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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet. 

The Green Party, led by its nominee Jill Stein, will file for presidential recounts in three states that gave Donald Trump his Electoral College majority—Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania—if they can raise the filing fees and legal costs, the party said Wednesday.

The first filing deadline is Friday. The Green Party would be expected to pay approximately $1 million to Wisconsin election officials and file legal documents saying what was suspect, to formally start the process in a state where Trump is ahead of Hillary Clinton by 27,000 votes. The party has set up a page on its website to crowdsource the funding, which may cost upward of $2 million per state to execute.

“After a divisive and painful presidential race, reported hacks into voter and party databases and individual email accounts are causing many American to wonder if our election results are reliable,” Stein said. “These concerns need to be investigated before the 2016 presidential election is certified. We deserve elections we can trust.”

“After seeing compelling evidence of voting anomalies, the Stein/Baraka Green Party Campaign is launching an effort to ensure the integrity of our elections,” the website donation page says. “With your help, are are raising money to demand recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania—three states where the data suggests significant discrepancies in vote totals.”

“This effort to ensure election integrity is in your hands! We need to raise over $2 million by this Friday, 4pm central,” it continues.”In true grassroots fashion, we’re turning to you, the people, and not big-money corporate donors to make this happen.”

The top donation Stein’s website can take is $2,700 under federal campaign law. The Green Party of Ohio is also setting up a page to accept donations of up to $10,000, the limit for state parties, which will be used for the filings in Michigan and Wisconsin. It is possible a progressive super PAC may step in to raise money for Pennsylvania, which is legal under that state’s citizen-led process.

The Greens face a steep challenge and fast-approaching deadlines to raise the funds needed file for official recounts, which will be $1 million apiece for Wisconsin and Michigan, where the filing deadlines are Friday and next Monday, respectively, and an estimated $500,000 for Pennsylvania, where the filing deadline is next Wednesday. The associated legal costs are expected to be equal to these state filing fees, because each state has different thresholds to meet to move ahead with the recounts.

“The reason why we need to have recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin is because this was a very, very close election and the way we verify the vote is to go through the recount process,” said John Bonifaz, attorney and National Voting Rights Institute founder, who represented the Green and Libertarian parties in their 2004 Ohio presidential recount and has been coordinating 2016 recount efforts.

“We unfortunately do not have mandatory audits in any of those states and most states in the country, and therefore we rely on machine counts on election night to tell who won and who lost a particular election. Any functioning democracy should involve the verification of the vote. That, in this case, involves a recount process,” he said. “The candidates who are on the ballot in Michigan and Wisconsin can call for the recount. In Pennsylvania, voter can, and it doesn’t have to be the runner-up candidate. Third-party candidates can call for the recounts in Michigan and Wisconsin. And three voters per county in Pennsylvania can call for them.”

“There were serious concerns leading up to the election about the vulnerability of our voting systems,” Bonifaz continued. “There were anomalies that occurred on Election Day and those give rise to the basis of why we need to verify the vote.”

Why ReCount?

The decision to file for a recount comes after a week of frenzied behind-the-scenes action to try to verify the votes in the presidential swing states that gave Donald Trump an Electoral College majority. Media reports on Monday revealed that Bonifaz and University of Michigan computer science professor J. Alex Halderman last Thursday had briefed top Clinton campaign officials about the basis for filing a recount. That prompted many news reports in the past 24 hours suggesting that the Clinton campaign was focusing on a possible recount, when actually, it appears that the Clinton team studied the evidence and declined to go forward for several likely reasons.

First, the Clinton campaign would need to be declared the winner in all three states to emerge with the presidency, which is far from certain. Second, the campaign’s participation would ignite a political firestorm at the same time Clinton had been making statements accepting her loss. It appears that her senior staff either did not think the basis for a recount was strong enough or felt they would wait and see what happens as the Greens initiate the effort. That is, they could get involved if the results are poised to change.

In contrast, the Greens have a record of pursuing election integrity issues for their own sake. In 2004, the Green Party, along with the Libertarian Party, led the recount effort in Ohio, despite the Democratic Party distancing itself from that effort. In 2016, the voting rights attorneys and electronic voting machine experts behind the recount effort see patterns in the unofficial counts that raise questions about its accuracy. Their goal is not only to determine if Trump was the winner in these states, but to understand where his actual supporters are and to highlight the often-unreliable machinery used to count votes.

“Assuring the validity of our vote is a critical first step toward democratizing our elections,” Stein said Wednesday. “Other essential steps include ending discriminatory voter ID laws and voter purges (like Interstate Crosscheck); opening the debates to all candidates on the ballot in enough states to win the election; establishing Ranked Choice Voting, a system that enables voters to rank their choices, knowing that if their first choice loses, their vote is automatically reassigned to their second choice; and getting big money out of politics and letting the people back in.”

The recount team has identified a series of anomalies that go beyond the discrepancies in media exit polls predicting a Clinton victory on November 8 and subsequent vote counts where Trump won states that have not backed Republican presidents for decades. They raise questions that recounts could clarify or verify, such as whether vote-counting apparatus malfunctioned or several different forms of electronic hacking could have padded state voter rolls and altered resulting counts.

“Were this year’s deviations from pre-election polls the results of a cyberattack?” Halderman wrote Tuesday, to clarify what he believes is worth looking at. “Probably not. I believe the most likely explanation is that the polls were systematically wrong, rather than that the election was hacked. But I don’t believe that either one of these seemingly unlikely explanations is overwhelmingly more likely than the other. The only way to know whether a cyberattack changed the result is to closely examine the available physical evidence — paper ballots and voting equipment in critical states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, nobody is ever going to examine that evidence unless candidates in those states act now, in the next several days, to petition for recounts.”

The timing of the recount announcement was delayed this week because its organizers were exploring whether they could rely on a mix of large donations and crowdsourced funding. It appears some potential big donors were following the Clinton campaign’s cues and not stepping forward as hoped. The focus then turned to setting up fundraising, legal and organizing operations.

What follows are summaries of the scenarios and states the recount team has been studying, starting with provocative vote counts, their theories and then hurdles faced if a recount is filed.


Election night’s unofficial returns found Trump ahead of Clinton by 27,000 votes. But Trump’s margins of victory appeared to be concentrated in counties using electronic voting systems rather than counties using paper ballots that were scanned and counted.   Clinton only won counties using the paper ballots, the computer voting experts said. In the counties using a mix of electronic and paper-based voting systems that President Obama won in 2012, Clinton lost by 1 to 2 percent. In the counties Obama won using the paperless machines, she lost by 10 to 15 percent. (Five percent of the state’s 4.6 million voters, or 230,000 people, cast their ballots on paperless machines, state officials said last week.)

Some independent analysts have also found what they say are improbably high voter turnout figures in rural counties that went strongly for Trump. In 12 rural counties, the turnout was 86 percent of registered voters or more, a very high figure. “Either these voter turnout percentages are an historic achievement, unparalleled in my experience, or the unofficial results are not true and correct,” wrote Richard Hayes Phillips, a PhD who conducted similar analyses following the 2004 presidential election in Ohio.

On Monday, academics and election integrity activists posted screenshots from two Wisconsin counties showing more than 4,000 votes than ballots cast had been added to county totals. In one of those counties, local news reports said the clerk made an error manually adding up the figures.

Wisconsin also saw a record numbers of absentee ballots, with 831,000 ballots cast, about 30 percent of this fall’s vote. In past years, it was about 20 percent. Of that overall amount, about 134,000 were from people who mailed them in, instead of turning them in at polling places, state officials said. Those pursuing the recount want to ensure these ballots are all legitimate.


Election Night’s unofficial returns found Trump ahead by 11,000 votes. But the Associated Press reported that 87,000 ballots did not show a presidential vote, which the election integrity team said was suspicious and broke a 49,000 empty-vote record from past presidential elections. A recount could clarify if all those ballots were improperly read by the state’s optical scan voting systems, in which computers process ink-marked paper ballots. They also would like to verify absentee ballots, as 25 percent of the state voted by mail. (Last week, Michigan Secretary of State Spokesman Fred Woodham dismissed the 2016 missing-vote figure, saying it came from the Associated Press in New York City, not his office, and was not credible.)

Filing for a Michigan recount would present other big hurdles for the Greens. The state has the nation’s most local election jurisdictions, with 1,500 local clerks managing 4,800 precincts. That underscores how large an undertaking a recount in Michigan would be. The state would charge the Greens up to $125 per precinct to recount the presidential vote.


Election Night returns found Trump beating Clinton here by 68,000 votes. The state mostly uses older electronic voting machines with no paper trail (unlike Wisconsin, where a cash register-like paper receipt is printed). The concern is that 16 counties are still using aging countywide tabulators, which Finnish computer security specialist Harry Hursti has shown can be easily hacked to change the reported results. These computers use old versions of Microsoft operating systems, which have security vulnerabilities that have never been fixed.

In Pennsylvania, the secretary of state can order a recount or it’s possible to initiate one on a precinct-by-precinct basis, as long as a petition is prepared with at least three electors for that jurisdiction, said Marybeth Kuznik of, and a $50 per precinct fee is paid. The window for that petition, however, is within the five days after the counties complete their official canvass. In rural counties, that is quickly approaching.

Next Steps?

The Greens and their election integrity team understand that any recounts will require the assembling of the necessary funds and infrastructure under an extremely tight timeframe. They know their efforts may not pan out, but feel they have no choice but to try to find ways to explain what happened on November 8, especially in states where what they see doesn’t seem right based on their years of tracking the machinery of elections.

Steven Rosenfeld covers national political issues for AlterNet, including America’s democracy and voting rights, campaigns and elections, and many social justice issues. He is the author of “Count My Vote: A Citizen’s Guide to Voting” (AlterNet Books, 2008).
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77 Responses to Pressure Builds For Recount In Key Swing States

  1. Does anyone seriously believe that the radical right-wingers who engage in sleazy anti-democratic vote-suppression tactics in full public view would balk at election theft behind closed doors in the states where they control the vote counts?

  2. Ah, the naysayers aren’t up yet. What can be accomplished is to force the MSM to cover this story, and admit just how fragile our voting systems are, how vulnerable to manipulation. The general public isn’t aware of this yet, and more information could not but help to move to a system that can be audited and that can be relied on. Counting votes or apples or oranges is not rocket science (despite the coffee spots left on their ballots by California voters). And there is a growing awareness that if it can be programmed, it can be hacked. Let us free ourselves from the vague fear of the identity thief and the cyber warrior. Let us sit down in a room together and count paper ballots. This will keep the broadcast media in an agony of uncertainty for awhile. It will be good for them.

    And in the course of educating the media and the population on the dangers of e-voting and e-tabulation, perhaps we can get ourselves a valid president in this country. Let us be thankful for the computer geeks and the statisticians who are still working on this crucial task twelve years after the 2004 vote in Ohio. Let us stop giving the invisible manipulators all the power they have at the moment. Let us seize the means of producing a valid election.

    • You are calling for transparency and ensuring fairness in elections. The GOP will never support these efforts. Like extreme gerrymandering and voter suppression, manipulation of ballot results has proven effective for them. Hoping MSM will seriously report on the problem is wishful thinking. Bombastic buffoons make for better ratings. I don’t hold any hope MSM is going to suddenly stop broadcasting entertainment in favor of news. I agree with your suggestion that we return to all paper ballots. The advantage of having a system that is much harder to manipulate and can be easily audited outweighs complaints that it is bulkier and takes much longer to count. Accuracy is much more important than speed.

        • The KKK salutes you. Keep up your racist rantings and you may get to play Big Wizard or whatever you call your racist-in-chief these days.

      • You say the GOP will never support efforts to support auditable elections. The ones in office now won’t, but if enough constituents threaten them with replacement at the next election, some of them might give in to the better angels of their natures. Also, I hope it has occurred to you that if this particular type of election fraud has been going on for at least 12 years, we don’t know how many Republican state legislators were voted into office or were selected by their friendly party election hackers. If we don’t know who was elected President, we don’t know who was elected to Congress. I think that many Republicans in the general population actually don’t know what their party’s “leaders” have been up to. And I think that when they find out, they will be horrified. We exist in a state of abject fear of our own elections. There’s this giant curtain from behind which issue roaring noises and black smoke, and we freeze in our tracks. Nonsense! The only solution is to rip down the curtain, decommission electronic voting machines, and find out where we actually are. If what we suspect is true, then there is a small number of hackers who are quite aware that they’re felons, and if we can find a few, we can start cutting deals: truth for lighter sentences, a tactic the FBI and prosecutors have been fond of for decades. And if enough of us make a big enough stink about this wildly unbelievable election, even the MSM will cover it. They too are citizens, and I’ll bet they’re as frightened as we are of a Trump presidency.

        • I hope you’re optimism is right and my pessimism is wrong. I have long been concerned about the abuses of electronic voting but most downplayed my concerns saying it would never affect an election. I can only pray you are right and the abuses will be investigated and corrected, hopefully with a return to all paper ballots.

  3. The rhetorical question of why recount, is easily answered by the result of an egomaniac being given the nod despite a plethora of mental and emotional impediments being amply demonstrated throughout the years 2015-2016 alone—and these are not just run-of-the-mill neurotic expressions but signs of a deep mental disturbance peppered with amoral behavior to make even emperor Caligula blush.

    • The Founding Fathers would be appalled at what their efforts have produced. You are right that Trump has demonstrated how mentally and spiritually unfit he is to be president or hold any elected office for that matter as all involve the public trust. If a casual observer knows nothing else about Trump, they know he is untrustworthy. While the last 18 plus months provide overwhelming evidence of his unfitness for office, his entire life has been nothing but corruption, bribery, tax evasion schemes, debauchery, racism, dishonesty, and fraud. There are several books about Trump. I bought “The Making Of Donald Trump” by David Cay Johnston. Reading it just makes the debacle of November 8th even more frightening.
      Happy Thanksgiving and stop thinking about Trump before you lose your appetite.

      • And yet you had no problem with the DNC rigging the system so the most corrupt, dishonest candidate in history would win the nomination?

        • The most corrupt and dishonest candidate did win. The bigger question is how much was the payoff he dished out for the win. It is very hard to believe that Americans are that stupid in even casting a vote for this mentally unstable con artist! Anyone who knows anything about this imbecile knows he is unfit to even live in the United States of America! They should have offed this SOB when they had the chance!

        • An inability to focus and stay on topic has become a common theme in your posts. Because I am so worried about you, please talk to your therapist about your problem. There may be medications that will help you.

      • All the attributes you have just given Trump are exactly what the Clinton campaign made you believe, nothing more. You only have the Clinton campaign’s word about Trump. He was never called a racist, dishonest, a briber, corrupt or a tax evader until he ran against the Clinton machine. Talk about corrupt the Clintons sold nights in the Lincoln bedroom when Bill was president, and then sold access to Mrs. Clinton while she was secretary of state. The leaked emails show the depth of her lying and corruption. She is more corrupt than even Bernie Madoff, but you still support her. How sad. At least Bernie isn’t directly responsible for 5 deaths from her email hacks, like she is. 4 Americans in Benghazi and 1 Iranian who was spying for the US and who’s name was in her unsecure email server.

        • Aaaaah. I’m so sorry reality is such a hard thing for you to accept. You poor thing. It must be awful living in a cesspool of ignorance and bitterness. It must be crowded with all of the Russian trolls and neo-nazi Americans.

  4. Let the recount take place and all of us have peace of mind and trust in the system. If it will turn up Trump won in these states fairly and clear, well, he deserves to lead. And If it will turn up mischiefs were done there, he doesn’t deserve to sit in the White House. No one should encourage this kind of behavior. That is not what it means by the term “Democracy”.

    • I agree. This whole election has been tainted by rhetoric & divisiveness leaving permanent scars in our relationships with friends & family. The talk of a rigged election by Trump before the voting began was unwarranted & questioned the integrity of our elections. Seeing how a defeated candidate has such a sizable lead over the President Elect & questions as to how the pollsters could be so off base is very suspicious. I’m contributing to the recount needed & I hope anyone who cares about this country does likewise. We all know if the situation was reversed Trump would not only have not conceded but he would be demanding recounts as well. If it turns out Hillary has truly won the contested seats at least no 1 from Trump or his supporters can say she reneged on her pledge not to contest the outcome of election night. I’m sure all of us need to know if this election was in anyway tampered with

      • I was quite surprised why did Hillary conceded so quickly while Trump warned us before election himself won’t do so, unless he confirms the election was not rigged. What made Trump to say so? Where did this kind of talk come from? What made Hillary campaign rest assured the result was OK? These questions must be answered.

        • Heard last night that Obama pressured Hillary to concede in the early AM. Why?? Kerry did the same thing. Gore at least mounted a decent display battle.

          • It was quite wrong for Obama to pressure Hillary to concede so quickly. Was Obama happy of the hacking that was going on? If Trump would have lost instead, would had Obama quickly tell him to concede? Kerry and Al Gore had different cases. Their emails (if at all they had any) were not hacked to trigger the alarm.

        • What you are saying is eclipsed by hillary calling trump to concede so there was no point to check anything. If trump lost by a narrow margin he would have asked for recounts in tight areas. In light of such a gap in the electoral there was no point for any checking by either one.

          But when was she supposed to concede? Its was already what, 5 hours after the last polls when Podesta came out? Elections I remember people conceded by 10pm with only 2% of the votes counted. In 2008, Calif news called the election for Obama in the afternoon, hours before the polls closed and only 1% of the voted counted on the most east coast.

      • Elections all over this Country have no “integrity”. But, in the six States that “swung” for Trump we have 5 of the biggest crook Red Governors..

        • As a Trump voter, i say find any that swung the election for Trump and when you get them on horses and in nooses hanging over branches, i’ll whip the asses of the horses myself.

  5. It is imperative that all Americans have confidence in the integrity and reliability of our electoral process. Any scent of tampering or wrong doing of any kind must be investigated. Scrutiny is a very good friend of democracy. We must know the truth.

    • Put the confidence, integrity and reliability of electoral process aside. One has to ask themselves, why were constant hacking of DNC emails and not RNC through out the entire campaign. What was the aim? And if they managed to hack DNC emails only, why didn’t they go further and tamper with electronic machines and finish their business? This issue must not be taken so lightly.

      • While Diebold has tampered with the count of their machines, Registrars have a habit of stashing thousands of ballots in “temporary storage” and forgetting about them until after Certification time.

    • Illegals voted for Trump. Some who were not illegals voted for Trump twice. Didn’t you see in the news the woman in Iowa who was caught voting twice for Trump?

      • And your proof is? … You can’t produce any can you! The claim made by Halderman falls apart. He’s just trying to save face because his models predicted HilLIARy would win. Just look at his claim about computer hacking: in Michigan, they use PAPER ballots. Nothing is connected to the internet! Each county has their own checks and balances in place to prevent “hanging chads”. So somehow, the Russians hacked into 83 counties’ worth (I believe that’s how many counties Michigan has) of optical scanners, which had to be done manually since they’re not online at all. And Halderman’s claim of irregularities stems from his models predicting results that proved to be inaccurate. The most logical explanation is that his models were wrong. Even he admitted that was the most likely scenario.
        Stein is using this as a yuge fundraiser for the Green Party. They indicated it could take as much as $2 million to call for the recount. She has now raised something like $4.5 million and is still asking for more. What do you think she’ll use the money for? Many liberals are claiming that the Green Party cost HilLIARy the election. Yet you lefties are still clinging (like the chads) to the hope that someone HilLIARy won. Besides, ALL 3 states would have to have their results overthrown for HilLIARy to win. So just keep sending Stein money that she’ll use against the Dems in upcoming elections. I just love it!

        • Why are you against the recount? If you think Trump won in a clean and fair way, why not let someone prove us wrong? Regarding money going to Stein, it is not your money. Those who are willing to contribute, let them do so. It is their money.

          • I have nothing against the recount. By prolonging the inevitable, you just make it harder for the country to come together.
            Don’t forget that three states that HilLIARy won are ready to go into recount mode too. These states had several key precincts posting results that had HilLIARy receiving more votes that there were registered voters! But there is never any voter fraud.
            Look at this map of the USA and tell me again how HilLIARy won.
            You can’t. Regarding the money going to Stein, I have no problem with her taking your money and then using against you. Even some of your fellow lefty posters have started to warn against giving the Green Party money. Not my problem, I’m informed, but it would appear that many of your side of aisle isn’t.


          • You’re still in meltdown mode! Face facts, you lost because your candidate was horrible and the voters knew it. Some interesting facts about how the votes came to President Trump (sounds wonderful!). 45% of educated women, voted for President Trump. More women voted for President Trump than Romney. More black voters voted for President Trump than voted for Romney. Fewer black voters voted for HilLIARy than Obama (so who’s the racist?). More Latinos voted for President Trump than Romney.
            Don’t forget that three states that HilLIARy won are ready to go into recount mode. Why, because HilLIARy received more votes than there were registered voters, in many key precincts. But move along, there’s nothing to see here.
            You losers can complain about HilLIARy winning the popular vote, but the Electoral College was put into place to address the situation we currently have. Look at the map and tell me again how HilLIARy should have won. Losers, that’s all you can do is whine.


          • Still ranting with delirium, and locked in the Dark Ages of your mind. One day, you just might take time to stop being an idol-worshiper worshiping at the altar of Right Wing politics and become a human being imbued with spiritual qualities. For now, you’re mired in satanic fancies of your own making.
            Fare thee well in your idolatry.

          • You lost and you can’t accept reality. Obama wasted 8 years and the public stopped believing his lies.
            I suspect you’re in this link somewhere. Just like your fellow closed-minded friends.

            Part of the reason Obama failed so miserably is contained in this link. You can spew tons of irrelevant words (your usual tactic – though it always fails) but the only folks who think you know anything about anything are your fellow low information posters, small children and, oh yes, dogs! Enjoy!


          • We all lost, including yourself. But you’re too infatuated with yourself and with Trump and the GOP to realize it. I suppose that as long as you feel OK then nothing else matters—such a selfish and conceited perception you have. And charts don’t convey the root of America’s problems nor do they shed light on your lack of spirituality. Charts are merely devices for displaying symptoms—you should cultivate a more informed view of humanity’s plight.
            And you can’t do that unless you wean yourself away from breast-feeding from the teats of partisan politics.

          • So now you’re back to attacking the religious beliefs of anyone who voted for President Trump! That just shows how intolerant and screwed up your religion is. You lefties claim you are open-minded. Yet you always attack when someone doesn’t believe your garbage ideas. You continue to prove that lefties are not only low information, but also very close-minded persons.
            The USA, the world and mankind WON and big time with President Trump’s mandate.
            The charts DO show that there were many problems: economic, racial, you name it, that were harming this country. The MSM did a great job of demonizing President Trump. So now they are responsible for low information, close-minded dummies freaking out.
            Again you through around words, but you have stated nothing of value except that you’re in meltdown mode. I just love it.
            All these businesses that are trying to fire employees for supporting President Trump will find themselves being investigated for discrimination practices. They will be paying large settlements to those employees, theywill pay large fines, and be put under a watch to ensure they adhere to ALL legal business practices. Look for them to come under extreme audits for their tax returns, and this will include the jackasses who made the statements. They will learn that free speech is protected, but that you still can’t yell “fire” in a public place without paying the consequences.
            Already Pepsico’s stock has dropped and their sales are down. I suspect a major apology will soon follow.
            You’re a crybaby and just can’t admit that NORMAL Americans grew sick of the screwed up policies of the Dems.
            In closing, you need to look in the mirror and perhaps you need to move to a religion that does not preach hate, bigotry and intolerance.
            You’re way worse a human being than what the MSM has painted President Trump.

          • Still ranting like an angry white male. Since you apparently never learned to read well, it’s no wonder you of all [people have trouble reading and understanding what I or others here write. Nor are you able to comprehend the articles written here. Which begs the question “Why do you trouble yourself to get angry over what you know you won’t be able to read and comprehend?”
            You know how to read mechanically speaking, but you lack the ability to read in depth.

          • I’m not the one ranting (I have a big smile on my face and a big I told you so coming from my mouth), you are!
            Unlike your religion that teaches intolerance and bigotry, my religion taught me how to read and logically comprehend and dissect comments. Unlike your education, which relies on bullying and name calling, my faith has allowed me to shred your comments and those of your fellow low information crowd. You claim you use facts, but that’s a big lie. If you wish to upset a conservative, tell them a lie (like you do). If you wish to upset a liberal, tell them the truth (like I do).
            Just keep repeating to yourself “it’s only 8 more years…it’s only 8 more years…”

          • Once more, I’m nice and calm and elated. You still are in meltdown mode. Perhaps you need to get yourself to one of those wimpy colleges who have set up crying rooms to help adults cope with President Trump’s mandate. I’m pretty sure I saw you in one of these links.


    • I do suppose you looked at the integrity of this web page? Almost ever non news news group endorses him. This guy really will feed you garbage and tell you it’s high quality.

    • OK thanks for including the link to The Stupidest Man On The Internet™ so we don’t even need to pretend to take your made-up numbers seriously.

  6. We go around the world – especially in Africa, monitoring other country’s voting habits.
    All the while, our own elections are suspect, and they are hardly what would be called democratic.
    240 years ago, the electoral college made sense, when communication and travel were primitive at best. In this day and age, it makes no sense at all, especially the habit of winner take all state to state. The total vote from all people, all states, should be the determining factor.
    If it takes recounts — even up to all the states — to clear this up, it should be done. Else, we will have selected, within a very short number of years, two presidents, both of the same party, who won the office under very suspicious circumstances. The safety of our country and our way of life cannot be left in such a careless fashion.

    • Actually 3 Presidentials. Don’t forget GHW’s October Surprise in 1980. Our embassy hostages should sue him and the RNC ‘hugely’ for that!

  7. I find this most amusing as Mrs. Clinton supporter, George Soros, has an interest in the company that counts the votes in 16 states. It seems odd that those claiming there was no voter fraud before the election are now the ones claiming there is. The Green Party is never going to win anyway, so this just seems like a huge waste of money.

    • They won on their challenge of OH 2004, and would have won bigly had the star witness not had one of those “Oh, tooo bad” small plane crashes.

      This is not amusing, but terrifying. #CrookedDonald told us this was going to happen.

      • Crashes? Oh yeah, forgot about the woman in charge of birth records in Hawaii. They took her out on the ocean for a helicopter ride, the helicopter crashed and everyone miraculously lived except her. Look it up. Yes you are right, not amusing at all!!

  8. Actually, the filing fees ($2.2M) have already been raised. and $1.4M of the support costs are already raised.
    There was a story on last night that Obama actually pressured Hillary to concede on Election darkthirty time, despite the very suspicious nature of the vote in the 6 States involved. NC is highly suspect, too. And, FL and OH have Presidential Election Vote Count rigging “priors”. OH is just too far out of the bounds of Reason. Scott has done what he could to rig FL as well.

    Get the cheaters!

    • The video above says each time she meets the money target she raises the bar again. Now its $4.5 million raised? Who is that for? Not for the recount. Yeah, get the fund raising cheaters!

  9. 1 yr ago I decided to leave my old work and i couldn’t be happier now… I started doing a job from home, for a company I found on-line, for a few hrs a day, and I make much more than i did on my previous job… Last check i got was for Nine thousand bucks… Awesome thing about it is that now i have more free time to spend with my family…

  10. Please don’t give money to the Greens. Not only did they actively help Trump win, but this money will end up being used against the Democrats next time.

    Jill Stein is a con-artist.

      • Really? What part of democracy is that? And racist? Hillary is a race to hate?

        Isnt it time to stop saying woman-hating and all this? I gave money to Trump for president, and FIVE TIMES as much to Marine Le Pen, a WOMAN FOR PRESIDENT. Five times more to a WOMAN! Show me the sexism! Show me the woman-hating!

        So let me get this straight….i give money to a homeless female living on the street in a cardboard box, thats not sexism. But if I oppose a woman candidate because she is no good for the country, its sexism. GOT IT.

        I got this weird idea, I dont know where it came from, its a little foggy….oh yeah…you gonna lost!!

    • Oh you mean like Pat McCrory in North Carolina? Because he’s whining and demanding recounts and accusing everyone of rigging the election like a whiny little b!tch.

      Or do you just mean they are butt-hurt losers if they are not Republicans?
      Because that degree of hypocrisy we accept as standard from you.

      If Trump voters demanded it, that would just be rational and reasonable.
      If Third party voters demand it because computer scientists have seen odd looking figures… well that’s some butt-hurt losers, right there.


      It probably won’t change the result.
      But it’s probably worth checking.

      After all:
      – All the USA letter agencies agreed Russia was behind the DNC email leaks.
      – Email was only leaked for one side. The Dems.
      *Amazingly* there were no email leaks from the RNC… I’m sure there wouldn’t have been anything there though… right?

      Or did those little facts escape your attention?
      You know… that Russia was quietly ensuring it had a hand in the Trump campaign.

      • Boxie thinks he and his bossy butt ilk now run this country. One problem…not on our tax dollars. All our states have to do is withdraw funding and watch these hicks go right back to where they were after the Civil War and the Great Depression. It is THEIR states, not ours that get the worst of their bossy little Republican thug politicians.

        NY state pay 11% less for healthcare because that state set up an ACA state agency. KS? none. IA? none. OK? none and now these hick states are all bitching their healthcare costs more. Or, is it that it’s the first time they had to actually pay for it and not dump it on taxpayers in others states?

  11. Well here go again! But fair is fair, by all means go ahead and if the count is wrong, too many hanging chads again, fraudsters being arrested, and Hillary wins, then she wins and thats it.

    But…..if the count is right and the challenge is dropped, 1) STFU 2) expect the worst if assassination plans continue and/or attempts on the lives of electors before Dec 19.

    • Can you stop all that mental masturbation? America’s No. 1 wealthiest man and two others already are using their top IT people to prove the votes were rigged.

      Once you face the fact that the GOP knew there was NO hope for them to EVER win by popular vote, their ONLY option was to rig the Electoral College votes.

      If you asshats are caught rigging this election, you would then be responsible for treason, under the U.S. Constitution which clearly states:
      Article II, Sec. 5 “The President, Vice President and ALL CIVIL OFFICERS OF THE UNITED STAZTES, SHALL BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE ON IMPEACHMENT FOR and Conviction of Treason, BRIBERY or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

      The Founding Fathers did NOT create the Electoral College so hicks could gerrymander and redistrict maps to INCREASE the number of electors. In fact, the ONLY reason for the Electoral College was to insure that states with smaller populations who would end up with less popular votes would have equal voting rights.

      Americans are fed up with you liars and crooks. YOu do not get to boss us around like your plantation slaves on OUR tax dollars. NO law in the US Constitution says ANY Politicians makes ALL the rules for the use of our tax dollar autnomously.

      Men like you are the kind of slime we scrape off our shoes after a sewage waste overflow.

    • Another of your juvenile responses and anal visuals. Is there a chance you might become a mature adult rather than persist in your Peter Pan fantasy of not growing up?
      Don’t be a Peter Pan all your life, Box. Partisan politics has impelled you to become inordinately obsessive in your adoration of Trump and the crookedness of the electoral system.
      In the meantime, we can safely say that you’ll continue posting junior-high comments.

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