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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Reprinted with permission from Media Matters. 

In a December 2 tweet that rattled embassies on the other side of the world, President-elect Donald Trump shredded nearly four decades of U.S. diplomatic protocol when he announced he had accepted a congratulatory call from Taiwan’s president. Seen as a public slight to China, which views Taiwan as a breakaway province, Trump’s move set off a flurry of international speculation and concern about America’s relationship with China, which boasts one of the most important economies in the world.

The next day, The New York Times heralded the news on the front page: “Trump Muddies China Relations With Taiwan Call.” What was so odd about the article — yet what’s become such a hallmark of Trump transition coverage to date — was that the Times was unable to provide any insight into why the president-elect had made such a baffling move. “Mr. Trump’s motives in taking the call, which lasted more than 10 minutes, were not clear,” the paper conceded.

The Times didn’t publish a single quote, either on or off the record, from any Trump aides or advisers shedding light on the diplomatic controversy. Instead, the Times was left to quote Trump’s tweets on the topic of Taiwan tweets which, of course, are public and anyone can read.

That’s extraordinary. Yet sadly it’s also become the norm during the one month since Election Day. It wasn’t as if the Trump team, by its own standards, was being unusually secretive about Taiwan. It’s simply been unusually secretive about everything, leaving the press with few avenues of information. (Remember the time, days after the election, when the caught-in-the-dark press corps didn’t know where Trump was?)

Recall the Times’ front page on November 22, when the paper touted as the day’s biggest news offering a newly released YouTube clip from Trump in which he discussed the goals of his first 100 days. There again, locked out from any advisers with insights, reporters were reduced to transcribing the two-and-a-half-minute infomercial and treating it as breaking news (i.e. “Mr. Trump offered what he called an update on his transition”).

Question: Isn’t that more how monarchs and figureheads are covered, not presidents of the United States? I kept asking myself that question last Wednesday when CNN’s daytime coverage for hours revolved around the image of Trump’s plane sitting on a runway in preparation for his trip to Ohio. Is the nation that eager to catch a glimpse of Trump, who lost the popular vote in November and boasts a miserable favorable rating for a newly elected president?

Soon after the election, I warned that if journalists’ game plan in dealing with Trump was wishing and hoping that he’d change, then they’d be doomed, and so would news consumers. One month after the election, the doomsday appears to be looming larger.

And yes, the stakes are that high. “The Trump transition has put in stark relief the very foundations of the profession of journalism in modern America,” writes historian Rick Perlstein.

From Politico, here’s a quick reminder about how Trump openly disrespected the press this year, and will likely continue to do so:

He did not allow the press to travel with him on his plane, which meant they were not in his motorcade and often, because of travel snafus, were left behind. He’s banned outlets for months at a time and called out specific reporters he didn’t like. And despite the years of tradition that the White House allows journalists into the building, has them travel with the president in a protective pool and that the press secretary holds a daily briefing, none of that is guaranteed in any sort of law. It is just tradition, and not many believe a Trump White House will keep that going.

And don’t forget, Trump hasn’t held a press conference since late July.

Instead of Trump’s historic lack of access prompting the press to be even more aggressive and vigilant in its coverage, we seem to be entering Stockholm Syndrome territory, where too many battered journalists seem to think that if they’re nice to Trump and paint him as a success — as taking on big business and scoring a bigCarrier jobs victory — that he’ll stop bullying them. They hope he’ll grant them access and won’t shred all White House press protocols starting next year.

But that ship has sailed, my friends. The best way for journalists to cover Trump moving forward is to assume they’ll never have any access. That means news organizations can, and should, stop fretting about possibly offending Trump. That opens up possibilities for detailed reporting on his sprawling web of conflicts. (Even if it arrives a bit late.)

And they should stop dancing around the fact that he constantly tells bald-faced lies. When Trump pushed out his fantasy that if it weren’t for “millions” of people who voted “illegally” he would’ve won the popular vote, way too many news outlets simply typed up the assertions without properly stressing that Trump’s claim was categorically false. (Even Trump’s attorneys don’t believe it.)

If the press can’t swiftly and collectively knock down this nonsense, journalists are opening the door to every conceivable crackpot claim in the near future. Is the press really prepared to play he said/he said with Trump and his surrogates about whether the earth is flat, or the moon is made of cheese? Because that’s the direction we’re heading in if Trump’s team is allowed to advance its preferred “post-truth” presidency, where there’s “no such thing” as facts.

Meanwhile, the timid press corps really needs to stop normalizing the outlier and radical nature of Trump’s transition and the people he’s appointing. During the first month of transition coverage, when not erroneously tapping Trump adviser and white nationalist Steven Bannon as a feel-good “populist,” journalists for weeks turned away from the dark, hateful rhetoric of retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who has been tapped to become Trump’s national security adviser.

One week before Election Day, Flynn, a high-profile Trump surrogate in the press, tweeted out a fake news article claiming Hillary Clinton was linked to “sex crimes with children.” That, of course, is insanely irresponsible behavior for any adult, let alone a retired general, let alone Trump’s soon-to-be national security advisor.

But for weeks, while profiling Flynn, the press politely looked away from the specific instance of him hyping a rancid allegation about Clinton. Instead, in long articles about Flynn, news consumers were told about Flynn’s “outspokenness,”  his “fiery temperament,” how he throws “sharp elbows,” and isn’t afraid to “ruffle feathers.” Those were some ways that The Washington Post, CNN, the Times and NPR categorized Flynn’s erratic behavior. Yet none of those profiles mentioned his “sex crimes with children” tweet, which seems like a glaringly obviously example of Flynn’s at-times shocking behavior.

Right after the election, the Post’s Margaret Sullivan rightfully urged her colleagues “to keep doing our jobs of truth-telling, challenging power and holding those in power accountable.”

Raise your hand if, over the last four weeks, you’ve been awed by the Beltway media’s tireless drive to hold Trump accountable.

Not me.

341 Responses to One Month Later, Press Failing Trump Transition Test

  1. Sadly, many responsible journalists have been seduced by high-tech gadgetry and services like you-tube, facebook, twitter, and bogus internet sources to gather information regarding the mystery surrounding his lordship. Rather than challenge his charade and inanities, they lamely submit to his every whim and tweet, careful not to arouse the ire of the little emperor lest he give them a tongue-lashing and threaten to sue them.
    How long will the media allow this peevish man to persist in doing as he pleases? Will the media have the courage to focus their attention on Russia’s assistance in helping him secure the presidency?? Maybe a severe limitation of coverage should be afforded and let the trash journalists like FOX and breitbart cover him.

    • Rather Aaron, Trump is using Twitter to marginalize the Lamestream Media. Even if they could or would accurately report on Trump; they simply don’t matter any more.

      Among Twitter, Facebook, Fox, and the rest of the RWMO, Trumpistas have no use for any other news source.

        • Yeah it was Obama who (dumb made up gibberish from a woman-hating bigot), so therefore it wasn’t treason for Trump & co to sell the US to Putin, somehow.

          • Reign is the right word, isn’t it?

            After 8 years of claiming President Obama was acting like an Emperor, now you get to see how a real Emperor acts.

          • You really have no knowledge of Russian history do you?

            Does the name Ekaterinburg mean anything to you?

          • Does Andrew Jackson a Democratic Populist. His goal was simple I’m going to kill the corrupt banking industry.

            The Bank, Mr. Van Buren, is trying to kill me, but I shall kill it.

            And he was the first to bring forward the veto and people thought of him a Tyrant. Yet he is on the 20 dollar bill. Jackson had virtually no policy as a populist and everyone thought he was doomed for failure. Reminds me of another Populist who has very little policy but said “I’m going to build a wall.” Very similar in approach. History may side with Trump for being a very effective president. If you think you already know he is not please bring forward your crystal ball so I can get some winning powerball numbers.

          • In one of your posts to Helpy, you claim to be a libertarian socialist. You don’t believe there ought to be a government, but it ought to own the means of production.

            Okay. I’m lost completely.

            Jackson is a little before my time. But you found his quote on the Bank. Have you found his quotes on Nationalism?

            Having trouble seeing Trump as a populist. Gold plated bathrooms are not Populist.

            Having trouble seeing Trump as opposing the bank(s) as he’s appointing so many Goldman Sachs Alum to his Administration. Unless you’re arguing against the Federal Regulation of banks, which is in my field, and a really, really, dumb idea.

            Don’t quite know where you got the idea that I’m convinced that Trump will be a flop. It’s true, though I have no crystal ball. Appointing someone who has sued the EPA as its head is evidence, not prediction. Appointing a MD to be Secretary of HUD is evidence, not prediction. Have you read the article? Trump’s actions are confused at best.

          • Yes, and he promised to shake things up didn’t he? To drain the swamp by doing things differently.

            A Libertarian Socialist is an ideal that really can not come to fruition with the exception of a Utopia. And even then good luck having a Utopia that doesn’t turn into a Dystopia. I think essential things like Utilities need to be government regulated and government overreach needs to be curtailed. But for areas that are for essential services private industry can’t be trusted. Outside of essential services laissez faire.

            The reason why most people are confused is that most people only see politics in a 1 dimensional spectrum. Left and Right. When there is really and X, Y and Z axis.

            You have Left and Right but you also have Top which is Libertarian and Bottom which is Authoritarian. You can be on the Left and be a dictator and you can be on the right and be a dictator. I hope this gives you some clarity since you said you were confused and so I act in good faith to explain myself.

            He rode the wave of populism and so he represents the populist movement. Doesn’t mean he agrees with the Populist ideals. I mean look at how Clinton and Sanders and the difference between them.

            I’m pointing out that a lack of public policy is not always a bad thing. You stated he’d be an Emperor and to me that is being a flop of a President. I’d like to know what facts you have to show he’d be an Emperor before he is even in office. There have been Presidents of the past who were confusing to people but turned out to be effective leaders.

            We shouldn’t think the sky is falling before it actually falls. I hope he actually succeeds in his promises and his words on Trade (Something Bernie and him agreed upon) I don’t want him to fail as him failing would make the US that much worse off.

            Thank you for coming to me with civility and poise. Most people will just do nothing but insult like a few people here.

          • I see the “Swamp Draining” is going spectacularly….
            Do you think he can fill the Swamp any fuller?

            Is there any conspiracy theorist, lobbyist, billionaire, Fossil Fuel CEO, Wall Street banker, or political bottom feeder that he hasn’t employed yet?

            Wow… i bet he gets right on the draining thing as soon as he’s filled it right up to the tippy-top.
            ….. right?

          • Yes and because a difference of opinion is a bad thing. I’m a liberal I’m OK with you having different skin color than me but once you have a different ideological opinion you are an *ist/phobe and a morally/intellectually stunted human being. Get out of your echo chamber and think for once. Maybe those conspiracy theorists/lobyist/billionaire/political bottom feeder actually does something decent for America. Show me your crystal ball that accurately predicts the future.

          • First off, I’ve argued that all labels are meaningless. So any attempt to hang a label on anyone is an exercise in futility.

            I’d dispute that Trump is a Populist. What programs or policies of the Populist Movement 1890-1930, does he espouse? Hanging the label, doesn’t make it so, particularly in light of Trump’s cabinet appointments. If you argue that words and labels are particularly irrelevant when it comes to Trump, I’ll agree, but put it back to you that it equally applies to Populist.

            “But for areas that are for essential services private industry can’t be trusted. Outside of essential services laissez faire.”

            I suspect that most, if not all, here would agree with that comment. The problem, of course, is in the details, what are essential services?

            I’ll suggest that clean air and water are essential. Therefore, the government has the responsibility to curb pollution. Therefore the government ought to prohibit the practice of Hydrolic Fracturing as it dumps cyanide into the ground water.

            I’ll state that national regulation of banks is essential. I’ll argue that national regulation of insurance is essential. In each case the products offered may be within one state but the users of such services travel inter-state.

            No thanks is required for the civility. It is appreciated though. I do note that civility is getting rarer.

            That said, I still see Libertarian (no government) and Socialist (government owning the means of production) as hopelessly inconsistent. I see authoritarian as a rightist concept and anarchist as a leftist. But rather than a grid, try viewing political ideas as a circle. At one point we’ll define as “center” as you swing left and right you get further extreme and more authoritarian, until at the other side, you’ve got the indistinguishable policies of the TPL and TPR.

          • This isn’t Russia. Have you read our constitution? You realized we don’t have and cannot have an emperor? Or do you think somehow that a president magically can come in and re-write the constitution? Do you really believe that?

          • God’s Wounds.

            Did you read what you wrote 16 hours ago? You spoke of Trump’s reign. Monarchs reign. Presidents serve or have Administrations.

            I was pointing out your inconsistency of accusing President Obama of being an Emperor and then applying reign to Trump.

            But to answer your question: armed with a fawning Congress, a worshipful RWMO, and a pliant SCOTUS, yes, Trump will be able to rewrite, or at least interpret, the Constitution in any way he chooses.

            That Tsarist Eagle is something of a give away. Or was the Tsarist two-headed & you’ve chosen the Kaiser’s.

          • Yes, I already said you were illiterate. I also mentioned you’re a woman-hating bigot and a traitor, but I suspect the problem here is that those words are simply too long. Rest assured, I will not over-estimate you in future.

          • Several weeks ago, a friend came into my cubicle and pointed out that the US had built a self-directed killer drone. “Look, they’ve built a Terminator. Didn’t they see the movie? This doesn’t end well.”

            Several weeks ago the USA elected someone who, as Bill points out, is scheming to become Emperor. This too was predicted in movies. This too doesn’t end well. No wonder the Trumpistas felt that Rogue One was written about their Emperor.

            Don’t buy property on Alderan.

          • Nah it was massive voter suppression & Russian interference abetted by Republican treason.

            PS: I didn’t lose, the Trump presidency has literally made me millions of dollars. Turns out collapsing the economy doesn’t encourage foreign business to stay.

          • What did I lose? I don’t live in America, and you gave up your job, your pension, and your healthcare to give me money and new employees (thanks for funding their education, btw).

          • I own my own business, have my own retirement plan and my own (thanks to Obamacare, expensive) Cadillac healthcare plan. My employees are highly educated and well compensated for their hard work – they aren’t going to work for you. The days of liberals suckling off my teet for healthcare and education are coming to an end.

          • Right, right. Imagination is great. I’ll mail you a tin of beans and a photo of the new house you paid for, KKKomrade.

          • I’m not surprised that you’re composed of nothing but hate and jealousy – racists always are. Sorry your pretend billionaire candidate turned out to be a traitor, but you’d think after Reagan and Nixon Republicans would be used to it by now.

          • You do know that you said you weren’t American, yet you called someone who is an American a traitor. Which not being an American you’d have no room to make that call. In the end your opinion doesn’t matter in this regard as you are not an American. So if you think voting for Trump makes one a traitor to America then there really needs to be how many people on charges. Having a difference of opinion does not mean one is a traitor. False equivalency. You really have done nothing but deflections and insults.

          • I get that, as a moron, you have reading disabilities, however I still got to point out that I never said I wasn’t American.

            Sorry you’re functionally illiterate! I’d honestly expect nothing different from a racist Trump supporter, though.

          • Yeah, the guy with black nieces and nephews is a racist. I’m going to invoke Sargon’s law here.

            Because I know you are uneducated and impossible to be civil I will give you the quote. “Whenever an ideologue makes a character judgement about someone they are debating with, that character judgement is usually true about themselves.”

            So once again deflections and insults. It really doesn’t matter what you think.

          • Oh, and Obama was supported by Militant Black Supremacists does that mean that all people who supported Obama were Black Supremacists. Sod off.

          • Deflection again. You have no idea who I am and you still make character judgments that would make you the bigot and/or racist here.

          • What is there to deflect? I’m just summing up what you said. This post, for example, is the bigot’s tried-and-true “you’re the REAL racist for pointing out my racism!!1”. It has never, ever, worked, but that doesn’t seem to stop you angry pinheads from trying.

          • Oh instead of engaging you are just throwing an insult. That is a deflection. And you don’t even know me and you claim I am racist. Which I get back to Sargon’s law. Due to you not even knowing me and making a character judgment that would make you the racist/bigot. Come from a position of facts if you can’t do that F off to your safe space.

          • “You’re insulting me just because I’m trying to insultingly lecture you about how racism and treason isn’t racism and treason if *I* do it.”

            Weird, huh.

          • You’re getting me mixed up with Putin and the KKK – I didn’t suppress the vote or hack any voting machines.

          • How you treat your fellow citizens if you are indeed an American proves you help set up the environment that allows people like Trump to flourish. So thank you for helping Trump get elected.

          • I actually wonder that about you. You can’t seem to fathom that treating people you don’t know with civility had anything to do with the disconnect that lead to Hillary’s failure and Trump’s success. Thank you for helping Elect Trump.

          • Yes I get that – as a bigot – you are incapable of understanding other people, let alone your own manifest flaws. The election of Trump – which will lead to you dying in poverty of a preventable disease – has made me millions of dollars. Unfortunate, but I’m not going to turn down money just because idiots throw it away.

          • Once again, see previous posts. Sargon’s Law. Thank you Bigot for helping elect Trump. Your cognitive dissonance is strong. Please get psychiatric help with all those millions of dollars.

          • See previous four posts. Thank you for helping Trump get elected. I find this amusing to be honest. I did seven years in the Army and going to college now and I have learned how to deal with petulance. I find it hard to believe you are a fellow American based on how you treat your fellow citizens. So once again Thank you with all sincerity for allowing the environment for a Trump presidency to prosper.

          • See previous six posts. Thanks for helping Trump get elected. You really don’t seem to understand why he was Elected. Just want to believe in something you have no proof about.

          • Stalin and Hitler would be proud with your belief in thought crimes. Thank you for helping Trump get elected.

          • I also don’t see the apology you owe me for making up stuff about me out of sheer nothing. But, again, you’re a Republican, and therefore a mannerless cretin.

          • You said I owe you an apology for making stuff up about you out of sheer nothing. But you can find no such quote. Go sod off.

          • You claimed I said I wasn’t American. I did not. That’s the sole reason you’re posting your dumb angry rants at me.

            And everybody knows that libertarian is a synonym for racist.

          • “What did I lose? I don’t live in America” The context of this statement means I’m not an American. If one doesn’t live in America then chances are they are not an American. So I made an assumption based on the evidence provided. So keep on throwing insults, I expect nothing different from a bigot like yourself. See where does throwing insults get us? Does it get us anywhere, why should I listen to you if all you do is throw insults. This is actually one of the primary reasons Trump got elected.

          • OK, thanks for reinforcing my belief that you are basically incapable of reading. It wasn’t really wavering, though.

          • Once again how you have acted proves you are incapable of treating others who have a different opinion with respect. Thank you for helping Trump get elected.

          • See previous nine posts. Thanks for helping Trump get elected. You do know this will go on and on until the mods close the the channel. I am hoping one day you realize that you are actually a bigot and that how you treat your fellow citizens actually matter. But hey you are cool with calling people on thought crimes. Stalin and Hitler would be proud.

          • Stalin and Hitler would be proud of you. Thank you for helping elect Trump. Anyone with a different thought or ideas is a traitor. Way to go!

          • Thank you for helping Trump get elected. You fail to understand that it is people like you that didn’t have a message other than insults for people to actually latch onto. No ideas other than Ist/Phobe. YAFM. Blocked.

          • Wow, most of you losers realise you’re arguing with a script after three or four replies.

            Not you, though. You’re special.

          • Yes, but if you hire a robber to keep the people’s money and then he steals it, is it not your fault for hiring the thief?

          • Oh, so you have proof that someone hired Russia? Russia didn’t try act in it’s own interest? I mean Ukraine anyone, or Libya? Or how about Iraq?

          • Ok, show proof that she is a communist? Trump is a greedy thug is subjective and can’t really be proven. It just shows bias. If you are actually trying to have a dialogue please refrain from insults to people who we are discussing. Saying Lady Trump is a communist is fine as you are making an accusation, same with Trump being a greedy thug. But Tramp is just an insult and has nothing to do with the conversation at hand.

            So you made the claim, please back it up that she is a communist. Just because relatives may be communist does not mean she is a communist.

            Someone had a racist grandfather does that mean their children must also be racist and if so their grandchildren? I’m not saying that is your argument but I am preemptively debunking that reasoning.

          • The baby momma of the anchor baby in the white house parents were communist. If Trump can say that Mexico is sending only rapist and murderers to our country, I can say Lady Trump is communist by parent’s association.

            When a black person steals he is called a thug, when Trump steals money from his employees and contractors you want to say he is smart, no a thief is a thug no matter his pay scale. Proof is in the 25 million settlement.

          • Of course! Because you’re garbage, the idea of progress and civil rights enrages you. People with the regular number of chromosomes aren’t like you.

          • “Mentioning that I’m racist is race-baiting!!!1” – a tactic that has never worked, but which racists endlessly try.

          • You call me a racist because I voted for Trump. That’s all you got – thus, you are a race baiter. Simple.

          • “People calling me racist are crazy” – you, a guy supporting the KKK-endorsed Russian puppet Trump.

          • I support Trump, yes. But only a race baiting liberal would conclude that I’m racist (that’s you, BTW).

          • Good news! Race baiters don’t exist, as race baiting is a fictitious strawman used exclusively by bigots such as yourself to justify their racism.

            I hope that helps!

          • They do – you are one of them !! Whenever you have no substantive argument, you pull the race card. Or, if you think you can gain some benefit by doing so, you pull the race card. Hope that helps !!

          • Hahahaha wow. What point do you even imagine you’re making? What goes on in whatever passes for your mind?

          • You are either completely in denial, or really don’t know what’s going on around you. Which one is it?

          • It’s OK – many bigots are incapable of articulating what in the hell they’re talking about. You’re not alone. Maybe you could start a support group.

          • Calling you racist – which you, as a Trump supporter, undeniably are – isn’t “race-baiting”, and race-baiting isn’t actually a thing that exists in the first place.

            I hope that helps!

          • So all Trump supporters are racist – that makes you a race baiter. Just not getting around that.

            I hope all of you race baiters keep up this attitude – it’s one of the reasons the libs lost !!!!

          • All Trump supporters are racist, yes. Race-baiting continues not to be anything that exists outside the neo-Nazi world.

          • Exactly what I’m talking about. And that will continue to make you a race baiter, which the people have grown tired of. But, keep it up through the next election at least.

          • I mean, it makes even less sense than your other senile ramblings. Non-existent race baiting has grown tired of racists? Do you even think about what you’re typing, or are your thought processes just a meaningless blur of anger and bigotry?

          • You are my perfect example of a race baiter – I am saving these posts for future reference. No evidence that I am a racist, but the accusations fly because it’s the intellectually lazy way out, and most people will just let it go.

          • Well, look. Since we are obviously going to agree to disagree, let’s move on. I can’t see where you hang since your profile is private (like mine). I’ll look you up, hopefully on another topic.

          • I’m sure you’ll be stinking up some other thread with your slack-jawed justifications for why it’s fine to sell out the US to billionaires, racists, and Russia. I can’t promise I won’t get you mixed up with the other inbreds, but let’s face it: it’s not like there’s any reason to differentiate you from the mass of other mouthbreathers.

          • I can’t imagine why you’d think I’d be defending Trump’s treason, but it’s not like anything else you’ve ever said made any sense.

          • I love how you defend even the nonsensical gibberish you say, because – like all intolerant bigots everywhere – you are incapable of admitting error. Sorry you sold out the country just to attack imaginary race enemies! I’d say better luck next time, but obviously there won’t be a next time.

          • Why can’t you? Why can’t you just admit you said – for like the third or fourth time just today – something that was utter gibberish?

          • I love that you think he won’t get impeached by the GOP. It turns out that even some Republicans draw the line at treason.

          • Again, what do your feeble justifications for your abusive behavior have to do with your incomprehensible claim that race-baiting was tired of racists?

          • What claim of intellectual superiority can one assume who accuses someone of something so horrible with absolutely no proof?

          • Have you ever asked any of those high educated employees of your if they ever received help with their education form us tax payers?

          • Then you have no right to talk about American Politics. If you are not part of the system back off. Talk about your own politics and worry about where you live. As Voltaire in Candide would have said “Cultivate your Garden.”

          • You don’t matter either about American Politics. So yes, yes you are sorry. I hope that helps. In the end you don’t matter.

          • You make the claim, back it up. It is not my job to set your argument. Nothing but an appeal to authority, a logical fallacy. And the burden of proof lies with those making the claim. You made the claim.

          • And an insult, once again you can’t back up what you say. But then again you don’t matter. Keep Dancing puppet I am enjoying this. I’m enjoying watching you only deflect and insult and show how uneducated you actually are.

          • It’s not insulting to point out that you can’t read. You could easily rectify that with adult education.

          • Oh yes, not insulting calling someone illiterate really? You can get help. You obviously have some sort of cognitive dissonance. Please find a psychiatrist and get on some medication. Obviously I can read because we are communicating but keep on dancing puppet. More insults.

          • You claimed I said something I didn’t – the sole reason for deciding I wasn’t allowed to have an opinion about you and your fake candidate’s treason – and you’re mad because you can’t see something that is THE FIRST ARTICLE ON THE FRONT PAGE.

            There are far stronger, and equally apropos, words I could be using than “illiterate”.

          • Oh yes, you can have an opinion but back it up if you want to present it as fact and if you think there was treason. I welcome you to man up and grow a pair and put your actions where your words are. You claim I am racist, do you have facts to back this up? If no, then you are a bigot.

          • OK, sorry your plan to downplay your support for racism and treason didn’t work out. Better luck next foreign-backed coup!

          • No, there is no proof John Podesta’s email was hacked by Russia. If there is proof back the claim up. The intelligence community will not make that claim, they claim they have been hacked by Russia but not this specific claim. And a deflection. But hey I don’t expect you to show proof anyhow.

          • People from other countries have as much right to worry about what the idiots in this country did as anyone else. We are all part of one planet that trump is going to trash.

          • Oh, and America never got involved in other Countries elections? Hello Ukraine, we supported Neo-nazi’s. Obama gave support to the Nazi party of Ukraine which has quite a strong bit of support. And please show your crystal ball about HOW you know it will.

  2. It would be a lot easier if the press didn`t report about Trump , regardless .
    Didn`t he say ” The horrible , horrible media ” ?

  3. It was cute of Mike Pence to tell George Stephanopolis that Trump tweeting outright lies was “Refreshing”, then when asked again along with the fact that there is no evidence for this claim, backpedaling by saying that it’s fine for Trump to tweet lies, because “No-one knows if that claim is false.”

    Under this new “logic” I suggest news outlets start running comprehensive coverage that Mike Pence is a pedophile.

    He will undoubtedly dispute this, scream about lies, and demand to know what evidence we have so he can refute it.

    At this point you can explain that there is no evidence, but “No-one knows if the claim is false” and the President-elect gets to be exactly this “refreshing”…
    So… you know… it’s fine to publish that he’s a pedo in the general media…. and he should just concentrate on the feeling of being refreshed.

  4. I wonder what would happen if we convinced Twitter to take away Dirty Donald’s Twitter account and block him from having a new one?

  5. In his favor, Trump has not hidden his overt disdain, hatred may be a better term, for the press. He sees them as a nuisance, and often as an evil critic that questions his wisdom and the beauty of his persona.
    Considering the feelings he has made clear since he announced his candidacy, and the unambiguous statements he has made, the fact that he is shunning the press is not a surprise. In fact, it is likely to be the norm during the next four years.
    Obviously, keeping the press in the dark also means that he is planning to keep the ignorant masses in the dark as well.
    His behavior is, indeed, inconsistent with that of previous presidents, and that’s perfectly fine with Trump, who does not consider himself as anything even slightly close to his predecessors. He also does not consider himself a mere monarch, or a Czar. He regards himself as something larger than life, a divine being whose wisdom and judgment are not to be questioned, let alone challenged or criticized.
    We did not elect a President, we are witnessing the rise of the leader of a cult, who will grace us with his presence when he deems appropriate, and will punish us when we misbehave. The press misbehaved and, in His eyes, they are getting what they deserve.

    • GM Dom,

      Rather that keep the masses in the dark, he’s using Twitter et. al. to give the masses the true information that the Lamestream Media won’t carry because of their lack of devotion to Trump. I’m waiting for a Department of Truth.

      I like your idea of a cult leader. I was trying to define the difference between that and a Leader of a political movement. Finally realized it’s just a difference in emphasis.

      • It is also payback time. By twitting information or opinions, he is making the press irrelevant, and he is hitting them where it hurts. The obvious result of his preferred mode of communication is that millions of Americans, and by default the World, no longer has to tune in and wait for what the media talking heads tell us. All we have to do is wait for The Donald’s next tweet to know whats going on, literally for the horse’s mouth…or posterior.

        • Hitting them in the wallet? Hadn’t considered that angle.

          Would ask if there is any difference between information and opinion in Trumpville or the Twitterverse in general?

          If Trump controls the message, what’s to be done? He’ll put his business interests into a blind trust run by his children makes sense? He’ll oppose Russia by appeasing them?

          • I hate to sound too partisan, but nothing Trump says makes any sense to me. I would add that what comes from his mouth is, more often than not, disinformation rather than information.

          • Go ahead, Dom, be as partisan as you wish.

            I suggest you pay no attention to anything Trump says. We can not know what he means by any of his words, and our lives are too short to waste any of it trying to ponder the imponderable. Watch his acts.

            My point is merely that Trump controls the access. Trump controls the message. Trump can, at will, knock any story off the front page. With his Department of Truth, what he said in the past is gone, forgotten, never was. There is never an inconsistency because the past doesn’t exist.

            Chasing Trump into that mire is as constructive as our friend, Helpy’s, attempts at engagement with the trolls below.

        • Don’t forget.. the Stockmarket reacts when he tweets…. just watch how he leverages that for financial gain…

          Some angry tweet about some company… and if you’re positioned correctly beforehand you get to make a complete killing with no risk.

      • I am afraid it is too late for that. We will be graced with the presence, and misdeeds, of The Donald for the next four years regardless of whether we like it or not. Don’t forget that even the CIA conclusion that the Russians did, indeed, hack and promoted Trump’s candidacy by doing everything they could to discredit his opponent’s chances, was dismissed by reminding people that the CIA is the same agency that concluded that Saddam had WMDs. This is classic example of Trumpianism. For the Donald, it does not matter if his targets are Republicans or Democrats, it does not matter if his statements undermine the credibility of the USA and, in this instance, make a mockery of the excuses we used to justify the crusades, and it definitely does not matter if his conclusion makes a prestigious U.S. government agency look like an inept institution not to be taken seriously.

      • The electors are selected by their parties. They also must take an oath before the clerk of the court of appeals to vote for the person who has the most votes in their states before voting. Do you really want someone to violate their oath? If someone would violate their oath, is that the kind of person you want electing a President and Vice President?

      • I agree. I also think he does not consider himself a physical manifestation of the Second Coming of the Lord, as that would imply that he is second to someone else, especially when that someone was born in the Middle East…

    • President-elect Trump will not hide his feelings about the press. I hope he does not tap their phones or spy on reporters as someone else has. I don’t agree he is leaving anyone in the dark, he makes sure you know where he stands on the issues. You can bet he won’t draw red lines and make worthless threats. People are sick of the behavior of previous Presidents, and this is one reason he got elected. You are witnessing a era of change and not ass kissing foreign terrorists like Obama has. Many people are tired of the press making the news and not reporting it. A free press is one of the corner stones of our nation. We need a honest press also. President-elect Trump has not spent even one hour in office yet, and has saved jobs in Indiana, and has a commitment to bring 50,000 new jobs to America. Look at the stock market since the election. I didn’t support President-elect Trump, but so far am pleased with what I have seen.

      • Looks like it doesn’t take much to please you. You are right about investment in the stock market. This is going to be a bonanza for those with enough capital to invest, and make a buck often on the backs of the gullible voters that voted for Trump.

        • I just want a honest person living the White House and a person I can believe when he speaks. That is something I haven’t had for almost 8 years now. If the President-elect gets the same way, I will be against him too. If I were to make a lot of money by investing in the stock market, how does that make me get money on the back of someone else?

          • Where were you during the election campaign? Did have your head buried in coal dust? Trump’s comments certainly did not reveal honesty. Frankly, there is an upturn in the stock market after every election. Prepare for a bust, the stock market is the biggest crap shoot in the world – gambling at its finest. Enjoy the soap opera or reality show – whatever.

          • Hillary is the biggest liar ever to run for office. Your head is buried in coal dust or a pile of something.

          • No those word came out of your president mouth, funny how it sounds like beautiful music to you when he says it.

          • Trump and Mnuchin have made a fortune in real estate taking advantage off the misery of millions of Americans. A sequel is likely. Add to that the fact that Congress already lifted the spending restrictions used to reject President Obama’s proposals to invest in infrastructure, and other ways to stimulate the economy and create jobs, and what lies ahead is a bonanza for stock market investors. I am not criticizing you, I am pointing out the obvious.
            We had an honest man in the White House for 8 years. Judging by what Trump has claimed since he became President elect, honesty is going to be conspicuous by its absence throughout his tenure.

          • If he had lost the election, he would have won in court. He didn’t want any of his personal business getting in the way of being the President of the United States. President Trump get use to it.

          • Lying again, if he had gone to court, he would have gone to jail for lying,obstructing, racketeering and he would have lost. No Itsfun, I like millions that didn’t vote for him and don’t want him as president, don’t have to get over it, we are not stupid like you.

          • What is the lie? Every time you disagree with me, you call it a lie. You have every right to disagree, but your dumb ass name calling is just a sign of a weak mind trying to express itself.

          • This is the lie: “If he had lost the election, he would have won in court.” Of course I’m trying to express myself, isn’t that what you are doing as well. You aren’t very bright are you. I bet you latin american parent did call you “sunny boy” or sunshine. You half breed always want to deny your bloodline.

          • Do you mean half breeds like Obama? How many times has he ignored his bloodline of being half white? You whine and cry about insulting people, what do you thing calling mixed race people half breeds is? You just insulted every mixed race person in the world. You think it is okay for you to use such vulgar terms, but if a conservative person used the same term you just did, you would scream bloody murder, hate crimes, racist, bigot and every other thing you could think of. You use terms like not very bright. Don’t you realize that expressing ones opinion is not lying, its just expressing a opinion. You don’t understand the difference, you use racist and bigot terms, then call others names. You need to look in a mirror when using your vulgar terms.

          • I used the term on purpose to see your reaction and well just as I thought, the hypocrisy I thought you didn’t care about politically correct. I am of mixed race, don’t get your underwear in a knot. Vulgar is pussie grabbing, and sticking your tongue where it’s not wanted fine line of sexual abuse, that’s how your president roles. Expressing a lie is lie, no matter who is expressing it. If you lie about something you earn the title of a lair. I have a mirror in from of my computer, Half breed LIAR.

          • Like I said, its okay for you to use racist terms, and call people vulgar names. When you get called on it, you make up half ass excuses trying to make it okay for you, but anyone else is a liar. You say that’s how your President rolls, the last I looked Obama is the President. So you get to decide what is vulgar and what isn’t. Who put you in charge? You are a real piece of work, you say its okay for you to be racist, call names, but don’t anyone else dare to do that. Typical leftist do as I say not as I do.

          • Remember when Trump said he “didn’t say that!”… and there’s that video tape of him actually saying that?

            Remember in the debate when Trump said “Wrong!” and there’s a tape of him saying that too?

            Remember when Trump said pretty much everything you wanted to hear…. and the exact opposite… sometimes in the same paragraph?

            Remember when he got a rating from Politifact that 73% of everything he said was a lie to a complete pants on fire falsehood?

            FFS …. honest?
            He could take a sh!t on your face and tell you it was chocolate ice cream and you’d just lick it all up and thank him.

  6. The press never does anything politely. President-elect Trump never said he would be the same old crap as President. He was elected for change and he will do just that. All the reporters in the world can try and bully him into changing to their likings, but that won’t happen. He is not a politically correct type and will look you in the eye and tell you exactly what he thinks. If he doesn’t like you or agree with you, he will tell you just that, not put some kind of politically correct spin on it. This writer talks about President-elect Trump hiding things. How about Bill and Lynch having a secret on a airplane for one. How about Obama hiding the fact that you could not keep your doctor or insurance plan? How about Hillary calling 60 million American deplorable?

    • The writer also complains that Trump hasn’t held a press conference in a month. Hillary only had two press conferences during the entire campaign!
      The media only want to report Trump’s failures. They try to find something wrong with everything he does. If they won’t report anything positive, they won’t find much to talk about.

          • What would you know about the truth when you support the proven liar Hillary, then you say her lies were only white lies, which I guess you believe makes her lying a good thing.

          • You are just too stupid to live.

            The campaign is over, dumbass.
            Trump is still lying his ass off. Repeatedly. Verifiably.
            He’s not even hiding it.

            If you can’t work that out now that Hillary isn’t actually acting as a giant distraction for you small minded morons, then there’s no f**king hope for you.

          • Don’t you realize (probably can’t) that your name calling is just a sign of a weak mind trying to express itself?

          • So is that why Trump calls people names, he has a weak mind. You don’t have to worry about my mind, I am not your president.

          • When I see any man making money of the presidency and hasn’t taken the job yet, I see a lot wrong; when I see a man setting people in place that work against the workers already, I see something wrong, when I see a con man with business in other countries, and dine with world leaders in non-government setting I see something very wrong; when I see people appointed to key positions that need to stay non-partisan, that want to disassemble EPA, and when I see the people being appointed that wants to privatize our social security, medicare and education, yes I’m very concerned he is not a progressive.

      • Trump hasn’t held a press conference since JULY.
        It’s now December. dumbass.
        He’s a coward who can’t face real questions.

        Do you know what the real benefit of Twitter is for President-Elect F**kface Von Clownstick?
        He can point-blank completely lie…. and then hide behind his Twitter account and not answer any questions about his lies.
        In a Press conference he may actually get a non-scripted and possibly mean question about his bullsh!t…. lordy, lordy… how would the poor delicate flower cope???

        Small sample:
        – His Tweet about Boeing’s 4 Billion? False.
        ….But he did screw Boeing out of 1 million dollars in “contributions”

        – His Tweet about 1100 jobs saved in Indiana through the Carrier deal? False. It was 730. And 1500 are still going.
        Trump gets a lovely photo op and publicity… and the taxpayers of Indiana have to pay for his sh!tty handout.
        Wow…. that’s classy.
        Even better they are going to send another plant’s jobs to Mexico anyway… and they are going to use their 7 million in Trump slush money to automate the very same plant, and dump even more American workers.
        Oh yeah… and that sort of corporate welfare was the exact same thing that the pinhead Right Wing moron-feeding media was screaming about Obama for doing. Varney and Hannity have literally lied their asses off and completely ignored their previous points on Obama’s “destruction of the free market” and “picking winners and losers” when he bailed out the auto industry and saved 1.5 Million jobs…. to sycophantically suck up to the Donald over doing exactly the same thing.

        There’s plenty more… but the best part for Dirty Donald is he gets to spout his cr@p straight into the gullible minds of his voters … and doesn’t have to take a single question. because that whiny little b!tch is hiding behind his twitter account.


    • ACA: written into the law was a provision that you could notify your insco that they could NOT remove you from your existing plan (for a year.) All it required was a notice to the insurance company after they notified you that you plan was changing. Too bad the ill-informed never bothered to find out, huh?
      Putin has directed Agent Orange to keep a low profile, and he’s obeying. After all, Putin brought him the election.

      • More bullshi_ from you. How many pages is the Obamacare tax law? The politicians that wrote and passed it don’t even know. How can you expect any citizen to know it? When did Obama tell everyone citizen you only could keep your insurance for one year. How about keeping your doctor? President Obama is the one taking orders from the Muslims. President-elect Trump has not even met Putin.

        • Inscos run the insurance game. How gullible are you? My policy changed annually for a decade BEFORE ACA went into effect.

          Why do you think Putin’s buddy Manafort was installed early on into Agent Orange’s campaign? Why is Comrade Tillerman now a Cabinet Minister?

          Putin begins ruling in January. His puppet Agent Orange will keep a low profile until then.

          • As in your case, Trump’s affirmation or denial is not even “evidence” of the fact, much less proof. But then, you people who make up lies to suit the occasion have to stick together, don’t you?

          • I have seen the videos of her lying that is why. All you need to do is a search looking for Hillary lies and you will many pages of sites of her lying. Remember her saying she was dodging bullets in Bosnia when she actually was receiving flowers from a little girl. That is just one of the many. Look it up.

    • Now what was that he said about Hilary should be in prison, and now he tells his chanting followers, it’s not important anymore. I’m wondering if that’s what he is going to say to the coal miner workers, they aren’t important anymore, now that he has all the power he needs in his Trump advancement.

      • Hillary was the one that told the coal miners they are not important, not President-elect Trump. He may change his mind about Hillary after her bogus attempts at recounts.

        • No it was the media that said she said that, go back and look at the video. You are lying again, and again, repeating lies, doesn’t make it the truth. What is so bogus in recount, when you and I both know that the election was rigged.

          • You really can’t be that stupid. Look at the recount in Wisconsin. President-elect Trump gained votes. In Michigan, the liberal center of the Michigan population in Michigan (Wayne county) didn’t follow procedures so the votes couldn’t be recounted. Maybe because Trump would have hundreds more votes or Hillary would have lost thousands of votes.

          • Trump won by a landslide in the electoral collage. He lost the popular vote because of California and California only. How many illegals voted in California? How many states did President-elect Trump win. The recount in Wisconsin gave more votes to the President-elect. In Michigan the Democrats stronghold of Wayne county had 37% of the precincts with voting irregularities. Thing like more ballots than voters. I wonder how many dead people voted there. President-elect Trump is here to stay, maybe for 8 years. Better get use to it.

          • Ok lets make one thing clear in 53 elections he came in 47th, how is that a landslide? How many systems were rigged and democrats couldn’t vote? In Texas at least a hand full were turned away because someone rigged it as they had already voted, how many others states did that? I wonder how many dead voter voted for Trump? Itsfun you won’t be around to see the eighth year, you’ll have died of poisonous gasses in your water and the air so you get over it.

          • The number of electoral votes makes it a landslide. A handful were turned away because they had already voted once. How many time should one be allowed to vote in your estimation? How do you or anyone know how these people would have voted? Its being proved the elections weren’t rigged. The recount efforts tell you that. Chicago has the history of dead people voting, how many of them are Republicans? None! The air and water will be just fine in 8 years. How good of a job has Obama done in Flint, Michigan keeping the water safe? Are you going to call me half breed again?

          • Oh itsfun, Obama and Bush at higher percentages. Those people didn’t get to vote because the machines were rigged to keep them out, how do these people find out which candidate got their vote? Those people do not show up as voted , they show up as registered, get your story straight. The Michigan water problem was caused by a republican and you know it.

          • They all voted and their votes were counted. They registered more votes than voters. Being one of the biggest Democrat counties in Michigan its fair to assume the votes were for Hillary, not the President-elect. The Flint problem was caused by State Employees not doing their jobs. Snyder the Republican governor has done nothing to help the people in Flint. He should be removed from office for his indifference. The feds from the EPA should have stepped in and fixed the problem, then investigate the governor.

      • There is no such thing as the alt-right, it is something the left created. If you mean paying my taxes, going to work for 35 years, spending time in the military for my country, and voting deplorable, yes I am a deplorable.

        • You f**king moron.
          Steve Bannon HIMSELF said he was championing the “alt-right”.
          Breitbart endlessly backslaps itself over being the mouthpiece of the “alt-right”.
          The guys who came to Washington DC in suits and did Nazi salutes to the chant of “Heil Trump!” said IN THEIR OWN SELF-CONGRATULARY SPEECHES they were the “Alt-Right” and proud to be and they were super-happy that the ALT-RIGHT was now going mainstream.

          The “alt-right” is literally the new name that White Supremacists said THEY created to hide behind because people would know they were racist white supremacists if they used the normal names… like… Racist. Nazi. White Supremacist. KKK. etc etc….


          • You call names and them complain when someone fight fire with fire. You are a horses ass. This will be our last communication. I am blocking your id. You are a waste of my time and a waste of a human.

          • And.
            You fail to answer the point…
            The point explained why you are wrong about this little gem from your post above: “There is no such thing as the alt-right, it is something the left created.”.
            This statement is ignorant, and patently false. To believe this tripe you would have to ignore a wide range of freely available information from both the Left and Right media and from the people that call *themselves* the alt right.

            Literally 10 seconds of searching found me this:
            “Richard Bertrand Spencer (born May 11, 1978) is an American white nationalist, known for promoting white supremacist views.[2][3][4] He is president of the National Policy Institute, a white nationalist think-tank, and Washington Summit Publishers, an independent publishing firm. … He advocates for a white homeland for a “dispossessed white race” and calls for “peaceful ethnic cleansing” to halt the “deconstruction” of European culture.
            Spencer and others have said that he created the term “alt-right”,[7] a term he considers a movement about white identity.[8][9][10]”

            Another 10 seconds:
            “Who is Richard Spencer?
            As president of a think tank called the National Policy Institute, Richard Spencer has been credited with coining the term “alternative-right”, or “alt-right” for short.”

            Another 8 seconds:
            “The president is Richard Spencer, who coined the term “alternative right” in 2008 in an article he wrote for a far-right website. And when you follow the alt-right back home, the movement’s goofy, social media-friendly trappings fall away. NPI doesn’t actually traffic in cartoon frogs and fedoras. The people who run it are just white supremacists.”

            ….Exactly how witlessly lazy are you??? Because right now it looks like you don’t even bother to do a basic web search before displaying your stupidity for all to see.

            Anyway… to answer *Your* point…
            I complain when people respond to you and your racist, know-nothing friends on here politely, and offer you evidence and links on request, and explain their points carefully and respectfully… and then idiots like you:
            – Call names
            – Avoid and utterly fail to respond to points
            – Divert
            – Misdirect.
            – Make misogynist or racist comments.

            I no longer bother to be polite to closed-minded, bigoted people with zero critical thinking skills, and zero respect for useful/intelligent communication.

            You are definitely one of those people.
            – You ignore facts.
            – You don’t read links or evidence.
            – You don’t answer actual points (see above)
            – You attack people directly as soon as you feel pressured.
            – You stubbornly insist you are right even when multiple people have explained why you are not…. with evidence.
            – And you seem hellbound to remain willfully ignorant, YET STILL POSTING ON THIS SITE.

            Do you enjoy the endless criticism and anger that your dumb assertions, and ignorant posts stir up?

            Do everyone who is intelligent and respectful here a favor and go find somewhere else to be ignorant.
            …Maybe Breitbart where everyone will give you a cuddle and agree with everything you already think.

        • Such goofy a liar, you’re a little green frog like the rest of them. I don’t mean paying your taxing or working, I mean alt-right supremacist and YOU know what I’m talking about, and yes you are a deplorable, pretending the world is a perfect little white world. Wake up idiot, you are not the only one that has put in years into society and not the only one that served in order to protect OUR nation, so that it would be free from people like the alt-right.

          • And you are an idiot for staying in denial, the truth will not go away. You cover your ears, your eyes, but what you really should cover is your lying mouth.

          • The truth is the left lost and will keep losing if they keep their current “leaders. Have you seen how many state and federal legislative seats the left has lost in the last 8 years? Have you seen how many Republican Governors there are now? The lefts ideas of a one world government and kneeling down to every damn Muslim country are going going gone.

          • Yes, the republican work very well behind the scene tearing down the democracy. Gerrymandoring, passing laws by attaching them to other bills. The help that the religious right gave you on the pretense of christianity, and the fact that the Koch brother, along with the mercers pumped a lot of money in the the local and mid government offices and then there’s the racism.

          • Not one law during the Obama Presidency got passed without Obama’s signature on it. Not one veto was over ridden. How much money has Sorus given to the left. How can you speak of racism when you use vulgar racist terms? It must be okay for you to do that, but not a conservative.

          • Local government is not controlled by Obama. What are you ranting about,. I think by the afternoon it starts to hit you, because your thoughts don’t make sense, and I don’t care.

          • Who ever said local governments are controlled by Obama. State and federal governments have fired over 900 Democrats since Obama took over as President. Have you ever heard “all politics is local”? These people have seen how ineffective and dictatorial Obama is and don’t want his policies or rules in their local governments. People have seen Obama do everything he can to ignore or get around the Constitution and these deplorable people still believe in the Constitution. They have seen Obama jump to wrong conclusions about “local” police departments, these people want our system of justice work, not have Obama trying to be judge, and jury.

          • We all believe in the constitution, unlike your president elect. He called out bad cops, and praised the law enforcement, you again are deaf, and have such hard on for Obama it’s sickening, President Obama kept us safe and our economy above water and you are very unappreciative prickle.

          • Saying half breed is not racism, hating others that are not like you is racism. How can you say not “How can you speak of racism when you use vulgar racist terms? It must be okay for you to do that, but not a conservative. So they’re ok with LGBT and no laws are being passed against LGBT? Stop you foolishness.

          • Don’t you understand our system at all? Every law proposed by Congress must be signed by the President. If the President vetoes the law, then Congress can try to override the veto. That did not happen once during Obama’s term. Any federal laws made in the last 8 years were signed into law by Obama.

            You accuse me of using vulgar racist terms, when and what???? Prove I did that or I demand a complete and public apology. If you don’t I will post for all to see how you accused with no proof and that will destroy any credibility you may or may not have. I didn’t know you get to decide what is racist and what is not. I consider half breed to be racist and am sure many people agree with me.

          • Boy you are up early and ready to fight, still drunk. I see you lost sleep over the word half breed. Get over it, Mr. multi-culture. I understand the law and know that you are WRONG. In Sept. of this year congress over road the 9/11 bill. You think you know everything, but if I ask you a question about Trump you show your ignorance and plead the 5th so go cry on some else should ,you offend me with your false premises of Trump, you willfully blindness to his racism and the administration that he is imposing on us. Here is an apology. “I sorry your are so stupid.”

          • You are right about the 9/11 bill. That is the only time congress over ruled a Presidential veto of Obama. Where is your proof my using racist terms and being a racist. You lie about me then you ignore my demands for you to prove your lies. I have copied your accusing me of using racist terms. I will post your lies and your refusal of apology for you lies about me. You have gone too far this time with your lies.

          • ITFUN, we can both play the same game. You go first, my list of your bogus statements and lies will come later. I know how to cut and paste as well, and I have ALL the Nation Memos from past. Ready Go.

        • She probably low-balled the numbers to be polite.
          Here you are, the guy who supposedly didn’t like Trump, but you parrot his lies well enough.
          Yes, Obama “hid” the fact that the American insurance industry is full of greedy people like the GOP supporters, people who take any opportunity to make money, whether it harms others or not. His plan had nothing to do with the cancellations and other faults; he just made the mistake of adopting something conceived and pushed by the Heritage Foundation because he wanted to end the gridlock in Washington. He certainly was naive; you and your friends lie willingly and with malicious intent, so you and the other thugs who supported Trump have NEVER been in a position to criticize anyone. Naturally, that didn’t stop you from doing so.

        • Just like Trump called all Mexican illegals as rapist and murderers. And you weren’t upset about that statement. If it is not some deplorables, but it is half then she is correct. Get back in your basket itsfun,

          • He didn’t say all Mexican illegals are rapist or murderers. I am not upset with him telling the truth. Hillary insulted over 30 million American citizens and voters. She did say half. Its easy to see why you supported the liar Hillary. You like to do that yourself.

          • Trump has insulted many, many American, as the republicans have with their fight against LGBT and women’s rights.

          • WRONG. Voter’s that voted for Trump, voted for him on assumption that he cared about them, and was going to bring back the jobs, but as you can tell by the administration he is choosing they are only going to get the shaft.

          • The administration the President-elect is choosing is one of getting things done in the real world, not the academic world of politics. A lot of career politicians are there because they are failures in the real world of actually getting something done. Many of the chosen have said they won’t accept a salary, because they are wealthy from great successes.

          • You know itsfun I hope and pray that it is all about making America better for ALL, but I’ve seen what that the trickle never goes down. And I have seen the damage the oil industry has caused with pipe lines and train wrecks and just fracking in general and that’s with regulation, so it very, very hard to say I’m all in for destroying our world and then having to wait another eight years to dig us out of the black hole, with less to work with.

  7. Why should the media bow down before this phony ? I’m referring to the fact he’s not a legitimate President but got help from the Kremlin. They’re not denying they helped mess with our election. After President Obama leaves office we’ll be a nation without leadership. Time raise the American flag ???????? Upside down. We’re a nation in distress

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