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Friday, October 21, 2016

Well, now Rand Paul has really stepped in some trouble: He has just denigrated Donald Trump — which means that a return round of brutal (and comical) insults from The Donald can’t be far behind.

Appearing Thursday on CNN, Paul responded to a question about Trump’s dominance in the polls by complaining about the disproportionate media coverage The Donald has received. “If you would give some other candidates time from eight in the morning ’til eight at night all day long every day for three weeks, I’m guessing some other candidates might rise as well.”

By contrast, Paul said, nobody is talking about his flat tax plan. And by the way, if he had “a billion dollars’ worth of advertising” in free media attention, he’d be up in the polls, too.

“But there’s gonna be time for that,” Paul said. “I think this is a temporary, sort of loss of sanity. But we’re gonna come back to our senses and look for somebody serious to lead our country at some point.”

But does Senator Paul think, Wolf Blitzer asked, that the 20-some percent of Republicans supporting Trump have lost their sanity?

Paul clarified: “No, I think what they are is they’re hungry for someone who will tell the truth — who will say Washington is broken, and that we really have to, you know, start over, have term limits, wash out the place, cleanse the place up here. Absolutely, he’s tapping into that vein. But the thing is, we also have to have a serious discussion of how we’re gonna do it.”

One does have to wonder, though, whether Paul just spoiled his chances to be the candidate who will get that support if and when the time comes, after he just questioned the sanity of Trump’s supporters. After all, it’s not that different from John McCain’s remark about Trump and “the crazies” that got the last wave of controversy started.

And on another note, does anyone remember back when Rand Paul first ran for Senate in 2010, and a lot of people thought that his rise represented a loss of sanity?

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  • Lynda Groom

    Your serve Donald.

    • Independent1

      I just love a couple of Paul’s comments:

      .”But we’re gonna come back to our senses and look for somebody serious to lead our country at some point.”

      As if anyone in the current list of GOP clown-car candidates can really be taken “seriously” by any voters with an actual brain.

      And this one:

      “No, I think what they are is they’re hungry for someone who will tell the truth ”

      Hungry for someone to tell the truth?? Wow!! The ‘truth’ is the furthest thing from the minds of any of those 17 clown-car candidates – all they’re thinking about up on that stage or in that media circus is – what fantasy can I concoct now that will really turn on this GOP base of crazies that I need to vote for me in the primaries.

      • RED

        Yeah, I absolutely crack up when they try to explain why around 20% to 25% of their whacko party is supporting a bigoted lunatic egomaniac. They got every possible excuse you can imagine, “people are hungry for the truth”, “people want D.C. outsiders”, “they want someone who talks their language.” It’s ridiculous!! The fact is the Republican party is made up of vast numbers of racist, ignorant, whackos, it’s just who that party is. So Trump is rising in the polls because he’s given these lowlifes exactly what they want and have been selling in a more nuanced and coded language for years.

  • Dominick Vila

    Two peas in a pod…

    • Lynda Groom

      Would those be split peas?

      • Dominick Vila

        Split pea soup is not bad. These two clowns stink!

  • phylin

    Donald Trump – To Sue or Not to Sue

    What can be done about Donald Trump
    as more and more sponsors are now quick him to dump?
    He will be missed when from the screen he finally fades away
    and TV viewers can no longer hear him bray.

    When children are told to bed they must go
    they beg to stay up for the Donald Trump comedy show.
    t when they see his ugly and bloated mug they are terrified

    and leave the room for somewhere to hide.

    When he cannot think of what else to do
    Donald considers who or what to sue.
    He sued ex-wife Ivana because he was scared she might be mean
    and about his habits spill every single bean.

    When he sued Scotland in Edinburgh’s many bars

    drinkers toasted him until they saw stars.
    Now with suing a country he is not content
    and is threatening to sue a continent.

    When asked what gave him that idea
    he replied he always detested Oceania.
    His only explanation was that because
    P.M. Tony Abbott had xpelled the Wizard from the Land of Oz.

    Medical specialists
    examine his ailment with resolve

    but so far his
    disorder have been unable to solve.

    We can only hope the
    world’s most unrelenting suer

    will soon crawl back
    into his Donald Trump sewer.

  • Rand should know quite a lot about “…loss of sanity”. In fact, the whole Camp that he is aligned with has the affliction “insegnem damnum sanitatis”(egregious loss of sanity).
    As for “temporary”, Rand would be more accurate by using the adjective “permanent”.