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Saturday, October 21, 2017

A new Public Policy Polling survey suggests that Democrats are gaining ground in the election to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

According to the poll, Walker trails both of his likely opponents — former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk and former Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett — by slim margins. Falk leads Walker 48 – 47 percent, while Barrett leads 49 – 46 percent. This represents a significant improvement for the Democrats; in PPP’s previous Wisconsin poll, Walker led Barrett by 2 points and Falk by 8 points.

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8 Responses to Poll: Democrats Gaining Momentum In Wisconsin Recall

  1. … have gotten to this!!! W/that said, voters in WI, as well as nation-wide, of every political persuasion, must take stock of their individual engagement over the last decade & realize, by error or inaction, it is the RESPONSIBILITY of every single voting American that the nations fortunes have turned out so horribly WRONG!!! Scott Walker should never have been governor, whether he lied, misled or simply mis-stated his positions on a broad range of issues &/or policies. After the 8 years in literal hell, the nation & by extension, the world, have endured, no Conservative should be in office at all, anywhere in America!!! It is tho, reflective of the Pavlovian/Jedi mind control practices eminating from the Conservative corporate media megalith, controlling the minds & consequently, “living” habits of 10’s of millions of American’s – to their extreme detriment! An example is this articles description of poling results, which shows a conflicted & torn WI electorate. This is preposterous, considering Walkers’ savage attacks on every aspect of common Middle Class life, living & survival standards! But what is wrong in WI is emblematic of the deep divisions across America’s political terrain, of confused & conflicted voters, re: issues of virtue, morality, accountability & their responsibility in controlling the destiny & direction of the republic. The same situation has played out across the entire Midwest region of the nation where joblessness, poverty, as well as a significant concentration of Baby Boomers reside, culminating in an indecisiveness, timidity & dejection dominating over a determination to engage representatives who likewise have abused the power of elective offc. These voters – casting Conservative ballots for the better part of 12 years now – are, in fact, responsible for this same catastrophe that has claimed the upward mobility of the American “aspiration” (excluding the rich, who have offered nor experienced ANY sacrifice concurrently). Instead, via corp/Conservative media, have pitted Middle Class against itself, on the basis of ideology! Ideology… which has no bearing, in the final analysis, upon the success, but certainly the failure, of an America no longer able to afford to aspire toward a prosperous, unified & just future. An ideology that has fractured & broken this nation, at every level. It’s safe to say this election is as pivotal as any since that of 1932 or even 1860… Both of which represented Conservative-created crisis, which had, yet again, to be solved by a Liberal/Progressive… SUCCESSFULLY, no less. This should be WI’s aspiration – a Liberal/Progressive result – as well…

  2. I used to watch Fox News all the time and never noticed any slanting of the news until about the time President Obama took office. Everything i heard about the president was marked with such doom and gloom. Even Rush saying that he hoped the president would fail. Did he not realize that in that one sentence he basically said he did not care about me or any other American and that our well-being was of no concern to him? Because that’s what i heard. At first i couldnt believe that a news station would be biased in their reporting of the news, so i started comparing other news stations and found that Fox was not only biased, but downright dishonest. Other stations will go back and correct their mistakes, Fox wont. They allow their lies to stand as if they are true. If i hadn’t done the research for myself i might think you were exaggerating. But you are dead on when you say they have been attacking the president from day one. I did my observations and have not watched Fox News since the second month after the president’s inauguration.

  3. I had the same experience as charmia-a complete change about Fox so called ‘news’. They should have a reality banner ;

  4. Wisconsin under Walker lowered property taxes, saved & created jobs, and got us out of debt plus a surplus, and we didn’t have to lay-off any Teachers or Firefighters. Ohio on the other hand, defeated Gov. Kasich’s budget and they had to lay-off Teachers & Firefighters, have raised taxes, and are deeper in debt. Take your pick!
    p.s. What the hell does this article have to do with FOX News? If you want to really be informed you need to look at both sides of the issues, not just biased MSNBC.

  5. The Republican party plan for the states was to break the backs of the unions by eliminating collective barganing. This was done not as a budget measure because public sector unions all over America are involved in give backs. This is a conspiracy to eliminate the bank of the Democratic party. If it was only Wisconson I would think its a local issue but its being done everywhere there is a Republican Govenor. I live in NJ a Purple state that is socially moderate and even here the papers are full of Christe beating up on the teachers and other public sector workers. He is saying to the rest of the population that they have benefits and you don’t to create resentment. He has turned the once solidly Republican police depts against him. The real issue is why don’t the rest of the people have benefits and what is the Republican party going to do about it. You can yell that you want to repeal Obama care but what are you going to replace it with? What is the Republican idea for getting health care to everyone? Maybe you’re all so heartless that 32 million with out insurance and 50,000 deaths a year because of that dosen’t really matter as long as the 1% gets theirs. In NJ all the cuts in services is for tax cuts for the rich, and thit is what you will see where ever a Republican is, no matter how they disguse it.

  6. Permalink, check your facts. Schools are letting employees go. Programs ARE being cut. Field trips,specific student programs, afterschool activities, bus routes, teacher inservices, new books, classroom supplies, and aides are all being cut. Prices for students’ activites and registration fees are being added or increased next year. Just like homeowners, heating bills for the district go up—how do you think the bills are paid? The District’s Budget. Dignitary protection was eliminated in the 2012 Milwaukee County budget as part of some $13 million in cuts.
    Until this affects you personally – you, your family, or your paycheck, you won’t get it. I think most of Walker’s supporters are misguided. They just want to stick it to teachers. Everyone has an opinion because they once sat in a classroom. Walker isn’t done–firefighters and police are next. Be careful if you vote to keep him in office –you really don’t know if his next move will affect you. A lot of damage was done, but you don’t know what’s up his sleeve. You’ll be on in a year wishing you recalled him.
    I’m a teacher in Wisconsin. I am still paying for my masters. I didn’t go into teaching to get rich, but I do have to pay my bills. I have been on a pay freeze for two years. Now, with my deductions I make less today than I did in 2008. (by the way, there was not a teacher in my school that opposed paying more for our benefits…find that on the news) I knew a lot of people who went to protest in Madison last year (and not during school hours). It was peaceful, not at all what Fox News reported. I used to watch Fox every night, until the Walker Love Fest last year.

  7. Fox News is an advertising arm of the Republican party or, to get a closer site on it, the Tea Party. Advertisers spend millions of dollars to create a message so that people will buy a product. That product is Jesus, anti gay marriage, and nonsense–exactly the kind of illogic that millions of evangelicals and under-educated people speak. Any advertiser and psychologist worth his/her salt knows, find out the language the client is speaking and you’re more than halfway home. Fox speaks fear and paranoia. It is quite amazing how the party turns Obama’s good deeds to bad because of a code that says he’s a Muslim community organizer, so that killing Osama Bin Laden, decimating Al Queda and saving the American auto industry is bad and doing nothing is good. The biggest racket the rich have going right now is the lie that anyone can be rich so that it’s better if the poor and middle-class lose their jobs, their child care, their contraceptives, their homes and cars than that the rich be taxed a a slightly higher rate (3%) because someday they’ll be rich and they wouldn’t want to be taxed at a slightly higher rate. Fox News and the Republicans have no shame and lie ceaselessly about what is essentially a gamble. They’re playing American Idol with the American people, trying to convince them that they have some God-given talent to become rich, even though they’re working their fingers to the bone and trying to keep their heads above water.

    Today, in fact, I watched a DVRed hour of American Idol. A 19 year old boy, whose “pappy was a coal miner and father and brothers are, too” is also a miner. He came to “chase a dream,” and he lost. Thousands turn out for every audition and one person wins, but every one of those people is chasing that dream. Think back to Joe the Plumber. He was not even named Joe, he was not a registered plumber and he was working under the table, but darn it, he was gonna be rich someday and he wanted to protect that money for those rich people. He’d rather believe this and allow his own family to go wanting…this is crazy thinking. And the Republicans promote it every chance they get. Reality is the enemy of fantasy and as long as they can turn down the lights and stroke the “Real Americans” with their “good people” talk, these good people will put out and damage their own futures and those of other working-class Americans who desperately need to pay attention to their real lives and needs.

    It is interesting though, when reading the posts above about people who used to watch Fox News until Obama’s election, why did it take so long to hear the hate? I think it really has to hit home several times before we get that the wolf is at the door, in fact, he’s standing in the living room. When will people get that no matter how much Fox calls climate change “junk science,” hurricanes, tornados, early seasonal change, Europe freezing over, melting ice caps, flooding, all of these record breaking temperatures, are a direct result of the carbon our energy sources spit into the air. There is an island country called the Maldives, which is slowly drowning and will, in a few years, be completely underwater. The last president of the Maldives researched this phenomenon and global climate change was found to be the culprit. There is a slim chance for a turn-around but the rest of the world isn’t paying attention. It is like San Franciscans living on a fault line denying the existence of earth quakes. Well, at least we don’t deny them…we know they’re coming…but we live here. What would we change if we could really do something about it? I’ll bet we would, having been shaken from our beds in terror one too many times. What will it take for us to change before we’re drowning or running for cover from the next unpredictable storm?

    If we believe what doctors tell us and allow them to cut into our bodies (they are scientists), if we believe that airplanes can fly (scientists again), why do we doubt it when the best scientists in the world, those who have received Nobel prizes, say that climate change is real and will affect everyone’s lives negatively? Why do we call that junk science. Again, it is Fox News and other right wing media which supports the corporations that despoil this planet so that 1% of the population benefits (hell, they can live on top of the melting mountains and follow the seasons in their private planes…never too cold or too hot, never too wet or dry…just spend the money and move). The rest of us can’t afford to do that. We need to save our lives.

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