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Friday, October 28, 2016

According to a new round of NBC-Marist polls, President Barack Obama holds narrow leads over Mitt Romney in three important battleground states.

In Ohio, Obama leads Romney 48 percent to 42 percent. In Florida and Virginia, Obama leads by identical 48 to 44 percent margins. All three polls have a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Obama’s chances are helped by a belief that the economy is rebounding, as majorities in all three states believe that the worst of the economic downturn has passed. Furthermore, although Romney holds a narrow lead among men in all three states, Obama is routing him among women. In Florida and Virginia Obama leads by 10 percent among women, and in Ohio Obama leads by 12 percent.

While Obama’s leads are slim, the numbers suggest that they have room to grow. In both Virginia and Ohio, 58 percent of voters who strongly support their candidate favor Obama, compared to just 42 percent for Romney. Obama also leads among such voters 55 to 45 percent in Florida, suggesting that the president may be able to swing some current Romney supporters to his side.

As MSNBC’s First Read points out, these three states are especially critical for Romney:

All Obama has to do is win ONE of these, and he’ll likely surpass 270 electoral votes. Yet even if Romney wins all THREE, Obama still has a viable, though, slim path to 270 (if he wins Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Iowa, and New Hampshire). But make no mistake: Romney most likely needs to win all three states, while Obama’s goal is to win two — or maybe even one. Why is this the case? It’s the president’s advantage in the West right now. If Romney can’t pull at least Nevada, it puts a TON of pressure on him to sweep these three battlegrounds.

So unless Romney is able to attract enough Latino support to compete in the West — which seems unlikely given his “severely conservative” policies and the antics of his party — he will need to turn his numbers around in these states to have any chance of winning the White House.


The full results of the three polls can be found here:

Florida poll results

Ohio poll results

Virginia poll results

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  • Al Amota

    Your media polls are all bullshit…..NBC? puleeeze. People are waking up. Evolve and Love Yourself Ron Paul 2012

    • You need to wake up. The party is over for Ron Paul , unless he runs as an independent !

      • DurdyDawg

        I wouldn’t put it past him, at least he’d get backing from that party. They wouldn’t treat him like a non-entity and he just might squeak through, how ’bout that?

      • oldtack

        Don’t count Ron Paul out just yet. He does have some followers. We went to cast our votes today and after the fact my wife divulged she voted for RON PAUL! Just goes to show – one NEVER knows the inner workingsw of the mind of an independent WOMAN. Dont even try.

        • Forget Ron Paul he is a dumbass like his son and the rest of the tea party.

  • great !! I never thought that Obama wouldent winn. He has my vote

    • davia55

      time to take politics 101

  • Great! It is my opinion that Obama will winn. He has my vote

  • Each poll gets a different response depends on who and how you ask the question
    I’ll wait for Nov 2012 GO OBAMA GOP MITT RYAN VOW TO GIVE EVEN MORE CORP TAX CUTS- DEREGULATE MORE SAME POLICIES THAT LED TO WORST CRASH IN 80 YRS 2 very Long mismanaged wars based on lies- debt- good jobs overseas
    w / big Bush cuts to boot.

  • magthebag

    Ron Paul thinks if a person can’t afford to treat their illness, they should die of it and i’ll bet he brags about what a good Christian he is.

    • artie_fl

      He let one of his campaign staff from no insurance!

    • 2flutes

      Ya, These “Christians” are always against programs that help people,claiming government
      intrusion or some such nonsense. They are to be blunt m—er F—ers.

    • DurdyDawg

      And Romney say’s to rely on God as he has other plans for that windfall. Attention 5%rs.. A grand raise is coming once I become POTUS.. (better days, better days).

  • venkatwarren

    NO surprise here ! The people in Ohio, Florida and Virginia along with the entire Western states will be solidly behind President Obama for one very simple reason : Romney has NOTHING new to offer to make the economy any better than what it is now !! Cheers ! Venkat Warren.M.D.

    • It isn’t just that he has ‘NOTHING new to offer’ — but he only offers negatives towards the areas that have been progressing. He wants to ‘get rid of’ stuff, but has made NO mention of what will replace what he’s getting rid of. Guess he’s afraid, and rightly so, of mentioning that the money he guts from working programs are going to go right into the pockets of the 1%.

      You know, like his “business experience” taught him.

      • ace

        What the hell has this idiot done to help you unless you are on food stamps this idiot has done nothing but steel the tax payers money you must not work .

        • “Steal”….he’s doing a lot to support public education…might be a win for you!

          • maketh Deng

            That is true and I hope the americans people will give him a chance for second term to do more when it come to education and foreign policy wise.

          • tmorro

            Not a chance

          • thanks,thanks ,thank you!

          • Don’t forget insurance for prescriptions. I’m guessing his weekly meds cost more than my car.

          • hilandar1000

            “Steal” — I get it, but Ace never will — like he doesn’t seem to get much of anything else of significance.

        • Dabuzza

          All politics start at the LOCAL level, dude. No one should ever think (I know a lot of American do), that any one person other than self is the answer to their problems. So, vote for Romney if you must but calling the current President of The USA an “idiot” is pretty pathetic.

        • you are so ignorant

        • Ace, you are one of the misguided and abusive individuals exposing their ignorance and uncouth language at Obama. No amount of abusive language will deter americans from seeing the facts in this election.

        • TJJr

          Stealing tax payers money through tax loopholes and stashing the money overseas…Oh, you mean Romney!

        • exactly why we dont want romney anywhere near the white house he is a thief and a liar. he wouldnt have gotten this far without buying his way

        • ace you are the idiot if you think romney is any different than what you say potus is (but is not)

        • oldtack

          Do you mind reading and then repeating what you just wrote? Because what you wrote doesn’t make one bit of sense. If you feel compelled to poat then make your post logical and sensible.

        • With this kind of comment you not only show how stupid you are, but
          you are hurting your own candidate…….(This kind of people support
          Rommney ?)


          ace, i work, and I will support our president obama again, he is working so hard to help in the livlihood of ALL Americans, why can’t you get that?

          stop perpetuating the lies and myths. Mr, Obama is a good man, and most Americans understand that.

          Call it the lesser of two evils, or whatever, but Barack Obama is the best choice for moving Americans FORWARD!

          • Yes!!!! agree `1000% i dont agree with everything he has done. But in the end we ALL know that President Obama is a good man who is truly fighting for all of us to have a better quality of life not for the select few like the gop/teabaggers are doing. All i ask of Mittens is what is your plan? what is your health care plan, what is your way to lower unemployment to put Americans back to work? HE HAS NONE. President Obama hey at least the man will give it a good try and will now focus on the ecomony since HE WILL END BOTH WARS. People there is only one choice here OBAMA 2012!!! PERIOD.

          • joyscarbo

            Exactly, Jared!! What the hell is Romney’s plan?! Can anyone explain it to me/us?! I mean, explain it to me in lay terms. I’m an R.N., not an economist. Someone tell me what exactly Romney and Ryan are going to do to improve the plight of the struggling poor and middle class. I’m serious!!
            Like you, I also don’t like everything that Obama did in his last 4 years. He is an honorable man and has done his best to try to work with obstinant republicans who only wanted to make Obama look like an ineffective failure.

          • antione bonner

            wow niceeee

        • i know how it is i worked in solar energy i n the late 80 and early 90, they
          sold solar modules to thousands, then after
          millions of dollars (a ponzie scheme ) he got prosicuted and sent to jail. soon he exscaped from jail and disapeered with all the money .including his
          corprate jet, all of the investors including myself lost most of all our assets isnt it intresting how our legal legal system works …then the IRS after 5 years decided we couldent writeof our losses including penalties which was extreemly high ,dear irs, since no one could find him his name is or wasEARNEST LAMPERT . he reminds me of MIT ROMNEY

        • Well, we can’t abide an idiot, let alone one who steels.

        • Ace, please stop listening to Sean Hannity. Can you not see how stupid you sound? You really believe that Mitt Robmeofmyjob is somehow going to help you? Unless you are the 1%, forgetaboutit. Robme only wants you to vote for him so that he can continue to give big tax breaks to his rich cronies. He’s not going to help you one bit. Stop letting hatred get in your way. It makes you sound and look stupid.

        • Given your total lack of sentence structure — one long run-on sentence with three distinct thoughts — along with missing punctuation and spelling ‘steal’ as ‘steel’, it appears you’ve been ‘left behind’.

          Which explains your political position in my humble opinion.

          • joyscarbo

            Jerry, you’re using the post of one person to insult a political position. Really?! You just made yourself look worse than anything Bill said so you could make some clever “left” comment?! And it your insult with humility?
            Shame on you, Jerry…

        • Ace he has done a lot I wont go in to details. HE Could have done more if the republicans were not trying to make him fail. From your comment it sounds like the same old line of crap from the republican play book lies and more distortions. Don’t vote republican they will take away everything from the middle class. We will be a third world country.

        • Deuce (you are certainly no Ace)
          Try reading a little (above the third grade level) instead of listening to Limbaugh all the time

        • Is this all you got to say, Mr ace? Please go home and cover your face in shame.

        • where were you uneducated people when Bush the business school president lowered taxes (revenue) while raising costs (2 wars & the Medicare prescription bill) and thought he could make a profit. Rasisng costs while lowering income is the reverse of nayhitng taught in business schools. You are just another Obama hater and love calling people smarter than you an idiot. Are you just another identity of Obozomustgo?

        • Um, Ace, if you’re going to call someone an “idiot,” you might want to double-check what you write. “Steel” is an industry the Republicans have shipped overseas, whereas “steal” is what the Republican 1% does to the rest of us. There’s also a punctuation mark you ignored called a “period.” No comment concerning that and your apparent mood.

        • skytimer01

          Keep on working Ace and save your money for health care and food, maybe you want need foodstamps are the emergency room.

        • Hello Ace
          Are you really as ignorant, prejudiced and hate filled as you sound? If you are then keep on talkin’ because you make President Obama’s case stronger with every stupid word.
          Also, please learn to compose complete, coherent sentences.

        • Hey Ace – you are aware that there are more white folks on food stamps and medicaid, right? So, if all of the food stamp users (please update your vocab – it is now known as SNAP), the President would win in a landslide. Be careful what you ask for. But, then again so many folks seem to not understand that SNAP is a federal government program – so why are they always saying, “get rid of the government in my life?” Maybe they can’t read or understand complicated dialogue.

        • tutidiez

          It seems you are the idiot with Alzheimer or Memory lost, and many more like you, it seems useless that we keep reminding you that this Economic fiasco was created by Bush and that was the main reason food stamps was given to many people to avoid starvation, again thanks to Bush and thanks to all those billions in tax cuts to the super rich and all those corrupt financial Institutions has been more important to Idiots like you than food stamps to the poor, and idiots like you have to be remained that unless the poor and the middle class is not being help to better their economic status this Country will never recover, remember once more that all those billions given to the Rich did not create a single job, all it did was a disaster for this country Economy since the great Depression which thanks to Obama it was controlled and it has been on the way to recovery, The Middle Class are the main reason for the success of an Economy and is not taking the money out of the Country as Mitt Romney has been doing all his millionaire life, Open your Eyes and Ears all of you Romney Supporters, or all we will see and hear will be your Cries and Sobs

        • ex_GOP

          Who’s steeling tax payer money! Republicans have been giving tax breaks to the rich since Reagon then Bush, with the promise that trickle down economics will follow. The last I checked, that just adds to there bottom line. Theres a reason that they are giving so much to the GOP, They want more!!!! Wake up! Ask yourself what the GOP Congress/Senate has done for this economy the last 3.5 years “NOTHING”

        • RONWALKER1


        • scareygary

          Ace, are you not benefitting from the decrease in your payroll tax? Tell me what ‘benefit’ you’re getting from the tax CUTS to the wealthy. Are they ‘creating jobs’ with it? Maybe in China. Obama has tried to get increased INCOME for the government from those to whom wealth has been ‘redistributed UP’ since Reagan….with the promose it would ‘trickle’ down to the middle class. Hasn’t happened. The richest are doing very well and getting a larger and larger share of what used to be this nation’s wealth. Can you think of ONE sacrifice that’s been asked of the top 1%? They are being so protected by the GOP (Greed over People) party that they are laughing all the way to the Cayman Islands or Switzerland so that they don’t have to pay tax on their fortunes…… And you seem to APPROVE of the status quo. The GOP wants to ‘gut’ government, according to their spokesman Grover Norquist, and it seems to be working out quite well for them. Frankly, my tax rate of 12.9% (or Mitt’s of 13.9%) is quite a bargain for someone like me who wants to ‘support our troops’, or values roads, schools, parks, and even reasonable REGULATIONS to protect our environment and safety from those who’ll do anything for a buck! Surely, no one is ‘over-taxed’ in this country whose bill for the Federal government is less than the percentage we’d TIP a decent waitperson in a restaurant!

        • Well, the affordable health care act means I can’t be denied insurance because of a preexisting condition, which means I can shop around confidently, because if I switch to another company, they can’t drop me because I’m sick. Obama is trying to end the bush tax cuts, which will even out the tax burden. He’s first slowed, then reversed private sector job losses. He put the wars in iraq and afganistan on the books, so we can see what we’re spending on them and actually be outraged.

          That’s what affects me directly, then there’s causes I believe in that I don’t have a personal stake in. He’s the first sitting president to openly support gay marriage. he also helped push change in the middle east, without furthering our military commitment…

          It’s not enough, it’s not what he promised, and it’s not what I expected. I’m disappointed in him. But to say he’s done nothing to help the common man is to fundamentally misunderstand what he’s done, and the policies he’s enacted. Of course, such a misunderstanding is absolutely necessary to imagine that Romney will do better.

        • When and if you or your family members are ever out of work and hurting and desperate, try to get a job with a big corporation. If they don’t have one it might be because they outsource their middle class jobs and downsize to boost their bottom line. But not to worry, because you will never ask for food stamps or jobless benefits because you feel the rich have suffered enough (though the taxes they pay are the lowest rates in 50 years) and should never be asked to pay their fair share to help others in a major recession. Cause it is just every man for himself! And only the strong survive! Then it will be “Welcome to Pottersville” time!!

        • Craufurd

          Steel the taxpayers money? We used to made it out of paper,lol!

        • joyscarbo

          Ace, by all means…vote for whoever you see fit. It’s your right as an American citizen. Vote for Romney…but remember, you never know what the guy is going to do!! He’s been in favor of every single issue before he came out against it. After the whole Todd Akin incident, Romney and Ryan have stopped talking about abortion and rape altogether. Rush Limbaugh is going nuts with yelling at them to NOT talk about rape and abortion.
          Romney has said that Ryan’s budget is fab, but we still don’t know what they’ll do. Can you explain it to me? Can you tell me exactly what his economic plan is?
          Why create all the controversy with the tax returns? Why give the voter anything to assume? Why cast doubt and mistrust? If it’s all the on the up and up, why not just release his tax returns like every president before him? Other than the “he doesnt’ have to” excuse, why is he so stubborn on sharing how much taxes he pays? If a kid showed that behavior, we’d all say he had something to hide.
          Another troublesome issue…Ryan is a congressman member of the THE most hated congress in American history. That’s a lot of republicans being hated. His voting record and the bills he sponsored will be brought up and then what will he say?!
          Oh well…I’m sure it’ll all get worked out and become clear in the debates, right? You keep supporting Romney and Ryan!

        • Silverbullet23456

          This comment is typical right wing rhetoric always belittling the progress made by the current administration yet failing to mention or even consider the fact that they have opposed everyone of his attempts in Congress to create better laws for our country to succeed. If one considers their main mission before our President was ever sworn in was to insure that this administration would be one term. To hell with bettering the economy, to hell with improving the lot of the middle class to hell with medicare or any other government efforts to improve things in general.
          And what is really sad is that they have almost succeeded at their main mission and then to add insult to injury they try to blame the victim for not showing improvement in these areas much like they blame low income women for having abortions yet they make it illegal for them to procure contraception medications and even making it illegal for them to seek medical help from the likes of Planned Parenthood and various other organizations that try to prevent conception in the first place until the patient (woman) is financially or mentally able to sustain a pregnancy for the remaining 18 years that it will take to raise that child.

        • you can’t spell u need to go back to school,you have more people on food stamps than blacks! thats what you meant isn’t it? the word steal was going before he was in offices!

        • antione bonner

          Whats up wit u losers and this foodstamp crap Ace u trash and u seem like a idiot stop.

        • joyscarbo

          You are getting quite a liberal pummeling! (Trust me, no pun intended.) If you want agreement, may I suggest a site that will agree with your swill?? The Blaze is the perfect place for you. You’ll find all the paranoid, right wingnut, birther, racist, reactionary, neo-con, sexist, tea party idiots you so love and admire. There, you will find a kinship with all those who have a mutual hatred of the “have nots,” (aka poor and middle class) and can sing the praises of the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reiley, Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity. Go to The Blaze website and you’ll see more unfounded, bullshit republican propaganda that you’ll undoubtedly buy hook, line and sinker.
          Have fun there, and have a GREAT day!

        • I agree with you Totally….He Is an Idiot of the highest degree….Oh and lets throw in a narcissist for good measure. If this fuc..n liar gets re-elected, we are all in deep trouble. Think about it…..What has he REALLY done during hi 3 1/2 years as President of this great country? Sadly…. Answer is….NOTHING ! And the lying news media would have us believe that this jerk is leading in the polls…..Surely, the media is soo into this socialists back pocket that when the landslide for Romney occurs there is no-one that will be shocked….This election cannot go any other way than to steamroll Obama/Biden back from whence they came…..
          The shit pile !!!

        • VRAP, HARP, supporting american-based and labored businesses, leaving medical decisions in the hands of the individual…..these are just a few ACE.

        • thedirtydemocrat

          Hey ace! Why don’t you read up on our president before you start your diatribe? Voting for Mitt the Twit the Etch-a-sketch man will give you more grief than you or your GOP/TP can cover up.

      • davincit


        I do agree with you. Romney and Ryan, if elected, would cut nearly every viable social services and everything else to the bone just to prove that they can reduce the deficit. The ones who would not feel the brunt of their ravage would be of course his rich and super rich friends in America.
        As President you cannot reduce the deficit at the expense of the poor and middle class Americans. This is exactly what Romney will do if elected President.
        Would you go for that? I won’t; so, I choose Obama as the next President of the USA over M. Romney.

    • ace

      What a bunch of fools voteing away their freedomfoe a liar and gangster what a wast .

      • The American people aren’t as dumb as I thought when they elected Bush in 2004. You people are just going to have to get use to the fact that Bush was the worst ever and people will find it hard to forgive or forget that. Also it is well known that the GOP is doing Everything it can to keep the economy in the toilet where Obama found it so …

      • “Waste”… you really should support his education platform.

      • OH…and I do work…I’m a teacher…was a “job creator” for 20 years…one of those small business owners Obama’s policies have been helping…also a home owner…again, that he’s helped…oh and a father of three straight A students…one just graduated college and thanks to ‘Obamacare’ he’s still insured under our family policy. You should check out the tax deduction you’ve been getting because of him…could even use it to get a GED.

      • joyscarbo

        Awww…here’s another right wingnut who is running scare because his candidate doesn’t have a prayer. Mitty can’t and won’t run on his record as a Govenor because he was- in Mitt’s own words, “..running LEFT of Ted Kennedy.” And he can’t run on his record at Bain because the USA isn’t a private equity firm. You can’t just sell off Mississippi because it aint making money. You republican whackos have no chance in hell and the American people will once again, send all of you packing. Ace’s party is ready to implode with their radical, racist views and policies. I can’t wait for the Obama to CRUSH Mittens in the first presidental debate. Mitt can’t stop his upper lip from sweating and he can’t put a cogent thought together, especially when he’s under even the slightest pressure. Obama, on the other hand, is highly intellegent and spectacularly articulate. He’ll run circles around Mitt and send him running back to the mormon tabernacle.
        Good luck with your flip-flopping idiot, ACE!!

      • joyscarbo

        Jesus, dude….ACE!! Get hooked on phonics. Turn off Fox News and go to school!!!

      • DurdyDawg

        Yes, he might just had been considered a liar except for the fact that the pubs had their own agenda and that was to refuse to pass any bill that this president presented (remember?) and under those conditions, an imbecile could actually believe that he lied when he said he would get america back on tract, but as for as ‘gangster’ this belongs solely to Mittens, the 1% and the entire GOP in congress. So, we may have been fooled but there’s no way one can be ‘imbeciled’ as that comes naturally.

      • oldtack

        After having “digested” rant after rant of your drivel it is readily apparent to me and probably to all others on this post that you have many serious issues. First you are illiterate as evidenced by your spelling, you unconnected profanity, and your syntax. You do have social and mental issues that really need addressed.

        By the way – there is some right wing nut idiot giving away free pistols from now to election. All you have to do is sign up for his Right wing nut job magazine. Now that’s probably right down your alley. With a good pistol you could emulate that idiot in Tucson and go kill thos left wing thieves in Washington couldn’t you. I can see you now – salivating at the very thought. My My My – we need more like you don’t we.

      • Mitt Robmeofmyjob claims to have created “over 100,000” jobs while at Bain with no proof to back it up. Now Mr. Robmeofmyjob doesn’t want to talk about the company he bragged about. Who’s the liar? Who’s the real ganster? Obama or the guy who hides his wealth in the Cayman Islands?

    • Dr. I agree 100% with you..I’am from Ohio and plan to vote for Pres. Obama for the 2nd time!

    • It is going to be a tight race down to the wire. Last time Obama gained 46% of the white vote. He has to do well with the white vote or he loses. I voted for him last time, but I cannot vote for him again. Romney has the Affluent White burbs, I do not know if I going to vote. I do not think Romney is any better than Obama. Obama is a good man, loves his family and has tried and has turned things around it seems. Maybe I need to think some more,

      • JC_in_Belgium

        I would do just that if I were you, Bill: you owe your country a vote, and you sound thoughtful and intelligent enough to realize that Obama has done a great deal, despite huge obstacles, and succeeded to a greater extent than one could have hoped in the circumstances: a Know-nothing Congress full of greedy senators and representatives. Some of them are Tea Partiers; the rest are running scared of Tea Party rivals and touting their brainless super-conservatism. Think about it!

      • skytimer01

        Come on Bill support the one who has your best interest at heart!!

    • davia55

      ok…who is this really………lol. I mean, you know the outcome of the entire western part of the country. Give me a break…lol

    • W1n5t0nP

      Then, there was the rest of the story! If the GOP continues to hold leadership in the House all we’ll see is another four years of gridlock under Obama and “Bush era politics” redefining America’s middle class under Rommey.

    • The problem for Romney is not that he has nothing to offer, but that people don’t like what he offered. His tax plan, which includes the elimination of the mortgage interest deduction, is poison for the middle class; and so is his endorsement of Rep. Ryan’s plan to privatize Social Security and dismantle MEDICARE. The GOP over reached and they are going to pay for it, not only in the presidential race, but in House and Senate races as well. The party of Lincoln is now the party of Palin, and mainstream America does not like it.

    • venkatwarren. thers a brown spot on your nose when you and your kids are on food stamps we will see you bah bah bah loser

    • republican122

      really and obama has given america so much 16 trillion in debt and 50 percent of america on food stamps no jobs and people losing homes cities going bakrupt oh yeah he has done such a stellar job you are crazy

    • davincit

      As far I as I can tell, the main factor in this election (2012) is not about the Democratic Party or the Republican Party; it is about who between the two candidates best represents the interest of the majority of the American people.
      Is it Romney?
      Is it Obama?

      I choose Obama (who understands the middle class America) any time over Romney (who supports only the rich and the super rich Americans).

  • rmon

    What a bunch of crap!!! MSNBC poll is being taken seriously….This disaster of a President will be beaten by Romney with 334 electoral votes….POTUS is in trouble in Pennsylvania, VA, NC, MO, OH and WI….folks at MSNBC should quit smoking the droppings of the Obamanistas are leaving behind on the floor!

    • Wow. You are seriously confused.

      • DurdyDawg

        Not really.. Just stupid.

    • You’re delusional! The GOP hates Americans and they will pay for their hatred big time. What are the FAUX SNOOZE polls saying? Is Mitt Robmeofmyjob leading in the FAUX SNOOZE poll?

    • oldtack

      Hey rmom

      Have you been in the studio with your nose up Rush Muffins butt eating his droppings??
      Or are you just lost in limbo land?

    • oldtack

      A REVELATION!! I know what you are. A neo Conservative “Christian” depply embedded in the bowels of the TEA PARTY and withGOD and MITTENS as your leaders egged on by Rushbo and Ryan you are going to take over this corrupt Government and supress and destroy ALL THOSE EVIL Left Wing GODLESS HEATHRN.

      Suggest you seek help now. You are badly in need of it.

  • jimackermann

    And what other headline would you expect from a lefy blog?

    • DurdyDawg

      If this is a lefty blog then what are you trolling around here for? Go back to your Bush clones and save yourself the anxieties. Wait a minute! They didn’t kick you out did they?

    • oldtack

      Hey jmack
      What the hell is a LEFY blog ? Is that anything like a right wing nut slavo of bull tacos?

  • GOP’s response to the disabled… “Tough luck”…

    • joyscarbo

      I agree, Steve! I have a significantly disabled son. He’s has developmental disabilities- is non-verbal and needs 24/7 supervision and care. He lives with two other young men (one with severe autism and the other has down syndrome) in a supported living home. State budget cuts have left them without any dental or vision care. The homes operating costs are partially subsidized by charitable organizations. My son’s SSI income is only $740 per month. He has very little left over after paying for his expenses- his share of rent, utilities and food. It’s pathetic that the most vulnerable of our population- the one’s who are truly the needy and unable to change their situation- are the first to be the victim of budget cuts. For God’s sake…can’t it come from somewhere else?

      • Yes, it can come from somewhere else. We can let the Bush tax cuts expire which would continue to help the wealthy, if extended. Romany plans to give the wealthy
        even more tax breaks at our cost and MOST IMPORTANTLY WE NEED TO KEEP
        ROBME OUT because his plans will not benefit anyone but the wealthy!

        60% of Paul Ryan’s tax cuts will be aimed at the poor, elderly and DISABLED!. Robme
        and Ryan both avoid answering direct questions about what they really plan to do.
        They aren’t specific in order to avoid mentioning the real truth about what will happen to Medicare. Expenses for Seniors could be approximately $6,400 a year if they have their way. Educate yourself on the facts and let others know what is really happening
        and we may have a chance of moving forward from where we were; in such dire
        straits with the 8 years of destruction that the Bush era left us with!! Obama has done
        more than what anyone could humanly do considering that the ridiculous Republicans
        can only blame him and have obstructed Obama on any type of progress that he has
        tried to make in Congress!!!

  • I wish that the Electoral College would go BYE , BYE ! ! ! It scares me more now. That is how George W Bush got in. What if they stop the vote in Florida again ?

    • DurdyDawg

      I totally agree!! The EC is an out of date dinosaur. It was instigated back in the day when it took days to weeks just to get to the next county and no one could afford to travel (else one would steal their property) so they assigned one representative in each county to go out and poll how each person would vote then use that info to determine if the runner got the number(s) doled out to each county and the senator of the state would award that state’s numbers.. If we were still barefoot and horses were the main transportation then the EC would be needed, otherwise.. We can vote individually!!

  • ace

    There are fools still borned every day and any one that vote for this idiot is for sure a full .

    • And you need an education ! ! !

    • DurdyDawg

      OMG! ! Read what you just ‘writ’.. Gotta be a back forty cow paddy and I agree, we don’t need ANOTHER corporate pub in office.

    • oldtack

      Hey Acie Deucy
      Let us go over your short diatribe

      There are fools still BORNED every day and anyone that VOTE for this idiot is for sure a FULL.

      Is this really the best you can do in usage of the English language? Pathetic. Just pathetic.

  • 2flutes

    I needed this!

  • Steve danna

    YOOOOOOOOOOOO, ACE didn’t go to far in school it seems. Ace, voting for Obama might
    allow you to apply for a Federal subsidized grant to return to school . Wonder what your IQ
    is compared to the President’s ??

    • JC_in_Belgium

      Do you suppose Ace’s command of the English language matches that of the average Congressman–10th grade level? Depends on how awful the 10th graders are, I guess.

    • DurdyDawg

      Or that rock when you look down at the ground (close tie I’m betting).

  • Let us hope that Obama will consider spending more time in the south and Appalachia. Democrats in Kentucky feel ignored by Obama as he has never come to Kentucky except to Louisville to raise money and to the CVC–NKY/Cincinnati Airport when visiting Cincinnati.

    A visit to Appalachia in Ohio, KY, WV, VA and TN would help the Democratic Parties in those state and dispel the some of the misperceptions the Appalachian region has of this President.

    It should be noted that Jesse Jackson beat Al Gore in the 1988 KY Democratic Primary (Dukakis won).

    • That’s because there’s only 6 of us here! I’ll vote…but I know here in KY it won’t count for much…maybe I should move to Ohio for a few months, there a vote can make a difference.

  • you are so ignorant

  • why are you so angry? join the liberals. we love life. please apply. must be caring, kind, unselfish. honor your mother and father. do not hate, must be educated.

  • maketh Deng

    Well, this is a great news for me and the rests who want Mr. president to have another chance for a second term. First of all,President Obama eliminated the ruthless leaders who were American enemies. For instance, the leader of alqaeda Osama bin laden and Colonel Gadhafi. Both of these guys has killed alot of Americans in cold blood directly or indirectly. Therefore, they deserved the same tactics as they have used it before with out any questions in my view.
    In addition to these achievements. He encouraged the public opinions in Tunisia and Egypt to toppled the longest serving dictators of our time, and very soon President Al assad of syria will follow. It is just the matter of time, but those public enemies of the United States and the people of middle east will disappear one by one. Then the world shall be a better place without them in power.

  • jackie820

    NBC ? MSNBC ??? YA, SURE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dtgraham

      They just don’t watch Fixed News or listen to talk radio. Government baaaad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Public education baaaad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Health care baaaad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Environmental protection baaaad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All regulations baaaad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Gays baaaad!!!!!!!!!! Blacks baaaad!!!!!!!!!! Latinos baaaad!!!!!!!! Women baad!!!!!!!!!! Vets baaaad!!!!!!!! Senior Citizens baaad!!!!!!!!!!

    • oldtack

      Hey Jackie ass,
      Do you have ANYTHING to add to this forum other than stupid Right wing nut job retorts? Or is it that ,like ACE, with your myopic mentality that is all you can manage from your shriveled pea brain at and one time?

      • jackie820

        Your ignorant comments proved me right.

  • jackie820

    “You people” drank the cool-aid. Unbelievable !!!!!!!!!!

  • If this is the case Why in another POLL shows ROMNEY Leading President OBAMA :
    47% Romney Vs 41 % to OBAMA ( 6 point Lead in FLfor Romney ) ??) .Which poll no is Correct ?? But i know
    President OMAMA will WIN in OH,VA,NV,CO,NM ,PA WI,MI,NH may be NC ( voter Oppose Gay Marriage )& IA, FL , not sure This time ,2012 ( because of Gay Marriage,Rubio,Jeb Bush).
    Any way OBAMA now have 247 Electorate Without 12 Swing States ,Where GOP/Romney
    has 161 Electorate. There is NO GURANTEE for Romney to WIN : IA,CO,NM,WI,MI,OH,PA, Or Even VA & NC . FL can go Either way This time .Just do the
    Math :
    OBAMA already WON. Afterall OBAMA won in LANDSLIDE in 2008. This time he Will WIN even if Not in LANDSLIDE . I am Confident . Afterall GOP/Romney is NOT
    BILL CLINTON or RONALD REAGAN to BEAT the Incumbent President OBAMA in Nov 6,2012 ————–Period.

    • DurdyDawg

      Polls are like averages.. Not worth the toilet paper their written on.. Neither identifies life as we know it. Polls are selective in that according to which part of the nation you pick, if the majority is for DEM then you’ll have an Obama win and that part of the country that say’s, “Anybody but Obama” will favor Romney.. and computers and cell phones are selective as well as not everyone can afford internet nor will they waste their talk/text for a silly, time eating poll. So, as far as we really know, Ron Paul could pull it off. But it really doesn’t matter because the small group behind the curtain will determine the win and irregardless who wins, the Nation’s division will continue to expand. And as far as the ‘average’ argument is concerned.. Have any of you actually met an average family of three point six..?

  • The states you named but Ohio and maybe WV the south has been red states the last few elections. Al Gore did not even carry TN his own state. I do not think that will change with the up coming election.

  • Bsmith42

    I don’t believe that the economy is rebounding but even if it is, why would I vote for a person who has signed away part of my First Amendment rights ,Who have given amnesty to the lawless illegal people in American ,Has pass a health plan for the America people but will not include himself and his family to be covered by it (Why Not ) He also has spend more money overseas and tells us we should pay more taxes and allow him to spend more in other countries while the American people do with less ,A vote for this man is a vote for the return of a monarch.I will never bow to a King or Queen we fought a war to get rid of England I hope it does not take a war to stop this type of political leadership

    • DurdyDawg

      So, you’d rather have a moanshark? Big B’ness ain’t big enough for you yet? Not enough wars? Well your in luck.. With Mittens you’ll see big corp. bustling with profits, all the low life’s (as your ilk calls them) will die off and as Romney believes Russia is our biggest enemy, wars shall abound. Good luck buddy.. Hope you still have a job and your youngsters won’t have to fight in these idiotic wars.

    • jlelandthomas

      You know what you allowed all that you said when Abraham Lincoln was Idolized and that is the same you are doing with Romney more sense less wars with our kid’s getting killed and crippled up plus unfair treatment to all Americans not being rich I do not want some one that can pay 300 dollars to be exempt from the draft plus young teen’s and down drafted above all when we ask for help with our economy he would dump food in the ocean like another President did you need to listen to what is really going on around you and know the difference we do not need wars that do not concern us any more when we are done let it be done and work our way out

    • President Obama did not give amnesty to “lawless illegal people.” It was President Reagan who did that back in the 1980s. You conservatives are so uneducated. All you do is spew anger and hate, while allowing facts to get in your way. You wouldn’t vote for Obama even if the economy were great. Your problem with the President is his brown skin tone.

  • You have to look at all the polls, not just one set. Real Clear Politics has the best poll database.

    Based on the average of the most recent polls, Obama leads by 10% or more in fifteen states and DC, with 194 electoral votes. He also leads in: Nevada 8.0%; Oregon 7.5%; Pennsylvania 7.3%; Colorado 6.5%; New Hampshire 6.4%; and Michigan 5.3% for a total of 256 EV, 14 short of re-election. The states that could put him over are: Ohio 4.7% and 18 EV; or Virginia (13) and Iowa (6) both with 4% leads.

    The bigger news is the paucity of Romney’s leads. He leads in Florida by a statistically insignificant half a percent. As minorities, young people and seniors learn more about the Ryan budget Romney’s committed to, he’s likely to lose Florida.

    Wisconsin’s in play, yet Obama’s 2.8% lead there is almost double Romney’s 1.5% lead in South Carolina, supposedly safe GOP country.

    Obama leads in Colorado – on everyone’s battleground list – by 6.5%. Romney leads in Tennessee, on no one’s list, by 6.5%.

    Iowa is up for grabs, but an Obama win in Arizona is a pipe dream. Yet Obama leads in Iowa by the same precarious 4% that Romney leads in Arizona.

    If the election were held tomorrow Obama would get 52% of the popular vote and a 303-235 electoral college win, with no one caring about the disputed results in Florida. That’s despite 8% unemployment, a still uncertain recovery, and seeing all of Obama’s warts – real and fantasized – for five years. Romney’s still largely a blank slate: less than 30% of the voters have formed an opinion about Bain Capital. So far, negative outweighs positive 19%-9%. If and when that negative rises to 50%, Romney’s all done.

    This year’s frontline battleground states are: Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri and Arizona. They have 121 electoral votes. Mitt Romney must get 109 – 90% – of them to win. A loss in Florida, Virginia or Ohio is fatal. He can put Rubio, McDonnell or Portman on the ticket, but not all three. Losses in any two of the smaller states are fatal.

    We need to push constantly to insure Obama’s re-election. But, so far, Romney’s losing and his windows are closing.

  • joyscarbo

    How is it in this country that old ass Dick Cheney got a heart transplant at his age and paid for by our taxpayer paid insurance??!!! While hard working Americans are going bankrupt trying to afford cancer treatment, organ transplantations and others go without any insurance at all. And to add insult to injury, we pay more taxes than his heinous man!

    • jlelandthomas

      A MEN

  • Only yesterday a bogus poll from some conservative polling agency was touting how Mitt has overtaken Obama in the same states. Mitt has indeed no experience to help america under these difficult times. Obama has tried his best.

    • Obama not only need to be re-elected, But We the American people need to make sure he have the right support in Congress. Gop claim they want to lower the debt on the back of 99% of American people. While they keep a tax cut for over 11 years
      & a made up war by Bush. That cause the American people not only life of there love one, son, daughter but debts in the TRILLION. Now Romney want to lower tax more of % the RICH HAVE NOW. If we the American came together and get rid of all those Out of touch GOP & TEA PARTY. We can keep the debts from going up cause by the Bush tax cuts. GOP are the one acting like terrorism, they will destroy the US just to try get rid of one person.

  • davia55

    HA! Who too this silly poll…CNN? Maybe it was the girls from The View, or maybe it is Gay Hollywood. He thinks by coming out and supporting gay rights, people will forget the mess the country is in? Yep, give the boy another term and we are sure to be a third world country with wifey Michelle telling you your kids are fat. The thoughts of him, wifey and mother in law haning in the White House for another term is like finger nails down a blackboard. Here is a mantra for you……………YES WE CAN WAKE UP AMERICA

    • So now the President is a “boy?” The bigotry of some people know no end. The GOP will lose in November and a lot of it will have to do with the GOPs bigotry. Who don’t they hate?

      • Thanks Stella53 Not only this is bigotry it just let u know how small minded these people are. They think name calling & bully attack lies is the way to go.
        But I know U can call the President anything He still stand Tall in the eye of lot of supporter. He has Never retaliate to any of those foolish jokes, picture. This a man of GREAT INTEGRITY & DIGNITY something that works could never destroy. And Gay should have rights, they pay tax, serve our country, some are in congress but they never tell U who there are. And as for calling someone a boy. It’s a lot easy to post this in system, but I Bet U davia55 will never call a black man today in his face a BOY

  • davia55

    lets not lose sight people. It isn’t the President, I mean, what power does he have other than vito power. It is this government you have to decide on! Has this government improved your life? Improved your country? Taken any steps into the future? Whether you think Obama is a great guy or not…………IS NOT the bight picture here!

    • Well it damned sure aint Mitt Robme! I’ll take Obama over the guy who sold out American jobs so that he and his rich cronies could get even richer.

  • I can’t see us doing four years of Misfit Romney!

    • jlelandthomas

      We will be broke and he will have all the money

  • jlelandthomas

    My over all comment is that if we get Romney in the Presidents office we will go broke with out a chance for survival and his family values are very low I do not comment on his wife as she seems to be the only one holding them to geather by putting up with him my is off to her for that .His idea of economy is to give himself the money or raise so it would mean more money and less taxes to the rich and let the working and poor pay for it by paying slave labor price’s to an other country to do job’s that Americans need to be doing and getting fair pay economy does not come cheap and it take’s giving and taking from both side’s not just one side taking. Mr hat is off to Obama for standing his ground for more equal taxes even then it will take time to bring us out of this depression

  • ekmek2

    Romney has been and still is out to make millions for himself by taking jobs away from others!! Check his history, a wolf in lambs wool is still a wolf!! President Obama has and is a fair man for all people!! He has stood by his word and done everything he could with the majority in DC going against him as they vowed to do. Since we do not have a dictatorship it is completely unjust to blame one man for things that in our governmental system require the agreement of the House, Senate, Finance Commitee, etc. There’s a lot at stake in this election and it would behove everyone to go to the government web site, read the policies that were put through and the ones that weren’t. You will have an honest understanding, not gossip or media headlines, of what has actually happened. I’ve made it my business to do so and I’ve found a lot of straight out lies in the media and what I hear from other people is no where near the truth.

  • jackie820

    Reading these posts, I can’t believe the stupidity. I guess all Democrats are like this. Brainwashed, and uneducated. The government is filled with these. NO COMMON SENSE. No, I’m not a Republican…

  • Attention all, time to get off your duff’s and get involved. look at Germany in the 30’s all the decent thinking people sat back while the nut jobs took over. Same thing is happening here just think of Nazi’s with nukes and if that does not keep you awake at night your not paying attention.

  • ykhalim

    Why Obama Wins the 2012 Election

    We are about 12-years into the era referred to in the New Testament as the Second Coming, and in the Qur’an as the Resurrection or the Judgment. This means that God is reasserting control and dominion over the earth. There is a lot to clean up. Then, there will be heaven-on-earth. Starting in the Second Coming, God will be influencing affairs, events, and activities more directly. And he is working to “remake” the earth. God’s Chosen (good people) will prevail. Justice, caring, sharing, equality, and prosperity will characterize this new era.

    Before getting into why President Obama will win reelection, let me present some information that may be new to you:

    1. Thomas Jefferson is the reincarnation of Jacob, father of the renowned 12-boys that became known as Israel.

    2. Prophet Muhammad is the reincarnation of Moses. This is no joke, and it was presented to me as an almost obvious fact.

    3. President Barack Obama is the reincarnation of President Abraham Lincoln. On a subconscious level, you already know this. Speakers and writers “compare” Obama to Lincoln, over and over – for good reason. Obama reminds them of Lincoln – because he is Lincoln. Just as Lincoln sought to unite America, so does Obama. But half of America (the core are the children of same Southerners) fight against him, and subvert, undermine, and sabotage the economic, social, and political fabric of the USA: treason. How ironic, since Obama, as Lincoln, started the Republican Party – where these traitors now reside. See below:

    Daniel 4:21 says, “The most high God ruled in the kingdom of men, and that he appointeth over it whomsoever he will.”

    Daniel 5:25 says, “The most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will.”

    The scriptures explain reincarnation, and how life works thusly:

    Luke 20:38 says, “For He (God) is not a God of the dead, but of the living: for all live in Him.”

    Matthew 22:31,32 says, “But as touching the resurrection of the dead, have ye not read that which was spoken unto you by God, saying, I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.”

    Matthew 9:23, says, “And when Jesus came into the ruler’s house, and saw the minstrel and the people making a noise,

    24) He said unto them, Give place: for the maid is not dead, but sleepeth. And they laughed him to scorn.

    25) But when the people were put forth, he went in, and took her by the hand, and the maid arose.

    In Chapter 39:42, the Holy Qur’an says, “It is Allah Who takes away the souls at the time of their death, and those that die not, during their sleep. He keeps those souls for which He has ordained death and sends the rest back for a term appointed….”

    In Chapter 2:28, it says, How can you disbelieve in Allah? Seeing that you were dead and He gave you life. Then He will give you death, then again will bring you to life, and then unto Him you will return.”

    The Rebirth of the USA

    The USA is very special and unique. It got authorization and validation for its existence through its Declaration of Independence, and then the US Constitution of 1789. These documents created a covenant containing the USA ideas, ideals, “Mission Statement,” and infrastructure. For the USA is a reflection, or image of Ancient Israel. Compare the 42 Prophet-Kings, Philosopher-Priests, from Abraham to Christ, (in the books of Matthew and Luke) with the 42 presidents of the USA. (Note: George W. Bush compares to a post-Christ era.)

    The real world implementation of the covenant falls far short of its ideals! Whatever has a beginning also has an end! So this era is ending, dramatized by 911, and subsequent events and activities.

    During the time of Bill Clinton, (the beginning of the Second Coming) the price of oil declined to about $10-11 per barrel. Surpluses appeared in the Federal Budget. And some thought that the Clinton era prosperity signaled the end of regular economic cycles. This reminds us of Jesus feeding the multitude of 5 thousand men, plus women and children, with 5 loaves and 2 fishes, and taking up, after everyone had eaten, 12 baskets full of fragments, that remained. (Matt. 14: 17-21). Also remember the 4 thousand men, plus women and children, fed with 7 loaves, and “a few little fishes.” “And they took up of the broken meat that was left 7 baskets full.” (Matt. 15: 34-38).

    After Jesus left the scene, and after Steven was stoned, in 34 AD, the Covenant with Ancient Israel ended. And the dispensation (mission, torch) was given, in-turn to the Christians, and then to the Muslims.

    After Clinton, the Covenant with America ended,
    So, The Supreme Court selected the next president,
    George W. Bush.

    The 42 Prophet Kings vs. The USA Presidents

    1. Abraham, Gen. 11:26 Like George Washington, 1789
    2. Isaac, Gen. 21:2 Like John Adams, 1797
    3. Jacob (Israel), Gen. 25:26 Is Thomas Jefferson, 1801
    4. Judas, Gen. 29:35 Like James Madison, 1809
    5. Phares, Gen. 46:12 Like James Monroe, 1817
    6. Esrom, Gen. 46:12 Like John Quincy Adams, 1825
    7. Aram, Ruth 4:19 Like Andrew Jackson, 1829
    8. Aminadab, Num. 1:7 Like Martin Van Buren, 1837
    9. Nasson, Num. 1:7 Like William I. Harrison, 1841
    10. Salmon, Ruth 4:20 Like John Tyler, 1841
    11. Booz, Ruth 4:21 Like James K. Polk 1845
    12. Obed, Ruth 4:17 Like Zachary Taylor, 1849
    13. Jesse, Ruth 4:22 Like Millard Fillmore, 1650
    14. David, 1 Chron. 2:15 Like Franklin Pierce, 1853
    15. Solomon, 2 Samuel 12:24 Like James Buchanan, 1857
    16. Roboam, 1 Kings 11:43 Like Abraham Lincoln, 1861
    17. Abia, 1 Kings 15:1 Like Andrew Johnson, 1865
    18. Asa, 1 Kings 15:9 Like Ulysses S. Grant, 1569
    19. Josaphat, 22:41 Like Rutherford B. Hayes, 1877
    20. Joram, 2 Kings 8:16 Like James A. Garfield, 1881
    21. Ozias, 2 Kings 8:25 Like Chester A. Authur 1881
    22. Joatham, 2 Kings 15:32 Like Grover Cleveland, 1885
    23. Achaz, 2 Kings 16:1 Like Benjamin Harrison 1889
    24. Ezekias, 2 Kings 18:1 Like Grover Cleveland, 1890
    25. Manasses, 2 Kings 21:1 Like William McKinley, 1897
    26. Amon, 2 Kings 21:18 Like Theodore Roosevelt, 1901
    27. Josias, 2 Kings 21:24 Like William H. Taft, 1909
    28. Jechonias 1 Chron. 3:16 Like Woodrow Wilson, 1913
    29. Salathiel, 1 Chron. 3:17 Like Warren G. Harding, 1921
    30. Zorobabel, 1 Chron. 3:19 Like Calvin Coolidge, 1923
    31. Abiud, (Matthew) Like Herbert C. Hoover, 1929
    32. Eliakim, (Matthew) Like F. D. Roosevelt, 1933
    33. Azor, (Matthew) Like Harry S. Truman, 1945
    34. Sadoc, (Matthew) Like Dwight D. Eisenhower,1953
    35. Achim, (Matthew) Like John F. Kennedy, 1961
    36. Elind, (Matthew) Like Lyndon B. Johnson, 1963
    37. Eleazar, (Matthew) Like Richard M. Nixon, 1969
    38. Matthan, (Matthew) Like Gerald R. Ford, 1974
    39. Jacob, (Matthew) Like Jimmy Carter, 1977
    40. Joseph, (Jesus’ father) Like Ronald Wilson Reagan, 1981
    41. Jesus, (Matthew) Like George H. W. Bush, 1989
    42. Christ, (Matthew) Like William J. Clinton, 1993
    43. None; Dispensation over. Like George W. Bush, 2001

    44. None; Dispensation over. Like Barack Obama, 2009

    The USA is very special, in positive, and in negative ways. It is Israel; and it is also an amalgam of the empires Greece/Rome. Look at the sophistry, greed, evil, decadence, and the hatefulness in its politics, and in its economics; and you can immediately see what I mean.

    Look at its militarism.

    Look at the good. That is all around us, but sometimes it exists by a few frayed threads.

    The USA is leader of the 7th, 8th (and last) world Power, according to the Torah and the Gospels.

    What comes next is described in the Torah, Gospels, and Qur’an as a golden age of peace, prosperity, accountability and brotherhood.

    It says that Satan will be bound 1000-years.

    Daniel 9:24-27 says: “70 weeks (490 years, beginning in 457 B.C.), are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and seal up the vision and the prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy (Jesus, The Messiah). Know therefore and understand that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and build Jerusalem (in 457 B.C.) unto Messiah, the prince shall be 7 weeks, and threescore and 2 weeks (69 weeks, or 483 years, unto the year 27 A.D.): the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times. And after 7 weeks, and threescore and 2 weeks (69 weeks, or 483 years, plus 3.5 years), shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself…And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week (7 years, from 27 A.D. through 34 A.D.), and in the mist of the week (or in mid 30 A.D.), he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and from the overspreading of abominations, he shall make it desolate….”

    Daniel 8:14 says, “And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.” This prophecy (2300 years) spans the time from 457 B.C. to 1844 A.D.

    What Happened When the USA Selected the Last Republican President:

    The universe is action/reaction, cause/effect,
    Cycles, patterns, and justice.

    And 911 happened,
    Because the covenant expired,
    And, just as ancient Israel failed to live up to its agreement,

    So has America.
    And 911 is a taste of America’s future: war, insecurity, famine (recession), and lack of freedom.
    But 911 should also be viewed as an overall, organic process, signaling the end of this era,

    And the beginning of the Millennium.

    On 911, there were the airplane attacks in New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania, plunging the USA into recession, fear, and the “War- on-Terror,” and enabling The Patriot Act, Homeland Security, Threat-Level Color Codes, and other such measures.

    From March through October, 2001, there was an “official” recession-but today (on 10/6/03), many talk as if the USA is still in recession, in part, because of its “jobless recovery.”

    From about October 9, 2001, through about August, 2002, there was the case of the Anthrax letters in the USA, which killed 5 people and scared millions.

    On November 12, 2001, there was the crash of Flight 587, and Airbus 300-600, in Queens, N.Y., that killed 260 people.

    In October, 2001, the USA went to war against Afghanistan and Al Qaeda, and today, (10/6/03) there are indications of an increasing resurgence of the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

    In October, 2002, the DC area sniping began, resulting in the deaths of 10 people, and the terrorizing of millions.

    In March, 2003, the USA began a preemptive war against Iraq, and it has evolved into a guerrilla war.

    In 2000, there was the Florida elections fiasco, and the installation of George W. Bush to the presidency through the efforts of the US Supreme Court.

    In 2003, there was the Texas Republican redistricting coup. And in California, there was the successful effort to recall Governor Gray Davis.

    In the summer of 2004, four hurricanes hit Florida:
    Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne.

    In the summer of 2005, hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit!

    In December, 2007, the Great Recession hit the USA and the world.

    For, in this era, bad things happen to bad people! You will know them by their fruit!

    You will see: The earth is The Lord’s, and the goodness thereof!

    The Lord Our God is With President Obama

    – God brought Barack Obama back home to Illinois because it is “The land of Lincoln” and Barack Obama is Abraham Lincoln reincarnated.

    – God blessed Obama with a brilliant mind and great oratorical ability, perhaps even greater than what he possessed as Abraham Lincoln.

    – Barack Obama served in the Illinois Senate.

    – Obama worked as Community Organizer, Constitutional Law Professor, and Civil Rights lawyer.

    – Obama lost his bid to become a US House Representative because God had bigger and better plans for him.

    – Barack Obama became a US Senator after winning the Illinois Democratic nomination for the Senate; then defeating Alan Keyes

    – Barack Obama defeated John McCain and became President of the United States.

    – Barack Obama directed the Navy Seals in killing Somali pirates in 2009.

    – Barack Obama saved the USA (and the western world) from financial collapse.

    – Obama oversaw the passage of trailblazing legislation involving heath care, Wall Street reform, and civil rights.

    – Barack Obama saved the auto industry; he directed the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

    – The Lord our God is with President Barack Obama.

    – Daniel 4:21 says, “The most high God ruled in the kingdom of men, and that he appointeth over it whomsoever he will.”

    – Daniel 5:25 says, “The most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will.”

    The Republican Party has been Co-opted by The Devil

    – The Republican Party has been taken over by followers of the devil.

    – Paul Ryan (of Wisconsin) and others are followers of Ayn Rand (the atheistic, selfish, devil-worshipper).

    – Large elements of the Tea Party are dangerous, ignorant, nihilistic subversives, hell-bent on controlling the USA or destroying it.

    – The Republican Party leadership is an Anti-Christ Movement, the enemy of man, God, and the USA.

    – The leadership of the Republican Party is antithetical to caring/sharing, justice, and equality/respect: they are out of sync with the 2nd Coming – and with God. They endorse or promote greed, selfishness, prejudice, tribalism, injustice, militarism: Anti-Christ values.

    – Elements of the Tea Party and the Republican Party are domestic terrorists: they subvert, undermine, and sabotage the economic, social, and political fabric and institutions of the USA. They are traitors. They lie, they lie, and they lie. They distort. They disenfranchise. They cheat. They steal.

    – Mitt Romney is not just the world champion of flip-floppers. He lies, he lies, and he lies. Those are not just flip-flops, they are lies.

    – America is Israel.

    – What do you think God thinks about this compulsive liar, Mitt Romney?

    – What do you think God will do to you if you select Mitt Romney? What did he do to you and let happen to you when you selected George W. Bush?

    – Daniel 4:21 says, “The most high God ruled in the kingdom of men, and that he appointeth over it whomsoever he will.”

    – Daniel 5:25 says, “The most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will.”

    The Judgment shall sit! And the Rebirth will begin!

    The Rebirth will be implemented based, in part, upon certain principles and precedents, referenced to in the Bible, Qur’an, and Torah. These and other references instruct, inform, and guide our actions. They form the basis for our ideology, motivations, and mission.

    The Rebirth of the USA will substantially change the economic, social, political, and military conditions in the USA (and the world) – and the world will experience a Rebirth! We expect the changes to be well underway within a few years.

    Regarding Reincarnation:

    1. I discovered that Thomas Jefferson is the reincarnation of Jacob on 2/23/2002.

    2. I discovered that Prophet Muhammad is the reincarnation of Moses on 5/2/2000.

    3. I discovered information regarding the reincarnation of Thomas Jefferson on 8/4/1999.

    Acts 2:44 (Consider the “Socialistic” references below from Acts: 2: 44-45 and 4: 32, 35)

    [44] And all that believed were together, and had all things common;
    [45] And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need.

    Acts 4:32

    [32] And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul: neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things common.
    [35] And laid them down at the apostles’ feet: and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need.

    The Solution: Jubilee Worldwide

    What is Jubilee?

    Jubilee is privatization.

    It is a prelude to creating and implementing the Millennium. It is a process of creating balance and harmony. For those of the Judaeo-Christian-Islamic Tradition, it is The Law of God as handed down through Moses, and modified, especially, by Major Prophets like Jesus and Muhammad. And, it is part of the process of completing that Tradition, which we shall call the “Cycle of Judaism.”

    For others, it may be seen as The Law of Nature, for one aspect of nature is to operate in cycles, and periodically, or at times, to obtain a balance, or equilibrium.

    The derivation of Jubilee is Leviticus 25:8-13. It says, “And thou shall number 7 Sabbaths of years unto thee, 7 times 7 years; and the space of 7 Sabbaths of years shall be unto thee 40 and 9 years. Then shalt thou cause the trumpet of the Jubilee to sound on the 10th day of the 7th month, in the Day of Atonement shall ye make the trumpet sound throughout the land. And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a Jubilee unto you. And ye shall return every man unto his possessions, and ye shall return every man unto his family.”

    In practical terms, simultaneously, Jubilee will accomplish, or should be executed with the following events:

    Jubilee will cancel all debt, including federal, state, local, business, farm, individual, student, family, and international. Full and complete ownership of all properties, goods, items, etc., shall be privatized to that entity in possession of it at or before Jubilee perpetually. So, all countries, like the USA, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Russia, Poland, Mexico, Nigeria, Brazil, Zaire, Canada, etc., will become completely free of debt.

    So, we will share our knowledge, skills, patents, work, etc. with the world because we are true Muslims, and real Christians, and real Jews.

    Jews, Christians, and Muslims, together, may build a Second Solomon Temple somewhere in the midland, in the heartland of the USA.

    Amnesty will prevail wherever possible. We will also unclog the local and other courts. Amnesty will prevail! And we will educate, rehabilitate, or eliminate individuals, as necessary.

    We must be about Our Father’s Business of creating The Real New World Order. And that is about food, clothing, shelter, housing, education, health care, and privacy, as a primary right. And the right of all people to have their God-given rights shall not be infringed upon.

    Everyone will work or contribute. Every able-bodied person will produce something or provide a service.

    Businesses will abide by the same laws as the rest of society. If businesses are caught violating the laws, the RICO statues will apply to their criminal activities, and they will be given to more worthy owners. Always, the golden rule will apply.

    The system will be administered fairly!

    1. There won’t be the collection of “taxes” similar to what we have today.

    2. Everyone will work and contribute.
    3. Everyone will get food, clothing, shelter, and have medical needs met.

    4. Only those who request it will continue to “retire.” People will continue to assist, share, and contribute to society, like the Amish.

    5. The early Christian Church, the Ancient Jewish State (during and after Moses), and the example of the Islamic Umma (community) are instructive examples here.

    6. Understand that robots, automation, harvesting combines, and modern technology has made the current economic and money system untenable, unworkable, and obsolete.

    7. The current system tries to put a “price” on everything. This excludes labor, (employees, and workers), creates, a system with “interest,” recession/depression, inflation, exclusion, discrimination, prostitution, instability, imperialism, slavery, colonialism, a “lie, cheat, steal, kill,” and war paradigm: Satanism!

    8. This system produces a jail and prison system like that in the United States, high crime, “garbage” talk-radio, a corrupt and “bought” United States Congress, a Military-Industrial complex like that in the US:

    You will know them by their fruit!

    9. Thomas Jefferson resolved the conflict with the Barbary Coast “pirates,” to end that war. We will end the wars, likewise.

    We will act like mature, sane adults!

    10. Many matters are just none of anybody’s business, except for those personally affected. People will take their nose out of other people’s business. Any kinds of infractions, or just activities involve just so many people. We will give those affected justice, truth, and resolution. The State, institutions, and individuals will mind their own business, and only facilitate events to ensure truth and justice!

    11. Like the early Christian Church, the Ancient Jewish State (during and after Moses), and the example of the Islamic Umma (community), we shall be FREE!

    “God Will Wipe Away Your Tears”

    – Everything will be “free”

    – There will be no more recession, inflation, or depression.

    – A Civil War, The Square Deal, New Deal, Fair Deal, New Frontier, Great Society, and “end” of Communism have been tried. Now we will have a new system!

    Just like air is “free,” and “things” are free in “heaven,” so shall it be on earth. For, as it is above, so shall it be below!

    Food, clothing, shelter, education, and work shall be free: freely given, freely received. No bottlenecks or “cancer.” No recession, inflation, depression.

    But instead:

    – Grace,

    – Amnesty,

    – Bartering,

    – Legitimacy

    For it will be:

    Like Heaven!

    Conclusion: The old paradigms are obsolete: labor, work, politics, government, the Nation-State, pseudo-religions, lack of integrity, the multinational corporation structure, the current economic system, the corrupt, obscene social system, the war-mongering military-industrial complex, etc.

    The Second Coming can be ascertained and verified using the 1260-year prophecies, sometimes given as 42 months (Daniel 7:25, 12:7, Revelation 11:2, 11:3, 12:6, 12:14, 13:5), the 2300-year prophecy (Daniel 8:14, 9:24-27), the 1335-year prophecy of Daniel 12:12, the 2520-year prophecy (Daniel 4:15-16, 23, 25, 32), the 42 kings vs. 42 presidents, in Matthew and Luke, the 1-8 Empires indicator in Rev. 17:11, plus historical events. It started during the Clinton Administration.

    So, The Second Coming is a number of things:

    – It is a time when science, technology, and innovation create the conditions for “heaven on earth.”

    – It is a time when those conditions and individuals in opposition to truth, justice, caring, sharing, and openness, and privacy will not exist

    on earth.

    – It is the beginning of The Millennium, spoken of in the Bible.

    – It is the time of The First Resurrection. See Revelation 20.

    – It is the time of The Judgment, and The Resurrection, spoken of in The Holy Qur’an.

    – It is a time when integrity and truth will be rigorous not only in business, science, architecture, and technology, but also in religion, social relations, spiritual matters, economics, and social policy. Justice and fairness will be integral components, along with truth and integrity.

    – The Second Coming is like having brunch at a buffet: You can have all that you can consume, all you need, and you are free to have what you want. But you have to pay an entry fee. And the entry fee is quite reasonable. And everyone will participate in a just and fair manner, creating, building, caring, and sharing.

    • Truthseeker562

      I do believe that President Obama will win

      • Truthseeker562

        It’s all part of Gods plan but there are times that I feel afraid.

    • D_17

      There are so many things wrong and inaccurate it’s hard to know where to begin.

      Let’s start with, there were 13 tribes of Israel, not 12.

      No supluses appeared in the Federal budget, they were projected to appear in future. It never happened, because GWB cut the taxes that would have created them, and increased spending besides.

      In your list of prophet kings v Presidents… Grover Cleveland was the same man elected to two non-consecutive terms. How do you equate this to two different people? And you list Joseph (Jesus Father) – which Christians insist he was not because Jesus was the begotten son of God, not Joseph- as a prophet king. But Joseph was never either a king or a prophet. In the Quran’s version of the birth of Jesus (and you do give some weight to the Quran), Joseph didn’t even exist. Mary never had a husband.

    • yakilim,
      You should read the book of Mormon. It will tell you the TRue history of the world and the plans God has for mankind. The 13 th tribe came to the amercian continents and Rip Mommey has been ordained to become a god to rule over Amercia. Read The Book of Mormon and the Pearl of Great Price.

  • if you sew up rushlimbaugh potty mouth.or move hisbut mouth to his mouth his sh22 will shut him up, what an excuse to not go to the millitary .afraid his skunk fur would give him away………

  • Sundarban

    Instead of making 100 million dollars Bain capital could have taken 80 million and given back 20 million to the laid off workers. That’s my main criticism of “vulture” capitalism. Private equities create wealth not job. That’s fine. And, Romney embraced Ryan’s austerity and Medicare ending budget. Europe is now embracing Obama approach. All these fiscal cliff hangers (expiration of Bush’s tax cuts, debt deafult etc.) may eventually force them to act like grownups.

  • Paula they cant help it that is just the way they think. You should read conservatives without conscience. By John W. Dean. It explains why they think like they do.

  • I am not from United state but i hope American people should be wise not to vote Mit Romney as the next US president but if they do,i see another calamity fallen upon them

  • D_17

    Romney/Bain capital created jobs the way Bernie Madoff created wealth.

  • You people on the right I understand some of your ideas. However you have been lied to by the GOP . Probably 90% of the crap you hear on fox and talk radio is not true. I am not saying the democrats are without fault. You will be better of with them in office.

  • cjc1949


    President Obama is the best one to lead the U.S. to it’s better days. The President has all people
    in a good and upright beat, so let keep Romney out the way, So the President can put the economy
    back to where it need to be.

  • People of Ohio will wake in time to realize that Obama speaks well but his actions do not follow his words. His cavorting with islamists of Muslim Brotherhood and Taliban and helping white wash Islam is endangering not only US soldiers and US but the entire Western civilization. He is like a pied piper who is attracting lemmings to their demise. It is amazing how nothing sticks to him…a true Teflon President. Barak Hussein Obama grew up from age 6-10 as a Muslim boy in Indonesia with his Marxist/Muslim stepfather who was a spokesman for oil corporations. Then his grandpa in Hawaii got him a tutor who was a member of Hawaii communist party. Obama was for 20 years a member of a racist anti-American church of Jeremiah Wright in Chicago. It is amazing that American disregarded all those facts of his life, and went for the “change” slogan.

    As they say: Fool me once, shame on YOU, fool me twice, shame on ME. Many of my friends in Ohio who were fooled in 2008 to vote for this guy will not make the same mistake again, since we like our Western civilization and have no intention to allow sharia which is creeping into our country under disguise of Obama.

    While at the 9/11 commemoration nobody mentioned that it was a Islamic terrorist attack of Saudi citizens, President Obama bowed to Saudi king and extolls Islam and Koran, which promote supremacist ideology of hate similar to Nazism. Islam MUST REFORM to make it compatible with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or has no place in ANY civilized nation. Read Koran and Hadith and learn about history of Islam and Mohamed to see for yourself. Obama must be defeated in November.

    • skytimer01

      Speak for yourself. You know a lot about promoting supremacist ideology of hate similar to Nazism. Are you telling on yourself?

    • Vlasta Molak,
      What is your family heritige? Where were you schooled? It sounds like you were schooled at the Fox School of BS.
      You do not know what you are talking about! Yes this country is screwed up, but why don’t you go back to your familly home land? You won’t go because you would be jailed or shot for your stupidity. The greedy bastards have taken control of our country, but the pendulin(?) swings one way for a while, then it swings back. It may not swing back to the middle in my life time, but I will try to make this a better place than I was born in.
      If you do not understand that no where does it say that capitalism or freemarket economy will be our model of economics. If you were to study E_”con”_omics you would learn that capitalism and communism results are the same. look at the world and the US economies. This is all American Style Vulture Capitalism. The capitalists have bought out Communists and now they are Buying out the USA. The Repubs are tanking the US economy just to keep a black man from succeeding. You sound like a Nazi and Facist, with your hatred of Obama. If he was all White, the phony Repubs would never disrespect him. If Obama had of stood up to the phony bastards at the start of his term, we all would be better off. He tried to compromise with the Idiotic repubs and lost. If Rip Momney gets elected with a repub congress the USA will go into the deapest depresion that the world has ever seen. We will return to fuedalism and people will be housed on poor farms and deported or shot to keep from feeding them. Romoney is not a job creator, he admits that. He will strip the US of all trust funds and give it to the con_tribitors that are trying to buy your vote. Yes they are buying your vote, only you will not benifit from this buy out.

  • donald54

    Shame the devil and tell the truth, I often heard this quite often said and tried to get an understanding of what it meant until examining the healty issues we we as a nation are confronted with. Yes it is a shame that all the funds be wasted on healthy indivuduals who can afford to help those who are under the apron who are really struggling in getting an asprin prescribed for their pain because they do not have the medical coverage thatis required. And Bank of America needs to stop hassling good cliants who were framed by their own employees who work their and train them to examine every check that is cashed and stop covering for them when they make a large mistake in distributing currency properly, we the consumers should not be incriminated and charged for their negligence and their responsibility and the bank managers know this and are using illegal methods to go into people’s personal accounts if they acepted a check and sahed it and the next day it became voided it is not the clients fault but the employee and bank itself and the managers should not be calling the clients home with threats of arrest nor should they persue what is truly their repsonsibility and not ours This is harrisment and needs to be dealt with in a major way.

  • Most of the “Obama haters” will vote for Romney even though it will get rid of their food stamps, their medicare or medicaid. A white southerner said he “hates” Obama and the “Govment” (misspelled on purpose) he wants out of his life. But, he seem totally confused when he was told that if the Government gets out of his life, he would lose his medicaid and food stamps. He was too dumb to realize that his checks and medical care was because of the federal “Govment!”

  • At this point the LAST thing I want is a bunch of well connected banksters and their corporate equivelant dismantling more businesses that OTHER hard working people put together before they danced into the picture… Any candidate who thinks we need LESS oversight and more freedom to squander the remaining bank accounts and investments of others IS NOT good for America. I’ve already seen that, been there and don’t want Wall Street does America II.

  • Its difficult to tune out the intentional distractions come from the name callers, the one liners and exaggerators who insist the pointless comments are helpful to the rest of us. Its refreshing to read HONEST comments – as opposed to intential distortions. I tend to trust people who see things in a more realistic way… and offering some solutions.

  • BisonMyths

    Re electing Obama will keep his record going:
    1) Us sovereign debt downgrade: first in American history
    2)Federal spending(25% of GDP):Highest since WWII
    3) Bedget deficit(10% of GDP):Highest since WWII
    4) Federal Debt (67% of GDP) highest since just after WWII
    5) Employment (58.1% of population working) Lowest since 1983
    6) Long term umemployment (45.9% of total) highest since 1930’s
    7)Increase in nonfarm payroll employment (.5%) since recover began 26 months ago :slowest job growth 26 months after a severe recession since WWII
    8)Home ownership rate (59.7%) Lowest since 1965
    9)Percentage of taxpayers paying income tax (49%) lowest in modern era
    10) Gov, dependency (47%) defined as the percentage of persons receiving one or more federal benefits payments: Highest in American History

  • Romney don’t care about nobody but his wife,his children,himself and his friends that are rich like he is.he don’t give the poor any donation,but he give to that cult(mormon) which he belong to.they believe that there was a man that GOD sent after JESUS.he would turn this nation upside down and have everybody to be mormons.


      I dont trust any one in politcs for the moment and wish for a new way to love Kimchi food and love to expore culture and make a life wit out more additioanl contengencies.




      I am not thinking about politic when I am here with out my own chioce I need a aplogey if you are drectley composeing to me,

      • RONWALKER1




  • And it will take more than 4 yrs to clean up this mess. it didnt happen overnight so why people think it will be cleaned up with an snap of a finger. things take time and this country is going in the right direction. TWO WARS WILL BE ENDING SOON THANKS TO PRESIDENT oBAMA. HE CAN REALLY CONCENTRATE ON THE ECOM AFTER THIS HAPPENS

  • edwardw69

    I get so tired of people saying Mr. Romney has no explicit plan on anything. He most certainly does; he stated in the debates that he will raise defense spending by 50%–because we don’t spend enough, already–and we are going to war against Iran and Cuba. Oh, and I almost forgot, instead of withdrawing from Afghanistan, we will beef up our forces there and stay forever. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can’t wait!!

  • crestdad

    Did you hear that? The usual response to the Republican failure. Blame the President. They just cant come up with anything positive. Or in their minds the negative is a positive, which in everyone elses minds is not coming up with answers. Republicans are their own worst enemy.

  • Thank God,sanity is prevailing against Romney the hiding crook..

    • OHHHHHHHHHHHHH giggle giggle you have the slogans and approved talking points down to 4 words , that is so intelligent .. name calling is so intelligent , just brilliant .

  • As they say “don’t count your chickens until they hatch!” The far right billionaires have been pouring money into the coffers of right wing PACS and Gov. Romney’s campaign. They will carpet bomb those critical states with never ending negative ads. Gov. Romney excels at half-truths, distortions and lies. Karl Rove is the king of negative campaigns and knows how to do in candidates. Karl Rove took popular Gov. Ann Richards in Texas and destroyed her with negative ads. Get the Tea Party favorites the reigns of power and watch them hatchet job the safety net and programs for the middle class while lining the pockets of the super wealthy with defense contracts and subsidies for big corporations!

    • OH you mean the BILLIONAIRES: Buffett , Gates , Soros , Ellison , Gore, Brin, Page , Rockefellers , Pelosi , Kerry , Feinstein , everyone in Hollywood .. . ok …

    • Psssst every single contender has the identical opportunity to make the case, raise the money and build the winning team and game .. elections are NOT pity parties

  • Romney? Obama? Who gives a monkey’s? Twin terrorists and mercenaries for the banksters the both of them. Now if Ron Paul were the GOP candidate I’ve no doubt he’d wipe the floor with Obama. Even now – with few people even understanding RP is still in the race – Paul equals Obama in the polls.

    • Oh, you mean that R. Paul who achieved zero absolutely zero during his 20 years in office OHHHH he gets the “LEADERSHIP IN HISTORY AWARD” OH the one who could not get more than one 1. 6 million votes out of 50 states . goodness , of course he will just walk into the WH .. psssst “winning is the only solution” if you never win in 20 years your ideas, plans etc. are worthless .. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting a different outcome ..

  • 4 months old , desperate to pimp the brain washed .. all of the pro Obama articles are put on top of the pile : SO why doesn’t that gawd King Obama the prince of race baiting and playing the race card , the blame game and the fear and smear campaign . Not one pic of the turn away crowds following Romney / Ryan . oh well better that they do not have a clue ..

  • Democratman4life

    Obama is a decent man that tried to work with the Republicans when he got into office and later realized that they do not want to work with him, don’t respect his office and can not get over a Black Man being in office even if he is more intelligent and reasonable than all of them put together. Romney bought his Primary and Sheldon Adelson, the Koch brothers, NRA, and other special interest groups have bought him. Romney is drooling over possibly getting to the White House and Raiding Social Security, Medicare, Dept of Education, and other agencies and somehow this money is going to go to him and his buddies…Then he will apologize and say that he wasn’t really responsible for all that…This monster, Romney, is only interested in the presidential office to get power, get richer, lower taxes on the rich, and pay back favors to campaign contributors…There is a reason that his monster does not want to show his tax returns and he really did destroy the lives of a lot of people that worked in factories that Bain Capital took over, stripped of their assets including, pension plans. This guy is worst than Madoff, Milken, and all those thieves..the only difference is that these guys took private funds that were entrusted to them and Romney wants to ripoff government funds…he is drooling…

  • Silverbullet23456

    This comment is typical right wing rhetoric always belittling the progress made by the current administration yet failing to mention or even consider the fact that they have opposed everyone of his attempts in Congress to create better laws for our country to succeed. If one considers their main mission before our President was ever sworn in was to insure that this administration would be one term. To hell with bettering the economy, to hell with improving the lot of the middle class to hell with medicare or any other government efforts to improve things in general.
    And what is really sad is that they have almost succeeded at their main mission and then to add insult to injury they try to blame the victim for not showing improvement in these areas much like they blame low income women for having abortions yet they make it illegal for them to procure contraception medications and even making it illegal for them to seek medical help from the likes of Planned Parenthood and various other organizations that try to prevent conception in the first place until the patient (woman) is financially or mentally able to sustain a pregnancy for the remaining 18 years that it will take to raise that child.

  • antione bonner

    Just donated to President Barack Obama dang it felt good i hope i can meet him Michigan man thanks for saving our way of life amd giving ,y son a chance at Gm and the other auto industries

  • How Obama can be ahead of Romney is shocking so I simply don’t believe it. Of course, liberal NBC said it, of course because they worship Obama from what I’ve seen and heard. There’s no way he can be ahead after his dismal four years and inexperience. He’s never had much of a real job; how can he run the most powerful country in the world?? Come on and get real here! America is in a MESS and he made it! Romney has experience as a Governor and was very successful at it plus he made his business successful and used his OWN money to do so. Yes, he BUILT IT himself! You people who support Obama deserve what you get if you don’t remove your stupid blinders! Have you seen the movie about Obama? It may pay you to go with an open mind without your blinders or ear plugs if you love your country, children, and grandchildren!! Ironic that other polls have Romney way ahead, isn’t it?? I’d rather believe them; they’re more believable. The vast majority of American people are FED UP! Romney will be our next President!

  • widollar

    Once America sees how weak Mitt Romney is during the debates, the polls will begin to show a dramatic shift in favor of Obama. Romney is just NOT convincing and even many members of his party wish he would just go away.

  • Roy Ivett

    i am aregistered dem and im not voting for obama for one very good reason he has done nothing but spent more money then the last three combined and he has not cut my taxes o%. and the only jobes he created is his aides


      i feel sorry for you , romney has  you brain washed!!!!!, do your own research and thinking , you havent seen bad times till you see what romney has planed , he could care less about you   , check your facts, good luck

    • Americanmom1

      You do realize dont you that Bush put his two wars, medicare D and his tax cut for his base on the nations credit card. When he left office that debt was still owed. Where do you suppose it would go???? Obama then had to put all those bills on his budget which makes it appear that HE spent all that money when it was actually Bush debt…I dont believe that you are a registered Democrat because no self respecting Democrt would ever vote for another Republican again..

  • venkatwarren

    Ken SMALLwood is indeed SMALL MINDED ! You cannot be a winner when all you do is throw in the race card every time ! I am NOT on food stamp; I am a CARDIOLOGIST saving lives including yours, may be !! Wait till you loose your job and go on the food stamps !! That would be ironic, wouldn’ it ?! I pity your kind !! No cheers to you ! Venkat Warren.M.D.

  • republican122

    these polls are al lies due to the thuggery that axlerod and the chicago politics has played with these pollsters gullup got a visit or shall we say sit down with this admistration helpers to change numbers so yeah bnch of liars from the get go. hell america doesnt even know anything tru about this dude sitting in our whitehouse. violating our Us Constitution. once we do I cant wait till pelosi is sitting behind bars and fined millions and ried and anyone else who assisted in the crime that will be such a happy day andmark my words it will happen one day some how someway God will shine a light on all these lies.

  • donbronkema1

    Ace: you must be a plant to make us look good in rebuttal–86% of food stamp recipients are caucasoids.

    Millions of citizens are eligible but don’t know it, or too embarrassed to file–these latter have swallowed the Puritan trope that anybody who’s broke must be too lazy to work.

    Advanced societies elsewhere invest in the poor; here we despise them for being illiterate & enumerate.

  • davincit

    The main problem engulfing most American voters is that they vote not what a candidate’s position on the issues are, but what they think that candidate will probably do when s’he becomes President.
    Most American voters need a true and life-time education about how to vote a person in office, particularly a person who is a candidate for the highest office of the land.

    At the very least, we know what Obama had done; what he plans to do should he wins a second term in office. By contrast, nobody knows what Romney and Ryan will bring to the table. Romney is too secretive and too reserved to be the President of the USA. Nobody knows what his goals are for the future in America, and if he has any, what they are.

    The choice is clear: Vote Obama for a second term.

  • it’s not even romney per se… it’s the state of the GOP today. they have become a party of hate, and anti-latino, anti-poor, etc. rhetoric will make it impossible to win any states along the two coasts. just think about this… the GOP is a party where someone like rush limbaugh is considered important. romney will lose because of GOP’s hate-speech. i do not think it matters who the GOP’s candidate is, the party has done itself in.

    –from someone who is not at all a democrat.