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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

According to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is in a tenuous position as he enters the general election. He trails President Barack Obama by 8 percentage points, and he also trails on many key issues. It appears that after nearly a full year of campaigning, Romney’s message is still not resonating with voters.

President Obama leads Romney in the poll by an overall margin of 51 to 43 percent. The president’s lead is largely owed to the strong support of women, among whom Obama leads Romney by 19 points. That massive number suggests that Romney has been badly hurt by his tepid response to Rush Limbaugh’s misogynist rant and by his promise to “get rid of” Planned Parenthood.

Perhaps more troubling for Romney is the fact that voters don’t seem to be buying into three of his key talking points.

Obama leads Romney by a 48 to 38 percent margin on the question “which candidate to you trust to do a better job dealing with health care policy.” These numbers counter the popular consensus that health care reform is a political weakness for Obama. They also suggest that voters have not bought into Romney’s repeated vow to “repeal and replace ‘Obamacare.'” If the Supreme Court does overturn the Affordable Care Act, Romney may not be in a strong position to take advantage politically.

Similarly, despite Romney’s repeated (and false) claims that the president has gone around the world apologizing for America, Obama is dominating Romney on foreign affairs. On the question “which candidate do you trust to do a better job handling international affairs,” Obama leads Romney by a 17 point margin, 53 to 36 percent.

Romney’s latest talking point — that President Obama is “out of touch” — also appears to be falling flat. Obama leads Romney by 12 points on the question “who do you think better understands the economic problems people in this country are having,” and he leads Romney by an overwhelming 64 to 26 percent margin on the question “who do you think seems like the more friendly and likeable person.”

The poll does contain some good news for Romney; he is nearly even with the president on almost all questions regarding the economy, and he holds a double-digit lead on the question of who would better handle the federal budget deficit. Still, the results suggest that Romney will have to change many aspects of his message to compete in November — something that could be dangerous for a candidate who only 36 percent believe is consistent in his positions.

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31 responses to “Poll: Obama Dominating Romney On Key Issues”

  1. EdC says:

    Now with Santorium out, the lying attack on Obama can go full out. Yes, paul and Gingrich are still drawing blood from the party, but that of a non-leathel wasp, (pun intended.) The money that will change hands, thank citizens united, will be emence, but the untruths will triple that. My suggestion is that “Conservative Christains” actually read the Bible, especially the Nineth Commandment, “thou shal not give false witness” and then Zechariah 8;16,17″ …Speak the truth to one not devise evil…” before they start saying things about Obama. That even goes for Huckabe, Swaggart, and the Grahams. On the other hand, Chaney just got a heart. His rhetoric might chance now> LOL

  2. James says:

    …..while I may have voted for him (anyone, for that matter) ONLY because he vowed NOT to ever support a health insurance mandate and the one thing I can applaud is his efforts to bolster the community college system over an oblivious meritocracy of 4 and 6 year institutions that have brought us as a society ever closer to collapse, it’s nevertheless become clear to me that this president is a sociopath, woefully ineffective at communicating empathy…..

    • jerrimyers says:

      Utter nonesense. It appears Romney doesn’t even know any mainstream Americans on a personal level, unless you say he might know his maid or yard man. President Obama has lived the life of a mainstream American. He has watched his own mother struggle with cancer and find her insurance company unwilling to deliver the product she paid for in insurance premiums. A health insurance mandate is the best deal going for us at this point. Too bad President Obama was unable to get a national plan that would somewhat circumvent the insurance industry entirely. Yes, I do believe this president is very effective and believable in communicating empathy for the plight of middle America–the plight the Republican policy would dictate, i.e. the downward spiralling of the middle and the trickling down that none of us middle Americans ever saw reach down to the middle.

    • highpckts says:

      Why are you so against the health care act. The point everyone is arguing about is mandated insurance which can never be inforced. If someone can’t afford insurance, they certainly won’t be able to afford a fine. They will still have access to local hospitals for free! So don’t throw out a good thing (which has needed done for so long) because of one point??

    • Elsa says:

      So you do not like the mandate and our President is a sociopath, but a man who would push policies that are ment to control womens bodies, what other do in the bedroom, and push their person choice in religion on everyone is OK. You are very confused.

    • Jackie Allen says:

      James—mental health is not your field, but hate talk is. Do you have any idea
      what a sociopath is??? NO!! Go back to school–take some sociology, history and
      phys. 101. I agree with a collapsing society such as “Idiot America” and our
      march back to the 10th century. You need to understand the Public Record, and
      base some of your opinions on the numbers you find there. Sooner or later,
      everyone will need medical care—-do you want to foot the bill?

  3. MyOpinions says:

    I certainly agree with EDC. I never could understand how those who claim to be Christians can spread so much hate. That is the main reason why I do not follow man made religion. I don’t know much about Mormons but it must be ok for them to lie intentionally because that is all that Romney knows how to do. The funny thing is he is not fooling the independent voters.

    • UTGDI says:

      Sorry, if I seem thin skinned about this but, please do not paint with such a broad brush. As you pointed out, you may not know much about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka. Mormons). I can state clearly that it is not “OK” to lie intentionally. There are people of any religion, or belief system, that may not fully adhere to all the tenets of their espoused religion. In fact, I believe that Governor Romney has the simple human flaw, that too many politicians suffer from, that is of trying to be liked by everyone. So that when he speaks to one group, he may “adjust” his emphasis to a view more closely aligned with their thinking. Then not being fully grounded, slants the same ideas another way when speaking to another interest group. It is not a matter of his religion, but an apparant lack of core values that anchor his vision. Say what you want about Senator Ron Paul, and I believe that his foreign policy ideas are radical and dangerous, he has stuck with the same stand throughout his various campaigns for president, regardless of the feedback that places him on the fringe politically.

  4. CSW says:

    If your Blind you should no Romney can’t beat Obamo. However If you put Dr.Ron Paul up against Obamo that’s a different story. Until the American people wake-up and quit listening to all the BS Mainstream Media is shoveling. Obamo fears Dr.Ron Paul,why we have a Socialist President against a Constitution True Real Born American. Not one who hides the truth about who he wants you all to think he is. The President we have now is 100% BS and Not a real American!!!!

    • sn77339 says:

      You are a true idiot. President Obama is no more a “Socialist” and no less a “True American” than your or your beloved Ron Paul.

  5. howa4x says:

    Romney is SOL on the flip flop issue, or to better say it he is in loose loose. The conservatives already don’t trust him and he has not won them over even after taking their positions. If he flips away from them thinking they have nowhere else to go, they may just sit it out. Depends what he does on the Ryan plan. Right now he endorses it, but with no conservative on his right, will he try to distance himself on issues like turning medicare into a voucher system, or complete overhaul of social security? Same with social issues like reproductive health where he said he would get rid of planned parenthood. He is trailing Obama by double digits with women so will he soften his position again, and what will that do to his conservative base? They are past the compassionate conservatism of W, and want ideological purity so they are not going to accept that. Any retreat on contraception, and with no strong pro life statements like a repeal of Roe v. Wade the evangelicals may bolt. Problem for Mitt is to keep the base energized and still appeal to the middle. A position that presents a Ying/yang delemia for him or like I wrote-loose loose

    • UTGDI says:

      I believe you are right on target with this comment. Governor Romney has already noted that upon winning the nomination, which he is now the presumptive Republican Nominee, he will reset the campaign. Something about clearing the etch-o-sketch, I realize that he meant to retarget his campaign to focus on defeating President Obama, but the poor choice of words, leads many to view that he will reset his positions to meet the new challenge. As noted in the final poll data that the article cited — 36% believe he is consistent in his positions.

  6. Elsa says:

    Of course Obama is leading. Conservative are not mainstream, even through they claim them are. Even other Conservatives do not agree with the direction Romney and the other Republican candidates have taken. The problem with radical conservatives is they only talk to people who agree with them, they don’t really read unless it is something written by someone they agree with and they follow the leader. I live in a very conservative, Republican area and know many Conservatives, most are holding their noses. Everytime I hear one the Republican candidates say, this isn’t what Americans want. I know with out a shaddow of doubt, they haven’t really talked to too many. The only way they can win is by somehow cheating during the count. They have done it before they can do it again.

  7. Jackie Allen says:

    That anyone would trust a Republican to produce a workable budget of any kind is amazing
    to me! Texas is a prime example of how stupid moves have made my state almost un-
    thinkable to move to and raise a family. As an educator, our public schools are suffering
    more now than I can remember in my years of service. The Republican party representives
    in Washington, have presented the Court with an attempt to destroy the health care plan
    that even the justices are having a hard time figuring out their rationale. Why?? People who think that Mitt can do a better job with the economy must also recall the monies spent on propaganda by the Republicans that people listen to without the urge to find out the facts. At times, I think that I’m just having a bad dream.

    • 1AmericanHoney27 says:

      Jackie… I being a Texan also…. Agree!!!!!! Ditto!!!! It hurts to know in our state that ignorance & deep pockets with the likes of Bush & Perry remain in control.

    • cruiser63 says:

      JackieAllen. You are a bad dream. You speak of facts, yet your incoherent statements contain none. For instance. Why is it amazing to you anyone would trust a Republican to produce a workable budget? As I see it, Democrats are unable to produce any budget. Fact: Congress has not produced a national budget since Obummer has occupied the White House.

  8. Sonja42 says:

    Clearly this article is BIAS. Obama is destroying our Country & trying to take away our FREEDOM. He is a SATAN.

  9. Sharla Cartwright says:

    Mr Obama knew about the tax issues when he took office Low for millionairs and high for medium range tax payers This was a great injustice and he could have made changes and the Social security would have had more millions Now he is running on the issue but fails to act and do on the country mans behalf .He had a chance to correct these issue. President Obama is “out of touch’ with the tax payers As management he negelected the people who he was to protect.As a result the economy is a disaster and his spending is out of sight. The congress spent tax payers money and Soc Sec funds that belonged to the tax payers plus gave congress na raise right before the halt on budget. Mr Obama had his change three years ago He failed us Depression is a blanket over the country due to the mismagement and care of Americans Change is good. Thanks

  10. William Deutschlander says:

    Romney has been seeking for many more than one year, problem is anyone with any common sense has been “running” away from Mitten!

  11. Gjoviking says:

    Obama, who is unable to accept responsibility for any of his actions – always blaming someone else for his mistakes – will not be able to blah-blah his way to a second term.
    He flammoxed the people to be elected, and has been able to do it for a long time now, but WE, THE PEOPLE, now see through this talk-talk. We realize there is a doctrinaire person here whose ideas are anti our economic system and basically anti democratic.
    Not a questions about it: He will be defeated.

  12. james says:

    Show me one stand on an issue that he hasn’t flipped on. I am all for being open minded enough to change a stance or two and to be honest I have problems with someone who hasn’t changed their mind about something over 20 years. But Mitt has pretty much reinvented his platform daily.

  13. I wonder how many Santorum, Newt, or Paul supporters will vote for Mitt. I wonder how many of the legislative voters, (I think that’s what they call them), who were Santorum, Newt, or Paul supporters will flock to Mitt? From what I understand he needs a considerable amount of endorsement for his own party to take him seriously. Not only is he not popular with the public he is not favored with those in charge of whether he will be endorsed or not for the general election. What if he doesn’t get the amount of votes needed to be qualified to run? Will the Republican party make a flip flop on that ruling as well? Remember voters it’s the guys in high places that will get the favored candidate into the general election not you. Or at least that’s so with the Republican party.

  14. lazycs says:

    The fact that rasmussen polls showed just the opposite shows the bias of the Post poll

  15. Romney’s strongest point is that “Obama must be defeated in Novemeber”. When it comes to why this should happen, he has his weakest points. He should exp[lain how he would help the american people instead of “defeating Obama”. From domestic, social and international issues Obama has proved himself noting that foreign affairs was his weakest when he entered the white house. On defence, Obama has been the most rational leader of the US for the last twenty years. He abhors putting american lives in harm’s way. Go Obama, Go!!!!!.

  16. The Republicans are ruining their chances by speaking lies about Obama’s policies instead of suggesting positive alternatives to rectify the anomalies created by them during the tenure of Bush and the language used by them is not civil. How can a WALL STREET guy be elected President of this great country which has been the work of hardworking citizens over centuries.The Wall Street has created only a smokescreen of prosperity in this country.

  17. monilla75 says:

    I guess President Obama is leading Romney on Key issues because Romney and his coharts has no message or solution on key issues. He has been doing the same thing for a whole year… Lie on the President over and over; talk negatively about other candidates; and he continues to flip flop on the issures; he is against women, poor, and people on ssn, medicaid and medicare… All who are not rich he is against You ALL… don’t be fooled… He is so immature, robotic and disgusting… The most negative man in America… People like him should be sanctioned for LYING and especially on the Presidency… If you have real negative information use it but don’t lie and think we are stupid… That is one lesson he can get from George W. Bush… Repect that office…. Romney as president means the poor will get poorer, the elderly will lose out, college kids will not be graduating from college and we will still be in war and we will not get any help from that rich man that knows nothing about regular people… He Has not had one REAL ISSUE on the table this year… His presidency would mean destruction for America…. financially and in war… Throw the dice… If you vote for Romney let them fall where they may…

  18. PaulCindy says:

    How uninformed and led like sheep you people are.

  19. JackieAllen says:

    Mr. Cruiser, Sir:
    Evidently you are not from the Great State of Texas. If you were here–you might just
    see evidence of what you call the incoherent statements in my message. But you don’t
    even need to come here–all you have to do is look at how Texas ranks, next to the other states
    by looking at the records. Texas has lost her luster and has become a laughing stock nation
    wide. Our Governor Perry thinks that Texas can secede from the Union–again.
    In case no one noticed, this man actually had the notion that Texas could secede from the

    The facts of my message are there for anyone to see. Why don’t you look?

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