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Friday, October 28, 2016

It’s a big day for political insurgency in New Hampshire, according to a new survey of both party primaries by Democratic-aligned firm Public Policy Polling.

Donald Trump leads big among Republicans with 35 percent, followed way behind by John Kasich at just 11 percent, Carly Fiorina 10 percent, and 7 percent each for Jeb Bush and Scott Walker.

Furthermore, PPP even finds The Donald leading a variety of other candidates in potential two-way races — which would dispel the idea that Trump might lead merely because of divided opposition in a very wide field:

  • Trump 56 percent, Bush 33 percent
  • Trump 47 percent, Ben Carson 39 percent
  • Trump 53 percent, Marco Rubio 34 percent
  • Trump 53 percent, Walker 35 percent

On the Democratic side, independent senator Bernie Sanders from neighboring Vermont is ahead with 42 percent, followed by the national frontrunner Hillary Clinton with 35 percent; way behind them are Jim Webb at 6 percent, Martin O’Malley at 4 percent, Lincoln Chafee at 2 percent, with Lawrence Lessig — who recently formed an exploratory committee to support his candidacy as a referendum on campaign finance reform — now at 1 percent. These numbers are broadly similar to a separate poll from two weeks ago, which first showed Sanders taking the lead.

Photo: U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets the crowd in the overflow room following a campaign town hall meeting in Derry, New Hampshire on August 19, 2015. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

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  • anothertoothpick

    I’ve got my tee-shirt too.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    The tribute to The Donald shows, yet again, how the GOP has splintered. As a former Republican female of 33 years, I am having a real problem with who in the GOP is actually considering Trump for president. He is an aberration for sure.

    His only motivation for running is to prove, mostly to himself, just how powerful he really is. So, in that respect, Trump is in good GOP company among the lustful power freaks with too much money to care about the country.