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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Politicians' Public Acts Trump Their Personal Behavior

WASHINGTON — I don’t want to talk about Newt Gingrich’s many marriages. I really don’t. Nor do I want to talk about an alleged extramarital affair that Herman Cain may have carried on for 13 years. There are so many better reasons to doubt the leadership skills of both men — sound, practical grounds to resist their claims of fitness for the nation’s highest office.

But we are destined for several more news cycles, it seems, dominated by the personal peccadilloes of public men. There are several reasons for that, but none more important than this: Cain and Gingrich belong to a political club that has branded itself the Party of Purest Personal Morality. The GOP has not worn its “family values” mantle wisely or well, but it insists on wearing it still.

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17 responses to “Politicians' Public Acts Trump Their Personal Behavior”

  1. cpnoles1 says:

    “I don’t want to talk about Newt Gingrich’s many marriages”.

    Really, then why did you mention them? Another cheap shot by a non-journalist!
    If you want to be taken seriously, report facts with integrity and don’t take cheap shots!

  2. Kenosha Al says:

    Newt served his gravely ill wife with divorce papers as she was lying in her hospital bed, but he wanted Bill Clinton impeached for lying about sex. The recent comment about putting children to work was really pathetic. Stick to the $60,000 lectures, Newt, you have to keep the Tiffany’s account funded for Mrs. Newt.

  3. Libertarian says:

    Based on the titles, I was anticipating information in the article about NG’s policies or public behavior, but all it mentions is his marriages. I am glad, however, that this author chose to include mention of the shortcoming of democrats as well as republicans. What I still don’t understand it why there is so much attention to his divorces? Does that make him less of a leader or does it mean that he can’t find the right person to spend his life with? I lean towards the latter and I don’t think that should be a factor when judging his presidential-related capabilities. I think Clinton did a pretty good job as president despite his extracurricular activities.

  4. Weez-L says:

    Newt Gingrich is a conniver and can not be trusted. Is Herman Cain so blind that he can’t see the comparison between him and Bill Clinton’s downfall. His cheating story has Gingrich’s fingerprints all over it, and doesn’t it seem odd that his girlfriend is from Newt’s home state of Georgia.

  5. Libertarian says:

    What’s wrong with having or earning a lot of money? Why do people ding NG for spending money at Tiffany’s? What’s wrong with charging a lot of money for lectures or consulting? As far as I know, he didn’t hold a gun to anybody’s head and demand those fees; he asked and they willingly gave it to him. That’s called CAPITALISM. That’s the economic model this country follows. He’s a private citizen and he’s allowed to do that.

  6. dorree1122 says:

    “The GOP has not worn its “family values” mantle wisely or well, but it insists on wearing it still.”

    Thank you Cynthia Taylor. This was a very good observation.

  7. adamsje says:

    Very good comments on Newt and Herman! They both are just in it just to sell books and increase their speaking fees plus it feeds their egos; neither ever had a real chance, the voters are just too smart!

  8. adamsje says:

    The whole thing is one big circus! Is fun to see what crazy ideas they will next toss out; none of them is any match for Obama! But in the meantime it is good to have them around for laughs! Thanks you GOP hopefuls!

  9. Bob Munzenrider says:

    I look forward to every Ms Tucker column. She generally speaks truth to power, and we are sorely in need of more-such in our political discourse. In the instant case, her comments about Cain and Gingrich are spot-on. While the Republicans are touting “Family Values,” look at what kinds of candidates they’re fielding. If Gingrich would happen to be elected, should we call his wife the “Third Lady?” She sure isn’t his first.And Mr. Cain: how many more of this extra-marital romances remain to be exposed?

  10. 1olderbutwiser1 says:

    Working at a bar, I see cheating women all the time. The horrendous moral downfall of american women is why we’re in the shape we’re in, moreso than any other reason. Look at the woman the other day with 15 kids, saying someone is gonna pay, she has no sense of self-responsibility…..why you wanna bust on Newt? He didn’t produce 15 kids for the taxpayers to keep. Democrat policies did.

    Really, the goal of a man with testerone is the sensation of orgasmic pleasure, maybe women should keep this in mind while they are out cheating on the husbands. I wonder… many of these women make the mortgage payments at home…..or are they only in it for a free ride? I still maintain the moral downfall of american women has created the situation we are in today, the principal cause of it.

  11. vetika says:

    About hypocrisy of republicans: infamously known case of Terry Shaavo. When they intervene in private family matter under false pretend of saving life of unfortunate woman. In was terrible and since that I understood who republicans are. I’m afraid of Gingrich. Before his appearance I was indifferent about 2012. But now I’ll vote for M-r. Obama because Gingrich is disaster for my country.

  12. jwozniak says:

    When my mom heard Newt’s polemic about child labor laws being “stupid” she was justly horrified. She’s 86 and lived through the Great Depression when everybody she knew was poor. The robber barons who owned the town coal mine, of course, didn’t live here, among the great unwashed. But I digress. Her childhood consisted of hauling cases of canned foods from the basement of her father’s dry goods store which, over time, resulted in her acquiring a dozen hairline, stress fractures in her spine. As a teen, she worked in an unventilated paint shop in a metals plant, which damaged her lungs. My late father had to go to work in the aforementioned coal mine at age 12, to feed his family. Newt knows nothing at all about poverty, except that he, like all modern Republicans, hates poor people and thinks there unworthy to enjoy the fruits of American democracy. By all means, lets repeal those pesky child labor laws, those odious, job-killing worker safety regulations, and make membership in a labor union a lynching offense, just like the olden days. Why not save time and bring back slavery?

  13. Been Part Of The 1 Percent says:

    I believe that the answer to my subject title is a resounding NO! Last Sunday in Church, justifying not helping those who cannot help themselves, a man quoted Jesus as saying “For you have the poor with you always,” (Mark 14:7.) Of course like many who try to use scriptures to justify their bad choices and actions, He left off the part that explained that they could take care of the poor at a later time that He was leaving shortly. That man who quoted scripture as his excuse to stand with the 1% also ignored other things that Jesus said such as what Jesus described as the second great commandment, “Thou shat love thy neighbor as thyself,” Matthew 22:39. Jesus’ instruction as to who is our neighbor is covered as well, when a lawyer asked Jesus “And who is my neighbor.” Jesus answered with the Tale of the Good Samaritan found in St. Luke 10:30-36, then Jesus told the lawyer to, “go thou and do likewise.” If the Christian Right wants to be correct, should they not be helping the 99 percent instead of the one percent? Do any of those who ordered the violent abusive police actions attend Christian churches? Christian churches by definition are supposed to be teaching people to follow the ways of Jesus Christ. Are Christian Churches teaching people to follow the ways of Jesus Christ? One last thing, One thing that many try to do is to change the subject. When someone is talking about men’s lack of credibility due to their not keeping their marital vows, this kind of person does what the so called 1olderbutwiser1 does, they change the subject to women who cheat on their spouses. Does 1olderbutwiser1 think that the fact that more than one person does something, that that makes it OK? I think not.

  14. dpaano says:

    I find it interesting that are SO intelligent and wise that you can call a Pulitzer Prize winner a “non-journalist.” I think her comments were very appropos and were not a “cheap shot.” She told it like it is….we can’t really rate our politicians on their private lives, but we do, and apparently it matters in most cases. Not sure why everyone has seemingly forgotten Newt’s indiscretions….oh well!

  15. 1olderbutwiser1 says:

    Look at the divorce rate in America. Newt is a little more divorce-oriented than most, but look how many years he was married as well. Did he leave with the family car….was he the breadwinner, or a gigolo. Women are usually over-rewarded in divorce court because in this country we often still treat women like a’Daddy’s little girl” rather than the debaucherous beasts they often easily become. Maybe we should do as Israel, draft them into war and put them on the front lines with the men. They get their arms or legs shot off, no problem, treat them like shit when they come home, and let’s start EXPECTING that from them, too bad lady, that’s your cross to bear. Like they say, here in America, God hath no wrath like a woman scorned. How do you scorn a woman? Well,don’t tell her she has an extra 25 pounds on her butt, or she will be scorned. Don’t be willing to pay for her boob job. Don’t be willing to pay for her facelift so she can deceive others into thinking she is attractive. Don’t lavish her with diamonds that pay you 10 times cost for. Don’t keep telling her she is just drop-dead gorgeous. Don’t go way over your head in debt to give her a splendid home to live in. And make sure she gets a new car to drive more often than the neighbor. Failure of any above doings will result in an American woman who is scorned. Wait, I forgot. make sure you have plenty of life binsurance, too. Wouldn’t want to leave her with only her dubious abilities to earn her way in life doing anything but whining.

  16. wpperrine says:

    Man, what is your problem? Your ranting against women is foul! If a guy cheats on his wife & is called out for it, it doesn’t necessarily disqualify him (or her) from serving in office, but I think it’s a pretty good indicator of his character, and should be a factor in a person’s decision of whether to support him or not.

  17. sputnik says:

    Newt made his latest shamelessly ambitious turnaround today in announcing that he was learning Spanish. In 2007, in a speech before the National Federation of Republican Women he called Spanish “the language of living in the ghetto” in contrast to English which was “the language of prosperity”. After insulting 20% of of the US citizenry, he apparently doesn’t mind using that same language to further his political goals. This two faced racial tactic is a common Republican ruse and I am amazed at how well they pull it off.

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