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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

17 Responses to Putin And The Orphans

    • You think that adopting children in the US is easy, well it is not. That is why prospective parents go abroad to Russia or other countries. Social workers for these local agencies are underpaid and undereducated, hence going international to adopt is better, because it cuts through all the local bullshit (politics, regulations, preferential treatment, corruption) that parents have to go through to get a child.

      I have a russian child myself, and I know the heartache I saved by doing that.

        • All adoptions have their risks, and will fail for many reasons. But the question is: are the failures different from Russian children than from local children or with children from other countries. I say not. Such a rejection you mention depends greatly on the degree of abuse/neglect that this child received pre-adoption and after.

  1. There are TOO many American children languishing in Orphanages here at home in need of loving homes. Sadly, Mr. Putin condemns his Russian Orphans to a life of deprivation. Maybe with his insane edict, more needy American Children will benefit. I HOPE so.

    • Nothing will change unfortunately, because there are SO FEW qualified professionals to adopt them out. The American system favours fostering becasue it gives income to people and reduces failed adoptions. The legal system is complex and slow making the system hopeless for many prospective parents.

    • There are no orphanages in in the US. We have a foster family system instead. When have you last visited or heard of an orphanage in the US?

  2. America should ban ALL foreign adoptions until every child in America is adopted first. We should take care of our own first instead of saving some child from overseas which seems to be the “in” thing to do.

    • You think that adopting children in the US is EASY, think again. I tried for 5 years and got fed up with local politics, and went international. Now I have three adopted kids but only after my successful international adoption.

  3. The cost to adopt an American child is astronomical, unwieldly, and nightmarish. Streamline the system and use professionals with common sense.

  4. When we talk about deficit that the country has now we must remember that Bush borrowed billions of dollars (trillions?) to start his wars that no one else wanted. Billions of dollars were paid to the upper wealthy, for peddling war materiel. Hundreds of thousands of our young men were sent over to Iraq to waste their lives in doing Bush’s crap instead of working in this country starting small businesses, creating jobs and paying taxes to make this country strong financially. Next time don’t let a republican president force us into another war.

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