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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Really? Seriously?

In the history of pro sports, men have done all sorts of things to commemorate their feats on the field or the court. They have flopped like seals, walked like gorillas, head-butted like bighorn sheep. They have high-fived, low-fived, dog-piled, chest-bumped, wept, kissed their own biceps. They have breakdanced, riverdanced, jitterbugged and otherwise tripped the light fantastic.

  • LG

    I don’t think it is a matter of Bill Maher vs Christians it is he and other vs. religion… ALL religions. And that is his/their right.

  • jimmyags

    Can we get over Tebow for 1 day? People, he is not the mesiah. Yes he is a nice guy who seems genuine but so are millions of other people in this country. As far as religion goes what I believe is between me and my God. I honestly don’t care if yours is the same and you shouldn’t care who mine is.