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Saturday, March 23, 2019

According to a new Public Policy Polling poll, Florida voters are eager to vote Governor Rick Scott out of office.

The poll finds Scott’s approval rating at a dismal 33 percent, with 57 percent disapproving. These numbers are unchanged from PPP’s previous Florida poll in January, despite Scott’s concerted effort to appeal to Florida’s moderates over the past two months.

If the election were held today, former governor Charlie Crist would easily defeat Scott, 52 to 40 percent. Crist, the Republican-turned-Democrat who served as governor from 2007 through 2011, holds a 46 percent approval rating, with 43 percent of Floridians disapproving. These numbers aren’t great, but should be good enough to top the deeply unpopular Scott.

The poll also finds Scott trailing two other potential Democratic candidates; former Tampa mayor Pam Iorio leads Scott 44 to 37 percent, and former Florida chief financial officer Alex Sink — who Scott defeated by less than 1 percent in the 2010 gubernatorial election — would lead the incumbent 45 to 40 percent.

Perhaps more troubling for Scott is that he is no longer even a safe bet to win the Republican Party’s nomination next year — 42 percent of Republicans say they want Scott to be their candidate in 2014, while 43 percent say they would prefer someone else. An overwhelming 55 percent of self-described moderates want to replace Scott; just 34 want him to seek re-election. “Somewhat conservative” Republicans support Scott 43 to 38 percent, and “very conservative” Republicans back him 46 to 42 percent. These numbers would theoretically leave the governor very vulnerable to a primary challenge.

Scott’s struggles among moderate Republicans help to explain his recent shift towards the center; after spending most of his term railing against government spending and Obamacare, in the past two months Scott moved to expand funding for education and accepted the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion. So far, these decisions have not helped Scott’s poll numbers.

They may have consequences with Scott’s few remaining supporters, however. Scott’s flip-flop on Medicaid expansion left one Florida Tea Party group so angry that it penned the governor a “breakup note,” wondering “how the Medicaid expansion is going to pay for the surgery to remove the knife planted in my back.”

If Scott isn’t careful, one of the first governors to be swept into office by the Tea Party movement may end up being swept out by the exact same forces.

Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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16 responses to “Poll: Florida Governor Rick Scott Is In Deep Trouble”

  1. Siegfried Heydrich says:

    Mosquitoes are more popular than Governor Voldemort. If the Florida GOP puts him up against Charlie Crist, not only will he lose, but there’s a strong chance he’ll pull down the rest of the state party with him.

  2. charleo1 says:

    What Rick Scott, and the almighty Republican Legislature did to the State,
    and it’s citizens, if perpetrated by a foreign government, would have been
    judged to be several acts of war! Thankfully, most of the most egregious,
    and asinine laws were wiped from the books on the grounds of stupidity.
    And the Mob could not have been more honest in their disdain for the courts.
    But, their attempt to replace the State Supreme Court, was defeated at the
    ballot box, this last election. And, the fact that Scott is running neck, and neck
    with some other T-Party types, for the least popular Governor in the Nation.
    Hopefully means a retreat from the trip down insanity lane. And a return to
    responsible governance.

    • Independent1 says:

      Let’s hope you’re right. We need Dems to start winning some “red state” elections both governors and legislators, so we can start undoing the great damage the GOP has done by gerrymandering voting districts and passing legislation that makes it harder for Americans to vote: especially before 2016, to prevent the GOP from gerrymandering themselves back into the presidency.

      • charleo1 says:

        It is said of Florida, and it’s true, to a fairly large extent. The further
        North you go, the further South you get. Miami-Dade County, even
        with the large Cuban communities, that have been traditionally
        Republican, now has more Democrats registered, than Republicans.
        The reason being the youth. Here, like the rest of the Country, the
        Republican Party is failing to attract young voters. The problem for
        Democrats is in State Government. From Palm Beach millionaires,
        to retiree strongholds Mid State, and North, to the so called, Red Neck Riviera, in the Panhandle, Republicans run the State like a plantation.
        Doling out the loot to connected, “Good Old Boys,” with districts so
        gerrymandered they would make Huey Long blush. But, even where
        the politics are bright red, the T-Party seems to be headed out.
        And along with it, the criminal, the T-Pot insanity, put in the Governor’s

    • TinkerToes says:

      Yet ANOTHER indication that the formerly red states and (now purple,) are turning blue. Texas is next…..

  3. The polls suggest Gov. Scott is in trouble, and his desperate attempts to move to the center-right suggest he is well aware of it, but I would not bet a dime on his re-election. A constituency that elects a man that ought to be serving time to the highest office in the state is likely to do it again. I live in Central Florida and I am appalled by the things I hear and see. Democrats are confused by recent setbacks – such as the gun control debacle, and Republicans remain as determined as ever to push their agenda, Anything is possible.

    • Independent1 says:

      It’s unfortunate that what you’re saying is true. If Americans will vote loonies like Bachmann and Lying Ryan back into office, and vote a total nut like Rick Perry back into a governorship multiple times, there’s absolutely no telling what America’s clueless electorate will do.

      • progressiveandproud says:

        Don’t kid yourself, Perry and many other Repubs. are in office because of Diebold, etc. and their voting machines. When you control the machines, you control the outcome.

        • Independent1 says:

          Thanks for pointing that out. When you can’t win through lies and distortions, beat them by cheating. What else would you expect from the party of the Devil!!!

        • JHL27 says:

          Time to take of the aluminum chapeau and stop receiving directives from the mothership.

          Of course you offer up no proof for your outlandish charge. You just know, don’t you?

          The worst part is your name which sullies all progressive/liberals. Underscored by your gibberish, you’re really no better than the Tea Party delusionists. Birds of a feather flock together.

          • progressiveandproud says:

            Do documented facts (think Ohio & Florida) always present such a challenge to you?

        • JHL27 says:

          I think that it’s time to take off the aluminum chapeau and stop receiving directives from the mothership.

          Of course you offer up no proof for your outlandish charge. You just know it to be true, don’t you?

          The worst part is your name which sullies all progressive/liberals. Underscored by your gibberish, you’re really no better than the Tea Party delusionists. Birds of a feather flock together.

  4. Mark Forsyth says:

    The Tparty eats their dead.

  5. Tom Horsley says:

    Hey, if the GOP wants to keep Florida, they would be wise to run almost anyone instead of Scott. I’d be willing to vote for almost anyone other than Charlie Crist. If the only choice I have is Scott versus Crist, my head might explode.

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