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Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Pew Research Center poll released on Tuesday sheds some light on why a disturbing number of right-wing congressmembers don’t believe that the federal government should raise the debt ceiling: They are accurately representing the feelings of their constituents.

The poll finds that 51 percent of Americans believe that it is “absolutely essential” that the federal debt limit be increased before the Thursday deadline, at which the U.S. would be at risk of defaulting on its debt. Just 36 percent believe that Congress can go past the deadline.

A majority of Republicans disagrees with the conclusions of just about every reputable economist, however… 52 percent of Republicans — and 56 percent of self-described conservatives — say that the U.S. can go past the deadline without major economic consequences.

Among Republicans who self-identify as Tea Partiers, a startling 69 percent believe that the government doesn’t need to raise the debt limit by October 17 — and a 52 percent majority says that the debt limit doesn’t have to be raised at all. Ever.

Half of Tea Party Republicans Say Debt Limit Does Not Ever Need to be Increased

Needless to say, economists — and credit agencies — disagree.

Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that the same folks who believed that “skewed” polls were hiding the truth about the 2012 elections now believe that nothing will happen if Congress decides not to pay the government’s bills. But if Congress can’t reach a deal to raise the debt ceiling, the consequences this time will be far more dire than a few mea culpas from Fox News.

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27 Responses to Poll: Majority Of Tea Party Republicans Don’t Think We Have To Raise The Debt Ceiling — Ever

  1. This country has turned into a giant cesspool.And,to think I volunteered my services in the military for three years!What a Goddamn waste!!!!

      • What are you thanking him for? He just got done telling you he wasted his time.

        I realize it’s nuevo chic to express your gratitude to every veteran who ever shit behind a pair of combat boots, but the fact of the matter is, not everyone who served is deserving of a “thank you”.

        I’m just saying…

        • Let me tell you something Cranky,I most certainly DID serve my country honorably!!What I do have a problem with is these motherfucking Republicans expecting you to tote a piece and hiding behind the flag as our soldiers are brought home in body bags just to make a profit for these Goddamn corporations.That is what I consider a WASTE!!! As a side note I had a brother-in-law that is now resting in Gettysburg National Cemetery.He was a tail gunner on B-17s during WW2.He retired in 1969 as a 1969.So,you see,I know what the fuck I am talking about.One other thing,SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!

          • First, let me apologize for misunderstanding what you wrote. My point, of course, was that the honorable contributions of the members of our armed forces can never be diminished by the dishonorable actions of our civilian “leadership” (if you can call it that).

            I’m a Vietnam era veteran and I can remember with complete clarity the feelings of (unjustified) shame and guilt borne for decades (all the way up through Gulf War One) by our troops who fought that war. I remember being too ashamed and intimidated to wear my uniform out in public here at home. We must never again allow ourselves to be denigrated for our service, nor be made to feel as though that service was time wasted.

            Secondly, let me thank you for your service.

          • I get downright stupid when I’m cranky. In fact, sometimes I go all the way to “Republican stupid” and, as we all know, it just doesn’t get any stupider than that.

        • Anyone who has served honorably deserves our thanks Cranky. But he is entitled to his opinions, the same as you are. And I imagine there are a lot more people in our active military that think and feel the same way. As long as their feelings and actions do not effect unit cohesion and/or readiness and ability to carry out their mission, then they have done nothing wrong. Not everyone is destined to be a career member of the military. My younger brother is a chief master sergeant in the Air Force, in fact just recently back from a tour in Afghanistan. The point being he has his moments where he voices opinions that aren’t all rosy about the happenings in our country. And he is still able to be a good, honorable member of our military.

    • A waste, huh? Let me tell you something, Squire. There was no more noble thing you ever did nor ever will do, and if you don’t understand that, then I for one am damn glad you punched out after three years because the real waste was you.

      The God damned Repugnicans and the Tea Party traitors may be turning this country into a “giant cesspool” as you put it, but their stink will never rub off on America’s fighting men and women. So be proud of the contribution you made and STFU!

      Cranky Too,
      Msgt, USAF (Retired)

  2. Somewhere in the back of our minds, we all knew this situation where the Right Wing
    propagandists were relating their own versions of reality, had every possibility of sooner or later, turning out very badly. Thanks to the likes of Fox News, and the continuous stream of garbage, and misinformation, that pours into the collective minds of millions of Americans, that have no idea of the stakes involved here. In fact, if the information doesn’t come directly out of one of these putrid stink holes, like Fox,
    and Friends, Sean Hannity, or their favorite website, where Obama is intentionally trying to wreck the Country. They’ve been trained to recognize it as just another Liberal lie. Spread by the other Liberals through the Lame Stream Press. They say, people at the believe what they want to. And I do believe that’s so. But, at the end of the day, there is the truth. Always the truth. And it’s there, and real. And so then, what do we do with the truth?

  3. These people believe a lot of strange things which speaks volumes about the demise of critical thinking in our country. Their view on this subject not being any different.

    • Their idea of critical thinking is as follows:
      1. If the idea comes from a Democrat – it is evil and disgusting. Totally un-American and whoever came up with it should be hung, drawn and quartered, then burned at the stake.
      2. If the idea comes from a Moderate Republican – this guy is a RINO and needs to be replaced by a RIGHT THINKING person.
      3. If the idea come from a female Democrat or Moderate Republican – this is a result of Radical Feminism. She should never have been allowed outside of the kitchen!


  4. Every district that their House or Senate childish bagger rep voted or advocated to
    default through blackmail should have ALL their SS checks held for the next few months..You can do it by zipcode!

    • Unfortunately, that would hurt a lot of Dems and Independents. For example, while I’ve voted against Bob Goodlatte in every election and he still gets re-elected. Here’s hoping after this debacle he won’t.

  5. We really don’t need to raise the debt.
    All we need to do is raise taxes and fees to cover the operating budget.
    It would also be nice to consolidate programs in the government.
    Please check me on this…I heard on talk radio that there are 120(?) educational
    programs that the federal government runs separately that could be consolidated
    and administrative cost be less.

    • Maybe you heard of the $500B that ACA “cut” from Medicare? That was cost control and administrative consolidation. The teabaggers, of course, went nuts.
      It takes sane folks to consider all of the facts before reaching conclusions. The GOP today takes their conclusions from the Koch brothers who tell the teabaggers what to think.

    • Unfortunately, the debt ceiling does need to be raised, not to allow more spending, but in order to cover the bills coming in for spending that Congress has already approved. And no amount of government shuffling is going to free up enough funds to cover the country’s current outstanding payments owed for legislation previously enacted.

  6. This is because the majority live in rural America and don’t see or have to deal with the problem that everyone else faces. They suffer for the disease of simplifying everything, so the national debt becomes your house budget, minus the credit cards of course. They see events as gods will so if a tornado comes it is because they weren’t faithful enough. They constantly try to turn back the clock to a time when White Christian men ran everything and if you listen to them that’s what you hear. They are suspicious of outsiders(immigrants) and see themselves in a war against a sea of people of various shades of color. They retreat to the bible as it was taught to them. This is why they want unregistered guns to fight the final battle mixed in with talk of secession. They don’t realize that the states they live in are the welfare queens of the country getting more back than they pay in. They want to cut everything but that. If Democrats were smart they would put that on the table. Every state pays to same rate and gets back to same. That will wake them up about why they need government in a hurry. Even the ones that get SS and Medicare think they are the only ones that deserve it. After all it was their America until all us moved in.

  7. The fact is that we can go past the deadline – for some period of time – without defaulting. Tax revenues still flow into the IRS and the bills are due on a periodic schedule.
    That means that SOME tax money will accumulate in between check-writing days. The problem comes when there isn’t enough cash from revenues to cover the checks to be written on a certain day. That’s when the checks are kited, or a default occurs.
    You’ll be seeing the teabaggers claiming victory and doing high-fives on Friday because Thursday’s the limit day and there’s enough money in the accounts to cover the Friday checks. The default will occur on the day that social security checks are issued.

  8. What’s a bit curious is the distinct difference between how GOP and Dem presidents govern; which is demonstrated quite clearly by GOP presidents needing the debt ceiling raised far more frequently than Dems sinced Reagan was in office: Reagan spent money so fast that the debt ceiling had to be raised 19 times in his 8 years in office; Reagan needed it raised 3 times in some budget years. Bush Sr. needed the ceiling raised each year he was in office: 4 times in his 4 years; While in contrast Clinton only needed the debt ceiling raised twice in his 8 years in office. Like Bush Sr., Bush Jr. needed the ceiling raised 9 times in his 8 years; while Obama has had to have it raised 3 times in 5 years (these raises are based on fiscal year which cover each president’s budgetting responsibility).

    So a large percentage of the supporters of the party that basically governs by spending money so fast that it needs the debt ceiling raised sometimes more than once a year has the misguided notion that you can run a government without incurring any debt. Which is not only an asinine assumption, it also proves that they are as clueless as the legislators that they vote into office, who don’t know any more about how to run a government than they do.

    • He probably also voted against the budgets which included 350 to 500 Billion every single year in unnecessary spending – for unfunded wars, unfunded tax cuts, unfunded no-child-left-behind laws, and more and more unfunded bills.
      There’s a big difference in running deficits when it’s imperative to do so in order to keep the country from sinking into recession or depression (as it has been since Bush allowed the Great Recession to happen) – but that’s not the reason, Reagan and Bush Jr. ran up over 10 trillion in debt – they ran it up for no other purpose than to funnel tax payer monies to their buddies in the defense and other GOP supporting industries. And you don’t think Barak Obama could see that??? Wake up!!! Realize the GOP is taking you for a ride!!!!!!!!

      • Well said, Indy. Unfortunately, I don’t think your buddy, Mandinka is capable of comprehending. He’s obviously been dumbed down by Fox Noise, the opiate of the asses.

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