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Monday, February 18, 2019

Protesters and politicians alike have ramped up the pressure on President Obama this week to halt the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.

Anti-pipeline activists met Obama during several recent campaign stops. Protesters even interrupted Obama’s speech at the University of Colorado in Denver on Wednesday, prompting him to say, “All right, thank you, guys. We’re looking at it right now, all right? No decision has been made. And I know your deep concern about it. So we will address it.”

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3 responses to “Politicians To Prez: Investigate Tar Sands Pipeline Project”

  1. says:


  2. fred Lord says:

    The tar sands development in Canada is an environmental disaster, and any pipeline in any direction will only serve to export more of the same. Although we purchase most of their product, I would hope we are moving toward using less of such a destructive technology for our energy needs; once we have committed to a direct pipeline, it will be very difficult to reduce our reliance. I’m sure the myopic State Dept. sees this as energy resource security for the future, but it will be a much darker future than they visualize.

  3. IraJinkins says:

    What’s not getting enough attention is this pipeline will be a environmental disaster for America and the States involved. China owns rights to much of the tar sands oil which will be refined in Houston, Texas. If this were such a great deal, why are Canadians opposed to having this pipeline crossover to their Eastern or Western borders? The Temporary Jobs created, some which will be filled by foreign laborers, is not a win for America. Can we really afford another BP type incident in the Heartland of America? The short answer for me is, No. There are still somethings in America which are not for sale.

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