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Monday, February 19, 2018

10 Responses to Political Science

  1. Now we finally see what the republicans find unimportant and wish to sweep under
    the table. But I can tell you one thing when the women that believe in republican
    thinking wake up. They will see the anger in the eyes of the democratic women, men
    and the Democratic leaders. Legitimate rape how dare them, to ever think we the
    women of the democratic party. will lie down and take it. Far to long women of this
    world have been treated as chattel. To their fathers, husbands and any other man.
    Who still has the unmitigated gall to say such ignorant things and get away with
    it. Now, I will say also that there are men in this world who detest seeing women
    abused and treated so arbitrarily. I for one am thankful for these wonderful men.
    I also want to say we now have a President, whom believes all people regardless
    of whether they are male or female. Should be shown respect and courtesy by all.
    This is a society of free thinkers, and may that freedom always be practiced in this
    country. I do not know about what you think about how politics keep getting
    dirtier all the time. I for one dread the time elections come up. However, at this
    time I want to tell President Obama there are people in your corner. And they
    are believing in you, there is a saying in the Bible. All things are possible if you
    only believe.

  2. Willard “the cultist” Romney is a consumate businessman. So, you don’t think he can lie through his teeth. Come on. He’ll NEVER release those tax returns unless he simply gives up on being President. But, remember, the is the U.S.A. and he can lie, cheat and steal and look like Ward Cleaver when he talks to you. The can be NO DOUBT he’s lying…and big time. But, he is a businessman, so what else is new?

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