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Friday, October 21, 2016

Police: Please Don’t Chase Bears With A Dull Hatchet While Drunk

Police: Please Don’t Chase Bears With A Dull Hatchet While Drunk

The little western Massachusetts community of North Adams posted a very peculiar advisory on Monday night: Don’t go chasing after bears yourself.

Also, don’t chase them through the woods.

And oh, don’t do it with a useless hatchet.

And seriously, don’t do all this while you’re drunk.

The local police announced on Facebook that they had apprehended a man for doing everything listed above.

Of course, he’s just lucky that he met up with the police before he ever came face to face with an actual bear.

But perhaps the most surprising thing about this story: It didn’t involve someone in Florida.

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Photo: Luke Jones via Flickr

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  • Some other items to add: Don’t try to kiss a cottonmouth snake(This might be hard to understand for some of my fellow southerners, but it really does pay to heed that advice).
    Also—don’t approach a bull moose during the rutting season in Maine and New Hampshire; and be very circumspect about eating camel meat while visiting the Arabian Peninsula(MERS possibility); and don’t engage in local tribal disputes in Yemen, unless you don’t mind being threatened with a khanjar.

  • Whatmeworry

    Good lesson for Barak dealing with Putin

    • Daniel Max Ketter

      They’ll teach fascist Putin from messing with Mr Obama and good ole USA. God bless our labor organizations for their service to our country.

  • Good lesson for Putin dealing with Barack