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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Poll: ‘Liberal John Cornyn’ Crushing Steve Stockman In Texas Senate Race

Poll: ‘Liberal John Cornyn’ Crushing Steve Stockman In Texas Senate Race

According to the latest poll of Texas’ 2014 Republican primary for U.S. Senate, U.S. Representative (and This Week in Crazy favorite) Steve Stockman has his work cut out for him if he hopes to unseat Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn.

The poll, which was conducted by Republican firm Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research, finds Senator Cornyn crushing Rep. Stockman by an overwhelming 50 to 6 percent margin—39 percent are undecided, and 5 percent favor some other candidate.

“With less than three months until the Republican primary for United States Senate, John Cornyn is in a very strong position,” pollster Chris Perkins wrote in a polling memo, as reported by Politico.

This is the first poll of the race since Stockman announced his surprise bid on December 9, declaring, “You and I are in a foxhole fighting to save this constitutional Republic, but liberal John Cornyn is bayoneting us in the back.”

That Cornyn holds a huge lead comes as little surprise. Stockman — who is dogged by ethical questions, poor fundraising, and a long list of controversial statements — is the longest of long shots to unseat the Senate minority whip.

The numbers suggest that Cornyn has a very good chance of winning a 50 percent majority in the March 4 primary, thus avoiding a runoff in which Stockman could theoretically consolidate Tea Party support and rise rapidly, as Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) did in 2012.

If his 44 percent deficit worries Stockman, however, the congressman isn’t showing it. After the poll was released on Friday, Stockman triumphantly tweeted that the results are actually bad news for his opponent:


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  • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

    Isn’t Stockman the one who can’t pass a federal background check to buy a firearm?

  • Bryan Blake

    Cornyn may look like a patrician senator but he rose from a poor family and has scratched and clawed his way to become a power in the national Republican Party. Here in Texas a successful politician must have the political instincts of a rattlesnake. If Senator Cornyn is anything he is an accomplished politician. There is a big difference between Cornyn and David Dewhurst who Cruz defeated. Dewhurst never saw Cruz coming. Cornyn is not of the Tea Party but he often shares their favorite beverage with them. Stockman is not his problem nor a credible threat. His real threat is The Tea Party psychosis that still flourishes here. He must depend on luck. He must hope that someone or something does not ignite Tea Party opposition to him.

    • howa4x

      The good news here it seems is that the tea party is not the steam roller that the media paints it to be. If Cornyn keeps his lead maybe other GOP senate hopefuls will stop being so afraid of the tea party and their Looney candidates

  • johninPCFL

    Yeah, but there’s no risk for Stockman. They should have to quit their GOVERNMENT JOBS to run for another GOVERNMENT JOB.