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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Poll: Weiner Enters Danger Zone In NYC Mayoral Race

Weiner Abedin presser

Anthony Weiner’s integrity may not have been the only thing to take a hit after a second round of sexting misconduct was exposed on Tuesday. According to an NBC 4 NY/Wall Street Journal/ Marist poll conducted on Wednesday, not only is his opponent, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, leading by 9 points, but Weiner’s favorability took a 22-point nosedive before hitting its lowest point of 30 percent.

The last New York City mayoral poll conducted by Quinnipiac just days before this one had Weiner leading the pack with a 4-point advantage over Quinn. While the sample of 320 likely voters in the latest poll is small for the size of this race, the stunning takeaway is the rapid drop Weiner’s popularity has taken over the span of just a few days, and whether or not this is something his campaign can survive.

In fact, some analysts are now focusing on former New York City comptroller Bill Thompson. Quinnipiac polling director Mickey Carroll said, “At this stage of the game, Thompson is the guy to keep an eye on, obviously. I wouldn’t put it in the bank, but it looks pretty good for him.”

Despite the abrupt change of heart among voters, Weiner’s only chance is that some New Yorkers may be able to separate this misconduct from his ability to lead the city. Poll results show that 47 percent of NYC voters surveyed still think he deserves another chance, whereas 45 percent believe he does not have the character to be mayor. When asked, “Do Anthony Weiner’s online sexual relationships matter a great deal, a good amount, a little, or not at all in deciding your vote for New York City mayor?” 35 percent answered “not at all” and 33 percent said “a great deal.”

Some voters may have a shred of faith left in Weiner, but Democratic colleagues aren’t holding back their criticism. In a press conference on Wednesday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said of both San Diego mayor Bob Filner and Weiner, “The conduct of some of these people that we’re talking about here is reprehensible, it is so disrespectful of women, and what’s really stunning about it is they don’t even realize it.” She continued, “You know, they don’t have a clue. If they’re clueless, get a clue. And if they need therapy, do it in private.”

Although Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, seems to have forgiven him, this latest batch of bad publicity for Weiner may be the last straw for NYC voters. The “Carlos Danger” hype may eventually dissolve, so long as no new photos or explicit messages emerge again—though no one, not even Weiner, can be certain that that won’t happen. But until new polling data shows otherwise, the revelation of Anthony Weiner’s sext-capades may have been a real game-changer in this race.

Photo: NY1

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  • charleo1

    Without getting all puritanical about it. I think Democrats like AW hurt the Party.
    Perhaps, at the outset, we could have. If the voters so willed, even should have.
    Let those who are perfect cast the stones. After all, we believe in redemption,
    and the person who knows this man best, says she’s sticking, and standing, and believing. But I say withdraw Mr. Weiner with my sincere best wishes for your recovery.

    • PissedoffinAZ

      “Withdraw Mr. Weiner” – Intentional or not, you left me LMAO!

  • Dominick Vila

    The most perplexing part of this issue is Huma’s willingness to continue to support her dumb husband. I guess being the wife of the Mayor is more important to her than giving a good kick in the behind of the dumbest politician in the USA.

    • PissedoffinAZ

      I think it’s more “love is blind” and having a small child. I do hope that she gets over him and moves on, though.

  • Independent1

    Forgetting about the moral indiscretions, why would any electorate want to vote into office, a candidate who appears to have his or her mind on the wrong priorities – what appears to be A GOOD BIT OF THE TIME??? Shouldn’t we be electing people who’s major priorities while in office are working for their constituents, not in trying to satisfy their own personal sexual fantasies???

  • FT66

    What Anthony Weiner did was shameful BUT I try to compare his sins with those ones of Mark Sanford. Mark Sanford absconded from his job without anyone knowing. He left his family not knowing the whereabout of the father of the house has gone; He left the country and flew as far as Argentina; he used government money on all his travel; he came back and held a conference and told people that he has found a soulmate; he left those he was leading as their governor, in a suspense (thanks god no catastrophe happened during his absence), still people voted him to represent them in Senate. While acknowledging his win, his mistress was standing besides him. If I put all the sins of these two different people, I find that Mark Sanford’s weighs heavier than that of Anthony Weiner.

    • idamag

      What Mark Sanford did does not validate what Weiner did.

  • idamag

    Weiner, the weenie wager, should stay out of politics. He is just another version of the guy in the trenchcoat.

  • highpckts

    I watched his wife on the news yesterday and she looks like she would rather be anywhere than there!! This is an intelligent woman! What the Hell does she see in him??

  • Ben Dover

    Weiner has a case of electile dysfunction, and should pull out.