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Saturday, October 22, 2016

There’s two things that Republican voters seem to really agree on, according to a new Pew Poll: They know they need to change to win the White House, and they like Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI).

A full two-thirds (67 percent) of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, the poll finds, agree the party “needs to make major changes” in order to do better in future presidential elections, with 59 percent agreeing that it needs to “reconsider some positions.”

However, a slight majority of Tea Party members and sympathizers — 51 percent — say that the party should simply make a stronger case for existing stands. While only 37 percent of Republican-leaning voters identify with the Tea Party, that group makes up 49 percent of those who are most likely to vote in a primary.

A majority of Republicans, 54 percent, say the party should be more conservative, but the party is nearly split in thirds when asked if elected Republicans had compromised too much, too little or just right. Most Tea Partiers, however, think leaders have compromised too much.


Given that most congresspeople and senators occupy safe seats, they’re far more likely to lose in a primary election than to a Democratic opponent, which means Tea Party opinions will probably drive the GOP agenda even as its popularity wanes with Republicans.


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  • Sand_Cat

    “God, guns, and liberty”… That says it all.

    • glorybe2

      The catch is that I am a radical, liberal and believe in God and like my guns as well. Not all people on the left are gun haters and plenty of us believe in god as well.
      I do think the time has come when we must go beyond words in dealing with the right wing. The right wing has killed a tremendous number of people by restricting medical care and basic financial aid. There is no reason to tolerate them these days.

  • Dominick Vila

    The radicalism of the Tea Party, which sometimes borders on self-destruction, has done more to discredit the Republican Party than anything the Democrats could have done. At times, it almost seems as if they were deliberately trying to destroy the GOP from within. The worst part is that center-right Republicans are well aware of what the TP is doing to them, but can’t do anything to stop it for fear of retribution from their most radical constituents.

    • TZToronto

      Perhaps the Democrats, behind the scenes, deep in their strategy lair, have created the Tea Party movement to destroy the Republican Party from within. The objective would be to push the Republican Party so far to the right that only the diminishing core of old white men and Klan members would vote for any Republican. Eventually even the gerrymandered districts will be so turned off by having their own oxen gored by the Tea Party movement that they’ll have to turn to the Democrats. . . . I wish I could say that this has been planned by thoughtful people, but I know that the Tea Party is the product of the scheming, cynical, wealthy far right, the part of the 1% who see everyone else as unworthy of government largesse–except themselves.

    • neeceoooo

      Besides they have a lot of money that is thrown at them.

  • LaRae Bailey

    if the republicans had any balls they would welcome the tea party and start doing what is right for the country instead of the chicken sh– things they do in an attempt to keep their lush jobs and big dollar benefits. they vote for a political posture while doing nothing for the country, the constitution, their oaths of office, or the american people. they have turned into a party of wimps afraid to do their jobs.

    • MasterWes

      :if the republicans had any balls they would welcome the tea party and start doing what is right for the country…”

      Of course, we all know that you mean move FORWARD with the President’s agenda to do the real job of the Federal government – provide for the common defense, the common wealth, and the common well being. All things that the Republicans and their Tea Party thorns are against.

      Why is it that your party God – Karl Rove – is so against Public Education?? Possibly because he said that when a Republican voter gets what he wants, he votes Republican, unless he gets educated – then he will vote Democrat.

      Nice to know that your party lynchpins want you and yours to be uneducated sheep, believing what they teach you, including that Science is for fools, and only the Bible according to King James is the only scientific proof you need to succeed.

      Believe that, and you will understand why computer programming graduates here take a year off before working in their field… So they can see America before they head to India for work.

  • holyreality

    Too bad Dems aren’t under duress from the progressives who go on disappointed with our POTUS and Congresscritters.

    • demz taters

      More proof that both sides are NOT the same.

  • howa4x

    Translation: the GOP is screwed