should remember that taking advantage of liberty’s opportunities obligates us to deal with resulting consequences.

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